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Perfume. I haven’t bought one in decades. I like the smell of some, but I’m allergic to it, makes my nose itch and eyes water. Oh well, money saved to buy more makeup.

Eyebrow! I know they say they pull everything together but even those that are done “well” look ungodly fake to me! I watch probably over a hundred gurus and not one brow technique interest me or look amazing in my opinion.

A Make-up Artist told me that my brows have the perfect shape. But I did never make anything with them. They have always been in this shape. The only thing is that they are a little bit light. The Make-up Artist showed me how to darken them and also said that the brows round up the other makeup and are important for the whole look. But I agree with you that for me no matter what I use it always looks unnatural for me. So I skip this part of the makeup.

Eyelash curler; I’ve never needed to, and I’ve been fortunate to have just about any mascara work for me.

Blush; I’ve been a contour/highlight fan for 20 years, and prefer definition to color.

Lipstick/lgloss; I own an absurd amount, and have even been buying more, but I generally just slick on a balm…

I also do absolutely nothing to my hair, other than a ponytail or headband, unless it’s for a specific event/occasion. I don’t use products or styling tools regularly, so I don’t have to use treatments, and I pretty keep a “wash-and-go” style.

I have finally ordered the shu umera curler which I wanted for a long time. I am very excited because you love it so much Christine.

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Bronzer – This usually just slips my mind. I have a couple of really good bronzers that I need to dig out and start wearing!
Primer – I would use primer, but I have yet to find one that does any good and doesn’t make my face itch or feel weird or allow me to blend my eyeshadow.
Lipstick – just not a lipstick person, don’t like how it feels.
Contour – I do a little light 80s action with my blush to contour sometimes, but that’s about all I’ve been able to manage so far.
Eyeliner – I try to, but I’m still getting the hang of it and if I don’t have a lot of time, I usually just don’t bother.
Fill in my brows – see bronzer above! 🙂 My brows are dark and fairly thick, so they don’t really need it, but it definitely looks nice when I do it.
I would have also said highlighter up until recently, but I’ve been really liking the Laura Mercier Matte Radiance powder and have been wearing that more frequently.

The whole brow kit thing! I do have a clear brow gel that I picked up fairly recently, but I have to remind myself to use it. Most days it’s just my old diehard pot of L’oreal Infallible Continuous Cocoa. For roughly 4 years straight!

foundation (bb / cc creams; tinted moisturizers) — I like naked skin look, even if a bit flawed.
mascara — I don’t like how it feels or looks on me. I know. I’m werid. 😛

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Primer, contour, highlight! I’m pretty oily so extra ‘luminosity’ isn’t exactly a good look for me. Contour… I think my cheekbones are pretty prominent already so that’s one less thing to mess around with. I’d definitely use a mattifying primer if I could find a good one that goes with a bb cream!

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Have you tried Hourglass Mineral Veil? It’s only a little bit mattifying, I admit, but I’ve been using it with TMs/BB/CC creams for years and love it.

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Not yet! I’ve mostly heard good things about it but some have said that they changed the formula and it’s not as good anymore? Still, I’ll try to get my hands on a sample size when my Sephora starts carrying Hourglass (:

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I haven’t noticed a difference in the formula, but that might be because I switch to the No. 28 primer in the winter, when my skin is dehydrated.

A Sephora without Hourglass is a sad thing! Is there a Nordstrom near you? They carry it, too…

Contour, same as you, Christine. I’m approaching 40 and even when I was younger, I always found it to be a rather aging look. That’s the last thing I want these days.

Eyeliner. I have no ability to do much more than a basic line when time permits/on special occasions.

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I don’t use much bronzer as I’m so pale (though lately I’ve seen some benefit to it via the nice woman at the Nars counter giving me some tips), and I rarely contour unless I’m doing something fancy. Depending on the look I’ll also skip highlighter.

I also tend to skip eyeliner pretty much all the time now even though I like it, as I just find getting it to look half-decent with my currently shaky-due-to-health-issues hands is impossible.

If I could, I would skip mascara because I find it annoying but if I’m using powder eyeshadow I don’t want my lashes to have the fallout hanging around so cover it with mascara, and find mascara does really make a difference in a look.

Brows! Perhaps odd to many as they are so on trend but I don’t think they add anything to my face and overall make up look.

Brow products. My eyebrows are thick enough that I don’t find it necessary to fill them in or do anything more than the small amount of plucking necessary to get rid of stray hairs.

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