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I fall for cutesy and funky. I am looking forward to MACS London collection for that reason. I am waiting with anticipation for OPIs Alice in Wonderland collection. I am a hello kitty kind of gal.

I look for convenience. I like compact packaging. Screw off tops for blush or eyeshadows or a big NO for me. If its not a refill pan, its gotta have an attached lid.

Visually, I like them to be sophisticated – not heavily decorated but something minimalistic and quite somber. Im a big fan of MAC packaging, and the surprises they give us with the LE packaging at times. I also like Estée Lauders packaging with their use of gold.

Im such a sucker for packaging. I gravitate to packages that are cute, pretty but also have that nice modern clean-line look. For compacts Ill go for the shiny/ embossed floral look or the crisp matte packaging. For lipsticks and lipgloss I like cute and girly packaging.

Has to be something I would want to look at everyday. Cute in other words lol Quality is nice too, as in not stickers (like fafi stuff) but actually committing to the design. Shiny is always nice lol I also love unique things like if it has a cute hand drawn flower on it, I dont care how crappy it is, its mine lol. =)

I dont care. as long as it doesnt break my product inside. but it is nice when MAC comes out with cute packaging. I dont purchase just for the packaging though.

I am not a fan of bulky products, but if its good Ill probably still buy it. Also, I know this is kinda random, but it should be easy to open…

Sleek, elegant, and compact for easy storage/travelling. I find the brushes and applicators in most compacts to be a total waste of space.

I love cute packaging, and Im not really into timeless stuff because it makes me feel old (Im only 18) so I guess at this point in my life I love to be surrounded by cute things! I like packaging to reflect me as a person, thats what draws me in. So youre classy and elegant ^^ Probably when I get to my mid 20s early 30s Ill think like you and ditch the cute stuff but I love it for now!

I like cute package but i honestly like if it can fit in my make up case and is practical for everyday. And to be honest i love black packaging…Something about… It may be the reason why i like MAC. Though MAC lipsticks drive me nuts but they are cute but round lipsticks packaging drive me nuts.

I prefer timeless as well. And I think a lot of makeup brands follow that. So many have sleek BLACK packaging with their simple logo (MAC, NARS, Chanel, Bobbi Brown) or/with Gold accents.

My favorite is Chanels packaging. A sleek shiny black package with their iconic logo. As long as the packaging isnt cheap thin plastic, its durable enough for me.

i like it to be fairly durable i.e. i am not overly fond of cardboard but i will deal with it if i like the product. i dont like products to be overly cutesy. i tend to like the more modern designs and i appreciate when things are packaged in basic black because it showcases the color of the product and because it fits in with all my MAC and NARS stuff.

I need it to be durable like an army tank.. *Just kidding*.. However I do often worry about dropping the products if Im reapplying elsewhere during the day.

I do like packaging to be pretty or unique, but it isnt a qualification. Its all about the quality of the product really most of the time and if it is worth the money Ive spent.

i am BIG into packaging. i love benefits creative packaging, stilas and shu uemuras modern plastic, and chanels classic black compacts.

I hate stuff thats overly cutesy or gimmicky, like UDPP. I like clean looking practical stuff where its easy to get all the product out. And I hate cardboard packaging. I think MAC, Chanel, Illamasqua (though I kind of wish the pots were proper squares so it would be easier to store), Barry M, Gosh and Nars do well on the whole.

I love simple and sophisticated packaging like NARS and MAC, but I also like it to be fun sometimes like Benefits. I guess it depends on what catches my eye!

I do like to carry it with me, so it has to be kind of durable. On the one hand I was very impressed when I got my first Dior lipstick and loved the packaging (the reflects, the shine)but on the other hand I also like stilas approach. I guess it has to be a clear strategy visible throughout the brands products for me then I like it. Mac is quite simple to me in terms of packaging. the more I love it when there are limited edition special designs! this year I am looking forward to the london collection…looks awesome!

durability…clasps and hinges that dont break. I do like shiny and modern packaging, and a little glitz or bling doesnt hurt either.

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