Sunday, May 30th, 2010

Choose or Lose

What do you use to apply your eyeshadow?

  • Brush (92%, 3,046 Votes)
  • Finger (4%, 145 Votes)
  • Sponge Applicator (3%, 101 Votes)
  • Other - I'll tell you in the comments! (1%, 18 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,310

Feel free to elaborate on your answer in the comment section!

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51 thoughts on “What do you use to apply your eyeshadow?

  1. Catherine

    Wow, I’m the first one to vote, yay!

  2. kim

    ALWAYS a brush, because i can wash it, so i dont contaminate my eyeshadow

    • Virginia

      Exactly! I keep trying to tell my friends to use brushes but they like the way the eyeshadow goes on with their fingers. I suggested a primer. I also don’t like discolored fingertips. :)

  3. Tammy

    All of the above! :)

  4. Fiaspice

    I use a brush ever since I discovered it’s much more better than a sponge applicator

    • Wilcoa

      Same, once I saw how nice the color application was it was an immediate switch

    • Yeah, me too! Since I’ve got more into make up and started reading Temptalia, I’ve switched to brushes. They are way better. I do sometimes use my fingers for cream eyeshadows though.

  5. 99% Of the time I’ll use a brush so I voted brush, but sometimes if I’m going for a super bright look, a sponge tip application will work best to pack it on.

    Sorry, but I really don’t understand how people could use their fingers, wouldn’t you get so much bacteria into your eyeshadows?

  6. Sara

    i use all of the above. i use my finger for more of a pigmented application, a bursh for a sheerish wash of colour and the sponge applicator when im trying to be precise (using the shadow to line, etc)

  7. Erin K

    Depends what kind of shadow it is!

    Something more on the creamy side I go with my fingers or a synthetic brush
    Some that have extreme fall out I find a sponge tip works good for packing it on…..I find that the sponge tip is more “tacky” when trying to keep shadows on the applicator.

  8. Holta78

    I use mostly brushes when the application needs to be really flawless, otherwise fingers for a very sheer wash of color especially if using cream shadows.

  9. Evie

    All three depending on the situation and the eyeshadow.

  10. 99% if the time, brush. Those UD stardust eyeshadows are the only thing I use my finger for. They really do look better applied that way.

  11. Always brushes! I can’t live without my MAC 217 or 239!

  12. Catherine

    I use a brush for the most part… but I tend to like paint pots better when applied with a CLEAN finger

    • CeeBee

      Me too! I tried and tried to get decent Paint Pot application with a brush, just couldn’t do it. And I have at least 16 e/s brushes, including cream ones. A really thin layer patted on and smoothed outwith with a clean finger makes a huge difference to me.

  13. Ashley

    People use their fingers!?!?!?!

  14. Kate & Zena

    Brush and fingers. Depends on how I’m feeling and what I’m using.

  15. Christine, I’m curious. What else is there to apply eyeshadow with (other than a brush, a sponge applicator or your fingers)? Cause I can’t think of a single ‘other’ thing.

    • That’s why I only put three, LOL! I couldn’t either!

      • Jessi

        once in a while I’ll use a Q-tip for heavy application or a really dark color, basically the times I would have used a sponge applicator when I don’t have any of them in the house.

  16. Hielo

    When I was a lot younger, it was whatever applicator came with the drugstore eyeshadow. Now it’s brushes, and I can’t imagine application without them!

  17. I actually use both brushes and my fingers to apply make-up. But of course when you are doing it on other people like customers, it’s more professional and less messy.

  18. Ashley

    I’ve gone through all of these phases actually. I use to use the sponge applicators that came with eyeshadows, then I started using my fingers, and now I use my trusty Sonia Kashuk for Target brushes.

  19. Joanna

    I use a sponge tip applicator and a brush (MAC 213).

    I love my MAC 202 sponge tip applicator, but it is on its last legs! I keep washing the tips, but they are starting to disintegrate. Too bad it is discontinued.

    I’m also thinking the 213 is too small and I need something bigger or fluffier.

  20. Depends on what I want to achieve

  21. Julia

    Brush with powder eyeshadows, and finger with cream shadows.

  22. Nic

    Brushes, always. Unless it’s a cream shadow – then I use my fingers.

  23. Kiwi.Cozy

    I always will use a brush unless it’s just a cream shadow base or like a glitter shadow that I just need to throw on my lids before I head out the door.

  24. brush. fingers? never

  25. CeeBee

    Mostly I use a range of brushes, but I have some REALLY soft and shimmery eyeshadows (with amazing pigmentation) that just give me massive fallout with brushes, so I like to use sponge tip applicators for them.
    Lancome usually include a really slim one in their compacts which is perfect for crease application.
    I wash these just like any other brush and re-use ’em!

  26. Kat

    I’m so sorry to comment off topic, but I don’t really know where to put this at all. Ehm… I haven’t received the daily update-mail the last three or four days, I think. I tried re-subscribing, but am told that I am already subscribed. Which I know. but… but-but-but? :)

  27. aleksandra

    brushes the vast majority of the time, however, I find some e/s apply better with a sponge applicator

  28. hannah

    i like brushes but i use my fingers for somethings but not for applying eyeshadow like kinda blending it. not intensley blending it

  29. aradhana

    usually brushes, although once in a while i use a clean finger — it really depends on the product and the look.

    i tend to be super clean with anything around my eyes/face anyways since i am VERY concerned about eye infections, so i always make sure to wash my hands both before and after doing my makeup.

  30. Jacey

    Brush for shadows 99% of the time but I use my fingers occasionally for shadows and always when I put on my base (mac paint pot)

  31. Jazz

    brush and fingers , depends on what i have with me on that day

  32. I use my 217 every day.

  33. Andi

    Toilet paper. But only the quilted kind.

  34. Charlene

    I graduated from a sponge tip to a brush after college when I got more serious about makeup and had money to splurge on higher end things;)

    Although my fav brush for everyday eyeshadow across the lids is the ELF $1 brush. And the Essence of Beauty Crease Duo for the crease.

    Paint pots were meant for your fingers! For those people who think it’s “germy” or “disgusting” to apply makeup with CLEAN fingers, don’t you eat with your hands sometimes? And I am putting makeup on my face, not INSIDE my body.

    • Just to play devil’s advocate, though, that while whatever you eat with your hands is inevitably… eaten… or else not kept for very long (since food is quite perishable), when you use your fingers in makeup, even when clean, you’re still putting in any residual bacteria (nothing is foolproof) you may have missed along with the oils from your skin, too — and you’re not finishing your paint pot in one sitting, but instead using it for months or even years.

    • Rebecca

      Ahh, the ELF brush works for you? I cant ever get a good enough color return with it so I always end up using my fingers :/

      Christine I have one MAC brush and its only for my black black paint pot for eyeliner. I just dont have the money to splurge on MAC brushes when Im skeptical about the color return. :( Any suggestions on a brush that holds and applies GOOD COLOR?

  35. monika-luiza

    normally I use brushes, but I have specific e/s that I sometimes apply with my finger to get a more shimmery less chalky effect ( like baked mineral e/s) or for cream e/s.

  36. geesh over 90% use a brush. Well I still use a sponge tip. I just can’t seem to get a hang on the brush. Maybe it’s the brush. Either way I get a lot of compliments on my makeup.

  37. Katie

    I find that I use the 224, 219, and 217 the most!

  38. Yaƫl from France

    Always with brushes, MAC’s are my favourite but I like some of Make Up For Ever, Bobbi Brown and Smashbox. Okay it’s lot of momey but great job with it !!

  39. Christy

    I use brushes, cotton swabs,sponge applicators and sometimes my fingers.

  40. Chanice

    I chose finger but I do own a brush set. For a good year all I used was brushes but the new colors I’ve been collecting call for my finger oddly. It seems like most drug store cosmetics (which I mainly wear) come on much more pigmented when I use my finger.

    I’ll go back and forth though, depending on the type of coverage I want.