Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

Temptalia Asks You

What do you do with special boxes/containers that hold limited edition beauty products? Not compacts and actual containers but the boxes or containers they come in?

Temptalia's AnswerI recycle them as much as possible, because as much as I want to keep them, they’ll just sit in a drawer, taking up space, and I’ll never go back to them.

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29 thoughts on “What do you do with special boxes/containers that hold limited edition beauty products?

  1. blueraccoon

    They tend to go by the wayside. I don’t even keep the velvet pouches my high-end compacts come in–I tried, but it just didn’t work out and now I just trash them. Exterior packaging, not what holds the product, is there to be recycled or thrown away depending on packaging material. It just takes up space.

  2. xamyx

    I usually just toss them, unless there may be some product information I want to keep; in that case, I cut out what I want to keep or break down the box, and place them in a large accordion file I keep important paperwork in.

  3. Sarah

    Yeah I always really want to keep them all, too. I definitely don’t have the room for them and my fiancé complains enough about how the actual product takes up too much space so I don’t think if even be allowed! Haha I have a hard time throwing/giving a lot of things away but my hatred of clutter usually takes over. On the other hand, I use some of the more sturdy mac limited edition packaging I use to organize and store some of my things. For instance I have a clear plastic ball thing that my iced delights pigments came in that I use to store my chunky colorful bracelets on my dresser. Functional but it looks pretty too!

    • xamyx

      I have 2 metal tins from MAC Tartan’ Tale LE pigments, and I keep primer samples & concealers in them, and they sit on my dresser.

  4. JQ

    The cardboard boxes? I recycle them. For awhile when I started collecting, I kept them thinking I might do some sort of craft project. Then I realized I don’t actually do craft projects.

  5. I actually collect all the boxes to my makeup, Even if its permanent. I dont know why, i’ve just always done it .. Kind of weird

  6. Usually I save them, especially if packaging is cute & sturdy. When I’m traveling I tend to put fragile makeup compacts in original boxes :)

  7. The benefit boxes come to mind here. I would prefer to reuse them or toss/recycle them, except sometimes the powders are attached to the cardboard insert – so if you remove them, your powder has no container or lid. Annoying!

  8. L

    I want to try and re-use them in some way. I have only bought items from a couple of limited edition collections so I don’t have too many packages…yet. I’m actually going to use the images on my Archie collection packages in my scrapbook for a valentines day page :o)

  9. Rosy

    I have previously turned pretty packaging from the UD Good Karma Brushes into a pallete by putting magnets into it and I have considered doing something similar with some of the packaging I have from Mac’s holiday collection 2012.

  10. Ellen

    I keep them until I’m sure I won’t return the product, then I do a massive throw-away session for all the boxes I haven’t had the heart to get rid of yet.

  11. AnGeLwInGz

    I keep pretty much everything in the boxes, even if it’s not LE. The only things I let run free are my UD and Mac eyeshadow singles and eyeliner. Anything high end always stays in a box. And if a nail polish comes in a box, even more affordable brands like Illamasqua, that stays in a box too.

  12. Pamela

    I keep them! It’s part of the whole limited edition experience. I still have the boxes for MAC Wonder Woman, Venomous Villains and many more. Yes, they sit in a box. Yes, it’s asinine but I’m a bit OCD.

  13. Lauren

    Theres no way I’m getting rid of the mac Archie collection!

  14. Sandy

    Normally, I’ll chuck them but for some reason, I can’t bring myself to throw out the MAC Archie Girls line. It’s so cute, I might hold onto it for a while

  15. Aida

    I also recycle everything. I made only one exception: I’ve kept the box for the “Showgirl” eye shadow from MAC’s Marilyn Monroe collection (the only item from that collection that I kept), but that’s only because I am a huge MM fan (I have an extensive MM collection of artwork, books, magazines, etc.).

  16. Leticia

    I don´t have too many special packaging of limited edition products, but the ones I have, I keep – I actually store the product in its box if possible, like my MAC Hello Kitty and Liberty of London stuff. Even though I do use them, the products go back to their box afterwards.

  17. Meri

    depending on the LE and how many I have, I resell them on eBay, like the MAC Archie’s Girls boxes from my personal stuff and the pin’s that came with all get sold at auction. they take up too much room but I just hate to throw them away and no its not big money basically if someone will pay the postage and cost of envelope I will let them have the boxes ect..

  18. Jane

    I scrapbook nice packaging. As weird as that sounds.

  19. Bella

    I toss them. I’m about the product, not the box.

  20. Morgan Spratt

    I’ve framed a mac bag and sephora bag and mac Marilyn boxes there hanging around my vanity

  21. Quinctia

    Most the time I don’t keep packaging, but sometimes, if it’s slim enough and doesn’t add bulk, I might keep the product in its packaging.

  22. I’ll keep them if I can re-purpose them and use them for something else. Otherwise it’s recycle or trash.

  23. Michelle Teixeira

    I tend to keep some skincare boxes that are sturdy and the right dimensions for sending out packages via mail. Most of them I recycle or toss out.

  24. Angie

    It depends on how nice the packaging is. Sometimes I reuse it as something for storage or decoration. If it’s really special to me, I’ll keep it in new condition. Mostly I just toss it because I have no space. Or, you know, accidentally leave it lying around for one of my dogs to chew up. :/ That’s always a bummer.

  25. VickyM

    Depends on how much I value the product, if I really love it I will keep the container to preserve the product as much as I can. However if the packaging isn´t unique, is unpractical or I don´t care for the product all that much I will recycle or simply trash it.

  26. Ana

    Keep them in a MAC Bag.
    Then I use them as drawer dividers for my makeup/office supplies.
    It’s all about reusing 😀

  27. MandyDoll

    I have thrown them out every time EXCEPT, my boxes from MAC’s Wonder Woman collection. That was my favorite collection ever!