Wednesday, October 17th, 2012

Temptalia Asks You

What brand and artist would you love to see collaborate? Which of their pieces would you love to see translated into cosmetics?

Temptalia's AnswerI’d love to see a Van Gogh inspired collection–something including Starry Night. Mostly because it’s one of Shaun’s favorite paintings! Brand… Guerlain. You’d get crazy designs, packaging, and quality.

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56 thoughts on “What brand and artist would you love to see collaborate?

  1. I hope music artist counts. I would love to see a small Lana Del Rey inspired collection from a brand like Nars or MAC(better be quality though… MAC, more like WACK”

  2. Ashley

    I was thinking you meant music artist and was instantly all about P!nk and Urban Decay. But yes, a Von Gogh inspired make-up line would be incredible. He’s my favorite artist and I’ve been obsessed with his work since I was a young child (thanks to a Boy Meets World episode centering around Starry Night lol).

  3. Chanel…Mademoiselle Gabrielle “Coco” Bonheur Chanel…the original lady….not all these other wackos who designs or designed under her name…like Karl Lagerfield….

    The lady has taste and was classy.

    Who puts Brad Pitt on the face of Chanel 5…Ughhhh? Brad Pitt looks like a goat. It is like…wear this perfume and you will end up looking like a goat who admitted that smoking pot for two years made him feel like a donut.

  4. ROSIE

    Gustav Klimt & Guerlain or Chanel (all that gold)

    The rest of the artists I think of are all with MAC (other brands are too posh or not daring enough or too wild):
    Claude Monet/Impressionists
    Group of Seven/Emily Carr
    Georgia O’Keefe
    Frida Kahlo

    For Urban Decay, I’d imagine they would go with more urban and contemporary artists (such as tattoo or graffit artist)

    For NARS, some modernist artist like Andy Warhol, so maybe Pollock or Roy Lichenstein is next?

    • evie

      yesh, so much yesh to dis!

    • Sara

      MAC would probably have to pay Georgia O’Keefe’s estate a huge amount of money for use of the name/paintings/etc considering the stink they threw over Rescue Beauty Lounge’s Georgia on My Mind nail polish collection.

      And if the estate said yes they’d look like such hypocrites.

    • chiara

      I love your ideas! However i think we all know just how a georgia o’keefe collection would go.

    • Nicoco Chanel

      UD/Banksy collab y/y?

  5. Beckie

    MAC and Disney… maybe princess collection and villains part two?

  6. Jocelyn Beckett

    I would say Pollock, being one of my favourite artists, but I have a feeling a Jackson Pollock eyeshadow palette would be a mess.

    Maybe Picasso? Or a newer artist? I think a lot of artwork could translate well into cool makeup.

  7. mightyclassy07

    I would love to see what they could do with the saturated colors/textures used in Renaissance artists’ work. Have eyeshadow palettes inspired by Titian, Raphael and Botticelli maybe and highlighers/contours inspired by Caravaggio (technically a Baroque artist but whatever). Or a collection of palettes dedicated to different eras in art. The Surrealist, The Impressionist, The Renaissance, The Romantic and The Postmodern palettes perhaps :)

    As far as brand, maybe Dior? Such a great question, Christine!

  8. Amanda

    MAC X Elizabeth Taylor

    • Yellowlantern

      IA with Audrey Kawasaki. I’d def check out any collaboration with her.

    • Maureen

      I loooove the idea of a Zhang Yimou collection! Though I can’t say I trust Mac to pull it off quality-wise. :/

      And yes please to the Audrey Kawasaki/UD collaboration!

  9. Charmaine

    MAC Cosmetics & Marc Jacobs for a fun summer collection :)

  10. Charmaine

    2ne1 & MAC

  11. VickyM

    Not exactly an artist, but I would love a makeup collection inspired in Marie Antoinette last queen of France, in general the whole extravagance, luxury and excess of the 18th Century would be very nice in a collection if executed properly. The fashion of that time is really inspiring and would be very nostalgic and romantic. The brands would be Chanel and/or Guerlain since they have luxury, name and quality to represent that part of history πŸ˜€ .

  12. Sara

    Does fashion count? I want Mary Katrantzou for MAC because I think they’d commit the most to her packaging more than any other cosmetics brand. She has this crazy fish/under the sea print, so they could repromote Marine Life and have her print be on the packaging haha. All I want is Marine Life, lol.

    As for actual art, I really love Degas and the rest of the impressionists. But I really can’t think of any brands that would be up for a collab, they might think it would be too kitschy. Even someone like Degas.

  13. Chiara

    I know this is already on the verge of becoming overhyped, but I’d love to see a Lana del Rey collection. I actually loved the recent collabo with H&M, and I’m looking forward to see a make-up collection.

  14. Dominique

    Tim Burton / Helena Bonham-Carter with M.A.C or NARS.

    • GUSnail

      Oh, I LOVE this idea! Similarly, can you immagine a Baz Luhrman collection? Again, though, I think it would be a better fit for MUFE or Illamasqua.

  15. james

    lana del rey for mac viva glam

  16. Anne

    Van Gogh is an excellent idea. He is one of my favorite painter, and it’d be very interesting to see a brand’s take on texture and color with this theme!
    I also would like to see a Klimt or a Gauguin theme, mainly because of the color. Vermeer and someone like Fra Angelico (the luminosity of his work!) would be interesting too, because I think the work on carnation and the skin would be the focus. And it’d be less expected too!
    And something even more unusual would be I think taking a photographer for an inspiration (I’m thinkinkg Irving Penn for instance, he is one of my favourites). Although I guess I’m less sure what I would expect in this case -but that makes it a challenge!

  17. Zainab

    Frida Kahlo and Urban Decay. I think they could capture the intense colours she used in her paintings, and maybe some of her dramatic personal styling.

  18. Ljana

    I love pairings which make sense, either due to cultural or simply aesthetic ties and similarities.

    I’d love to see a Tolstoy-inspired Rouge Bunny Rouge collection, with shades inspired by and named after his heroines.

    Also, while not strictly an artist, I think Bourjois for Amelie Pulain (the movie) would be a great match.In my opinion, they share that quirky but feminine aesthetic and both are – obviously – so quintessentially French.

    And finally, I’d love to see Helena Bonham Carter collaborate with any brand really (MAC, UD), just because I love her and think she has such a unique, authentic personality and appearance that she’d really be worth collaborating with.

  19. GUSnail

    Definately Salvador Dali. Such rich, warm colors. As for who would take that on-maybe Make Up Forever.

  20. Isabell

    Rothko & Illamasqua or NARS. Dem color blocks.

  21. Orlane

    Marc Chagall! he’s my favourite artist. I love everything about him, his work, the way women influenced his life and paintings, his double culture… and thos COLORS! for brands, I’d say Nars because I love that brand, but not Inglot? since Chagall was part Russian and that’s a poilsh brand.

    Edvard Munch also would be intereting. I don’t know want it would look like but that would definitely be something different.

  22. Yellowlantern

    Sorry, I kind of let my imagination go wild with this idea…

    I’d love to see a Francis Bacon collection with maybe Le Metier de Beaute (to be honest I’m not sure which brand would be a good fit given his dark and disturbing art so I’m just picking one that I like).

    I can already envision a kaleidoscope with greyish navy, dark grey, royal purple, and blood red. I think the collection would have dark contouring powders that have grey and possibly blue-violet undertones to create starkly gaunt looking cheekbones, and a lot of matte lip colors. I’m especially envisioning a blackened purple, a blackened red, a black lipstick, and a stark white lipstick.

    Haha I know that’s probably more conceptual than wearable and probably most people wouldn’t like that collaboration. But it would so different from everything else out there since it’s not a paring involving “pretty” art. Anyway, I guess it’s obvious that I’ll never have a career in selling people cosmetics with collaboration ideas like this. πŸ˜›

  23. Mariella

    all I can say is I would want it to be a living artist who actually had a say in what his or her name was attached to (as well as the development of the products). It’s not quite the same when a collection has “the approval of the estate of……(insert any dead famous person’s name HERE)”. Just my opinion but I believe an artist’s name shouldn’t be exploited once they’re no longer here to say “I don’t want any part of this”.

  24. Joanna

    Henri de Toulouse Lautrec and Guerlain

    Ted Harrison and MAC

    There might be others! Loving Christine’s choice!

  25. Seagulls

    Julie Mehretu by Nars or Chanel

    John Singer Sargent with EstΓ©e Lauder or Chanel

  26. cati

    Degas. Degas degas degas or Turner πŸ˜€

  27. xamyx

    I’d love to see a “do-over” for NARS/Warhol…

    Seriously, though, like Dominque said, Tim Burton & Helena Bonham-Carter with NARS.

    I would also love to see a collection dedicated to the silent film era, with products inspired by Louise Brooks or Clara Bow. NARS or MUFE would be my choice for brand, or even LORAC. Of course, MAC could pull it off, as well, but I wouldn’t trust the quality of the products. However, could you just imagine the packaging MAC could pull off with this, or even a Lucille Ball collection.

    Another fun one would be Illamasqua & Siouxsie Sioux.

    • tea-chan

      Oh my goddd, Illa and Siouxsie would be awesome! :0 I think she did some print ad for Shu Uemura a few years back, so maybe she’d be open to some more promo work. <3

  28. Ryan

    Alex Pardee. He’s my boyfriends favorite arstist and I think it would make an incredible collection. Although I don’t trust the quality of MAC, I think MAC is the only brand that could pull it off packaging and all. Off topic; I would LOVE to see Balenciaga get in to makeup (:

  29. Maureen

    A Van Gogh collection would be amazing…though I would rather it be a brand that I can actually afford :/ (Nars is as expensive as I go) other classic artists I’d love: Klimt, Chagall, Picasso (the last would be great for Nars I think)

    James Jean (of Prada faerie print and Fables cover fame) and Urban Decay or Nars

    Stephanie Pui-Mun Law and Urban Decay

    Sandman (Neil Gaiman comic series) and/or Dave McKean and Nars

  30. Caroline

    How about a canine-inspired eyeshadow collection entitled The KC (Kennel Club)Quad? It could feature what, IMO and that of my family, are four of the most beautiful breeds in the world: The Samoyed (I own one of these amazing dogs :) !!), Husky, Labrador and Jack Russell. The brand I’d like to see endorse this is, of course, Chantecaille. They could emboss the head of each aforementioned breed onto their eyeshadows (like their Coral Reef/Sea Turtles quads) and give a percentage of their sales to Battersea Dogs’ Home.

  31. Miriam

    Speaking of Van Gogh, don’t know if you saw Angie’s (goldiestarling) youtube channel lately, but she did a halloween look inspired by Van Gogh’s Starry night. Figured Shawn might enjoy that.
    My wish for a collaboration finally came true, granted Beauty and the Beast isn’t in the class of “art” but I’ve always loved the story and have been waiting for someone to make a story book type of palette that’s overwhelmingly gorgeous. Just hoping Sephora nails it because I have high hopes for that.

  32. Dez

    Gustav Klimt and Chanel or YSL! I feel like his art is very luxurious and very rich! He uses lots of jewel tones, metallics, especially gold flaking, and there’s a fantastical element mixed with raw humanity! I love his work!

  33. Yayoi Kusama! I think she would fit in perfectly with the bolder makeup lines like MAC, NARS or Illuminasqua.

  34. Kimberly

    I would love to see a Banksy and Illamasqua collection or H.R. Giger and Make Up Forever.

  35. Ember

    A Van Gogh collection would be wonderful. It could include a more neutral pallette of taupes, grays, and browns from his earlier years when he was working with traditional Dutch paint colours. Then when he started to introduce bright colours in his later work, there are so many options for blushes, eyeshadow, lipsticks etc. Somewhere in there there has to be an Iris reference.

  36. lazeny

    Guerlain does everything beautifully. So I would love to see a collaboration between Guerlain and Paloma Picasso.

    I was disappointed w/ Karl Lagerfeld and Shu Uemura BTW. Mostly because I’m expecting something better.

  37. Alexandra flossquinelli

    Arshile Gorky + nars