Friday, October 19th, 2012

Choose or Lose

What color cosmetic do you buy the least of?

  • Lipgloss (29%, 1,827 Votes)
  • Eyeliner (28%, 1,767 Votes)
  • Blush (27%, 1,664 Votes)
  • Lipstick (10%, 616 Votes)
  • Eyeshadow (6%, 389 Votes)

Total Voters: 6,263

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52 thoughts on “What color cosmetic do you buy the least of?

  1. Among the options, I have the least blushes. Unlike eye or lip make-up, blushes are meant to be blended, so it’s easy for shades to overlap. (The strong cheek look isn’t really for me)

    Obviously I have even less foundation and concealer, since I only need one shade of each, maybe two. 😛

  2. Lipgloss – I just don’t wear it, my face feels all itchy when I have something like that on my lips.

  3. Jennifer

    I rarely use eyeliner. I bought a UD eyeliner set for like $10 at a nordstrom rack once. The liquid liner I have came in another set. I’ve never actually set out to buy a liner. I don’t use it often.

  4. GUSnail

    I have very few lipglosses-I think it’s a generational thing. I much prefer lipstick, or just lipbalm. I especially dislike sticky lipgloss.

  5. The title of the post is not really applicable to the options :)

    If we are talking ‘type of cosmetic’ then no contest. Lipgloss. I don’t see much value in it. I have about a half a dozen which is more than enough for me.

  6. mirian

    I have now upped my collection to THREE BLUSHES, but i still only have one pot of gel eyeliner.

  7. I don’t buy eyeshadows!!

  8. Kina

    Lipgloss. I’m a lipstick only kinda girl. :3

  9. Jackie

    I own only 3 blushes. NARS Orgasm (my favorite), the remnants of some E.l.f. stuff that I was using for a while when I couldn’t afford NARS, and NARS New Order…which is really more of a highlighter than a blush. I’m more into having a lot of different options for lips/eyes, I don’t think about blush that much.

  10. I don’t like a lot of color variety with eyeliner so I mainly only get black eyeliners to try out different brands and formulas. If it’s not black eyeliner, it’s a brown for lighter days.

  11. Sasha

    I have 3 blushes and a sample blush, 3 lipsticks, 3 different colors of eyeliner and just 1 lipgloss. So lipgloss it is!

  12. Daniela

    Lipgloss. I don’t really buy lots of blushes, I only own 3 blushes but at least I wear them. I don’t use gloss, I hate it!

  13. I never needed that many blushes. I was born with high cheekbones and naturally flushed cheeks. I have a whopping two blushes. One is a rose creme blush and the other a mauve pressed powder. Okay maybe three if I decide to use my bronzer as a blush during the summer.

  14. Lipgloss for sure even when I did use them most of the “shades” look the same on the lips anyways.

  15. Lauren

    I guess I have to vote lipgloss by default because I only have about 5 or 6. I have a lot of eyeshadow, lipstick, and blush. I have at least a dozen eyeliner pencils, a couple of cream ones… I have many blushes. Many lipsticks.

  16. Jaz

    Blush and lipstick. I am trying to get into blush, but I havent found a) a shade that I like b) a shade that will show up nicely on my Nw45 skin. I dont like the typical blush colors for AA women.

  17. Jay

    I am ridiculously pale (MAC’s NW15 foundation is a touch too dark for me!), and find myself constantly trying to tone down redness in my cheeks since they pink up very easily on their own.
    So, I think I only own one shade of blush that doesn’t look garish on me, and even then I rarely wear it?

    • Sasha

      Have you tried using a green primer (smashbox/MUFE) or Eucerin redness relief moisturizer? I’m fairly light as well and have an oversensitivity to touch (if I run my finger across my cheek it turns red and then calm down after 10-15 seconds). If you have generally sensitive skin there are also lots of products to try to reduce redness.

  18. xamyx

    What I use and what I buy are two different things. I use eyeliner nearly every day, but I pretty much stick to black liquid liner on the upper lashline, so I don’t need to buy too many. If I want/need color, I’ll use eyeshadow. On the other hand, I rarely use blush, but I buy alot of palettes/sets that inevitably include at least one, so I have more blush than I know what to do with.

  19. Veronica

    Lipgloss. I generally prefer a matte or semi-matte finish to my lip products, so I’ve just never amassed a large collection of glosses. (Plus, pigmented glosses tend to feather on me, so they require just as much preparation as regular lipstick!)

  20. anna

    I just don’t like lipgloss. I don’t like the feel on my lips. I’ve bought some of the lipgloss-lipstick hybrids for when I want the shine of a gloss.

  21. Julie

    I was looking for nail color. I can’t stand the feeling of them on my nails after a day or two. Out of the choices given, I’d say lip gloss. I love my gorgeous MUFE & Chanel lipsticks and would never ruin them with lip glosses.

  22. Beckie

    Eyeliner… I hate pencils. I have a few free ones, but I only use fluid lines from MAC and have three of them… but really only use one (I like my classic black lol).

  23. Nic

    Eyeliner, only because I don’t feel like a need a lot of colors of it. I have a lot of colorful eyeshadow, but for liner I use the same 3 or 4 colors the vast majority of the time.

  24. Lorraine ER

    If nailpolish or mascara was an option I would have picked either but blush comes in a close second! It’s not that I don’t love it, but I have quite an array of shades and I don’t feel you can never have too many like with eyeshadows, lip colors and eye liners!

  25. Liz

    I think I picked the wrong thing. I picked eyeliner, but I should have chosen lipgloss. I only have 5 lipglosses. If you include different formulations, I have more than 5 eyeliners.

  26. Megan

    Lipstick for me is the least bought, I just never think it looks good on me. Though for some reason I still buy it occasionally

  27. Well, I did GLOSS OUT 2011 and actually haven’t bought a lip gloss in 2012 either. I don’t think I’ve bought any lipsticks either. So I guess both of those are what I purchase least.

  28. VickyM

    My least bought product is eyeliner…I think I need to buy one lol because I don´t have any, a brown color should do lol. The closest second in my least bought would be blush (I just have two one from Chanel and another one from Lancome) and lipgloss ( I just have two lol from Chanel and pupa an italian brand in the price range of Mac) on the other hand I need to lay off lipstick I have 25 already ( and going to buy one tomorrow from Chanel lol :D) I really shold stop after tomorrow or maybe after next month though.

  29. zainab

    Blush… I’ve never bought one. The only one I’ve got is a Lancome hand-me-down from my sister. Lipgloss would be a close second though as the one I’ve been using for most of the year was a freebie with a magazine. But I buy glosses as an impulse buy occasionally as they’re usually cheaper.

  30. Malia

    I must be the only one who doesn’t get the question??? Because for the answer, colours aren’t the choices….

  31. Vivian

    I find it hilarious that lip gloss is the product we all seem to buy the least of yet when I watch youtube videos they seem to occupy the a lot of space in people’s collection! I don’t go through glosses fast enough because they tend to be so sticky, and just not very good for kissing someone on the lips – which means I just don’t use a lot of it. I buy a LOT of lip balms though, I suffer from chronic dry lips all the time!

    • Jessica

      I am too, TERRIFIED that one day I’ll kiss someone with lipgloss on my lips and by the end there is nothing left and it’s all of their face, their cheek, their furniture, their sheets…xD

    • Maggie

      I completely agree on lip balms vs. glosses. What kinds of lip balm do you use? What works best for your dry lips? Layered under a lipstick?

      I own only TWO glosses–and I NEVER apply all over. I just apply to the center of my lips over lipstick to get some dimension to my look. I have side-swept bangs and layered hair that sometimes sweep across my face and it’s annoying when your hair sticks to lipgloss.

      I’m a bit surprised that many people don’t buy eyeliner. I’m always on the search for an HG formulation of pencil and liquid liners. I guess it’s because I have a small crease–allows just enough room for thick eyeliner from lashline to crease. Plus eyeliner is easy–just glide it along your lash line and then you’re done. Colorful eyeliners make my eyes pop. Especially when I wear glasses.

  32. Blush. I own ONE and don’t plan on buying more. I don’t really “get” how to apply it or the perks of using it. Followed quickly by foundation and mascara.

  33. Zelda

    Blush I purchase very little of.. I have acne poc marks on my cheeks and the last thing I need is shimmer to further emphasize them. I contour my face with foundation and keep it moving.

  34. Brittany

    I said blush but I should have gone with lipgloss cause I have maybe 5 mac blushes and only one lipgloss..which is from Mac as well. I don’t buy lipgloss cause the stuff wears off 15mins later..just a waste of money really.

  35. Julie101

    I have never purchased blush for 2 reasons I have acne scarring, and I flush easily with heat, and it seems like my motor runs hot. My cheeks were usually red. Now I am looking for a good blush brand for staying power with dry skin, does anyone have any recommendations?? I want to buy blush!!!!

  36. Alison

    I said lipgloss! I’m definitely a lipstick person.

  37. Quinctia

    Blush, blush, blush. I only ever feel like I can wear blush when I’ve got on BB Cream. Even if I wore it more often, I think all the other categories are easily beaten just by the fact that UD makes more of them and I’m an UD junkie.

  38. Nikki

    I only own two eyeliners, a dark brown and black. I’m simple when it comes to eye makeup. I admire the look of colored liners on others, but whenever I shop, I always turn to my old favorites.

  39. Isa

    I barely ever wear eyeliner. I own a couple (a MAC kohl and a pot) but that’s it. I don’t buy lip gloss very often either, but I bought two from the MAC Hey Sailor! collection so that’s two more lip glosses I’ve bought in the past year than eyeliners. Although I did ask for an eyeliner for Christmas, haha.

  40. Monica!

    Mascara! I just have the one I use everyday and a backup.

  41. Iben

    Definitely blush. I don’t even own one and I don’t need it since my cheeks flush in about a second.

  42. Rania

    I rarely wear foundation. For a long time I had been wearing face cream with a bit of colour, and lately a bb cream. I only use foundation on special occasions.

  43. Adele

    It’s eyeliner for me, since I usually wear black.

  44. lily

    Eyeliner for me. I have one in a Dior palette and a liquid liner, both black. I very rarely wear liner and I’ve never tried any in a color other than black.

  45. Lacey J.

    Lip Products. I honestly have such pigmented lips that most stuff doesn’t work on me and I don’t care to touch it up. I do have a few bright Mac Lipsticks, but find I can’t pull them off as well as I would like. I really am into MLBB colors… but I don’t really have any. The thing I buy the most of would be eyeshadow. Since it seems I tend to use neutrals though… that’s getting less and less.

    I do love makeup but it seems I have less and less time to actually play around with it so I have to keep to neutrals. Now it seems it is all about streamlining the proces for an everyday work look. I am still perfecting it.

  46. Eye liner for sure! I usually just stick to the basic nude, black, and brown eyeliners.