Monday, August 9th, 2010

Temptalia Asks You

What do you use to apply your blush? Do you use different tools for powder/cream blushes?

Temptalia's AnswerI apply powder blushes with MAC’s 116 brush.  For creams, I apply using MAC’s 188.

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63 thoughts on “What do you use to apply your blush?

  1. Sarah

    Just thought you should know in the title it says “What do you use to apply your Brush” Not blush haha.

    For me just any blush brush not sure in specific, I haven’t really been wearing blush recently.

  2. Jess

    Powder- Dual Fiber brush from Walmart similar to the Mac 187/188
    Cream- Clean fingers first then Kabuki to even out & blend!

  3. Currently using the Estee Lauder blush brush but I am considering (ok, it is decided, I just need to get around to purchasing) changing to a MAC one.

    • Just a heads up, since Lauder owns MAC, MAC and Lauder brushes are most likely manufactured by the same company- unless you’re looking for a different shape, I wouldn’t spend $ on a new brush as they’re likely to be very similar quality wise.

  4. A blusherbrush from Zoeva :-)

    xx Ilja

  5. Juliana

    Stippling for cream, or blush brush for powder

  6. Lilian

    Fingers for cream blushes and mac 168 for powder.

  7. I like to use MAC’s 168 for both powders and creams.

  8. Aramis

    i apply it witha sonia kashuk blush brush..and cream liquid with my hands or a kirkland stippling brush…love it because it doesnt really shed

  9. I use fingers for cream, blusher brush from the body shop for powders

  10. Kasu

    I apply powder blushes with MAC’s 129SH brush. For creams, I apply using my ring finger.

  11. Leslie

    Sephoras mineral powder brush Eco tools blush brush that I have trimmed to reshape permanently and a bare minerals angled blush

  12. xMissxAndristx

    i only use urban decay’s afterglow blush… which i apply with urban decay’s blush brush. lol

  13. Kristana


  14. lety

    For cream blush I love mac’s 188 duo fiber brush :)
    and for powder the 129

  15. Ally_D

    MAC 168 because it fits my small cheeks well. I don’t use cream products, just powders

  16. francesca

    Mac 168 for contouring, Mac 129 for powder blushes, Mac 188 for cream blushes.

  17. Liat

    MAC 168 or 165

  18. Simone

    For powder I love my SE187 and for cream I love the MAC130!

  19. t_zwiggy

    For most blushes I use MAC 129. If they are very dark, pigmented or shimmery I prefer to use 187.

    I very rarely wear cream blush, I find them hard to blend and even harder to apply evenly. I’ve tried applying with 168, 187 and 131 so far. Can’t say I love the result with any of them, but I think I prefer the 168.

  20. Tiffany

    Oooh I’m keeping an eye on post! I’m currently looking for a better blush brush because my Quo one is just terrible. It’s scratchy on my sensitive skin and it’s also harsh on my pan of blush.

  21. Bahar

    I switch between MAC 168, 109, 129 and sigma ss187. I use 187 for MSF’s. Usually I use 168 for matte blushes and 129 for shimmery blushes. Dont know why, thats just how I do it 😀 But recently ive started to use the 109 too, and it works great for blush! For cream blushes (mac and nyx) I use sigma ss188

  22. on myself i use a cream blush that comes in a tube and i use my fingers to apply it :) for powder i really like the 116 or the 109. for creams i’m loving the 130. though to be honest, when it comes to blush… i’ll grab whatever brush is nearby and use it. i’ve used the smallest brushes to big huge ones and love them all :)

  23. Lindsay

    For blush I use a Makeup Geek angled brush. For bronzer I use a Makeup Geek contour brush. For cream products, I use a wedge sponge from Ulta. For powder, just an old kabuki brush I bought years ago from Bare Minerals.

  24. monika-luiza

    I use a sephora brand angled brush for powder rush ( I use mostly powder formulas).for the one cream blush I have, I use clean fingers first to apply the color and than a sephora brand bronzer brush to blend out

  25. Kris

    I am using 109 for cream brushes (I don’t know how else to use the 109?! anyone?) and 187 for powder blush and bronzer

  26. Miss Silver

    I only have pressed powder brush, so a regular blush brush is what I use. The ecotool one. I do have a gel blush which I apply with a stippling brush; I also use the stippling brush to apply my strong maroon brush.

  27. coco72

    MAC 109 Brush, for highly pigmented blushes MAC 187

  28. Recently just purchased the 116 for powder blush – love it! Always looks natural!

  29. vinna

    MAC187 for my powder blushes. I don’t use cream.

  30. Kajsa

    Angle brush from DaVinci.

  31. Julie

    Like you Christine I also adore the MAC 116 brush for blushes. It’s my first brush I have ever owned and is perfect for the shape of the cheeks. For cream blush, I find that my fingers are the best tool = ) .

  32. Diana B

    I love my 168 the most and my 187 for a light application

  33. Rita

    Depending on the blush, I use either MAC 187, 109, 130, 131, or 168. Unfortunately I don’t have any large MAC brushes.

  34. Marian

    I use a Bobbi Brown blush brush to apply powder blush. I apply cream blush with my fingers.

  35. Nic

    I usually use a MAC 129. I’d really like to get a 187 for my more pigmented blushes though. I very rarely use cream/gel blushes, but when I do I use my fingers.

  36. sofia

    I use the ecoTools blush brush-I only use powder when I’m using blush.

  37. Charlene

    NYX cream brush for cream blushes. Any fluffy brush for powders. :)

  38. Megan

    I love my ecotools blush brush!

  39. Yumi

    MAC’s 138 for powder blushes/MSF, I don’t use cream blushes for now.

  40. For powders or MAC Creams, I use a wedge shaped powder brush. MAC Creams are thick enough that that works.
    For runnier creams, like the MUFE blushes, I HAVE to use my MAC 109 foundation brush. Nothing else works to distribute it even halfway evenly on me, since I’m pale enough that any imperfections SHOW, with how pigmented it is..

  41. I use the Angled Brush from Bare Escentuals, perfect for blush, and sometimes the kabuki brush from Bare Escentuals too.

  42. I’ve had lots of blush brushes, round fluffy ones, flat ones, powder brushes.. But nothing beats the 116! The shape of it makes it so easy to buff out the blush for a really soft look, or turn it on it’s end for a more chiseled look.

    For cream blushes, I use my fingers 99% of the time.

  43. Michelle

    I use a MAC 109 brush.

  44. tremorviolet

    I love love love the 187 for blush, I’m really pale and it’s so easy to over apply blush o me.

  45. Powder blush: MAC 116
    Cream blush: MAC 130

  46. LNU

    I use my 129! Sometimes I dab it on, then blend out when I wanna wear it heavier. Other times I just swish back and fourth from apples to temples with my x-rocks blush and I swear it gives me the most perfect sunkissed glow. I love when I find products in my stash that I can’t understand why I didn’t love before. :)

  47. the_izzle

    For my cream blush I use the pads of my finger as I don’t have a brush for this as yet.

    For my powder blush I use the MAC 129. I love the shape of the 129 which is similar to the 116.

  48. Jessica

    I use an angled Sonia kashuk brush for powders and I luv it. I was gonna buy the 168 but now I don’t have too

  49. Marina

    Bobby Brown blender brush or MAC 187

  50. aradhana

    for cream formulas i use my fingers, and for others i use either the 109 or the kabuki type one (can’t recall the number at the mo)…

  51. Wendy

    I use a blush brush by Estee Lauder that I purchased in 1991! No, that is NOT typo! I bought this brush when I was getting my make up done for my first wedding and I got married Oct 1991 – that is how I remember the date. I still use that brush everyday to this very day – it’s got some battle scares on the handle, but other than that – it’s perfect! I purchased many other blush brushes, but I always go back to my trusty Estee Lauder blush brush. I never did anything special to maintain it either – other than clean it with Dawn dish liquid! LOL It’s lasted longer than my first husband! As a matter of fact, it’s been with me through 2 husbands, and 4 States!

  52. Amanda

    I don’t use cream blushes, but for powder I use the Bare Escentuals blush/powder brush – it’s the only thing I like from that company so far! I then use a kabuki with MUFE HD powder to blend it out!

  53. Carrie

    I use the Ecotools blush brush. It’s very soft and the shape of the brush is great for precise application. For cream blush, I just use my fingers and a makeup sponge to blend it in.

  54. carrie.

    I use a fan brush, and after reading through everyone else’s answers I kind of feel like a freak because of it…

  55. I like using a mini-kabuki for powder blush with a light hand and just my fingertips when applying cream blush.

  56. Tiss

    MAC’s 116 and 168

  57. Aimee

    cream blush i just apply with my fingers. powders i apply with a massive estee lauder blush brush :)

  58. Azaza

    I usually use a angled blush blush and a regular blush brush most of the time. If the blush is really pigmented and needs a light hand I use a duo fiber brush

  59. Taran

    Make Up Geek’s Blush Brush. It’s affordable and just as good as MAC’s blush brush!

  60. nunuiviet

    i use 187 and 129

  61. el.

    MAC 168! I find it perfect!