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Brushes that you use every single day – the ones that you always reach for; not just quirky shapes that work for such and such product that you don’t really use often, but the foundation brush that gives you that airbrushed finish and the blending brush that makes your eye makeup look flawless–those are the ones worth paying for. The Clarisonic is fantastic, and I thought that was well-worth the splurge.

— Christine

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I agree with you, Christine 🙂 I love, love, love my Hourglass brushes, especially #2–I use it for everything, and I’m almost considering buying another one just because it’s such a multipurpose amazing brush. I don’t have a Clarisonic but I want one.

I’d also say that it’s worth splurging on things when there’s a clear difference between high-end and low-end products. Like hair dryers – the T3 Featherweight is pricey, but it’s also light years better than a $15 hair dryer you get at Walgreens (so I understand; I don’t blow dry my hair so if I’m wrong tell me). I’d rather spend $50 on a tool once than spend $20 on the same tool and have to buy it twice more if it breaks or stops working or whatever. I’d also rather spend $50 on something that *works* than spend $15 on something that only sort of works.

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Absolutely, the better quality hairdryers are also much cooler to handle and you are less likely to harm yourself in the process.

My real techniques blush brush – I never feel like my blush looks any good unless I use it!

Profile photo of Jackie

Totally agree on the Clarisonic and the core collection of your brushes. I have a Lancome powder brush that is to die for but I find the Real Techniques brushes to be divine as well (buffing brush and all shadow brushes!).

Although I loooove to splurge on high end I tend to be more a “deals and savings” gal that loves to experiment with drugstore brands and only snags high end stuff on sale. I think some actual makeup items are worth a bit more. Foundation being one of them.

I haven’t ever found a drugstore brand that I like enough to use. The and color and the way it feels on my skin is always wrong. It’s worth it to buy my favorites (Missha BB in No.13 and Juice Beauty in Ivory) Take note neutral toned pale girls out there!

My ELF studio line flat top powder brush is the best brush ever for finishing off my daily makeup. As I’m a contour lover this brush is so great for buffing in powder and blending contour powder into the skin for that natural finish. Also my real techniques stippling brush is a staple for applying liquid foundation.

I’d go with tools/brushes as well. I have been SOLD on Shu’s Kolinsky sable brushes – mostly the tiny blending brush because its unique and a brush shape I’ve been looking for for years. They’re probably the most expensive brushes I’ve seen but that little guy is amazing… worth the $$$ IMO.

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Have to agree with brushes. Good quality brushes are a great splurge even if you’re not a MUA. I also agree that a Clarisonic is a good tool worth splurging on. Once upon a time I wouldn’t have thought so but I’m definitely a believer now! I also think that quality hair tools (flat iron or blow dryers for example) are worth the splurge. Sometimes cheaper means subjecting your hair to more damage than you have to. You want to limit heat styling of course but a quality tool can help shorten your exposure to damaging heat if that makes sense.

I’m sooooo on the fence about buying a Clarisonic brush. I’m trying to justify spending that much cash on a facial brush.

Try buying the Oil of Olay version. I was reluctant to jump on the Clarisonic bandwagon because it just seemed unnecessary, but I caved & bought the Olay version of it and now I’m a complete convert & totally addicted. I may eventually get the real thing, but right now I’d rather save my money for product…

Agreed, the Clarisonic is fantastic and I love mine to this day!

I also think that its well worth splurging on any beauty tool that you use every day – if it’ll improve the look of your makeup and the level of enjoyment and comfort in your day to day routine. I think that if you get the best possible tools early on, it is an investment – but its an investment in quality., If you get it right the first time, your purchase will last you for years and years, and you won’t have wasted any time trying out cheaper dupes/duds.

I totally agree with brushes- I’ve thrown so many out its not funny. A nice mirror is a good investment in my opinion, and good tweezers. For hair, I’d also say a great flat iron that heats up quickly and works the first time. A good hairbrush as well.

Agreed with the Clarisonic! Been using it twice a day, 2 minutes each time for more than a year – it is so worth the price coz good skin is pricesless!

Def my Clarisonic. Would be lost with out. Brushes are another key thing for me, I mean my Bobbi Brown Blush Brush was expensive but it’s amazing and gives flawfless finish. I use it every day and wouldn’t be without it. But since some of the things I end up splurging on are so expensive I like to stock up during sales like FF, and Sephora’s 2 sales each year.

Sephora offers a fantastic range of brushes, especially their Pro Foundation brush as it offers perfect foundation application every time. Also the MAC 210 Precise Eyeliner Brush for flawless fluidline application. These two brushes are a must have!

Profile photo of Wwendy

Less than 1 week with my Clairsonic and I’m in love~ That whole part about your skin care products working better = 100% true. I’m so impressed and have to thank Temptalia readers for getting me off the fence on this one.

Good quality brushes: For me Hakuhodo brand is insanely good.

An eyelash curler. And I do agree that the brushes you use everyday are worth the splurge, particularly the eye brushes from MAC. And I think hair tools are definitely worth the splurge if you use heat on your hair regularly.

Profile photo of Marisa

The Tarte Airbrush Finish bamboo foundation brush. It’s not even very expensive, but it’s definitely worth it if you use a compatible foundation. It’s near a miracle with Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse for me, way better than the multitude of even higher end foundations I’ve tried. I don’t know if it’s because of the brush, but before I got the brush the Dream Matte just sat on the counter, now it’s almost gone.

I think it probably works best with foundations that aren’t too liquidy, because while the brush is really thick, the bristles are very fine to give the airbrush finish, so cake-style makeups pick up and deposit easier. I haven’t tried it with many, though, so I’m just surmising.

Profile photo of Milessa

I completely agree, those brushes that you think works the best for your skin. AND, my clairsonic…might be the best thing I’ve ever bought for myself. I love it!

My Clarisonic – it was the last attempt to help clear up my skin before I would have gone to a dermatologist. It made a huge difference. I wish I’d bought it sooner.

Hi Christine,

What is your #1 foundation brush (I always use my fingers!), #1 eye makeup blending brush and blush brush?

Thanks so much,

Profile photo of Christine

I’ve been liking Hourglass’ foundation brush right now. I use MAC’s 239 and 272 most often for eyes. For blush, I like MAC’s 116 or Bobbi Brown’s blush brush!

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