Friday, October 5th, 2012

Temptalia Asks You

What gets you excited about an upcoming collection? Share!

Temptalia's AnswerStrong visuals, compelling marketing jibber-jabber. I love reading all those press releases. I love when they tell a story and explain the inspiration behind the launch.

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15 thoughts on “What gets you excited about an upcoming collection?

  1. Brianna Morris

    Swatches from you!! :)

  2. Liz

    The prospects of new textures and products, especially when they address concerns/preferences of mine. I really don’t care much about corny marketing stories, quite on the contrary, they can be a turn-off if they’re too over the top and unrealistic. Certain brands are instant turn offs/turn ons – I get excited at Chanel and Guerlain announcements, while a lot of Mac stuff makes me roll my eyes.

  3. blueraccoon

    I love seeing the theme in the collection and hearing the story behind it, knowing where the inspiration came from and seeing it translated into images. I’m a writer, so a good story will always get me, sometimes more than promo images!

  4. Quinctia

    Is it by Urban Decay? I’m such a fangirl. They’re really the only ones I would say I get excited about, as opposed to just being merely interested. New colors of my favorite products, or new interesting products get me excited.

    If a nail polish puts out a collection of flakies, duochromes, or interesting glitters, I get excited. Once I see real swatches, of course–China Glaze’s bohemians were a little disappointing.

  5. Audrey

    I love them explaining the inspiration too, and there being intriguing, different designs/colors. Things that are bolder and edgier

  6. Ljana

    For LE collections, beautiful packaging and convenient value sets, basically if there’s an aspect of it I might not be able to dupe with permanent items at the same price. (Those Benefit value sets never fail to lure me in, for example; with Guerlain, it’s that LE black packaging that they use sometimes).

    For collections that are being added to the permanent range, it’s mostly the products themselves – the claims, the range of colors etc. I’m not a huge fan of press releases because I dislike it when they try to sell me makeup along with a story. I want a lipstick, not a ”subtle yet saturated veil of color that will make me feel like a 50’s diva” or whatever. I don’t want to feel like a diva. I want to feel like myself with good lipstick on. With me, it’s the simpler the better. They might as well say: here’s our new lipstick and boy, is it good, LOL.

  7. Kathy S.

    Detailed visuals and knowing that it has formulas that I enjoy using makes me excited about a collection. I’m excited about Guerlain’s Turandot because of the swatches that I saw here, for example. MAC’s holiday collection has a pink gel liner; I love that formula and so I’m excited to see what I could do with that.

  8. xamyx

    I’ve really only gotten excited over one collection, which was the NARS Warhol collection, and we all know what hapened there… Usually, I just look at what’s released from brands I really like. That said, I do look forward to what NARS has to offer each season, as that’s my favorite brand ATM. I also like to see what’s offered for the holidays, as that’s typically when the best deals are offered.

  9. Zainab

    Bright colours, and I think things being LE is a big lure for me… I’ve been angling for the Urban Decay BOS 4 because ‘there aren’t going to be any more :-0′

  10. Leigh

    If its a brand I really love and can rely on reasonably well like Rescue Beauty, Chanel, or Dior, I’m usually always excited about new products. With brands I enjoy and the products are intriguing or useful like the UD Naked palettes and MAC’s recent Marlyn collection, I get pretty excited. I’m also a sucker for gorgeous packaging which is hy I was thrilled to get my hands on the ne Dior Grand Bal polishes and lipsticks. I’ve been into makeup for a long time, but I’ve really become a collector in the last two years or so; that definitely factors into my excitement.

  11. Dinitchka

    1) The concept and the inspiration behind the product(s).
    2) The packaging. (I am a sucker for packaging. Maybe that should be #1 instead).
    3) Availability
    4) Uniqueness of the product.
    and lastly … pictures/swatches. I tend to see a product and it will give me that ‘meh’ feeling. Then I come on to here or another website and am blown away.

  12. Packaging and the design….

  13. Lakitha

    I like the theme ideals behind collections. For example, the 2007 C Shock Collection from MAC for which Eve was the spokesperson. I loved the music from the song “Tambourine” and the vibrant eyeshadow and lipcolors. I have a prior background in the field of marketing and I just love to check out different campaigns.

  14. Courtney

    Swatches get me excited. I couldn’t care less about packaging if the product is lame.

  15. Lark

    Sucker for great packaging and great concepts! MAC Witches and Bitches, and Style Black are two huge standouts! I wear the Disney constantly, Style Black was mostly useless although every Fall I mix up a fresh tube of Glimmerglass. But the Fashion was so exciting!! Guilt By Association is beloved. Grease sticks? Bleah. Now I know how to use them but don’t bother.

    Stuff I’ll get lots of wear out of is important too. MAC Holiday is In Extra Dimension, so excited! I love that formula, but missed two colors I wanted. Praying for re release.