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Yellow/Orange. I’m too cool for most, and too pale for the lighter, paler shades that I might be able to work.

Yellow or blue in large doses just doesn’t look right on me. I can only wear those two shades with other colors. I can wear any other color pretty much, but those two just don’t work well for some reason!

Certain reds or pinks! It can either look gorgeous or like something’s wrong, I once did a pink look and my uncle thought my eyes looked red because I had a sinus infection lol.

Navy blue is the worst for me. I can’t wear it without looking like I got punched in the eye. A shame too, since I love navy blue ._.

I can’t do any pastels. Although I’m fairly light, and completely neutral (I have absolutely no obvious undertones), my eyes are very dark brown. Pastels just look really faded, regardless of quality/pigmentation.

Purple, burgundy. Especially if I try to use them with yellow, gold or green. They might look great on other people but they make me look as if I was socked in the eyes. 

I can wear pretty much anything in small quantities, as long as they’re offset by other colors, but as for things that can absolutely not be worn by themselves or as the centerpiece of the eye –
Overtly warm coppers/bronzers
Yellows and oranges
Reds (especially burgundies – it looks like a bruise) and certain pinks
Baby blues

Bitter by ma is the first thing I think of, I also look awful with woodwinked, but as a general color, chartreuse, red, and bronze for me. The hardest color across the board is probably yellow, if you can pull it of, bravo!

Well for me it’s more like “What colors do I dislike, even though some are “colors” for my “eye color.” 
I find burgundy’s, Pinks, gold, browns that really lean red, and gold/brown that have a orange base and are more gold (think woodwinked) are hard. Why? Because my eye shape, green eyes, dark brown hair and nc20 skintone makes me look vampire like. I don’t wear brights of any kind. I wear purple, green, or blue in neutral tones like browns or grays. I think true purple’s or purple that are slightly warm work best on making my eyes pop. Blues and greens do nothing, but I like them .  

Black.  Unless I’m using it as a liner, any other way seems overly harsh.  The tiniest bit of fallout is can make a mess.  I don’t know why it’s considered a basic shade and put in every other palette.
I think the last time I used black eyeshadow was when I put on cat ears for Halloween and did one eye all in white shadow and the other all in black.

Mostly blues, but any neons or saturated primary colors prove to be a bit bothersome for me… then again I’m one of those girls who likes to play it safe (i.e. 2/3rds of my eyeshadows are neutrals).

all colours work on me if I match some other right colours to go with..
I don’t normally wear just one colour.

I don’t like colours that are really soft/muted, light, pastel, warm (and muddy) or harshly cool on me. For example, blue magenta, dust, dusty rose, foggy saffron, dusty rose, pale (not icy) yellow, etc. I can’t wear really warm red-browns, really dust-covered foggy colours, frosted colours, or pastels. I need colours that are neutral (slightly warm and slightly cool) and have a depth to them, which leaves rich black-navy, charcoal, pewter, eggplant, deep dark teal, etc. 

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