Friday, July 8th, 2011

Choose or Lose

What color mascara do you prefer?

  • Blackest of black (73%, 2,616 Votes)
  • Black (19%, 687 Votes)
  • Brown (4%, 152 Votes)
  • Colored (Blue, Plum, etc.) (3%, 97 Votes)
  • Other - I'll tell you in the comments! (0%, 8 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,560

Feel free to elaborate on your answer in the comment section! :)

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33 thoughts on “What color mascara do you prefer?

  1. I usually wear black, but I only jump for joy when I find a really hot colored mascara: especially purples!

  2. Jules

    I’m Asian with jet black hair, so I always look for blackest of black. Dior Blackout mascara is my absolute favorite by far.

  3. Lee

    Auburn! Which is so hard to find. But it really looks best on redheads, even brown looks too harsh on me (although I’ll wear black for going out at night and extra drama). Max Factor 2000 Calorie had a great auburn which is really hard to get in the US now.

  4. Andryroxy

    Brown for everyday. Black for more formal events.

    • Sihouette

      Same with me, brown doesn’t look too harsh for a neutral every day make-up, whereas black is for glamour.

  5. Stephanie

    I love blue mascara, because it makes my green eyes look super bright. :] I have some green and teal mascara that’s nice too. If I’m going the black route, I prefer the blackest of black.

  6. Vincent

    Grey mascara is great, thats what I usually wear.

  7. heidi

    I have blonde hair and blue eyes. I know a lot of times they recommend brown but I still opt for as black as I can find.

  8. CatherineM

    I always take Black. I have pretty dark hair and black lashes, so that makes the most sense. I once tried brown, bit it lookes strange against my hair and eyebrows.

  9. Miss_M

    I usually wear black mascara. I used to wear brown for years but Dutch drugstores hardly sell brown mascaras anymore. I also love grey mascara, which is also a very hard to find color. MAC had a grey Zoomlash in the Flighty collection last month, so I got a couple of those.

    • Jen

      Wow, that sounds like a color I could try and not be too disappointed by! I never knew that grey was an option in a mascara. :)

  10. I like really black and green. Good green ones are so hard to find! But they make my dark eyes pop, specially now that i have dark red hair.

  11. Jen

    I have fair skin, light brown eyebrows and light brown hair with rapidly increasing silver highlights. The best mascara color for me is brown; always, because black looks too harsh and fake on me; nowhere near glamorous!

  12. Kiwee

    I have blonde hair and blue eyes, but i wear black mascara all the time, because it give the pop to my eyes :)

  13. I usually use black or brown, I’m not too particular. I have a bright green one to try out for event makeup, excited to try it for our gig tomorrow (I’m in a community samba band and our colours are bright yellow and green!).

  14. Jenny

    I like having a mascara wardrobe. Black volumizing mascara for night and for days when I want my lashes to take center stage. Brown lengthening for most days. I love auburn and plum to emphasize my green eyes. However, I never buy my black mascara, I rely on 100 and 500 point perks from Sephora for those, but I drop a pretty penny for a good brown since most brands don’t carry it any more. I still miss the days when I could buy taupe mascara since I am a fair blonde with blonde lashes and brows; any color mascara is a lot on me.

    • I have the same problem! My brows & lashes are VERY light blonde, YUCK! I usually wear blackest black, regardless of recommendations. Mavala & YSL make purple mascara’s that look great on blondes, I also like blue but good one’s are hard to find. I recently tried the UD Big Fatty in one of the bright turquoise/blue shades but the formula was horrid & the colour looked rediculous! Blonde lashes are very fine, due to less melatonin(?) so you need super lash building formula’s. No problem with length, thank goodness! You have to be REALLY careful to make sure to darken the roots really well with the mascara or use extra eye liner with shadow over that, or you get this very OBVIOUS blonde line, kind of like when dark roots show on people w/lightened hair. You used to be able to get grey to charcoal (or soft black) mascara pretty easily but they don’t seem to make the grey too much anymore. I loved the way darker greys looked. Colored one’s have to be darker because the colour it is, is the colour your lashes will be! For years I could NEVER find eyebrow pencils etc. that looked good on super fair blondes but now they have taupes that work well. Brown’s tend to make your eyebrows look orangey. Lancome has a bronze eyeliner that makes blue eyes really pop! Unfortunately the cosmetic industry seems to cater to many different complexions but they seem to have completely forgotten about us really light blondes these days! :(

  15. blue- Stendahl (made in France) my all time favorite blue colored mascara

  16. Niamh

    Used to use black but switched to Chanel Inmitible in Violet/ Benefit Plum mascara a few months ago and now my green eyes POP!!! If you tend to have blue/green eyes, MAC eye pencil in Prussian and Chanel Inmitible in Violet is a BEAUTIFUL combination!

  17. Blackest of black for me but I LOVE colored mascaras such as purple or blue on my lower lashes for a pop of color. 😀

  18. I’ve never tried it, but I voted for other because of grey mascara. Just thinking about it sounds so cool! It’s not as harsh as black, but not as common as brown. I missed out on getting the one from Flighty I think it was… but I for sure am still on the hunt! Does anyone have a recommendation?

  19. Lily

    I love really dark black mascara. It makes my boring brown eyes stand out way more.

  20. L’Oreal Million Lashes as black as I can get it.

  21. Nic

    I voted “blackest of black” because that’s what I prefer most of the time, but if it’s a minimal makeup day (just tinted moisturizer and lip balm) I’ll go with a black brown.

  22. Liz

    I love subtly coloured mascaras – I like the effect of the colour brightening the white of my eyes, or my eye colour without my lashes looking freaky. I’m too pale to look good with black mascara anyway, so usually go for brown or purple in the summer and dark blue in the winter

  23. As black as friggin’ possible. I notice when a mascara is REALLY a masquerading dark gray… My lashes want drama, not “natural!”
    Sometimes, though, colored mascaras are fun (I’ll mix my own with a loose eyeshadow and clear mascara).

  24. tehteh

    honestly, I have only ever tried black and green…I love both, as long as it makes my lashes visible at all

  25. Sarah

    I use blackest brown mascara because black looks too harsh with my coloring.

  26. Azaza

    I absolutely love black black mascara but I recently accidentaly bought a brown mascara which I will try out since I have been thinking about trying brown mascara anyway

  27. Black, it goes with everything. If I want something less harsh, though, for when I’m going without eyeshadow (which is hardly ever!) I use plum-colored mascara.