Sunday, July 8th, 2012

Temptalia Asks You

What blush formula works best for your skin type? Powder? Liquid? Cream? Gel?

Temptalia's AnswerCreams work well when my skin is drier, but luckily, my skin isn’t usually so dry that I can’t use powder just fine. I just find powder more convenient and easier to use overall!

Thanks to Megan for today’s question!
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45 thoughts on “What blush formula works best for your skin type?

  1. Miss J

    I have no problems with any formula unless my cheeks are patchy/flaky then I use a more hydrating formula. I stick to powder most of the time just because it’s easiest for me.

  2. Quinctia

    I still desire such a soft touch with blush that the idea of stains and liquids kind of terrify me.¬† ūüėÄ
    I have a mousse blush, which is especially great when I wear the cream/mousse foundation from the same line.¬† It blends out very well.¬† Otherwise, I’m fine with powder.¬† I just try to be very careful with the amount I get on my brush!

    • divinem1

       @Quinctia I feel this way about MUFE HD liquid blush. Ugh. Cannot work with it. 
      I don’t have time to waste putting it on, only to have it wreck my foundation and having to start over. Grr.

      • Quinctia

        ¬†@divinem1 I’ve also got a touch of ruddiness to my cheeks as it is, and have only felt that I’ve gotten it controlled with my base makeup since I’ve started using BB cream.¬† I’ve gotta be able to buff out a blush, and tend to only really enjoy lighter, peachier shades to begin with.
        A good proportion of days I just stick to a little bit of highlighter and hope for the best. ūüėČ

  3. Veronica

    Powder works best when I have a primer or foundation on; otherwise, it can take awhile to build up color on my cheeks if I just lay it on bare skin.¬† I generally stick to creams when I’m applying to bare skin.

  4. blueraccoon

    All my blushes are powder; my skin’s normal to oily and I’m afraid cream blushes would look too shiny on my cheeks. Plus I find powder easier to use. If anyone has tips for a good cream blush formula for combo skin, I’m all ears!

  5. Ana

    All formulas work for me, I tend to combine creams and powder to make the blush last longer, but I prefer powder just because I find cream by itself looks oily in summer (I’m combo to oily)

  6. divinem1

    Powder blush, but I love using either MAC’s Shell or Hush Cream Color Base under my blush (depending on if it leans coral (Hush) or pink/neutral (Shell). I then top sparingly with a beautiful highlighter. It makes my skin look absolutely fantastic to apply it in this sequence.¬†

  7. divinem1

    Unrelated question, Christine. Last week I saw I had eight pts  (whatever that means) as a contributor and now I have zero. What does that mean?

  8. misscheriamor

    I like powder, but cream isn’t too bad either. I seem to lean mostly to powder without any sparkle. I don’t mind if it has shimmer but glitter chunks aren’t welcome on my face.


    Definitely cream & liquid. Not all formulas are easily blendable, but most that I have are and they look totally natural and gorgeous on me. And I have oily-combo skin!

  10. I have very oily skin–so though I am in LOVE with the natural flush of a cream blush, I prefer powder blushes (but that doesn’t stop me from trying them regardless….sigh. I will never give up! :P)

  11. barbara

    cream, i have really dry skin

  12. casey23

    I have oily skin and blush is my favorite makeup item but I can’t get any kind of formula to stay on me even for 2-3 hours :( But I usually use powder formulations, they sit on me better than cream and I can never use liquid

  13. Elle

    I think cream blushes work best for me and although I do like them; I prefer powder blushes, due to their convenience. :)

  14. Mariella

    Powder works best because it’s easiest for me to blend without messing up whatever is underneath (whether that’s liquid foundation or mineral powder foundation). I’ve got 2 “cream type” blushes from Clarins that I like but find they require a bit more care than a powder does.

  15. Dominique33

    Liquid blushes such as Posietint from Benefit but in practice I often use powder blush.

  16. My cheeks are normal so anything works! I like how good cream blushes practically melt into my skin, and I can do it without a brush. Also, when my cheeks lean just a pinch dry I prefer cream as well! However it seems that there are just more choices when it comes to powder blushes, so I own more powder blushes at the moment.

  17. I have oily skin and I love powder blush. Matte tends to be my fave finish.

  18. michou83

    I have really dry skin, so cream based blushes work really well on me. ¬† I still want to try some gel/liquid blushes but cream has really worked well for me. ¬†I can use powder with no problem as long as I moisturize a lot or when it’s summer and my skin is far more hydrated.

  19. coquis

    Cream works great on hot humid days. Powder in cold winter days.

  20. ZulaikhaMuddassir

    Definitely powder. I wanna give cream and liquid blushes a try though. Suggest me some girls! I have oily skin.

    • Miss J

      ¬†@ZulaikhaMuddassir¬†I would suggest the MUFE HD Blush. It’s a liquid cream blush. The container looks extremely small, but such a tiny amount is needed. They have a great texture and hold up well on the skin, IMO.

    • Quinctia

       @ZulaikhaMuddassir A stain might work well for you, though they seem to have a bit of a learning curve.  Folks rave about those Benefit tints!

  21. xamyx

    I have very well-behaved, “normal” skin, and I don’t typically have any issues with products “slipping” or fading, no dry patches, and most foundation last all day for me (no blotting required), so really any blush formula works for me. With all that said, I prefer powder blush, as it’s just more convenient, and I usually do blush after I’ve done the rest of my makeup. I do prefer a cream contour & highlighter, though. As for finish, I usually go with matte, because I do have noticeable pores.

  22. I’m really fair, so I like something light and sheer.¬† Plus makeup can clog my pores, so I’m all for mineral makeup.¬† It has the best effect on me.

  23. I went through a phase where I wore nothing but cream blush and one of my personal favs was Lilicent by MAC.. a really flattering spring/summer colour. ¬†At this stage in my life, I’m leaning towards more of a matte and less of a dewy finish. ¬†Consequently, 99% of the time, I wear powder blush. ¬†

  24. I usually reach for powder, since cream blushes fade so quickly on me (I blame my oily skin). I’ve tried setting them, with no luck. I find powder blushes easier to work with anyway!¬†

  25. Trina BMar

    NARS or MAC (powder). I’m too oily for creams. Although I’m trying cream eye shadow. Is there an art to applying it? When I use a regular brush it hardly comes out of the container… ??

  26. Abigail Yu

    I’ve only ever really worked with powders, and they seem to hold up just fine! I don’t move fast enough to make use of liquid/tints, and have never tried a cream blush.

  27. Aesthete Beauty News

    I only use powder. I find creams too hard to blend, but maybe I just haven’t found the right brush yet!

  28. army_wife_in_alaska

    I only have powder blush. ¬†I do have a few lipsticks that don’t work on me and make fantastic cream blushes. Both work well but cream blushes look better on me.

  29. Lauren13

    I actually have powder and cream blushes.¬† Of the cream blush, I really like Estee Lauder’s formula.¬† However, I almost never wear it except in the dead of winter.¬† My skin is VERY oily and the only type of blush that sticks around for more than an hour in the summer is powder blush.¬† Currently, I’m really liking Smashbox blushes (my favorite color is the Limited Edition color Pose), but I also love my new MAC blush from the Hey Sailor collection (color is Launch Away).¬† As an NC30, I never thought I could wear such a light blush, but I love it when used as a contour with bronzer.

  30. Stephanie

    I only wear airbrush or powder foundation so I typically only wear powder blushes (cream blushes don’t work too well with those foundation types). I’ve tried cream blushes under foundation, but I can never get them to look or blend right.

  31. ashtraygirl6

    though I have prettz dry skin, I love both powder and cream blush, but I can’t stand mineral blush(or powder) as it leaves my skin a flakey and dry mess

  32. Corliss

    I prefer Powder but my cheeks do get dry after a while.

  33. YUUUUP

    Since its summer I am only using cream blush now. I use very little makeup in the summer, I typically just reach for sunscreen and a color stick that I can use for both lips and cheeks. I have 3 cream blushes now, but right now I am using Stila Convertible Color in Lillium.

  34. diamond_8806

    I have skin that changes seasonally.  In the cooler months, my skin type is combination/dry and in the warmer months, my skin is combination/oily.  Either way, I choose to use powder blushes.  Year-round they last the longest on my skin and are the most vibrant.  

  35. Dea

    Powder, powder, powder! Easy to apply and to blend – I love them! Sometimes I like cream blushes too (also as a base to powder blush), but only the non-greasy-looking ones (BB and NYX work nicely on my combination skin).