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I like them, but I think it can be challenging to find a nude that’s flattering and easy to wear at times. A lot of them can be really pale, almost chalk-like, and then others will be too soft, too sheer. MAC Brave New Bronze and Velvet Teddy are both pretty good nudes for me.

— Christine

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My nude is a neutral pink or a nude pink.

If it’s too brown, it looks odd on my light, warm skin (NC20). I know that brown-y tones are often recommended for warm skins, but mine’s too pale to handle brown-y colors.

Also, if it’s close to matching my skin tone it can almost “erase” my lips and somehow makes my face look redder (I have some redness that chooses by itself when to show up or not).

So neutral and nude pinks it is. And that’s perfectly fine with me.

Hi Allison,

For my neutral pink, I like Mac Viva Glam V (Lustre) and for my nude pink, I like Benefit Lady’s Choice (Full-Finish).

I’ve heard good things about Creme Cup and like the cremesheen formula, so I might try that one out. Thank you for the suggestion.

I think of death. Lol!! I find them unflattering, and I’m talking about truly nude lips; like if they match the skin around the lips.

I’m don’t know why some people categorize a lipstick shade as “nude” and describing them as the color of normal lips when the person has really pigmented naturally-red lips. It baffles me. I’m like… okay.

For a natural look, I love seeing slightly red/pink lips. That’s not to say I don’t love bright oranges or vibrant reds. Ooh, I also find brown lips to be unflattering as well.

I agree that a natural lip look contains some color…whatever is closest to the natural lip color. I go bonkers when girls wash out their lips to match their face then state it’s a natural look. I’m like, uh, NO.

I know right?! Lol, we are being so critical haha! But hey, if girls that do wash out their lips feel good when doing so, more props to them. If it boosts confidence, why the heck not do it?

If you have naturally red, purple or pink lips, there’s no WAY concealer-coloured lips is a natural look!

NARS Honolulu Honey LS + NARS Giza LG is my perfect nude lip (NC20-25). Most of the time, though, I think nude lips are HIDEOUS. I don’t think it’s a cute lip look for most because most don’t know how to pick flattering nudes or they think the unflattering nude is “sexy.” I also don’t understand why girls with extremely thin lips go for the nude/washed out lip look…it always ends up looking like they have no lips at all, which is just weird.

Overall, I’m really not a fan. Nude lips only work when people choose the right one’s for their coloring. FYI, not trying to knock anyone who wears them because I am all about wearing what you love regardless of what other people say.

I tend to look ill when wearing nude lipstick. As much as I love wearing The Faerie Glenn from MAC, it’s not flattering on me.

At least you can admit that! Haha. Too many girls I know claim that their ugly nude lip looks so great and natural. At least you can say, it looks awful, but I still love it! Isn’t admitting it the first step? ;P

I like the nude look, looks very natural and lovely. It is a great look for during the day. I can’t ever wear a lipstick that is too red, my lips make the lipstick go really bright red and it looks horrible on me. I usually go for more of brown tinge through my lipsticks.

It takes *alot* of work, but I like to “create” my own nude shade using my MUFE Flash pallette, and some sort of lip balm as a base. While the color is easy to achieve (brown, coral, & white), sometimes the texture can be a tad tricky. I prefer to do it this way because I can control the shade, and well, I paid nearly $100 for it, so I may as well use it as much as possible. And it’s fun, too. I really like Airy Fairy by Rimmel, when I just want a quick look. I don’t wear lipstick too often, but when I do, I typically go extreme-very pale or very dark.

I think they look better on some women more than others, and in general I find that I like them best with a darkly dramatic, usually smoky eye. I also tend to dislike opaque nude lipsticks – something semi-opaque or sheer is generally more flattering and less unnatural in appearance to my eye.

I only have a few nude shades lying around, but MAC’s Innocence Beware! is probably my most used one.

It’s hard to create a total look around nude lips in a sense of
Still making sure the lips won’t fade off too much(to keep it flattering). I don’t
Really like nude browns on me..
What I have so far closest to nude is innocence beware by Mac
And I’m not sure I could dare to have a more opaque
Nude, maybe I should try!

I did not think I would like nude lipstick at all, but I am actually fond of NYX’s Circe. I acknowledge that it does look a bit dead and washed-out, but I have fun trying to wrestle it into a suitable look.

my perfect nude is mac velvet teddy, but I hate, hate, hate how dry it feels on my lips so I don’t weat it hardly ever 🙁 I wish it didn’t feel that way to me..

Have you tried applying a balm first, blotting the excess, then patting on the lipstick rather than swiping? I find this significantly decreases that dry feeling with some of the more dry matte textures!

My lips are too pigmented, I feel weird if I go full on nude. My alternative to doing a nude lip is to go with a paler pink, that lightens my lip area a bit.

It isn’t easy to find a perfect nude lipstick, but I think I found mine. My sister-in-law asked me what I wanted for my birthday, so I just said: a lipstick, nothing too bright.
And she bought me a nude lipstick from Clinic, and it’s sooo pretty! This was my best birthday present ever, haha! 🙂

Other people think nude lips look good on me but I dont! Even my natural lips are pink so I think just lip balm works better for me than a nude…

Not for me. I have very pigmented lips and I’m kind of tanned, so anything remotely nude gives me the porn star look.

I really don’t like them. Well, I don’t like “nude” colored lipsticks. If I want my lips to be nude, I just wear lip balm.

I’ve never get seen a nude lipstick that doesnt look like you’ve got foundation/concealor on your lips. It just makes you look like a corpse. Your lips naturally have colour, why would you want to get rid of that? I’d much rather have a natural looking pink/blush lip or like Fitrah said have real nude lips and don’t wear a lippie!

Concealer lips are very unflattering on me. I have very dark eye color that would look too heavy if I don’t have at least a little color on my lips. The combination of my eye color, dark circles, and very light lips generally makes me look as if I haven’t gotten any sleep for a week, and it’s not flattering in the slightest. ^^;

So when I want “nude lips” I normally opt for a muted peachy brown-beige shade with a hint of red, like CoverGirl Smolder or MAC Temper Tantra. It should be at least as dark as my skintone (NC/NW25) but muted enough not to take attention away from colorful eye make-up. 🙂

for me, a nude os a color that doesn’t show i’m wearing a lipstick, but inhance my natural lip color unnoticeably, i really love bobbi brown lip color in Tulle for that..

i really hate the washed out concealer color some girls wear as nude ..

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