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They can be really fun! One of my favorite companies — Shiro Cosmetics — does collections based off of video games. They have a Pokemon and a Legend of Zelda collection, and I have every single item!

I’m guessing this went up because of the Tarte/True Blood collection?

Anyway– this is an example of why I’m weary. Those colors aren’t anywhere bold enough for the two most notable make-up wearers on the show – Pam & Lafayette.

It just feels like a cash-in gimmick with no thought to the product. If they didn’t think about it, how can I trust that the product quality will be any good?

So true!! When i saw the photos of the collection my first thought was “this does not look True Blood-ish.” All the colors seem so light and washed out compared to that the main makeup wearers would wear and the characters who do not wear makeup… why would we buy makeup suitable for them they all look (intended to look) barefaced and/or extra pale…

In general i have never really seen a great TV inspired collection, oddly enough the only ones ive seen are vampire related :/

I’m with Carrie on this. It would make more sense if it was the brand used – don’t think so – or shades like on the show.

Honestly, I think it is a bit tacky. I’m not a big TV watcher, so I usually don’t know who they are talking about anyway.

But, I am rather excited about the new Tarte collection. I will probably buy the shadows if they get good reviews. I love the colors!!

Kind of gimmicky IMHO. Like you, it wouldn’t deter me from buying the products if they’re good, but I would be hard pressed to buy something just because it came in special packaging w/ special advertising or whatever. If anything, in my mind, the quality of the product has to be extra good to “compensate” for the mild annoyance I feel about being advertised to in such a blatant way.

Oh you mean like UD’s Alice in Wonderland, or Paul and Joe’s Alice collection, or MAC’s Disney with that ugly Cruella? If the product is great, there is not need to inspire us with these LE gimmicks.

When Evita came out, Estee Lauder had a beautiful collection. I remember Evita Plum was my favorite color. But those shades were used in the film. I agree, I liked collections if they were used in the film. Not a fan of gimmicks.

I don’t think it’s any different from any other type of collections. There’s always some kind of a gimmick behind them. As long as I like it and it’s good quality I’ll get it – whether it’s Justin Bieber’s nail polishes, the Sephora/MAC Hello Kitty lines, or Tarte’s True Blood items.

I actually think the Tarte/True Blood palette looks interesting, but I’ve never seen the show and probably wouldnt buy any makeup product with any show theme. I saw some Twilight makeup in Ulta once that looked like it was rejected from the dollar store. Ew.

It depends on the price and the quality. For example the twilight collection…it sucks, but has the name ‘Team ___’ and that makes me want to buy it. However, the quality is lacking and the size is terrible. As for the new True Blood collection, I am not a True Blood fan but the palette looks amazing and I am going to check out the pigments in person.

i love it! i think it’s fun. the products themselves almost always fall flat for me, so i buy them if it’s a movie/tv show that i love (as a fun collection piece).

and yes, i DID just purchase the tarte/true blood collection about an hour ago. one palette to use, and one to keep locked away cause i’m a nerd like that! lol!

reminds me that i still have my melrose place perfume somewhere around here… still in the box. i recall it smelled like a ck1 knockoff. who cares though? melrose place!!! droool!!!! haha

I think if its based off a movie or show with particularly striking makeup or an interesting color palette that’s cool, like the alice and wonderland palette because I spent the entire film admiring the makeup I think it worked. But I don’t need glee nail polish.

It might inspire an interest, but ultimately the products need to be able to stand on their own. I’m far beyond the point of themes & packaging as a reason to buy.

Eh, I’m more concerned with the quality. But, my boyfriends little sister freaked out when Nordstroms had the Twilight makeup collection. I took her to the mall to pick some up, we played around with it. The quality was crappy, but she still had to have some because it had the twilight name on it… I can kinda understand it, cuz I’d be the same way if a brand did a collection of Red Sox themed makeup! lol!!

I think it’d be unfortunate if the Twilight collection was fabulous… I feel like people are either “totally FOR” or “absolutely against” Twilight. What if the Twilight collection had the best hilight ever or something? A ton of people would be reluctant or unwilling to buy it if it had Twilight junk all over it. D:

I can’t think of many other than Venomous Villains and the Glee set by OPI for Sephora… It just depends on if it’s my “style” anyway. I loved VV, but I’m not going to pick up a brightly colored Glee-themed polish. Packaging also matters to me.

I’m not really into those kind of makeup since I know most of the stuff I’m paying for is just for the “hip” and tacky packaging.

Hmm. I think that such media can be just as much of creative inspiration as, say, felines, sirens, or beaches. But if it’s more of just a basic, gimmicky, low-quality translation of an obvious theme (eg. [character] wears blue and red–blue and red nail polish!) than a thoughtful interpretation of important details, then I’ll be less appreciative. (I am fully aware that this view is very elitist-artiste! Ha ha ha.)

I’m usually only interested if it’s a movie/show that I really like. For instance, I love Hello Kitty and Wonder Woman, so I was more excited about the MAC collections than I would have been if it were the same products w/o the Hello Kitty and Wonder Woman themes. It can sometimes be gimmicky, but of course you’re gonna be excited if you love makeup and they put out a makeup collection based on something else you really love.

I love to see that.. I would die for some collections based on a movie I love 🙂 but I would just buy stuff if I like the colours and if the quality is fine =)

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