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Creating dimension around my hooded eyes. But also figuring out which vlogger tricks and products are no-go’s for my skin type and facial architecture.

Profile photo of fuji

I also have found my favorite brand of foundation, Giorgio Armani! I have stayed with them for almost 1.5 years, that’s a first for me to stay so loyal for so long to a brand.

I have an interesting theory, that the shade of foundation for face and neck could be just the same, since the head naturally casts a triangle shade to the neck, except for photo shooting in a well-lit studio setting. However personally I prefer a lighter shade for the face since that brightens me up and I look refreshing.

Profile photo of Nancy T

Two things: Patiently allowing my brows to not only grow in without giving up on them, but also getting their shape about as good as it’ll get.
Also being more patient when it comes to a more involved look, saving those for days when I have plenty of time, otherwise having several quick go-to looks for rushed days so that I’m not frazzled!

I totally agree! I’ve definitely come up with several go-to looks for quick days and that’s really helped me feel less overwhelmed when I’m out of time. And I’ve also spent the past year refraining from plucking and have definitely seen improvement in my brows! I’m glad I’m not the only one that had to actually work on growing brows and finding the right size this year. Lastly, since last year I’m waaaaay better at under-eye concealing, which is great since I have chronic dark circles.

Profile photo of Nicole

Me too in the brows and letting them do their natural shape. I think it’s was probaly hard for you and I Nancy because when we came of age, it was in to take the natural shape away. So, I literally just had to put my tweezers in another room ..away from the makeup mirror. It made me think before auto reaching to pluck. Yay for brows! High five!

Profile photo of Cat

This is a difficult question to answer. I don’t know if my skills have improved so much… but the products and tools I started using last year really made a difference. Such as the ABH Dipbrow and cream contour palette in Fair, and the Goss, Marc Jacobs, and other brushes I’ve incorporated into my routine. If anything, my lipstick/liner skills have improved some because I’ve become more interested in such things this past year.

Profile photo of Wwendy

I feel your pain. Foundation continues to be a struggle. I love the looks of sheerer makeup, but my face is completely a different colour (darker with a lot of ruddiness) than my neck and body which is a complex mix of light olive base, neutral beige and yellow overtones. Conversely, heavier cover foundations never completely nail my tones, no surprise, not to mention look stupid fake for regular day wear so I don’t care for them either. At this point I tend towards using an olive or neutral beige base CC cream and then stippling foundation with yellow on top. Lots of products seemingly pull my face into orange territory. Ugh.

Biggest improvement for me: eyeshadow. Thanks to the kajillion hooded eye tutorials on youtube and learning how to better blend. About time..

I have the exact same issues with my face/neck shades. I’m also light olive with redness in my face. No matter how much the foundation matches my normal skin tone it always leaned towards orange. I’ve recently started using a green color correcting primer and I feel like after 20+ years of using makeup I’m finally getting to where I want to be in terms of foundation. 🙂
I also sometimes still add some bronzer to my neck if I can be bothered.

Profile photo of Wwendy

Any particular brand of primer? I do have a green primer by KohGenDoh.. I don’t recall having an eureka moment with it though. It worked well as a primer for makeup longevity sake, but I was using it under KGD aqua shade 123 at the time which runs too peachy and about a shade dark for my skin so it invariably ended up looking off regardless. Been there with the bronzer on the neck and chest, but I hate that too because bronzers can go off on me and turn scary orange. Bobbie brown has one that has more of a red base that works quite well. Amazing to find someone else who has the same issues. Thanks for your response. My foundation journey has been long and difficult.

Not sure where you’re based, but this is a European brand, Catrice. (I don’t think it’s available in the States.) They have a green primer.

I really feel that my skincare regimen has vastly improved in my beauty routine. I’ve finally gotten to a point where I’ve found products that really work for my skin and use them consistently. My skin has really improved and my makeup really does look better!

Profile photo of Julia

Skincare – I turned 30 last year (*sob*) so I really started paying more attention to really caring for my skin as best I can. I started using a good eye cream, began using face oil/ serum as a pre-moisturizer step at night and bought a Mia 2. So far so good!

Profile photo of Nicole

Brows! It used to take me so long. But, I finally was patient and grew them fuller. So much easier than trying to fill them forever!
I’m in the same boat with my neck and face not matching! I see some mua ‘s matching on peoples necks. Some do it on your jaw line. I had one match to mu chest (which I felt was odd) I can’t figure it out! I try to blend it down both and pick the best! What do you do Christine to solve this ?

Profile photo of Christine

I usually end up going a little lighter than my face and then blend down to about my throat. My cheeks have some redness but are lighter, so I think going a bit lighter is a better match in person. Undertones of the foundation tend to be the part that is more noticeable if it’s not a good match then it’ll be more apparent where I stop down my neck, lol.

It’s funny, but I think matching my face to my neck works better in photos but doesn’t work at all in person.

I’ve gotten better at incorporating warmer colors on my eyes. If I warm up the rest of my face with a warmer blush/lipstick/powder, I can pull off warmer shadows much better

Profile photo of Deidre

Highlighting and contouring. I don’t do much contouring just a bit on my cheekbones everyday but I feel like it works for me. Also, playing around with highlighters and figuring out which colors that I own work best with the look that i am wearing that day.

Profile photo of Mindy

My foundation. The Beauty Blender and Wayne Goss #1 brush (the larger one in the anniversary set) really, really make my foundation look good. Also, even though I hate having to mix foundation shades, I’ve gotten better at it to get the best match for me since I can range from NC25-35 and my face is lighter than my neck and chest.

the whole eyeshadow application, i’ve improved so much the crease blending process. it doesn’t look as a complete mess so i’m pretty satisfied.

Profile photo of Lacey

Eye shadow techniques for my eye shape, and a little contouring here and there.

I also struggle with foundation color matching. I have tan/olive skin with super dark hyperpigmentation from acne scars, so if it’s just a shade too light, it won’t cover the dark spots, and anything dark enough for full coverage is too dark for my neck!

I have fair skin and it can be difficult getting the right shade of foundation. I have read that you are supposed to match it to your neck. However, depending on the season, it can look out of place, so this is why I take my foundation down to the base of my neck, so it doesn’t look odd. Sometimes I mix 2 shades of foundation or concealer, if I fall in between those 2 shades.

What I have learned: Maybe not exactly techniques, but I have learned more about how to use loose powders, ‘setting’ makeup, how to apply loose eye shadows and how to make the best use of products and tools. I have also learned a lot about skincare, for example, I use oils regularly, where I didn’t before because I didn’t really understand why I would need them.

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