Friday, May 31st, 2013

Choose or Lose

What do you do more often: impulse buy or research before you buy?

  • Research before I buy (86%, 2,523 Votes)
  • Impulse buy (14%, 395 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,918

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28 thoughts on “What do you do more often: impulse buy or research before you buy?

  1. Colleen

    I impulse buy drug store beauty items all of the time, but if I’m going to spend the money on high-end I ALWAYS research (and almost always start my research right here on Temptalia).

  2. PoetrysTruth

    I came to makeup later than a lot of my friends…I was 30 when I first started playing with it. Now I have so much makeup I try to only add compliments to my overall collections. I look at swatches online, watch videos, and read reviews on the net before I purchase 95%+ of make up I now add to my stash.

  3. Shea

    There is some leeway. For example: I like NYX’s lipsticks, and they are decently cheap, so if I see a color that I like I’m not going to stress about looking up swatches online.

  4. Katie F

    I actually really enjoy researching products, so I almost research before I buy. It adds to the enjoyment somehow. :)

  5. malinda jane

    Generally, if it’s more than $10 then I research it. I always check comparison swatches to make sure I’m not getting duplicates inadvertently + to check quality and whether it’s not just going to be a waste of money.

  6. Impulse if the item is cheap. I have ridiculously pale skin so if an item is pricey I always research to make sure it looks okay on other pale skinned women.

  7. Geneva

    I didn’t always research before I buy, but I have been doing so for the last year. I don’t usually research nail polish, I’m kind of an impulse buyer in this instance.

  8. Wow. Makeup is so often thought of as an impulse purchase, but look at those results! I have to admit that the closest I get to an impulse purchase is usually suddenly deciding to pick up an item I’ve had my eye on forever.

  9. I mainly research buy.. but I do certainly impulse buy with drugstore items or if something cute comes out at Sephora.

    • Your mention of Sephora made me want to comment about what a boon their sampling program is. I have purchased quite a few items after first getting a sample from Sephora or MAC. These programs really must pay off in the long run with more purchases and also fewer returns.

      • liz

        How do you get samples? Just ask?

        • Yes. Sephora will make you a sample of anything. Foundation, fragrance, skincare, primers, even lipsticks. Usually if you go to a makeup counter You should really buy something before asking for samples, although MAC is good about foundation & pigment samples even if you don’t buy.
          Just be nice and don’t be afraid to ask, they aren’t doing you a favor, its their job. ;c)

  10. KaseyCannuck

    A good follow-up question could be “What percentage of your purchases are researched as opposed to impulse buys” as it seems that almost everyone does both!

    Almost all of my purchases are researched now, including cheap brands. A few dollars here and there for stuff that ends up being crap adds up to a lot of money FAST!! Most of my impulse buys are usually nail polishes, and I have a few that are streaky tragedies!

  11. VickyM

    I always research before I buy since I mainly purchase high end products, so I do a lot of research online and then I go to the counter to swatch the product and decide if I want it and it suits me. I rarely impulse buy in general anyway not just with makeup but with everything.

  12. Carla N.

    I almost never buy cosmetics on impulse, though I crack occasionally – I’m only human! :)
    Since I’m disabled, I have to buy my cosmetics online, sight unseen, so I read reviews and look at swatches before I buy.
    This works surprisingly well; I’ve only been disappointed a few times, and I have a rather huge collection of products that I love, and that suit me perfectly.

  13. Okay, so here’s the crazy thing! The internet, sites like Makeupalley and your site, Christine, have made it so much easier to do research but it has also led to me making a WHOLE LOT more researched “impulse” purchases. Seeing the products here or on youtube, etc., fuels the impulse and even though I can check to make sure that the product “delivers”, it is still likely to be a product I wouldn’t ever have purchased but for seeing it online (everything I have from Tarina Tarantino is just one example….these have been great purchases, no question, but the crazy, burning impulse to own them came from here!)

  14. mkdallas

    I almost always do a little pre-purchase research now, even on drug store items. Thanks to sources like Temptalia and MUA (both of which are invaluable), there’s so much more info out there than in the past.

  15. But of course, I research with Temptalia! I might have to use small blogs for most drugstore finds though :/

  16. Vanessa

    First I research like mad. Then I sit on it, looking it up periodically to oggle it. Next, I start another wave of researching it, followed by more delaying. The process repeats itself several times, and often times, I never buy the product. I’m a product stalker.

  17. KT

    I do a lot of research before I buy products, but I find that when I go to the store to buy them, I generally end up buying something else I see instead.

  18. Kristen

    I research. So when I go into the store I usually amaze the SA LOL. I remember when I was really into MAC I would go in and ask for products by name and the girls there didn’t even know what the products were called. It keeps them from trying to sell me products I don’t want and it also saves me money.

  19. Courtney

    I research before I buy! Even cheaper drugstore products. I hate wasting money on products that are crap. The only time I impulse buy is if I see something brand new and can’t find a review on it.

  20. Cel

    I research, AKA go to temptalia! 😀

  21. liz

    Good question. Most of the time, when I buy a cosmetic, it’s something I’ve seen on a blog. So I usually have some research to back it up. Last week, though, I went on a major haul spree at the drugstore, MAC, Nordstrom, and Target. Most of what I bought at MAC I intended to buy, and most of it has been reviewed well by most of the Internet. I got an eyebrow pencil that I’ve never heard mention of to my recollection but I ended up loving it. Going in to Nordstrom was a mistake because I got talked into getting extra stuff I had not researched and I could have avoided by buying online. Target ended up being impulse buys and trusty favorites. In summary: I do both, sometimes even at the same time.

  22. Mallory

    I am obsessive about researching before I buy…with pretty much any product high end or high street. I actually find it really enjoyable and relaxing to pour through videos, swatches, and reviews trying to find the perfect shades and products for me or friends and family.

  23. I am big on researching my purchases; however, I’m more likely to impulse buy when I’m travelling.

  24. kristint

    especially if its a pricy product, i want to make sure its worth splurging on and that it will really work! :)