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mascaras, I buy more than I need in 6 months. I always believe the next one will be better when in reality I should be only wearing fake lashes since my own natural lashes are almost non-visible

me too! i believe every new one’s hype and buy it before i have even come close to finishing whatever i just purchased/fell for. i’m a natural blue-eyed redhead and my brows and lashes are naturally blond and nearly transparent. i’ve only had lashes applied once (singles) and never even tried doing it myself. i just keep piling on more mascara on my invisible little stubbies.

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Limited edition products! I often love the products themselves but really hate how it’s basically me being sucked into the company’s marketing ploy. >:

Mascara because you have to discard them frequently.

Shouldn’t the question be “What beauty products do you dislike spending money on (but still do)?”?

Mascara, since it is the one product on which I adhere to expiration dates, and it has such a short lifespan. Also, my lips aren’t very prone to dryness/irritation, so I’m just as comfortable wearing DS lipstick as I am with HE; unless the color is amazing, or there is some bonus that comes along with a purchase, I’ll just stick with DS.

Mascara (I love Bobbi Brow Everything Mascara but can’t justify the price for something that lasts 3 months) and lip balm – blistex and lanolips work wonders

Brushes! I cringe at the price I pay for some of my brushes. I actually end up skipping many products and going straight for the best brushes on the market – My reasoning is that a good tool, when taken care of will last me forever and also make my daily routine more comfortable, fast and effective.

Every staple you need in your makeup bag, but which are no fun to buy?
I can get giddy buying eyeshadow or lipstick for instance, because I’ll enjoy the new textures and colours. And it’s something I don’t have to purchase, unlike, say, makeup remover, moisturiser, nail polish remover. These tend to be necessary if you wear makeup. I’d add to the list mascara and topcoat or sunscreen, which need to be replaced regularly. So I find it always a bit tedious shelling out for these products: I never buy high-end for those, but even in drugstore brands, I find them still rather expensive.

BB creams and foundations. I currently have no foundation but should I purchase one, well it would be a bit difficult for me !

Mascara, because you have to buy it more often than other beauty products. Eyeliner, because you never see that much difference in quality. And skincare, don’t know why actually.

It would have to be lip gloss, nail polish, and single eye shadows. I’m a lipstick girl at heart but I buy gloss and hardly use it. What I need to invest in is a good primer and foundation.

It’s always painful for me to pay for my favorite serums. I have a couple that I can’t live without but they are pricey. I cringe whenever I begin to run out because I think of the money I will have to spend but in the end, good skincare is always worth it to me!

Lip balm for the mere fact that I always seem to lose it or leave it in my pocket when I wash clothes.

My list is the same! Color cosmetics are so much more fun than the basics. I hate shelling out for eye cream that will last me months, but I will spend $30+ on a special occasion lipstick.

I hate buying skincare because it’s not as fun as a new lipstick or something (and it can get expensive). But I know it’s essential, so I force myself to buy it. And I know I feel better when my skin looks good.

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“do you don’t”? Do you mean “What products to you NOT like to spend money on (but still do)?” Sorry, grammar stickler (a bit) here.

For me, it’s probably eye makeup remover and also nail polish base coats. I know a good eye makeup remover is essential with some of the long wearing products around but it still irks me. With base coats, I find my polish actually seems to wear better without one but there are so many colours of polish that need one otherwise they stain my nails.

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Cleansers and toners. Great makeup doesn’t look so great on dull, clogged skin, so I happily spend on cleansing. I don’t like spending a lot on eyeshadow….I am always disappointed by something it does (or doesn’t do) like creasing, fallout, rubbing off, changing color, having a really intense base pigment that’s different from how it appears in the pan, the list goes on….

I don’t like spending money on foundation! Even though it’s a necessary part of a makeup kit, they tend to be more expensive than other products. And foundation isn’t one of the “fun” products to buy, like lipstick or eyeshadow. 🙂

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