Monday, February 22nd, 2010

Temptalia Asks You

What is your best cold weather beauty tip? Share!

Temptalia's Answer.

Look for extra rich moisturizers and use them at night time or as spot treatments during the day.

Thanks to Sally for this question!

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35 thoughts on “What is your best cold weather beauty tip?

  1. Rosanna

    I agree with the moisturizer tip! Moisturize lips and skin!

    Another tip is to Lower the temperature of your heater especially at night – just bundle up (save energy too). It’s actually the dry heat that makes your skin dry.

  2. Do my major skin cleaning at night before bed and use a vitamin e beauty oil on my dry spots and under my eyes at night so that it has time to soak in.

  3. Moisturizing masks save my skin in the winter time. I particularly like the Korres Yogurt Mask (I leave a thin layer on overnight per my SA’s suggestion and it works great!) and the My Beauty Diary (my favorites are Q10 and Intensive Rice Peptides) and Silk Whitia sheet masks.

  4. Parris

    I turned down the heat too. It dries me out and I wake up parched. I keep a good moisturizer by my night table. Carmex or Korres lip butter does the trick for me.

  5. MAC careblend oils in foundation for daytime – you will get that dewy look however, your skill will appreciate it!

    and for night time add some careblend oil to your usual moisturiser, or switch to a thicker lusher moisturiser.

    for the lips – palmers coco butter is to die for. they come in dark cherry chocolate flarour, or dark peppermint – both smell and taste quite good – and SUPER lush for the lips. its a clear gloss :)

  6. Rita

    This morning the temperature was something like -15 C (about 5 F)- again! A true hardship for skin. I have a very sensitive and dry skin and I haven’t been in my 20s for ages, and although I haven’t used any heavy creams, I have had no problems, dry spots etc (and the weather has been like this for over 2 months). This has not been the case earlier. I don’t know the secret though, I just take regular care of my skin and use good products.
    The tip: Don’t use waterless creams on cold weather!

  7. a hot bath with some oil (i use coconut oil, about a tablespoon). i can’t help but take baths in the wintertime to warm up. the oil helps my skin not itch so much from the dry weather (and the extra hot water) :)

  8. Steph B

    Use a humidifier so my skin doesn’t completely dry out.

  9. julia

    i apply burt’s bees res-Q ointment around my nose when it’s really cold outside. it takes away the dryness and this area doesn’t feel itchy anylonger. an the best thing is it is not greasy at all on the skin. i love the scent as well. highly recommend this stuff!

  10. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Use a vitamin C under eye cream and face at night, and exfoliate once a week at least to get rid of dead cells and dullness.

  11. Victoria Maria

    Overhere in Denmark, we havce had snow for month and month now. So to protect my face I always apply Dermalogicas Climate Control stick to my face. It acts like a barrier against the frost. And it’s just the best thing I have tried. When you have to stay out, for example during a full hour of dogtraining, in minus 8 celcius, you’ve got to protect your skin.

  12. jillo

    I really like the new mac care blends essential oils. I like adding some to my moisturizer to give it a boost without needed to ad any new products or steps to your routine.

  13. Nancy

    Best Tip Ever. Run a Humidifier in your bedroom every night. Use distilled water in your unit. I have an Air O Swiss and it saves my skins Life. Plus Drink lots of water!

  14. I use a hydrating serum morning and night, and also maybe twice a week I do a hydrating sheet mask. Those are so awesome for making your skin feel nice and moisturized (aka bouncy!)

  15. rowan

    i use an overnight moisturiser and cream cleanser. and i wear gloves outside to stop my hands getting dry. oh, and lipbalm is a must if there’s cold wind.

  16. Z

    for dry hands, I apply neutrogena norweigan formula and cover them in cotton gloves overnight! My hands peel in the winter and this really saves them. I love that hand cream. It’s the best!!!

  17. kpenn09

    Rosebud salve…everywhere, all the time!
    This literally saves my lips, elbows, knuckles, heels, etc. for the entire winter.

  18. Michelle

    Exfoliate once a week to get the dead skin cells off — I have oily skin, but I still get the flakies in the winter time.

  19. Hmmm. I don’t have terribly many issues with dry skin, though its oilier to begin with, and I walk outside in harsh weather, a LOT.

    Growing up in a colder climate than here though, I’m surprised there’s not more people clamoring about sunscreen! particularly when it gets snowy, i never think about how much sun I’m getting, but I get burned in the winter JUST as much! Oddly enough, sunscreen bothers my skin less in the winter than it does in the summer.

  20. kfm

    Absolutely agree with those who suggest a humidifier at home. Beyond that, moisturizing often is a must. I also try to use cleansers that require little or no water. Ironically, water (esp. hot water) can strip moisture from the skin.

  21. Meika

    While still damp from the shower I apply grapeseed oil to my body, my Shea bitter concoction to my feet, then I apply my lotion. For me, this prevents the dry itchy skin during the day (I work outside so this really works for me)

    And of course drink lots of water and/or green tea.

  22. marielouise

    In Denmark where I live, we have the most cold and continueing winther for decades this year. I really love the new Mineralize SPF 15 foundation from MAC which moiturizes my skin perfectly. For my lips I like the MAC suntints from last summer.

  23. Julia

    Use a heavy lip balm (especially at night) BEFORE your lips get chapped to prevent it from happening.

  24. It gets pretty cold where I live in Canada. I keep on exfoliating( I use my Clarisonic twice a day) and moisturize are my tips. I’ve been adding a bit of Josie Maran’s Argan oil to my face cream when I notice some dry spots happening. That stuff is amazing.

  25. AnGeLwInGz

    I use the same thing. It works wonders for my hands, which are especially dry and cracked because I have to wash them and use strong hand sanitizer constantly at work.

  26. AnGeLwInGz

    Good thick lip balm and hand/body cream.

  27. Mia

    lots of chapstick on the lips. the cold weather wont be so forgiving to ur lips…

  28. Luisafer

    always wear a lip balm moisturizer and sun block!!!

  29. Amber

    Humidifier on nightly,use an oil cleanser so as to not strip skin dry, apply a heavier moisturizer to damp skin at night and face oil on drier patches if necessary. I also coat my lips in some kind of moisturizing balm. Also, I coat my legs, arms and any dry patches in body oil before a shower to protect my skin from the drying effects of water.

  30. Stock up on olive oil. I swipe it all over my face and let it sink in for a several minutes (however long it takes for me to floss and brush). Then I proceed with my usual cleanser/moisturizer routine. If my skin is especially flakey, I add sugar and make it into an exfoliator.

  31. Chelsea

    I carry around a sample size of moisturizer. That way I can easily and discreetly touch up spots that are looking or feeling dry during the day.

  32. Anitacska

    I agree with moisturising, especially face, lips and hands, but I also use plenty of lotion all over my body because my skin gets so itchy when it’s dry.

  33. I cannot afford to get the large containers of the thick La Mer moisturizing cream, but I get the small ones, sometimes they will give away deluxe samples. However, those will last me forever, because I use that cream on my nose when it is getting ugly and dry and also around the ouside of my lips if they are getting dry. Usually if I sleep one night with that on, it takes care of it until another cold day rolls around:)

  34. Diana

    I second Andrea moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!!! Drink plenty of water or tea and sleep with some kind of lip product on your lip.

  35. Rachel

    Apply extra cream near nose and upper lip.