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Raindrops is the polish that I wish I’d been able to get my hands on. I wasn’t into grays when it first came out so I didn’t want to bite the bullet. I wish I had!

1. MAC Improvise Mineralize Blush – it just looks so pretty and gives me such a nice glow, I love the color of it.
2. MAC Jingle Jangle Dazzleglass – I LOVED that it was coral with violet glitter. I love that color combo, especially on the lips. Alas mine went rancid :'(
3. MAC Float on By Eye Kohl – Perfect shade of teal. Nuff said.
4. MAC Tendertones… I’ve found respectable dupes, but still… good stuff… good stuff…
5. The Healing Garden line… just in general. I know tidbits float around drugstores and the internet but it’s not cohesive the way it once was. I miss the spa-ish website they once had with the soothing music playing. In particular I really miss the mandarin, green tea, and jasmine therapy lines… Oh and the “sleep” or whatever they calked it… they smelled SO GOOD and were decently priced. *sigh*

1. While not *exactly* discontinued, just in North America, Max Factor Pan Stik (although, I *really* miss the entire braand, in general).

2. Kat von D Gypsy eyeshadow palette.

3. NARS Rajasthan.

4. L’Oreal matte lipsticks-they had a line some 10+ years ago of amazing matte lipsticks; they had the same feel as the regular line, just a bit less “slip”, but the finish was still very matte. The Matte Maraschino was one of the few products I’ve ever bought backups of…

5. tarte Femme Fatale eyeshadow palette. This was my first of many tarte palettes, and by far the most beautiful, IMO.

I find it kind of amusing that 2 of my favorite palettes of all time are in the green range, although it’s a color I rarely wear…

I am sensing a theme, there, Christine.

Hmmm…I haven’t been into cosmetics long enough to really experience the loss of formerly permanently product, so this is mostly LE:

-Estee Lauder Electric Teal liner (WHY was this the only LE one?!)
-Maybelline’s original cream mousse blushes. The old formula wore extremely well on me, and none of the new colors are an exact dupe of my HG blush Soft Plum.
-Urban Decay Strip and Hot Pants. (Additionally, when I glanced over the newly formulated ones at Sephora, I noticed Sin looked a touch different. That’s a shame if it is – the original version is one of my favorites!)
-MAC What Joy! Gorgeous berry red.
-Chanel Notorious (purely for the grump factor of missing out on it)

Do limited editions count? If so, I’ll be crying tears of despair when I’ll run out of my Chanel Morning Rose nailpolish. Still kicking myself for not snatching another bottle. It’s one of my favourite nailpolish EVER: it just looks awesome on my nails, and I feel very prett when I wear it. I use it very sparingly now.
I also love my Chanel Graphite- such an interesting take on silvery nailpolishes! It suits me well, too.
I’ll also be most bummed when I’ll hit the pan of my Giorgio Armani ETK #14, my Guerlain Cruel Gardenia Meteorites or my Chanel Duo in Sable Emouvant, but I suspect that won’t be for a veeeery long time, so I’m not too pressed.
Honourable mention goes to my Chanel Calypso Glossimer and my Chanel Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss in Caprice and Troublant. They’re so flattering and easy to wear (might purchase a backup of the latter when I get my Christmas money).

Well… All the products stated above make up half of my entire, now that I think of it! (Nailpolishes aside…)

I would have included my Chanel Coromandel nailpolish, but Chanel brought it back to life! ๐Ÿ™‚ I love when brands do that.

1. Chanel original cake liner (why oh why did they touch this formula. The original 4 liner case was amazing)

2. Opi Goldiggers delight (I search for this polish and wish they would just rerelease it)

3. MAX Factor the old stuff from my teenage years.

4. Ojon Tawaka best lotion and conditioner ever

5. Borjois (ok I know they are not discontinued but they are also not in any retailers where I can test colors)

The only two products I can think of are Chanel Rouge Coco 15 Ruban Rose, I loved, loved, loved this color ๐Ÿ™ , and I discovered it was discontinued when I went to repurchase the lipstick…so I have next to nothing left from my last tube, it was such a unique color why discontinue it? the closest color I have found is Rouge Coco 13 Gardenia, it is beautiful I use it alot but itยดs not the same ๐Ÿ™ .
The next product I can think of is Chanel Graphite, a friend has it and applied it to my nails, and as a result Iยดm forever angry with myself for not buying that amazing nail polish when I could have.

Dior Addict Beige Dessous (perfect pink-beige glossy nude)
MAC Femme-Fi eyeshadow
Catrice Captain Sparrow’s Boat nailpolish (Chanel black pearl dupe)
Chanel Kaleidoscope nailpolish (shimmery pewter perfection)
MAC By Candlelight MSF (perfect warm glow)

M.A.C Offshoot lipstick such a gorgeous deep pink
M.A.C Musky Amethyst simply beautiful( never seen such a gorgeous colour ! )
Chanel Horizon blush, LE but so beautiful
Benefit Bad Gal mascara in blue, pretty shade
Urban Decay Gash lipstick ( doesn’t exist in France anymore I think ) to me it meant a lot, the time when UD was a true innovative makeup brand

Chanel Dragon Rouge Allure Laque was *the* most beautiful red! I bought my oldest daughter a tube and she has porcelain skintone and a tube for my middle daughter who has very yellow undertones. One for me and I’m MAC NC 37ish. We all could wear this red! why oh why oh why did they discontinue?

Discontinued: Chanel Kaska Beige (perfect natural smokey eye palette),
Never made permanent, don’t know why: nail polishes like Chanel Jade, Russian collection, contouring like Chanel notorious, Armani’s buttery soft water resistant eye pencils, Tom Ford’s eyeshadow quad Enchanted and some creme eye shadows from last summer.

-Cover Girl- Nail Slicks clear nail polish

-Dior- Loose Face Powder in Desert

-Dior Lipstick Color in Fig, actually alot of Dior lipstick colors when the brand was originally called Christian Dior

-YSL- powder blush, actually the entire original YSL collection when it first came out over 30 years ago…now YSL is so so so dull. It used to say, the casing was made of gold of some sort

-All those brands that no longer exist, the entire collection such as Halston, Ralph Lauren, Stendahl (mascara)in blue, Orlane face collection, Payot….I miss them all, the packaging design were all so unique…it was not like MAC…you stick a color label design on and change the name then call it “Limited Edition” The glass bottles of Payot were so pretty.

Funny you mentioned the CG clear nail slicks. I had 4 bottles in my nail stash. Since I have been doing my own nails, I am down to 1. I had to thin them out a lot! They had thickend up.

1) Mac So Scarlet lipstick ( from Cult of Cherry. My HG red, please Mac bring it back! it’s HIGH TIME. )

2) Mac Morning Frost paint pot ( lovely ! )

3) Nars Strawberry Fields lipgloss ( such an AMAZING color! )

4) OPI Designer de better nail polish ( my HG nail polish ๐Ÿ™ )

5) Yves Rocher Yria Cils Souplesse lengthening mascara ( I hoard it when I find some at the store. Lancome Definicils is somewhat similar to it but is also significantly pricier! )

I also regret Yves Rocher Luminelle Rouge lumineux creme lipstick in Petale ( though I did find some other lipsticks that come close to it but argh. ) and Lush Sandstone soap :(.

What? I thought OPI designer de better was still available in store, last time I checked. Have you checked your local trade secrets? If you still want a bottle, I’d love to do a nail polish trade with you through MUA! Regardless, good luck finding it. ๐Ÿ™ I love nail polish and I’d hate it if my favorites were discontinued.

1. Tocca Touch: the original formula (the perfume oil). It was the most delicious scent and years later, I’m still sad it’s discontinued ๐Ÿ™

2. stila Convertible Color in Magnolia: a soft mauve nude, it was so pretty.

3. stila Bare Color lip tints: I loved Bare Wine so much!

4. Shiseido Sheer Gloss lipsticks: they shrunk the selection down to 4 colors when they reformulated them as Tender Sheers. Those are great too, but I miss the colors from the previous line.

5. Revlon SkinLights: these were terrific for illuminating/highlighting.

I haven’t been into makeup long enough to even notice 5 discontinued products. I do know that Bobbi Brown discontinued Brownie Pink Lip Color, which is upsetting. L’oreal HIP Cream Eyeliner was discontinued, which is so sad. I have a Revlon nail color that I love called Sunset Bronze that is no longer available.

There’s a store around here called Five and Below that had a huge bunch of them on clearance for about $3-4. I wound up picking the teal one up out of curiosity. I was wondering why they came so cheap, but if they were being discontinued, that could explain it.

1) MAC Charred Red lipstick.

2) Jane nail polish (they stopped making these when Jane was bought out).

3) Wet n Wild single e/s in Penny (and the 6 pans for that matter).

4)Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Deep Nude.

5)Revlon Absolutely Fabulous Lipcreams (WHY did they stop making these??!!!).

I totally agree about Jane nail polish. I have 2 bottles of Hot-Blooded stashed away, because it is my favorite red polish.

Discontinued products – the bane of my makeup “history”. First would be Estee Lauder Datenut Red lipstick (this is from absolute DECADES ago, when Karen Graham was the face of Lauder! Probably before most of you were born!). Next would be the whole MAC Starflash eyeshadow line, especially Grand Entrance, which I have and dole out like gold-dust, but also a few of the shadows I was too slow off the mark to get; also from MAC (sensing a pattern here?), Jardin Aires pigment and Sweet Sienna pigment, Subtle Breeze mineralized blush (was too slow off the mark getting it but I think I’d have liked it much more than Early Morning, which I did get!); from Too Faced, La Vie en Rose blush. Is that 5 yet? More than 5?

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