Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

Temptalia Asks You

What do you do with beautiful boxes/packaging? Keep it? Toss it?

Temptalia's AnswerFor a few things, I might try to repurpose it–if I can–but more often than not, I try to recycle or else throw away (if it’s not recyclable) because I can’t hang on to all of these things if I don’t have an actual reason to!

Thanks to Christine for today’s question!

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35 thoughts on “What do you do with beautiful boxes/packaging?

  1. You mean like the MAC holiday box that I’ve been keeping for forever that I just tripped over while cleaning out my storage closet and smashed to bits and bits? Hmm… I guess I trip over them and smash them. Blerg. LOL

  2. Kristine

    I keep them!!

  3. Christa

    I like to keep it around for a few days simply for the pleasure of looking at it, but sooner or later the purposelessness of the clutter gets in the way and I usually (albeit unwillingly) end up recycling/trashing it. Kind of like the beautiful overspray on certain MU products– aesthetically pleasing but gets in the way of utility. Maybe I should start taking pictures of the pretty boxes along with the pretty new products before they’re made imperfect through actual use :)

    • This is exactly why I prefer plain high end makeup! I’m so tempted to buy certain HE makeup but I’m afraid I will never use them in fear of ruining the overspray haha

  4. Unless they are quite special, they go to someone else. I haven’t had to pitch anything into the bin for some time, thankfully.

  5. I throw away everything! I have no reason to keep it. It will just sit in a drawer taking up space.

  6. LM

    pretty packaging tends to attract me mostly for gifts but for what I buy myself:
    if pretty and compact– as is
    if pretty and bulky but I LOVE it– goes in a drawer mostly to keep (makes me feel guilty sometimes)
    if pretty and bulky and really like the stuff– depot
    if pretty and I don’t care much, probably try swapping to someone who’ll love it (so I don’t feel like it’s wasteful) and getting myself something compact

  7. Nicole

    I get rid of all of my makeup packaging, but I did keep a Chanel perfume gift box since it’s pretty! I used to keep a secret chocolate stash in it. LOL.

  8. i used to keep them but they are getting ridiculous bulky to keep so had to throw them away in the end.

  9. unfortunately I save all of them…unless I am using the currently using that particular makeup product, I keep all of the makeup in its original packaging…..this OCD has to do with the fact that I have products of companies that I no longer exists and it reminds me of my youth.

  10. I usually keep/repurpose it. For example, I definitely plan to turn the Urban Decay’s 15-year Anniversary eye shadow collection’s box into a jewelry box. :)

  11. More often than not, it gets tossed. I realized after the hoards of boxes under my desk were taking up more space than my legs while I was sitting at it. At that point it was all recycled/thrown out.

    Once in a blue moon, if I can find a use for it.. I’ll keep it. Lately though, I’ve been purging clutter.

  12. I keep every product in its box unless I depot it… in that situation I toss the poor box

  13. artemis

    i keep them 😀 tho i don’t have many like that…

  14. If it’s a beautiful box I try to resuse it as gift box.
    If it’s the actual packaging of a product, say a powder case, I try to reuse that as well by pressing a broken powder or blush into the pan. For emty lipstick tubes and depotted eye shadow cases, I toss them or return for B2M.

  15. Lilly

    Okay… call me whatever you want, but I do always keeps the packaging of my cosmetics. It keeps them safe for longer time and they’re actually much easier to re-arrange when I need to. Apart from that, I usually ALWAYS purchase limited editions. Let’s say that almost all of my makeup is Limited Edition, so pretty much I am filled up with beautiful packagings everywhere which are really worth taking a peek at. My favorite is the one which contains the Givenchy Blooming Collection pressed powder and blush. It is a gorgeous origami flower!!

  16. Marie

    I give boxes and makeup bags to children at school. The girls love the bags and often use them as their pencil case!

  17. Mariella

    If it’s the actual packaging/wrapping, I pitch it into recycling (we’re big on recycling here in Canada!) If it’s the actual LE container of a product – like an eye-shadow, etc. – well, I have never actually ever finished off ANYTHING at all (a sure sign that I own way too much makeup!)

  18. I will usually keep is for a while but eventually I will recycle it because it will be causing too much clutter. There are a few that I have tried to use for something else but that doesn’t happen very often.

  19. The UD eyeliner set box is now serving me as a memory box, for photos, concert tickets, little gifts off people etc :)

  20. Laurel

    I keep all boxes for a while (until I KNOW the product doesn’t affect my skin negatively) and after that I only keep cute/really high end boxes. I’ve never had a situation where I’ve used up a product and want to keep its empty packaging, but I doubt I would keep that unless it was extremely unique.

  21. Christine shen

    I would keep it with the product in it for as long as I can, eventually I get tired of it and I throw them out.

  22. Kirari

    I can’t say that I’ve ever actually felt compelled to keep a product’s packaging. It’d be too much of a pain to put the product back in it when I’m done, and I don’t have the storage space to keep stuff like that laying around.

    I did, however, keep one of the plaid MAC felty shopping bags from around Christmas to use as a makeup bag. Its still going strong, lol.

  23. Suselew

    Some really pretty boxes I use to box makeup gifts for other people. For example, a beautiful red Estee Lauder holiday box made the perfect box to house different loose makeup items from different brands. The recipient rarely knows how you got the box just that it’s a gorgeous presentation.

  24. dee

    The MAC boxes that the holiday sets of pigments came in were used as brush holders, pencil holders, before I went to the container store.

    I taped together all the MAC Venomous Villians sleeves and had it on my desk for the longest time. It’s still in my house somewhere.

  25. Take a pictures of it then toss it! haha

  26. JulieD

    Some of my BE auto delivery kits/gift sets from QVC have come in functional, re-useable packaging. I have given several of these boxes to my daughter (she’s 9)and she likes to keep her rock collection, pokemon cards, favorite artwork, etc. in them. Otherwise I will throw them out, because like everyone else says, where are we supposed to keep them? If it’s a sturdy container though, I try to find a use for it.

  27. Becca

    I keep them in the top drawer of my bureau )the top row has two drawes)

  28. Meg

    I keep it… and then use it for something like a collage.

  29. jenni

    i store my make up in them if they are study enough.

  30. Jennifer

    It hurts to throw them away but if its a product I love, i keep it just until I get a replacement. Its to remind me that I need to get it again.

  31. Marina

    Keep them – I have a drawer full of pretty packing like MAC Surf Baby and Benefit everything! I just can’t stand to throw them away!

  32. Chelsea

    If it’s what the packaging is for for the whole brand, I’ll throw it away but if it’s limited edition, I’ll keep it.