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I am always astonished at lipstick prices of all the major brands. For some reason I feel like they should all be under $6, but now some get up to above $10. I still purchase them with coupons, but it just always surprises me for some reason.

Physician’s Formula, for sure. Their products are good, but I don’t think they’re so much better than other drugstore products that the pricing is justified.

I have to disagree with Stacey about NYX being overpriced, though. Their prices are similar to other drugstore products of the same quality, and I’ve never had an issue paying that price for them.

I agree with PF, for the most part. Because I try to stay away from talc & parabens when it comes to face products I wear day-to-day, I’m willing to pay the prices for those PF products that are free of them, which are still less than what I can find at Sephora (especially with sales & coupons).

As for NYX, I don’t find the overpriced at all, unless an individual store hikes up the prices. A couple of weeks ago, I picked up 2 mosaic powders at $12 each, while they typically retail for half that. I was shocked when they rang up so high, but by then, I was already at the register.

I agree with your guys opinion of PF but you can get great deals on this brand very often at rite aid. I enjoy their product so it’s great to find a bargin. They are always having a 40% or B1G1 50% deal plus they often give “cash” back when you spend over a certain amount. (rite aids wellness+ rewards club gives you 5,10,15, etc dollars off your next purchase)

I recently purchased 10 products (mostly their eyeshadow palettes) for under 20 dollars after receiving my wellness+ rewards. I reallt encourage everyone that feels certain drugstore brands are too expensive to check the rite aid ad each week.

Agreed, outside of NYX new expensive studio line, their prices are where I think other DS brands SHOULD be. Blush ought to be $6, lipstick $5- I think they’ve been lovely about not insanely inflating their prices.

Physcian’s Formula can be high but it is frequently on sale at certain US drugstores. I wouldn’t pay regular price, but CVS frequently has some sales that are worth it.

L’Oreal is pretty pricey, overall. Even things like concealer can run upwards of $9-10 per tube, though I have to admit their True Match is one of the best I’ve tried. Revlon’s products can sometimes sneak into that range, mostly their face products. Covergirl is generally all right, but their “Naturals” line is surprisingly costly. The foundation starts at $13, which is what keeps me from trying it despite the great reviews I’ve seen or it.

In general, I think drug store makeup has seen a serious boost in pricing in the past couple of years. When you’re shelling out that much for stuff that can’t be tested beforehand, it’s not too much of a jump to understand why some people see the higher end stuff as having better payoff in the long run.

I think I need to move to the US – in Australia the Loreal Concealers are about $30 and the foundations closer to $40! Remember that the US and Australian dollars have been worth about the same since 2011. Rip-offsville for cosmetics here…..

That probably has to do with the differences in socialized medicine and minimum wage between our countries. The cost goes down the line and shows up as increased pricing on goods and services. I’m looking at the numbers on wikipedia right now, and, to be honest, I think it balances out in the long run. There are places in America where $30 is four or more hours of work PRE-taxes and voluntary deductions.

I’m currently living in the US and the difference between the prices is amazing. I get my mascara from the drugstore and it’s only $8 as opposed to the $15 I was paying in Australia. Only downside to the cheaper prices is that you can’t test drugstore products before buying them.

Most drugstores have a super flexible return policy with cosmetics.
At CVS, you can return anything as long as you have the receipt and packaging (sometimes even without the packaging, depending on the store). If you forget your receipt, you just get store credit.
At Target, they have a 90 day return policy with the receipt.

You’d have to check the individual retailer, but generally, yes. American return policies are generally pretty consumer friendly.

I totally agree–Pixi is WAY overpriced, at least from my perspective. I’ve only tried a couple of their products–Nude Wardrobe and Rose Lip Tint. The cardboard container that the Nude Wardrobe palette is housed in is really flimsy, too. I don’t think their packaging is all that, either, so the price is totally unjustified to me.

Despite Pixi being available in US drugstores, over here (UK) they’re not really considered drugstore that way L’Oreal, Maybelline, Revlon etc. are. They’re a more mid-range brand (although still available in drugstores such as Boots, but Boots also sells high-end makeup, so that doesn’t count against them).

Pixi even has a standalone boutique in central London, a tiny little shop with pretty, delicate interiors, it’s really cute! True drugstore brands wouldn’t have that.

I feel like some foundations are a little overpriced, especially from Loreal and Revlon. I love both brands, but I have a hard time justifying $10+ for a drugstore foundation.

I’ve been a fan of L’Oréal for many years, and while they’ve been in the higher end in terms of cost, they’ve stayed pretty consistent over the years. The same can be said for Revlon & Maybelline, although the latter has creeped up a bit more than the others. I’ve also had pretty good luck with these brands, and when I compare current prices to some of the mid-range brands I’ve picked up the years, the pricepoints are still proportionately similar.

CoverGirl, on the other hand, has gone *way* up over the last few years, and I’ve just never cared for the brand. Back in the late-80s/early-90s, they were priced just above WnW, with L’Oréal being at the highest end; now, CG has some products that actually cost *more* than L’Oréal, and have not improved.

I don’t mind paying a bit more for DS products if they perform well, and the prices go up just a bit every year, but when I see a brand double & triple their prices while others stay the same, I just stay away on principle. I just won’t touch CG, even on sale.

I haven’t used a CoverGirl product for several years; they just seem to be so low-quality! If the product is lousy, it’s overpriced, no matter how much it costs. Does that make any sense? XD

In my country the mascarad are way overpriced. Such as Max Factor (comparable to Covergirl in US) its about 17 euros per piece (22 dollars). You can get them on sale for 10 euros (~14) dollars but thats the cheapest price you can get. High end mascaras are between 25 and 30 euros here (35 dollars). I cant believe Im paying so much for just one mascara!

PF, definitely. I think a lot of their products are actually quite good, but at ~$20 apiece, they definitely *feel* overpriced! I think brand image has a lot to do with it, though; if the packaging and marketing campaigns were sleek and sharp (instead of clunky and kitschy), I think the price point would feel far more reasonable.

As you said, though, a lot of drugstore pricing does have to do with sales! Most foundations in Canada sit around $18, for instance, but even 20% off is enough to make them seem worth the “downgrade” (eg. in packaging, shade range, or return policy) from a mid-range or high-end product.

if 10-15 dollars is overpriced in America i want to live there. that’s unimaginably cheap for a decent makeup product here in Australia.

I’ve always heard prices are relative to your wages though. I dunno, because I’ve seen some absurd prices. (what’s $10 here, is $30 there, and so on) Our minimum wage is around $7/$8 an hour (depends on state) whereas I’ve heard aus minimum wage is over $15. So it doesn’t match up exactly (should be closer to $10 here/$20 there) but at least you have a wage that sort of compensates for the inflated prices.

we do get paid more, i get paid less than minimum wage because i’m yet to be 18. but something that’s $8 in america is $40 here, which is the equivalent to approximately one hour in america and around 2.5 in australia. which doesn’t really compensate at all

That’s it! I’m planning a relief mission to Australia- I have lots of luggage and many well stocked drugstores nearby. Not that I needed an excuse, but this is philanthropic!

L’Oreal and Physician Formula kill me… I have a few things from L’Oreal but I can’t justify the prices of any of the Physician Formula products (except for the eyeliners that come with 3 colors, but still, I don’t find them appealing) plus I hate PF packaging… tacky in my opinion.

Why is makeup remover so expensive? I still haven’t found a brand that even works very well, and it seems to run $7 – $10 for a bottle.

Maybe I’m just upset because I’d rather be spending that money on something more exciting, like actual makeup.

I murdered my L’Oreal clean artiste in a fit of frustration last night. It took NONE of my waterproof eyeliner off. The only thing that works is Lancôme Bi Facil and I just wait until GWP and snag some, because the DS ones are a joke.

Haha! I was using the L’Oreal clean artiste a few months ago. At one point I fumbled it and dropped the bottle on my counter, and half of it splashed out all over my pants and sink.

Instead of being upset, I was a little relieved.

“Oh good. There’s barely any left. Now I can replace it even sooner.”

The Milani one works well. But you’d have to order it from their website or Cherry Culture. I actually like it better than Bi Facil. From the actual drugstore, the Neutrogena Oil Free one is not too shabby–it works well enough that Target, Rite Aid and CVS all have generic brand versions of it. Since that cuts the cost down even more, check it out.

LOL I feel your pain on this one. It seems like the kind of product that should be cheap. I haven’t even found any that I really love from either the high or low end so I’ve just been sticking with whatever’s dual phase remover is cheapest.

When I’m swatching stuff at Sephora/Ulta I use the Urban Decay “Meltdown” makeup remover, and I’m always impressed with it.

It’s $24 dollars though, ugh!

If you have access to an Asian supermarket or if you don’t mind buying from online, Japanese cleansing oils run from around $7 to $11 each for 8 fl. oz. and they REMOVE EVERYYYYYYTHIIIIIINNNNNG. 🙂 A single bottle has lasted me more than a year and a half already, and I still have a 3rd to go. I recommend Kanebo Naive Kracie Olive Deep Cleansing Oil. It’s the best I’ve tried!

I want an oil made from naive olives! No more “worldly” olives dirtying up my cleanser. But seriously I’m going to check this out..I miss living in SF for so many reasons.

I love using CVS Brand Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover!~ It’s about $6 for a 6.4 fl oz bottle, but I even wait for BOGO1/2OFF on CVS brand items to stock up.

It works really, really well. I don’t want to spend a lot on makeup removers too!

Try olive oil for stubborn waterproof make up, followed by your favourite toner. Works a treat plus nice and cheap!

I think any drugstore product over about $10 or $12 is getting into the range of “why should I buy this when for like $5 more I can buy a mid-level or better product”? I don’t have specific examples because I don’t buy a lot of drugstore makeup, but I’ve noticed foundations are pretty pricey these days.

I think the celebrity lines that have come out are along these lines: Nuance, Khroma.

Aside from that, just the occasions where the product totally flops. If a product is a complete failure, it doesn’t matter how much it costs, it’s worthless.

(I got sent a line of Garnier shampoo/conditioner, the Sleek and Shine, for free and it was literally the worst conditioner I have ever used. Wasn’t worth the time I had to deal with ratty knotted up hair. I’d feel the same way about a $1 eyeliner that didn’t work.)

Yes to those lines as well- Salma- as beautiful as she was at the Oscars- supposedly had Nuance products on her. Now, a talented MUA can turn a sows ear into a silk purse(disturbing phrase) but even *I* wasn’t buying that she had used those products.

I like the Nuance line, but I do wait for BOGOs, coupons, & CVS Bucks. I do see where some people may not care for them, though, especially if there are any significant skin “issues”. I’ve pretty much passed that phase, and need minimal coverage (most days), so while they fit my needs, I would never even suggest them to most people I know.

I remember when the L’Oreal HIP line came out I also thought it was SO expensive. And I find Physician’s Formula to be too pricey for drugstore.

Here in Jordan the brands that you in US consider as drugstore brands are sold in department stores along with the high end brands, so the are all overpriced and make up in this side of the world never goes on sale nor have coupons to useso you can consider yourself pampered when you buy a maybelline mascara. however the most expensive between the “drugstore brands” is Loreal, their prices are insaine, like 20$ for a single infallable eyeshadow and I feel that it is not better than other drugstore brands for the price so I dont buy from Loreal.

another thing is that highend brands never give you samples so you always have to take the risk with your money.

Anything in Australia compared to the US. L’Oreal here? The lipsticks are considered cheap if you can find them for under $20. Normally they are up to $30 not sale. Same with all other major brands like Revlon. Covergirl is slightly cheaper.
MAC/Illamasqua lipsticks are around $35, so I often spend a bit extra anyway to get a higher end product.

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