Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

Temptalia Asks You

What do you look for in the perfect powder eyeshadow? Share your must-have qualities!

Temptalia's AnswerCan you see a theme in this week’s questions? :) I want true-to-pan color that’s rich and dense–if I want to sheer it out, I’ll use less–that applies smoothly, evenly, and doesn’t disappear once you blend it out. I like denser, richer textures that almost feel buttery and creamy but are still powder-based.

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35 thoughts on “What do you look for in the perfect eyeshadow?

  1. JC

    I love a color and formula that’s buttery in texture, easy and somoth to apply. I love colors that are flattering with a lot of payoff.

  2. With good pigmentation, their colors remain the same during the day length and fixation, soft and easy to blend. bye 😀

  3. Amanda

    One that has a strong coloring and that lasts long naturally!

    I recently bought Dark Indulgence from MAC by the way and I loved the color the swatch I did at the store but now it looks more grey than green. It also came with a medium sized dent on it is this normal?

  4. cyndi

    i also like a buttery texture, very pigmented and silky smooth no chunky glitters no fall out, what you see in the pan is what you get on the lid…
    some brands that have won my heart over the years: stila eyeshadows, two faced eyeshadows, wet n wild color icon shadows and recently inglot shadows.

    i really am not a fan of macs eyeshadow range theyre just not pigmented enough for me and need work when applying….i really enjoyed the peacocky collection shadows though those were phenominal mac should just convert to those haha

  5. Maureen

    I hate when it’s too grainy with sparkles. I look for something that is an interesting and useable color. I keep trends in mind, too. Mostly I look for things that are pigmented but are easy to work with. I have this one MAC shadow, and it’s so dark and pigmented and prone to fallouts that it’s impossible to work with. I’m pretty sure it’s Beauty Marked? It’s a pain.

  6. Amy

    Powder. I can’t get into cream shadows.
    Good pigment.
    Long lasting.
    Easy to apply and EASY TO BLEND.
    No chunky glitter. (I’m looking at you, Urban Decay’s Uzi.)
    Not too much fallout.

    • Carrie Ann

      Oh, man. As much as I love Urban Decay, I really dislike Uzi. It looks pretty, but it’s such a pain to apply. Way too sparkly and the glitter gets everywhere.

    • Mariella

      Yes, Uzi and also Maui Wowie and, of course, Midnight Cowboy Rides Again – such beautiful shades if only the glitter wouldn’t rain down all over the place.

  7. brighton

    Good Pigmentation, applies evenly and buttery even if it has shimmer or glitter in it.

  8. Carrie Ann

    Long-lasting, easy to apply, good pigmentation, just as pretty on the eyes as in the pan, makes my eyes look bigger/more awake. MAC Mega Metal Shadows are a good example of the kind of quality I look for.

  9. Atanza

    Very pigmented, powders only but very smooth in texture (not into cream shadows), easily blendable, looks like the color in the pan. I basically want an eyeshadow that turns out exactly like I expected it to be.

  10. Tigress

    True to pan color, pigmented, buttery texture, dense, shimmery or frosty finish, no glitter, not matte, long wearing.

  11. heidi

    Not powdery, chalky or too hard. Buttery feel but not so soft that it falls out all over the pan or palette w/ a gentle tap of the brush. Little glitter at least glitter that doesn’t end up on my cheek. Unique from something in my collection already, high pigmentation. Blendability, long lasting, crease resistant(particularly cream shadows) and functional packaging. I love inglot, stila, and UD(the glitter free shades)best. For cream I also like the MUFE aqua cream shadows(they don’t crease at all and I use them without a primer and last through the whole day even though I don’t always set them with a powder. They last through the pool and monsoons)

  12. emily

    If it’s supposed to be shimmery and sparkly, it MUST be fine shimmer so that there’s much less fall out.

  13. Jennifer

    Exactly what you said Christine which is why I absolutely love your reviews!!! If an eyeshadow is chalky/difficult to apply, no matter how pretty it might look in the pan, I won’t waste money on it.

  14. 1. pigmentation
    2. uniqueness — I have many shadows, so I want any new ones to really “wow” me
    3. texture — I abhor shadows that don’t blend well — no matter how well they excel at #’s 1 & 2
    4. minimal fallout

  15. Krista

    I love darker colors on my brows. The powder should stay all day long, very pigmented and easy to blend.

  16. Ana G.

    Good pigmentation, smooth texture, without fall out during application. I also want eye shadows that don’t change color once applied.

  17. Mariella

    1. no fall-out (glitter or otherwise)
    2. good blendability
    3. good pigmentation and something that delivers what I see in the pan (MAC Gazette Grey is a perfect example of something that looks amazing in the pan and doesn’t deliver the gold flecks or the deep intensity of the pan when you apply it)

  18. I like what you like, Christine, but I’d add that finish is also an issue. I prefer creamy mattes, softly glowing satins and frosts that aren’t overcome with chunky glitter. Bleh – glitter!

  19. Awesome pigmentation & colour payoff (unless it’s supposed to be sheer), nice formula, easy to apply and blend, ability to last long without creasing and preferably fading too, as little fallout as possible (especially if it’s hard to remove), and again, of course I want to like what it looks like!

  20. Great pigmentation
    Smooth texture that’s easy to apply/blend
    Minimum fallout

  21. Yazmin

    I agree with you christine.

  22. Pamela

    I need rich pigmentation, smooth application and staying power!

  23. Lauryn

    I look for a highly pigmented shadow that applies well, blends well on its own AND with other colors. I have a few MAC shadows that just DO NOT play well with others! They become streaky and just odd looking. I also expect good payoff. MAC’s Idol Eyes is fabulous in the pot but requires to much working to make it show up well.

  24. Gillian (AKA Munchy)

    silky, buttery and a good color payoff, I hate when I have to pack something on.

  25. I like a lot of pigment, and buttery smooth texture, and easy blendability.

  26. Becca

    true to colour
    buttery texture
    I don’t mind glitter as long as it doesn’t affect the way the eyeshadow applie (ie. no fallout)
    luxurious feel
    long lasting
    no fading
    applies evenly
    usually shimmery and neutral

  27. Brie

    I actually don’t mind a slight sheerness (Think some of Chanel’s eyeshadows) that can be built up on the lid if needed. Since I wear fairly understated eye looks a majority of the time (Even my smoky looks are pretty subtle), I avoid shadows that are SO pigmented that I’m spending lots of time blending out the color or that I’m having to apply them super carefully to wear a shade on an every day basis. I agree with you about buttery textures though…Cream-to-powder shadows are my favorite! Anything silky and lovely on the lid is great :-)

  28. Ellie

    I almost always wear a smokey eye, so I usually look for shades of black and grey. I love shimmer eye shadows, so I purchase those a lot too. I especially love the Hard Candy Glitter eye shadow in Ditch. It’s gorgeous! It has to be something that is easy to apply and doesn’t flake off onto my cheeks (one of my pet peeves!) I am in love with Urban Decay eye shadows (I think I own close to 16 now.) They are pricey, but for sure worth it!

  29. Eva Kudzman

    so you mean inglot ;P I love their eyeshadows more than any other brand because they are everything I look for in an eyeshadow and they are not as expensive as most good quality brands :)

  30. i’ll tell you what I dont want: FALL OUT! it’s the most annoying thing ever.
    I also look for pigmentation, and now i’m really interested in low frost, satin or matte shades

  31. Lakitha

    I agree with all of the comments previously posted on this panel. I want an eyeshadow to be buttery in texture and easy to apply.

  32. wendy h

    Rich colour
    V smooth texture
    Long lasting
    True to clour.. Most of Mac dark eyeshadow turn grey on me. Ex dark indulgence, contrast etc etc
    They are pretty on but I don’t need so many grey!