Saturday, May 15th, 2010

Temptalia Asks You

What beauty product do you like that gets a bad rep? Share!

Temptalia's Answer.

MAC Mascara!! Love my Plushlash!

Thanks to Hannah for today’s question!

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54 thoughts on “What beauty product do you like that gets a bad rep?

  1. Caroline

    Stila mascara

  2. Margaret

    maybelline lash stiletto mascara

    • Ditto! I love mine. On “regular” days, I wear lash stiletto, but use Dior DiorShow Extase on those special occassions. The last stiletto is SO good when you combine value, non-clumping, lash separating and defining!

    • Liz

      I like Lash Stiletto too! Gives me nice long lashes without flaking or smudging.

    • Emily

      ME TOO!It’s so lengthening.

  3. Salvinia

    I like MAC mascara too, especially dazzlelash (I ADORE the little tiny brush!). I don’t know why everyone hates it so much… although, I think I’m pretty easygoing when it comes to mascara; as long as it doeasn’t clump or flake off or run all over my face I’m happy with it.
    I know I could be spending a lot less on my mascara if I went for a drugstore brand, but it seems like all the inexpensive ones that everyone raves about are made by companies that aren’t cruelty-free.

    • Mary

      Thankyou!! Someone who’s concerned about the big drugstore brands not being cruelty-free. It breaks my heart to think about it.

  4. Sandra

    MAC zoomlash. I got two of the sample sizes from the online codes, and I’ve heard so many people that hate it, but it works really well for me. I actually use it in combo with Rimmel glam eyes (which I hate alone) and it works awesomely!

    • rukia

      I got this one also. I’m wondering if it’s because it’s a sample that’s why mine is not working beautifully as I would expect from MAC. I even love my Maybelline Mascara more than MAC Zoomlash.

    • cat

      i agree. i dunno why so many people hate it. today while i was applying it thought wow, it works pretty darn good…

  5. my two favorite mascaras are actually mac mascaras – plushlash for volume and pro longlash for length.

    i donno… to me mascara is mascara. i know that every mascara is different, i’ve just never found one that i couldn’t work with.

    • that and aveda lipstick – which doesn’t get a bad rap at all… i just wish more people were aware of it. i LOVE aveda’s lipsticks.

  6. Alisha in WI

    L’Oreal Extra Volume Collagen Mascara. On my lashes it’s like Voluminous on steroids.

    • Azaza

      I love this mascara too and love how you define it. My poor small lashes went va voom with this one

  7. Annika

    MAC mascara for me too, I love Mascara X :) (For reference, I also like MUFE Smoky Lash and Lumene Excellength, after trying almost every mascara out there…)

  8. Michelle

    MAC MASCARAS! AND MAC fast eye response cream!!!

    • monika-luiza

      love the fast response eye cream too!!! great after a long night with lots of dancing and alcohol 😉

  9. marisol

    MAC Zoom lash mascara. no clupms regardless of how many coats i apply, gives me looong, natural looking lashes and it helps keep their curl! Love it!!

  10. Ally_D

    Clinique’s 3-step skincare system. It works for me :-)

  11. amelia

    any powder concealer. my eyes are pretty deep set, and i have hereditary dark circles so cream concealer does nothing for me. i usually use a full coverage powder for under eyes. that is, until i found Amazing Cosmetics concealer! its the only liquid concealer that works on me.

  12. ditto on the plushlash! loved it the first time i tried it.

  13. Frances

    MAC foundation! I’m not at all a MAC fan, but I really do like Studio Fix foundation.

  14. AnGeLwInGz

    Store brand nail polish remover!

  15. Sarah M

    I think I would have to agree with you, Christine. Many people dislike MAC mascaras but I’ve never really had a problem with them. I really love Splashproof Lash, Zoom Fast Black Lash, Studio Fix Lash, Plushlash, Fibre Rich Lash and Mascara X.

  16. Katie

    I agree with MAC mascaras. I love PLushlash and Zoomlash. Though, I think Zoomlash adds that little oomph to my lashes. Also, MAC foundations get a horrible rep, but I love Studio Sculpt so much.

  17. Kathleen

    Maybelline Lash Stilleto Mascara :]

  18. Emily

    I LOVE MAC Plushlash! I don’t understand how or why it gets a bad rep, but I know it does….and I think it rocks! =)

  19. Hinahon

    Same ! I heard bad things about MAC’s mascaras before you advised me to try PlushLash and now i’m in love with it !!
    I don’t know what people have against it. I never had such dark lashes easily. And it’s not really too thick so my lashes are feeling lighter than with other mascaras !

  20. Carrie

    MAC Metal-X cream shadows. I love them!

  21. Michelle

    I know it is old school — but I really like the Maybelline eye makeup remover (the kind for waterproof mascara). It is cheap and it does the job!

  22. Carolanne

    Maybelline’s Great Lash mascara. For me, it actually is a really great lengthening mascara. that, combined with a little bit of volumizing macara, and voila! false lashes! everyone else seems to say this mascara is the worst thing ever invented, but i actually quite like it! doesn’t clump on me at all! no spidery lashes here!

    looking at everyone else’s responses, i think we really can’t judge mascaras based on other people’s reviews. seems to be a very subjective product! what works for one person truly might be the failure of a lifetime for another. interesting…

    • Laura

      I agree! My only problems with Great Lash are that it smudges under my eyes, and it’s a pain to remove without stinging…but I really like the way it looks at first.

  23. Jennifer

    Proactiv-I get the results I need using it every other day. I get the most compliments on my skin when I use this stuff! I stray but always come back to it.

  24. Dana

    Drugstore mascaras! I’ve tried so many high end mascaras and none of them have yielded better results then drugstore mascaras. My faves are L’oreal Voluminous, Double Extend, Double extend beauty tubes, CG Lash blast, Maybelline Lash Stiletto

  25. Haha, there’s loads! Mac mineralize eyeshadows, blushes and skinfinishes, Givenchy Phenomen’eyes mascaras (fantastic, especially loving the purple LE one!), Guerlain Le 2 mascaras (read some really bad reviews on them, I think they’re great), etc.

  26. Haley

    mac shadesticks!

  27. MAC lipglass, alot of people complain that they’re really sticky, but I love them and don’t think they’re sticky. (:

  28. sophie

    i use mac x and i like it! it’s ok, i bought it twice after all! but i love love love maybelline great lash!!! it’s so thickening and lengthening and black!!!! i love it!

  29. hannah

    MAC mascara!!! I love ZoomLash:)

  30. Nic

    Waterproof mascara, ChapStick, cream colour bases, and MAC lipglass/dazzleglass.

  31. Siledhel

    Sally Hansens’s nail polishes
    They may not have the BEST colors if I compare them with china Glaze’s for example, but they promise to take care of your nails while painting them and it has worked for me
    All the other brands destroy my nails =(

  32. alice

    Mac Shade Sticks here too. They might be a bit difficult to apply in colder weather, but once it warms up and on lid, they are seamless on my eyes.

  33. Leslie

    Okay no people down in the south bash this but maybeline black brown and liner brush I am talking the pencil ones that you get in a double pack

  34. francesca

    MAC Zoomlash mascara and MAC foundations, especially SFF!

  35. HebrideanSprite

    The entire Clinique line!

  36. firepail

    Proactiv! I have been using it for years and never had an issue even though I have very sensitive pale skin.

  37. Nabelaa :)

    colossal lash! and feline power khol :)

  38. Lisa

    Clinique everything…I’ve used it for over 25 years and my skin is wow. Yes I am that much older but my skin is great and their makeup is great too.

  39. Cathy

    In general,with a few HE exceptions,I use drugstore makeup and love it!!

  40. Leah

    Here, here! I have been completely in love with Plushlash since first use. It’s a really great product!

  41. MAC’s Plushlash mascara, I was surprised by this when I tried it out cause many people were saying that it was bad but I actually liked it.