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Maybe my question is a bit literal – Ive read in product literature that using regular moisturisers can signal to the body that the skin is moisturised, so it stops producing its own oils, and becomes dependent on artificial moisture.

Im still trying to find out whether theres any truth to that, or scientific studies which support the theory. All Ive found so far is stuff written by two companies who make lotions designed to fix this problem, but thats hard;y evidence if the problem itself is fictional.

Anyone heard anything of the sort from anywhere reputable?

That’s an excellent question. Never heard that theory before. I’d think that it would have to take one heck of a moisturizer to change the body’s response to oil production. I’ve also heard that oil-reduction products cause the body to over-produce oil. As far as creating a lotion to fix the problem, that’s gotta be a marketing scam, just like the majority of the skincare industry πŸ™‚

I have heard of this piece of information. I purchased a Carmindy book, 5 minute face, and she discusses this the same way you have describe. She said it of course must be an oil ffree amd recommended neutrogena oil free moisturuzer (Cheaper option) and neostrata ultra daytime skin smoothing cream AHA 10 (pricier option). Though I havent used her choices, i use Aveenp Clear Complexion Daily Moisturizer. I have seen the oilyness disappear alot within a couple of days. If I dont use a moisturizer its over with for the day….lol. I dont use a dime size or nickel size… i treat it like my body and overcompensate.I dont think us oily girls is suppose to use very creamy and thick moisturizer either. I personally must say its true a moisturizer is your friend.

actually that’s the basis of a lot of ayurvedic remedies, and also dr.hauschka skincare, which is what i started using a few months ago. i use to always get shop assistants etc telling me i had oily skin and recommending products accordingly…further drying out my skin and causing it to produce more oil and get all congested!
i now use dr hauschka for normal to dry skin, and at the beginning it felt like my skin was not getting enough moisture, but within a couple of days, it balanced itself out….and drastic improvement overall!!

1# Pots
2# Dont Have Any Only Once a Month Maybe One
3# Every Use Every Time
4# 4 100 bulbs and still stinks
5# make up for like 6 months not foundation or concealer ran out :O(
6# Something to get rid of freakless & sun Damage that would work

I have pimples on my cheeks which can be covered with foundation and/or concealer, but every time i apply powdered blush (even over my regular powder), it seems to get darker right over the pimples, thus destroying the work of the concealer. I try just applying blush between the pimples, but honestly its near impossible. Suggestions?

I actually use a powder concealer (like from Loreal) over blemishes after I apply blush. Since it’s powder, it kind of blends in with the blush. I hope this helps! πŸ™‚

Hey, maybe you could try to use tea tree oil on your pimples? because thats really “killing” them;) they are drying out, so maybe the blush won’t make them re-appear?
good luck<3

Apply foundation all over your face, then just a bit of concealer on the pimples. The foundation gives the blush something to adhere too, which is why it gets darker on your pimples. I’ve had the same problem before.

From my experience, exfoliating away the flakiness is a must. I like Prescriptives Instant Gratification, Lush Ocean Salt, St. Ives Apricot Scrub, Philosophy Microdelivery Peel, or even a course wash cloth on occasion.

Moisturize with an oil-free gel moisturizer, let your skin absorb, apply foundation with a light hand so it doesn’t cake, and then I always finish up with a all-over quick spray of some kind (water, fix+, evian spray, etc.) to make sure the foundation looks natural.

All of the above has helped me with the same problem!

I have a question.I have oily skin that breaks out easily.And especially around my nose its very oily but also flaky and peeling at the exact same time! I know its really odd but if anyone has this issue you know exactly what i mean.So whenever i apply foundation it makes my flaky skin stand out even more.And since my skin is oily Im told to stay away from foundation with oil in it or my skin will breakout but the oil free foundation makes my face look a complete wreck.Making all the flaky areas stand out a 100 times more.So what should i use as foundation? And also how can your face being oily/acne prone and flaky and peeling all at once in the same area?! Its my biggest issue πŸ™ I try a gentle exfoliation once a week followed by a deep moisturizer and my problem remains the same.

Maybe you’re over doing it with one of your acne products? They are very drying (as you probably know) and just wash your face twice a day. I’ve read that the less you wash your face (time wise) the better for acne prone skin. I use Revlon’s Colorstay Oily/Combo but my skin isn’t oily/dry on the same areas. Do you use a moisturizer daily?

I had that same problem! I find that using any sort of oil-stripping products like toners make the flakiness worse, so I cut toner entirely out my routine. I make sure to use gentle cleansers and moisturizers, exfoliate as neeed, and drink a ton of water. I think that combination is a sign of your skin being dehydrated.

I used to have the exact same problem. The flakiness you are taking about is dehydration. Yes, you can be oily and dehydrated in the same area and it is really annoying! If you aren’t already, make sure to drink lots of water. Also, coffee or caffeinated drinks like soda will make you more dehydrated so try to avoid those! The foundation you choose is really up to you but a moisturizing one will help while you are still flaky and then you can switch back to an oil free once the flakiness is gone. Hope this helps!

I have the exact same problem. Its peeling because the skin is oily, not dry. I exfoliate every day with a scrubby pad, just when I wash my face. If you scrub off all the flakes before you put foundation on that will help, just dont scrub too hard to make it red and make sure to use an oil-control moisturizer before foundation. Also, I sometimes just peel off the flakes if theyre really obnoxious. I use mineral foundation, and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnt, there really isnt a perfect solution that Ive found. Just dont use oil-based foundation, it wont cover up the flakes any better. Sometimes, Im sure youve experienced this and other people will find it gross, but during the day the flaky bits will flake off and youre left with spots without foundation that look ridiculous. Yeah, Im hoping I grow out of this.

You might have sensitive skin and that anti-acne products are too strong. If you can see a dermalogist, I’d recommend it.

I used to have this problem too. I have oily skin too, and it turns out that the acne treatment I was using was too much for my skin. If youre using one, maybe thats the problem. Hope this helps πŸ™‚

I have the exact same problem! I cant use liquid foundation because of this – it will make my skin look worse. I use powder-foundation (shisheido pureness matifying compact): oddly this does not accentuate the flaky areas AND matifyies quite well. I wish I could wear liquid-foundation sometimes, but for now, this is the only kind that works for me. (exfoliation doesnt seem to help..and you have to be careful with acne-prone skin)

I’ve had similar problems. You may be using an overly drying cleanser and/or toner to control the oil. I use Clean & Clear Foaming Face Wash for sensitive skin and as needed Alpha Hydrox Enhanced Lotion AHA (about every other day). C&C is available everywhere. I get Alpha Hydrox at my local Ulta but you can order it online.

I have acne too and my skin tends to dry up. My esthetician says to stay away from scrubs, as they will irritate your skin. Exfoliate with light peels (like papaya enzyme peels). Also, when you do something on your face like put a drying cream, you must also do its opposite like moisturize. But overall, drying creams like Benzoil Peroxide are good short term, but they increase acne overall.
I use jojoba oil to moisturize (it’s very similar to your skin’s natural sebum), but she says that oils like Olive oil (squalene) and coconut oil will clog your pores.

For foundation, get oil free but use a good moisturizer underneath. For me, primers like Smashbox Photo finish tend to dry me out and make my foundation flake.

If you have combination skin, try whipped foundation. If it’s just oily, oil-free cream or powder. For combo, regular moisturizing, cleansing and toning for the oily areas. And denser moisturizer and milder cleanser for the dry. Try moisturizers with AHA. For oily, cleanse twice a day, use alcohol-free astringent, and oil-free moisturizer.

… Read it in a book. πŸ˜› I’m not that smart. Lol. Hope this helps.

I used to have this problem, and it turns out it was because I was exfoliating too much. You should only exfoliate 2-3 times a week, generally.

As far as I know, this happens when you’re stripping the natural oils out of your skin, some parts over-produce oil to compensate, whereas others get dry. If you’re using a harsh toner, cleaner, acne treatment etc, that could also be the culprit.

Do i apply acne spot treatment before, or after moisturizer?

If im using a great night cream, what moisturizer should i follow up with during the day?(cetaphils causing me to break out, adn never absorbs well. I want something light)

Is there a dupe for the now discontinued MAC brow sets-I have browning and Porcelain, and i just tried buying a pencil, instead of the shadow(in lingering) and the color is nice, but MUCH darker, adn its such a PITA to apply i feel like every day im relearning how to DO my brows!

And what are good contour colors for a fair skinned girl, for contouring nose, jawline, etc.?

dolce aria, I can answer at least one of your questions: apply any acne treatment before sunscreen, moisturizer, etc. In your skincare regime, moisturizer should go on last.

Im not Christine, but I put my acne treatment on first, and then moisturizer, and it clears my acne in a couple days. Hope this helps πŸ™‚

I’ve tried, and liked Neutrogena Anti-Wrinkle Anti-Blemish moisturizer, but if your skin is sensitive the retinol may be to strong for you. I use the Neutrogena SkinID Daily Moisturizer during the day, and I love it, since I’m very oily. The only thing about SkinID is that you have to take the evaluation and sign up for the delivered system in order to access any of the products. Its like Proactiv, but its personalized to you. They also have dermatologists that are available to answer questions to members. I love it!

Oh, I forgot to add this, MAC’s Sculpt and Shape Powders. I’m fair and I use the color Accentuate/Sculpt.

I’m very fair, and sort of warmer toned. I actually use Ulta eyeshadow in Sable to contour. It’s the only thing I found that wasn’t too dark or too orangey-bronze.

My derm suggested AMBI Fade although I havent tried it myself. From personal experience, I recommend a Rx topical retinoid.

Grace, topical retinoids are great for diminishing sunspots (as well as fine lines) and for smoothing out overall skin tone. Over-the-counter products are weaker than prescription products, however; in general, I would avoid wasting money on drugstore and high-end products that just dont contain enough retinol to get the job done.

Your dermatologist can probably prescribe something like Retin-A for your sunspots (a fairly economical option), and a series of mild chemical peels would probably help, too (though far more expensive).

I have fair, freckle-prone skin myself (seriously, even a day in the sun–with sunscreen–results in new freckles) and I love using Retacnyl, which is a generic form of Renova. Whereas Renova is very expensive (about $150 last time I checked) and is only available by prescription, Retacnyl costs around $13 a tube, plus shipping, from Medsmex.

Ive been ordering from Medsmex for a couple of years now, and love their reliable service. If you have any concerns, I also recommend checking out the testimonials at Makeup Alley. Retacnyl is the same product as Renova, just a fraction of the price. (My dermatologist knows that Im using Retacnyl as a Renova substitute, and its perfectly safe.)

I hope this helps!

There are a few formulas that can help you with that. If I can recall Uriage has a very good cream. But Avene has a formula that helps you prevent those spots.

Anything with Hydroquinone in it. Its the only ingredient proven to lighten dark spots. This is via Allure Magazine.

I always get confused on what the best thing I should be using for contouring is. I have seen some say certain shades of blush, others bronzer, and the of course there are actual products made for this (MAC sculpt). There is a fine line between too much and able to tell it is making a difference when I contour and over blending.

For Contouring I would recommend a MATTE blush or bronzer or (even) eyeshadow. It makes no difference at all, if they all have a nice-blending texture. But you have to make sure, that the blush/bronzer/eyeshadow has the shade of your skintone, just a bit darker (or darker, if you apply it very soft). Contouring should look natural (in my eyes), so matte and skin-shaded are the most important things to regard.. (In my opinion) don’t use a glittery or very shiny bronzer/blush.
The most I would use would be a satin-finish. (to go to clubs or whatever).
hope that was (kind of) helpfull

I actually use MAC select sheer pressed powder; I use NC20 for setting my face all over then NC30 for contouring that way I know the base tones match and I can buff it out nicely no problem.

I was on specktra.com the other day, and i saw a thread on this. Some people said that there was only a sale because MAC had too many products in their inventory. Another poster said that she was on the live chat on the MAC website and the rep told her there wasn’t going to be a F&F sale πŸ™

Hey thanks! That makes sense with the economy and what not, I will have to hit the CCO then I guess…….lol.

The question I have that I’ve never found a solution for is, how do I keep eyeliner on my waterline for more than .003 seconds?

Have you tried loose kohl powder eyeliner? Loreal HIP makes one. It’s kinda pricey though, and not so simple to use, but it stays on my waterline longer than anything else (about 7-8 hrs).

I’ve (almost) the same problem. My eyeliner stays on the middle of my waterline the hole day, but never near the tear ducts and the outer edge of my eye.

i heard the urban decay 24/7 pencils stay very well on the waterline..but i haven’t tested them.

but i can say that blacktrack fluidline by mac stays very long there πŸ™‚

If you use an angled liner brush to drag down the liner after you put it on, it’ll stay right above the lower lashline for a longer time. Well at least it does for me lol πŸ™‚

Setting the eyeliner with powder e/s in the corresponding shade helps with this. If you want any emollient product on your face to last longer it needs to be set with a powder product.

I’ve tried loose kohl powder eyeliner, and Urban Decay 24/7 liners, and strangely, gel eyeliner works best on my waterline. You’re not supposed to use gel eyeliners on your waterline, buuut I do anyway, and it stays put.

The UD 24/7 isn’t bad there, but it’ll wear off the corners quick and need re-applying after a few hours, whereas my gel (MAC Fluidline) seems to stay put.

Are there any concealers that get rid of pimples and blackheads rather than covering but compounding the problem?!

i need to find a liquid or gel eyeliner which i can use in order to creat beautiful indian eyemake up? any suggestions please?

Why cant anyone, higher and lower end, create a mascara that works for a good majority of people? Is it really that complicated of a product?

I think with that is everybody eyelashes are diffrent some have thin and short and some people have long AND thick(the lucky ones) lases who only need coloring. The ones whose bless with lashes needs something entirely different than people with sparse lashes. I think mascara like skincare product every one falls n a different category. So variety is very imporant in this case. I think it will never be one mascara that satisfy everyone but many that satisfy specific needs.

I like that there’s a variety out there. There are different affects that everyone likes and as Vern said, everyone has different eyelashes. I think its fun to experiment, but I know that it can get expensive, so I stick with drugstore brands.

In my experience, mascaras should do four things. 1) Separate lashes, 2) Lengthen lashes, 3) Curl/Lift lashes, 4) Thicken lashes/add volume.

Typically there are two types of mascara – ones which separate and lengthen, and ones which add volume (both can sometimes lift/add curl).

So, I use two. I use my lash primer, then I use a lengthening/separation mascara (typically these are ‘big brush’ mascaras) to fan my lashes out and make them longer, but they stay skinny. Then I’ll use a more curling, volumising mascara over the top.

My favourite combination thus far is Bourjois Liner Effect on first, then Lancome Virtuose. If you mix mascaras, do each eye separately, because you don’t want to wait for the mascara to dry before applying the next.

This is such a simple thing to most of you but difficult for me. Regardless of which brand of e/s I use or which brush I use, I can not seem to blend my crease in enough to look well blended or get the gradiant look. So youll all know, I use MAC, Bobbi Brown, Smashbox and Stila e/s. Thank you for any help!!!

I’m no expert, but the following things have helped me with blending:
-very light hand with color (you can always add more later)
-trying using 5 colors of shadow instead of a basic 3 (so the colors themselves help create the gradient even if you don’t blend them well)
-if you use primer, try a less “sticky” one (i find that UD potion is more sticky than the too faced primer) that will make it easier to get that pretty wash of color

Hope that helps. I had the same problem for a while…

I wear a gradient look every day. What I do is apply a light base (not a highlight but like my skin color) all over my lid and past the crease, then use a slightly firmer brush to apply the darkest color to my lid above my lashes, after the color is deposited on my lid I blend it up toward my crease (use less pressure as you get near your crease), then use a soft fluffy brush to dab a little mid-tone color across my crease area and windshield-wiper it to blend and soften the edges. It naturally blends into the darker color below it and the lighter color (base color above it).

Sometimes if it needs a little more I also use a very large (eye-width) soft mop brush to gently blend my entire eye from the brow downwards (only going downwards, not back and forth).


Do all foundations (liquid, cream, or powder) share a common ingredient? If so, that must be what Im allergic to because every foundation known to man had caused me develop hives or blisters.

why do no concealers work on me? ok i know the answer (brown under eye circles that are heredetary and deep- set eyes) but i wish i could get concealer to work!

What is a good effective product for removing or lightening dark skin blemishes. I know that products such as these take time, which is not an issue. I just want something that is gonna work. Any suggestions????


This question is in regards to my roommate. Id say her skin is combination; very oily because she has does have acne, but also very dry because, well, her skin always feel and looks dry even with the various blemishes. Shes tried nearly every product out there, but nothing seems to stop or fix the acne. She doesnt wear foundation, only concealer on her blemishes (which are alot! She takes forever in the bathroom) and a setting powder all over her face.

A) Id like to know what possible products are out there that she can try to end this little battle with her skin. Typically she tries something new and her skin is normal for a bit, then it just becomes sort of immune and goes back. So something that wont do that would be nice, ha.

B) Id also like to know suggestions for foundations and similar products she could use. I suggested bareminerals, and I know mineral makeup isnt for people with dry skin, but Ive used it for years and have dry skin and it only makes my skin appear smoother. So any recommendations there would be great.

So there, a long and terribly confusing, definitely near impossible to answer question. Weve asked everyone else and so far no real help.

Why isnt there anything remotely similar to my beloved prescriptives traceless tint in level 1? and any suggestions as what I can use instead?

I am having the same problem. Dani, if you’ve found something to compare to the Traceless level 1, please, please, please reply. I’ve gone through EVERY drugstore brand (too orange-y, although I was a yellow-orange light w/ Prescriptives concealer) & tried MAC to no avail.

Im told by people that Im very pretty, but have serious self-esteem problems due to my acne scars, and Im always looking for something that covers it up. Nothing has quite worked, even with primer, but with all the high-end brands Ive tried, Revlon Colorstay has worked best so far. Its about tied with MUFE Mat Velvet+. My question is, especially for the fairly deep acne pitting that appears in some places on my face, should I be looking for the perfect foundation or a miracle primer? Im just so discouraged. Im wondering if I should (gasp!) just stop buying makeup and save up for a laser treatment.

I’d say a great primer would be the best option. I don’t have acne pitting, but I do have large pores and primer smoothes them out pretty well before I even put foundation on.

try mac line filler, silicone primer, then foundation. try armani luminous silk for coverage or graftobian hi-drf creme foundation

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