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WELL, I am hoping people will finally get the clue that lips that blend into your face and jizz lips are two of the UGLIEST lip looks. A good nude lip, I’m a fan of for sure, but those two “nude” lip options look ridiculous.

This is all in my opinion, and if you are a fan of these looks then do the damn thing. 😛 Not knocking anyone who does it like that.

I detest cum-mouth! Frosty paler-than-your-natural-lip is a mystifying look… not pretty!

I also have to agree with Christine, crackle nails are a trend I ever really got on board with, and they seem to have gotten old fast!

People will hate me for this… hair feathers. (SOrry!!! I just witnessed a woman in sweats at the mall with hair feathers this past weekend – it was traumatizing!)

I know what you mean. Not to be mean to people who have them, because every once in a while I see someone who can legit rock it, but 99% of the time they look like a dead bird is in their hair.

Oh my gosh! Right? I don’t get it! Why would I even want feathers in my hair? I think it’s just seems a little gross! It’s already gone out of style where I live, but there are still a few stragglers who still think it’s “cool.” No. Just no.

OMG I totally agree with you! I hated that look 20 years ago and I still hate it now! I can’t wait for this one to die…

Twenty hears ago? Try forty! Feathers were worn in the seventies, too. We had Cher to thank for that 🙂

i actually bought a pair of feather earings BEFORE the feather trend and then boom out of no wear! FEATHERS!! And to be honest native tribes were doing that trend long before it was “trend”.

is two-toned lipstick a trend? because I’ve seen that around, and it’s so odd. I think it’s too far into left field to stay around.

I like the two reds, and I like it as a costumey look for prom or something but not for everyday!

Unfortunatly I don’t see this one dying, especially where i am from as its been an ungoing trend for as long as i can remember :(.

Uber bright lips and cheeks, ie fuschia/magenta, orange, purple. For some reason, they drift in and out of fashion, but they never manage to stay.

Oddly, those drifted back in a few years ago and are expanding. A lot of those colors are perfect on women of different skin colors and ethnic backgrounds than you- the industry no longer revolves around a few yellow tone white girls. So Hurray for Fuschia orange and purple. And being a blue Celt white girl- purple rocks!

Be careful. The ugly brown nineties could sneak back. Kneel to your Fuschia blush! I gave up fashion for a decade it was so ugly.

– Nude lips. I think they’ll stick aruond, but I do think their ominipresent popularity is starting to wane a bit, especially with Mad Men’s success inspiring more of a retro look in fashion.

-Magnetic nail polish. Very cool, but nothing that will stay mainstream.

– Deeply tanned skin (even better if it’s spray tan) with platinum blonde hair. This should have disappeared years ago. So tacky.

Nude lips go in and out of trend. I’m not talking concealer-nude, but soft nudes with color were also popular in the 60s. It’ll probably be trendy again in a few seasons.

Yeah. I think I saw Megan on Mad Men with the gross nude lips. Because she’s the ‘young’ one on the show. But honestly, invisible lip with her teeth?… … … no comment…

I meant more that their overwhelming popularity is going to wane soon. It used to be the go-to look on the red carpet for awhile, but I’ve been noticing more bold colors working their way back into the mix. I doubt it’ll go away forever, myself – it’s one of the few with practical uses, for one. 🙂

I always hope that cakeface and mismatched foundation would go out of “trend”, at least here in Indonesia, but I guess many people are too insecure to let go. :/

As odd as this might sound, I think BB cream won’t stick around for too many more years. I am not generally speaking a fan (though I really like Dior Hydra Life). I just think it’s a little gimmicky, and people are talking about CC Cream already, so the next generation will probably phase BB cream out at some point.

I think it’ll always be around, but maybe not as a separate category. My guess is that it’ll be marketed as a tinted moisturizer with better coverage, which is essentially what it is.

I think BB Creams are misunderstood cuz the western versions aren’t actually Bb creams at all, just repackaged tinted moisturizers…Sucks…

I think that’s why it won’t last over here. Women will be disappointed in these awful so called bb creams they try from American companies and say, “Meh! Just tinted moisturizer. What’s the big deal?” then go back to their regular foundation or tm. I wish that the Korean companies had made inroads here first so that women in the US would know that there are great bb creams out there.

I’m actually not so sure about Asian BB creams. I’ve tried one and I was a bit put off by the gray cast. Also the texture is just way too thick it’s weird! CC stands for color control. All the pictures I found online are brands from Asia, but I THINK Chanel is launching one at some point.

Concealer lips, the Oompa Loompa tan and neon lip colors. The first two can go away and never come back as far as I’m concerned but I will miss the neon lip color after it’s had its moment. They’re just so much fun.

I completely agree about crackle polish. I’ve personally never been a fan (beauty blasphemy, I know), and I keep waiting for it to die out.

Anything that permanently changes the body. I mean, look at women from our grandmother’s (great-grandmother’s?) generation who shaved off their eyebrows and then drew them back in? They eventually didn’t have eyebrows any more and looked “old” when the style changed. Most clothing styles come back into style eventually, although you may need to be young to wear the “old” styles without looking ancient.

I regret doing something to permanently change my body. I got my belly button pierced, and years later, developed an autoimmune disorder and also found out that I have a genetic disorder that predisposes me to having my wounds reopen and scar badly. So this piercing alone resulted in horrible scarring (which isn’t gone a decade later), and the wound not only never healed, but I’ve had to deal with recurring infections!

I do NOT recommend body piercings, ladies! Think how they’ll look when you’re older, what they’ll feel like if something unfortunate like an injury or ongoing illness occurs, and about what really matters – your health!

I regret mine so much and wish I had taken my loved one’s advice when I was planning to get it done!

I’m 38, and still have a naval piercing; it still looks great, by the way, and I have a kid… Of course, I had my piercing done in a professional piercing parlor, that *only* did piercing, so maybe that’s why I had no issues. It’s been nearly 20 years, and I still love it, along with my tattoos and toungue piercing.

I don’t think the tiny chance of finding out you have an autoimmune condition should stop anyone from altering the body how they please. For the vast majority of people, body piercings are only as permanent as they want them to be. When done in a clean and safe environment and taken care of properly, the risk of anything bad happening is very very minimal.

I have to agree, after all what’s the diff between a navel piercing and ear piercing besides the location. You could develop an autoimmune response from either. Yet I don’t see ear piercing going out of style any time soon.

I do wish young people would think long and hard before any body mod though. One of my nephews has “gangsta” rapper type tattoos which I think he will live to regret when he gets older. Another nephew has Insane Clown Posse tattoos…will he want those when he is 50?

I hope the “orange” bronzer look goes out. I am not a fan at all. I also agree about hair feathers. Let’s see, probably blue eyeshadow and liner. I actually think it’s beautiful, but I remember that in Middle School, we used to make fun of the math teacher for (still) wearing blue eyeshadow. It was 1991. We thought it was a flashback to the 80s.

Really hate that bronzed-all-year round look. Also magnetic nail polish, just one nail painted in a different color and two tones of lipstick – so weird!

Metallic nail polish that creates patterns. I never did get behind the crackle craze. I hate the way it looks.

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