Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

Temptalia Asks You

What is the longest wearing beauty product you own? The one that doesn’t want to come off?

Temptalia's AnswerMAC Liquidlast Liners were probably the most stubborn product I’ve used — that stuff stayed and stayed and stayed.

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59 thoughts on “What is the longest wearing beauty product you own?

  1. Jess

    Urban Decay 24/7 liquid liners.

  2. Veronica

    Considering I only picked it up as an experimental product, I’m genuinely surprised at how stubborn Sephora brand gel liner is. It wore with none to modest creasing for twelve hours, proceeded to last another six or so after I forgot to take it off before I passed out asleep, and then finally came off when I scrubbed it down with an Almay oil-based remover along with soap and water.

    • Calayna

      I swatched a Sephora brand felt tip eyeliner on my hand and after many hand washes and a MAC wipe it was still there. Didn’t buy it but I was impressed and apprehensive about having that on my eyes.

      • Veronica

        I had the same reaction to Jemma Kid’s liquid liners. Loved how opaque they swatched on my hand but was completely cowed by the fact that it took two days to completely fade. There’s a line between an appreciative staying power and what amounts to a lot of hard scrubbing in a delicate area that I won’t cross.

  3. Heather

    MAC Ruby Woo, MAC Prolong wear lipstick (LOVE), Estee Lauder Double Wear Lipstick and Lise Watier 24hr Glam Mascara! The mascara was a huge pain in the ass to get off though…. I have never had ANY other long wear product that my cleanse off oil didn’t melt off right away

  4. Dinitchka

    Though not a huge fan of it … Hard Candy’s Lash Ink 4 Day Lash Stain.

  5. Miss J

    I agree with the Liquidlast Liners! I think I had that stuff on my hand for like three days once. It was crazy. It would not come off with just normal washing.

  6. Maybelline The Falsies Waterproof. That stuff stays on forevar. It lasted my entire trip from Pittsburgh to Sydney, and I still had to fight with it to come off (all up over 30 hours)

  7. Isadora Glossy liner. I dont know if this is sold outside Norway, but that liner is like superglue. I have to scrape it off with makeup remover and my nails!

  8. Lancôme waterproof mascara nightmare!

  9. Sally

    MUFE’s Eye Seal with whatever pigments. That stuff wears like iron! Makes me kinda scared to wear it as more than just an eyeliner.

  10. ywetka

    L’Oreal Lash Architect mascara – the removal was a real pain :-)

  11. San

    MUFE Aqua eyeliners..it didnt budge even whn wiped with Johnson baby oil..i literally had to flake it off which scared me from wearing it again ;)..lipstick it would be guerlain rouge G, about 6 hours plus a stain lasting another 2 hrs..this is without any special technique for making it last longer.

  12. Gel liners in general! I’m still using the pot of Maybelline gel liner that I got over a year ago. It has just about never smudged on me (not that I can remember), and it’s STILL creamy after all this time!

  13. Joy

    Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara. Won’t come off.

  14. Marieke

    Gosh Extreme Art Eyeliners… It’s seriously hard to get them off, even with make up remover that is made for waterproof make up! But I love them for their staying power.

  15. Jennifer

    My Urban Decay eye pencils

  16. Makaegan

    Makeup Forever Aqua Creams. Swear those little miracles could last for days.

  17. Val

    hmm.. gotta say the Revlon Colorstay eye pencil! stays even in the humid weather :))

  18. Karla

    I think the my favorite eyeliner with is the NARS Larger then Life eyeliner took forever to get off my hands at Sephora. I bought one in black and it doesn’t wear off though out the day. I haven’t worn a liquid liner in years, but I used to buy one by wet and wild. I remember being in high school and forgetting to take off that particular liquid liner, and it would be there the next day.

  19. MonicaP

    Great question because I’m looking for a liner that will STAY on my lower lash line and not melt and run !! I have no problem with my upper lashline. UD 24/7 liners run on my lower lash line as do most gel liners.

    May try the MAC Liquidlast Liners :-)

    My longest wearing makeup product is Revlon Color Stay foundation .. always looks good, but is a pain to get off ( must scrub ) so I only wear on those occasions where I need long lasting foundation.

    • MonicaP

      Gack! the MAC Liquidlast Liners are discontinued .. waaaaaahhh.

    • Phoebe

      I have the same problem with the lower lash line smudging…I’ve even tried waterproof liquid liners (like the MUFE Aqua one) and they don’t work at all!

      The best product I’ve found thus far is the Sephora Retractable Waterproof Pencil Liner. I’ve only bought it in black, so I can only vouch for that color, but it stays on pretty darn well through my entire work day. Small smudging at the corners, but very minute compared to everything else I’ve tried. And if I work out with it on (and it isn’t the end of the day), it doesn’t budge. It’s, so far, my HG eyeliner. Still looking for the 100% magical one, but this is good enough for me.

  20. Adele

    Physicians Formula gel eyeliners! So far the only product in my small collection that I have to scrub off.

  21. FiaSpice

    Mac Prolongwear lipcolor, it’s really true to its name. I need make up wipes to take this off. Tarte’s Lights, Camera, Splashes is really long wearing and hard to take off.

  22. Meghann

    OCC Liptars last for the whole day including eating meals… God help you if you get it outside the lipline….

  23. Poppy

    The most stubborn makeup product I owned (not anymore) was a cream foundation by PAC (a local brand meant for theater makeup), I bought it because I needed to wear something that won’t disappear for at least 6 hours on my oily face. It was my cousin’s wedding and I needed full makeup to match my traditional hair do and traditional clothes, etc, to get through all the long ceremonies and reception. People said PAC was the best because it’s made for Asian women in hot humid tropical weather, full coverage and waterproof. It’s so true. But to take it off was another thing. I used cleansing milk (three times!), baby oil and facial soap (two times) to remove it. Oh my God it was scary I literally panicked! I rubbed so hard my skin went red. I like long wearing makeup, but not super glue. I mean, I know it was my own fault…it’s for theater, what else did I expect?


    The longest wearing beauty product I’ve used is GOSH Extreme Liquid Liners, which has the same formula as MAC Liquidlast Liners but is less expensive. I love the staying power but be warned you need an oil make up remover to get it off. Other long wearing products I’ve tried are Maybelline Eye Studio Colour Tattoo Eyeshadow and Revlon Infallible Lip Colour.

  25. Ana

    MAC Blacktrack Fluidline doesn´t fail with me.

  26. Joanna

    covergirl mascara – i forgot the exact name but i think it’s called marathon or something…
    this thing won’t come off, i have to use eye make up remover 2 – 3 times.

  27. Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Blush. That blush stays on my cheeks forever!

  28. Prestige Total Intensity Eyeliner easily lasts 24 hours on me without smudging or smearing at all. I also fell asleep last night wearing Nars Cruella Velvet Matte lip pencil, and when I woke up this morning, it still looked perfect and I had to remove it.

  29. Tracy

    Forgot the exact name, but it’s a Cover Girl lip gloss and then you have to put a transparent balm on top. Once both dried, it’s done, I had to rub on my lips hardcore with Bi-Facil remover to take out all the color. And Urban Decay 24/7 eye pencil, in Demolition. Left a mark after I rubbed the most part off !

  30. Cat

    UD eyeliner pencils. But besides that, Maybelline’s 24 Hour Tattoo Eyeshadows have tremendous wearing power, and after wearing it all day and half the night, it still didn’t want to come off!

  31. Quinctia

    If I put kohl on my waterline, it won’t come off for at least 24 hours…and I don’t exactly want to scrub that area.

  32. Kristanna

    Maybeline Color tattoos with loreal infallible eyeshadow on top.

  33. Naz

    MAC paint pots. Although I’ve discovered that NARS Velvet lipgloss pencil in Mexican Rose stays on for a very long time. It’s kind of amazing.

  34. Julianne

    My Revlon ColorStay Foundation. I never thought I would say that about a foundation. It stays in tact on my face all. day. long. No patchy spots at the end of the day.

    Second to the ColorStay, my MUFE Aqua Eyeliners are pretty great at not budging.

  35. Carla

    24/7 eyeliner in Perversion and L’Oreal’s Telescopic mascara in Carbon Black

  36. Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense lipsticks last a really long time for me. It’s awesome because they never claim to have super long wearing properties, but I’ve eaten meals and drank from water fountains with these on and they didn’t budge!

  37. Adrienne

    Bobbi brown gel liners!

  38. Em

    Maybelline Master Drama eyeliners and MUFE Aqua eyeliner are so hard to get off, even with my cleanse off oil.

    Can you do this question, but tweeck it to say “What is the longest wearing foundation you own?”

  39. Justine

    Milani 24 hour liquid liner.

  40. Adelita

    Urban Decay Ink Lip Stain (d/c), Wet N Wild H2O Proof Liquid Eyeliner, gel nail polishes, Stila Smudge Pot, Benefit Benetint (as a cheek stain, not a lip stain) and Shiseido Sun Protection Liquid Foundation (it wears definitely outperformed Estée Lauder Double Wear/Revlon ColorStay/MUFE Mat Velvet+/Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra on me!).

  41. Maureen

    They’re Real! Mascara

  42. fks

    In general, I find that Revlon’s semi permanent make up remover takes all the stuff off, but makeup (gel eyeliner, powder e/s) mixed with Inglot’s Duraline seems to be last one to come off.

  43. Benefit’s They’re Real! Mascara, I love it but i still haven’t found a proper eye makeup remover for it and i have tried 4 different ones already! it never comes off completely.

  44. Tuss Mattsson

    Probably Fluidline by Mac. I know 24/7 Pencils from Urban Decay are good too, a little smudgy though.

  45. Dana

    Bobbi brown black ink gel liner

  46. Mac fluidlines, maybelline color tattoo eyeshadows, Tarte Amazonian clay blushes

  47. I have two or three MAC lipsticks, but Girl About Town always stays on my lips for days no matter how I scrub. I don’t mind – it’s a fantastic colour – but a tad unnerving.

  48. Valerie

    inglot matte eyeliner gel!!

  49. Crystal

    Probably Illamasqua precision ink in Havoc, followed closely by Illamasqua lipstick in Box. That brand is not messing around, lol!

  50. Nina Van Jacob

    The longest wearing beauty product is my pro longwear concealer by Mac. It lasts all day and covers dark circles perfectly.

  51. Maybelline Color Tattoo Shadow in Tough as Taupe. I absolutely hate the formula of that stuff (It refuses to spread for me), but when I use it, it pretty much won’t come off.

  52. Natalia

    Do you think u could wear maybellines color tattoo eyeshadow to tightline or use in your waterline?

  53. Katie

    I am totally the same way! I have pretty watery eyes so eyeliner just won’t stay put on my lower lashline, even waterproof ones. I used to use MUFE Aqua cream eyeliner because that was much better than anything else I had ever tried previously, but recently I went to sephora and a girl there recommended their Sephora-brand waterproof eyeliner and they are so amazingly awesome! I own 3 different ones and they all last all day and night and barely budge
    I’m with Phoebe though, not exactly my magical, dream eyeliner, but pretty darn close.