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My spouse is very sensitive to fragrances and now I’ve become sensitive to them, too. Prefer nonscented makeup. If there is a scent, it must slight and disappear upon application.

Not a fan of added fragrances, can cause sensitivities. Prefer cosmetics with a good scent derived of natural ingredients and essential oils.

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I definitely wish there was no added perfume or fragrance, a “masking” agent that doesn’t smell at all doesn’t bother me, though. Funny thing is, I actually do enjoy wearing perfumes and fragrances, separately, but I don’t want it on my face or eye area. A light vanilla or lemon smell in a lip product is acceptable to me. Not sure what the connection is, but heavily fragranced lipsticks, ie; L’Oreal, make my lips dry out and peel! Any thoughts?

Profile photo of Kat

I don’t like it at all. A lot of them don’t smell good, smell too strong, or the fragrance irritates my sensitive skin. It’s just unnecessary to me. For example, Guerlain is a brand I’ve always been interested in trying since their products get rave reviews, but I just can’t deal with the heavy fragrance.

Profile photo of Anne

I definitely prefer unscented beauty products most of the time, to the point where I will not buy certain products because of their scent. Also, due to my pretty sensitive skin, added fragrance in skincare is a big no-no in most cases.

Profile photo of Pearl

My initial reaction was “ew, no!” but I do have some products that are scented and I like the scents (Le Blanc de Chanel, Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk UV Foundation, MAC, and of course Guerlain Metorites) and my skin doesn’t react so I’m okay with it. I love it when I’m first putting the products on because it adds to the whole luxe experience, but I’m glad the scents dissipate pretty quickly because I wouldn’t want a noseful of it all day long.

I do like some of my scented makeup but, as someone quite sensitive to certain smells, I kinda wish scents were just left out entirely. Or relegated to vaguely vanilla if there has to be something there–that seems like the least offensive? Maybe? I’m sure someone out there hates it–my sister won’t touch anything that even makes her think of mint.

Ugh, hate fragrance in makeup products, will try to avoid whenever possible, or make sure it’s near the bottom of the list because it dries up and/or irritates my skin. My skin can tolerate some natural scents/oils, but straight up perfume, no. The worst offender seems to be L’Oreal, wearing some of their lipsticks is like drinking perfume all day long, I had to toss them. And that’s why my stash has barely any Guerlain stuff and definitely no meteorite powders. Even worse is fragrance in skincare! And I can’t have heavy fragrance in hair care either, because my hair touches my face.

Profile photo of Victoria

I object to scent on an aesthetic basis and a sensitivity basis. I’m prone to headaches and have skin that’s sensitive to perfumes. I honestly just don’t get the inclusion of perfume as it holds no function but is a known irritant. There are some lipsticks that I cannot bear to wear because I can’t get myself beyond the smell. I’m looking at you, Chanel.

Profile photo of Rachel R.

I don’t like it in face products, especially perfumey scents or heavy florals. I prefer unscented. I can tolerate the Too Faced chocolate items and the violet scent of Guerlain Metorites, but anything stronger can irritate my skin and eyes. I don’t like perfumey or floral scents in lip products. I don’t mind a light fruity, chocolate, vanilla, or cake batter scent to lip products, as long as they are not too chemical-smelling or strong. I like the scent of cinnamon, but if there is too much cinnamon oil in a lip product, it makes my lips itch. I pretty much across the board hate artificial sickly sweet cotton candy, cherry, grape, and orange scents/flavors.

Profile photo of Fran

I hate fragrance in makeup. It irritates my skin. Base products and powders with fragrance I just can’t even wear, they make my skin turn bright red. My lips tolerate fragrance better than my rosaceic face does, but I hate floral scents on my lips, too. I have to really love the color and texture of a lipstick in order to overlook a floral scent. Wearing a jumble of different scents from deodorant and several different personal hygiene, hair, and makeup products just smells yucky to me. Why wear a gorgeous fragrance when it’s just going to get messed up by all these competing scents? I look for fragrance-free products whenever possible.

What is really annoying is fragrance and taste in lipsticks (looking at petite robe noire lipsticks).

YSL tint-in-oil has a gorgeous tropical fruit fragrance that don’t last long, and no taste, I really like it (I’m on my 4th tube).

There are also herbal medicine like fragrances that I dislike (some kiehl’s products, the last year’s Shiseido wetforce sunscreen).

In products with heavy fragrances, there are Dior’s Foundation, products from Chanel, Guerlain, or La Prairie, but at the moment that I like those fragrances, I can wear them.

Fragrances are very subjective, what one love may give headache to someone else.
So imo, drugstore products should be all unscented, so everybody can wear them without headache.
And 1st line brands should make their products in 2 versions, one scented, one unscented, cause with their overcharged insane price tag, they can certainly give consumers the “luxe” to choose.

Profile photo of Mariella

I’m fortunate in that it doesn’t bother me but since fragrance is such an issue for a LOT of people, I’m surprised that Too Faced, for example, has not only persisted but also sort of made a name for itself in releasing fragranced EYE products. And while I’m also okay with that trademark “violet” scent in many Guerlain products, I was surprised by just how HEAVY it is in Baby Glow. Even for Guerlain, it’s pretty full on and almost bothers me, someone not generally bothered by fragranced products. So I can’t imagine what it must be like for someone sensitive to fragrance.

I think it’s cute but doesn’t make me want to buy it more or less. I think that the too faced stuff smelling like chocolate is adorable but I don’t own a single one of the items that smell like it. But, on the other end, I know Jeffreestars lipsticks smell like chemicals because it’s the raw product and they don’t put anything in it to mask the smell but it’s soooo off putting. It needs something. I don’t own any of the ones with the new smell so I might have to give it a shot.

Depends on the kind of product (for example I love that YSL Rouge Volupté Shine lipsticks have a fruity fragrance!), but in general I prefer unscented so there’s less chance that it will cause skin irritation.

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