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I like a gloss that lasts at least four hours. I don’t mind if it’s sticky–I find my hair is just as easily caught in non-sticky gloss as it is sticky gloss.  I prefer non-scented over scented, though I’m not really bothered by most scents.  I gravitate towards more opaque colors with subtle shimmer.

— Christine

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I gravitate towards sheer colors, non-scented and NOT STICKY AT ALL! I hate sticky lipglosses. I don’t mind touching up during the day, also because lipglosses tend to last a long time on my lips, I don’t know why… but I like it. lol I also like lipglosses that when you apply, it doesn’t provide a thick coat. I like thin coats. =]
Sorry for bad english!

-Doesn’t taste horrendous.
-Doesn’t have chunky glitter that makes it feel grainy.
-Creamy and smooth.

I usually either wear lip gloss alone for a more natural look or on top of lipstick, so I don’t like for them to have TOO much pigment.

My perfect lipgloss is packaged in a squeezable tube. (Long, hard tubes with doe foot applicators tend to leak if not closed properly.) The color would be a sheer red. Cherry scents are fabulous.

-Not too pigmented or sheer with tiny shimmers, I don’t like chunks of glitter
-Smooth, moisturizing
-Doe foot applicator

I like to put gloss over lipstick so a light pink or peach is perfect for me 🙂

• Non-drying
• Decent staying power (4-5 hrs)
• Opaque
• No funny smell
• Has a lil’ bit plumping effect (or at least the gloss make your lips look fuller)
• Non-sticky
• I don’t care whether it has shimmer, glitter or simply creamy-plain finish, but I don’t want any gritty/grainy feelings on my lips.

So far, my favorite are:
• Chanel Rouge Allure Laque (yes, I know it’s more like liquid lipstick product instead of lipgloss). Will be perfect if: added more gloss.
• MAC Kissable Lipcolor. Will be perfect if: more long wearing & it’s not a LE!
• Korres Raspberry Liquid Lipstick. Will be perfect if: more long wearing.
• BE Buxom Lips. Will be perfect if: less sticky.
• LORAC Multiplex 3D Lip Gloss. Will be perfect if: more opaque.

Despite all the cons, compared to other lip gloss I’ve tried, those are my top 5. I have very sensitive and chapped-easily lips, but those aren’t drying my lips at all. Love!

I would say a light formula, something that is not heavy. I dont want to be putting my gloss wand in the tube all the time just to get an even coat of application on my lips. The scent has to be non fruity as i find most fruity scents all smell like this terrible antibiotic medicine i was fed when i was a child. and it has to look similar to whats in the tube, ive had plenty of lipglosses that look fab in the tube but just looks nothing like whats in the tube when applied.

This is a slight rant: I can live with alot of things with gloss, but I think longevity is important. Yesterday I wore a beautiful fuschia gloss by a drugstore brand (cough-NYX) that people rave about. I had to reapply that stuff like four times throughout the day. And still, even after I reapplied it the last time, I checked the mirror on my way home and it was worn and splotchy. It honked me off a bit. Because the color is so intense and slightly opaque, it doesn’t look pretty when worn off. And even with opaque glosses from other brands, they tend to wear off evenly so it looks like a nice stain. I work in an office, I can’t walk around looking a hot mess. I also don’t have time to do touch ups that often. To me, the lower price point doesn’t justify it not wearing well. At the rate you have to reapply, this won’t last long and I won’t repurchase.

non sticky, very very glossy, moisturizing, no chunky glitter, with a doe foot applicator…so far for me,the perfect lipgloss is creamsheen lipglass in double dare!!! love it…

For me, MAC’s regular lipglasses are it. They have good pigment, usually shimmer, and stay on (without migrating), leaving color even after they feel like they’ve worn off. I’d rather wear a pigmented lipgloss than lipstick, and these are my favorites! I know some people say they’re sticky, but I don’t care.

As a woman over 40, I’m always looking for “youthifying” solutions — the easier and quicker, the better. I still am not ready to go under the knife! 🙂 Lipgloss is def one of the most age-reducing tools in my arsenal. I’ve finally settled on clear — not a speck of color. My fair skin changes colors throughout the day and I know my natural lip color will always match it. Two other great youth-makers: teeth whitening and BioBliss patches. BioBliss smooths out forehead wrinkles in one hour and the effects last for days.

I love pink/natural lipglosses, very glossy and sometimes abit of shimmer. I’m not too fussed about the taste as long as its not too bad. ALWAYS try to avoid sticky lipgloss but if the colours really nice, I put up with it lol

Not sticky, decent brush or app, has some color at least (otherwise give me a lip balm for treatment), and it must not dry out my lips! I used to buy a zillion glosses. I wear mostly tinted lip balms and stains with clear balm over them now. I also am really careful with lip products because of the lack of spf in them.

What I look for most in a lip gloss is pigmentation and shine. I hate sheer glosses, glosses with heavy smells and stickiness. I like to wear lip glosses alone so the more color the better.

I prefer a lip balm in a tube (like a chapstick tube). It’s so much easier to apply if you don’t have a mirror than a tube or doe foot applicator. I only like to dab something glossy on the center of my lips, but that’s it. I have big lips and making them super-slick shiny makes them overpower my face (in my opinion). So I’d prefer something balm-y or creamy and non-glittery. And with SPF! And a minty smell/taste!

Actual lip moisturization is always a happy surprise! I think they’ve lost the forest for the trees on why people need lip products. Opaqueness. Glitter or not is cool but I like bright colors also. No taste or smell whatsoever! MAC vanilla is cool though. Lasting is great. Sticky or not is neutral, too. I’m so into 3 custom color specialists right now. I actually wear their lipgloss to bed. It makes my lips soft.

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