Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

Temptalia Asks You

What are your must-haves for your makeup bag? What staples do you always keep around?

Temptalia's AnswerI actually do not carry a makeup bag with me. The only time I use makeup bags is when I travel! I do keep Jack Black Lip Balm in my purse, though, along with hand sanitizer and hand cream.

Thanks to Leslie for today’s question!

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70 thoughts on “What are your must-haves for your makeup bag?

  1. Not much really. Blotters, mirror, lipbalm, done. Honestly, I usually forget the first two. And the makeup bag. I just put a lipbalm in my pocket. xD

  2. I don’t really carry a lot of makeup with me. I always have hand sanitizer, hand cream, eye drops, oil blotting sheets, a mini mac 129 for powder, mac studio fix powder to touch up, and the lip products that i used that day (which is usually just a lip liner and lipstick).

  3. The only thing I have to carry with me at all times is a lip balm. No particular one. Just whatever I happen to grab that day.

  4. I carry MAC powder, whatever lipstick I am wearing that day, NARS orgasm blush, mirror, retractable kabuki and a travel size Kat Von D perfume (saint).

  5. Amy

    MAC Blot Powder, whatever lip gloss I used in the morning, eyeliner… the basic things that need touching up.

  6. tootsie

    A pink and a reddish coral lipstick ( currently Mac’s A Rose Romance and Mac’s Crazee,) a dazzleglass ( Mac’s Internationalist), a blush ( Flirt), & a glass nail file.

  7. Misc. “just in case” items, most importantly I throw whatever lip product I use that day :)

  8. Tiffany

    Burt’s Bees Lipbalm and my go-to lipstick, MAC’s Syrup! I don’t ever touch up my makeup because I never seem to have time. So I keep pills and hand lotion and a mirror in my small makeup bag as well.

  9. lazeny

    Oil blotters, lip balm, a compact mirror and loose powder. Then I bring whatever eyeliner and lipstick I used on that day.

  10. estee lauder double wear ecru
    mac subculture lip pencil
    mac lingering brow pencil
    elf natural nymph lipstick
    mac marine life powder

  11. kira

    one lancome juicy tube and some nail files!

  12. vee kay

    1.LIPBALMS!!!! 2.CONCEALER! <—- these two things I carry AlwWAYS cause they fit even in the smallest bag. If I carry a bigger bag then I throw my little "just in case" make up bag which contains also a pencil eyeliner for brow touch ups, blotting papers(during the summer mostly) and a pocket mirror. or any specific products I m wearing that day that need touch ups. a teasing comb used to be included but its whereabouts are questioned

  13. Tigress

    Chapstick is my only essential.

  14. Yumi

    blotters, mirror, lip balm, removal wipes, l/s for the day

  15. Liang

    In my small makeup bag, I have my Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Boy, Carmex, Estee Lauder Beautiful Touch On perfume pen, anti-bacterial hand gel, eye drops, tweezerman, asthma inhaler, and MAC Cremesheen in Creme Anglaise.

  16. Carrie Ann

    I usually only need the lipstick/gloss I’m wearing, but I do carry a small makeup bag just in case. I keep a mini mascara (usually Clinique), a lip balm, a neutral lip gloss, mini versions of UD 24/7 Eye Pencils, blotting papers & a concealer pencil. I find that the most helpful things to keep in your bag are really tweezers, a nail file, band aids & antibacterial hand wipes.

  17. daphne

    a tweezer!

  18. I do the exact same thing. I don’t have a little makeup bag for touch ups or anything. i have my rose bud salve tube thingy in my pocket or bag for application and IF i remember a lipstick/gloss haha :)

  19. handcream. dont like to bring makeup with me…..not like when i was in high school to show off the brands that I had….

  20. monique

    l’occitane hand cream, lip balm, mini benefit rsvp cream shadow just incase i need a quick color on the eyes, and whatever lipstick/lipgloss i’m wearing for the day

  21. Maureen

    Black liquid eyeliner, mascara, and SPF 50 moisturizer.

  22. dru

    I ALWAYS have mascara! and pencil eyeliner for tight-lining and my liquid liner for touch ups. plus whatever lipstick I am wearing that day. and of course blotting paper and lip balm as staples.

  23. ann

    Don’t use a makeup bag either! But I toss concealer (if I have blemishes) and whatever lipstick I’m wearing that day. If I’m not wearing any l ipstick, I just carry around lip balm. Easy & low maitnence !

  24. Whatever lipstick/gloss/stain/tint I’m wearing for the day, my SoftLips lip balm, my pressed powder, and eyeliner. That’s it!

    Non-makeup stuff includes hand cream, a hand mirror, hand sanitizer, etc.

  25. Krista

    I bring my everyday makeup with me in my makeup bag but some essentials include: my current lipstick and lipgloss, MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner, MAC MSFN, a kabuki brush, a day-to-night neutral smokey quad, volumizing mascara, hand sanitizer, and a small bottle of perfume, and a black pencil liner

  26. bluevelvetcake

    I’m so 80s. I always have a compact on me (MAC.) I also always have my trusty LaBello blue chapstick on me.

  27. Melissa

    I don’t carry a makeup bag, but I’ll keep a few things in the smallest pocket of my purse for touchups throughout the day. What ever lipstick I’m using that day, MAC blot powder, and L’Occitane lavender hand cream. That’s about it!

  28. Mel

    I don’t carry a ton of things just a standard pink lipgloss that I have in my purse which is MAC’s Nymphette and whatever lip product I’m wearing that day.

  29. Courtney

    Just the lipstick I’m already wearing! For the last few days my favorite has been MUFE #39 :)

  30. 1. mirror
    2. small comb
    3. blotting paper
    4. tissue pack
    5. lip balm
    6. hand sanitizer
    7. bobby pins
    8. sunblock
    9. the lipstick and/or lipgloss/lip brush i used that day
    10. a maxi pad!

  31. I always have blotters, hand sanitizer, compact, lots of lipglosses and lipstics, hand cream, travel set of brushes, a sample of perfume in case I forget to use it before I leave house (I feel naked without my perfume :-) ) and a black eyeliner. No wonder my purse is so heavy :-/

  32. Becca

    foundation, mirror, powder, mascara, eyelash curler, hand sanitizer, lip balm and a light pink lipgloss. the rest I can live without :))
    (oh and a founadtion and powder brush obviously πŸ˜‰

  33. Quite little, actually. I carry pressed powder for blotting and lipstick/lip gloss I happen to be wearing that day. But I tend to forget the previous lipgloss/stick in my bag so there can be several.. πŸ˜‰

  34. Friederike

    concealer, lipstick and sun lotion – done :)

  35. Staples in my daily mu bag are: pressed blot powder, beauty powder, black eye pencil, lip balm, neutral lip stick, hand sanitizer, mini deo spray, q-tips, comb, pair of mini tweezers, tampons, bobby pins, hair ties.
    Not in my make-up bag but somewhere in my purse: hand lotion, tissues and mints.

  36. Romina

    I don’t carry my make up around unless I’m traveling. But I always have with me lipbalm and the lipstick or gloss I wear at that moment, hand sanitizer and especially during summer mac fix+.

  37. I have a mini hair brush, powder compact with a mirror, lipbalm, hand cream and a lipgloss.

  38. Kristabelle

    I tend to just throw half the makeup I used for the day’s look in my purse…I always bring concealer, powder, and a kabuki brush, but I often have things I don’t even need in there, like mascara. My Naked Palette usually comes with me, along with at least 2 lipliner-lipstick-lipgloss combos. Really need to cut down on that.

  39. Courtney

    EOS lip balm, Rosebud salve, Covergirl Champagne Eyeshadow (my all-time favorite shade), mascara, liner, and a good pressed powder (right now I’m using Benefit’s).

  40. Monique

    I carry whatever lip product I’m wearing that day, blotters and lip balm.

  41. Natalie

    I keep blot powder/sheets, a mirror, floss, gum, hair ties, lip balm, and Hue by MAC in there at all times. Otherwise, whatever else that ends up in there is based on where I’m going!

  42. Jaime

    I keep a large-ish makeup bag with me, but the only makeup-type stuff inside it is lip balm and whatever lipstick I’m wearing that day. The other stuff is contact lens solution, dental floss, my vitamins, migraine medication, hand lotion and extra batteries for my headphones.

  43. IndigoXX

    lip balm, lip gloss of the day, nail file, hand sanitizer and hand lotion

  44. Amber

    I am almost Always running late so I Always carry a makeup bag with essentials in my purse. Concealer (only for under my eyes, my dark bags are hereditary), powder, 224 brush, brow pencil, brow brush, 2 masceras, an eyelash curler and usually a lipglass if not I always have Burt’s Bees lip balm with me.

  45. Katie V

    For the Summer, since I work at a pool and never ever wear makeup to work, I carry concealer, Rosebud Salve, Cha cha tint and waterproof mascara in my purse in case I decide I need to go somewhere after work.

    I don’t carry a makeup bag, I just throw everything in my bag. I also always have sunscreen and my Proactive body pads, which are great if you are sweaty and can’t take a shower

  46. A mirror, lipbalm, and a my-lips-but-better lipstick!

  47. Melinda

    Whatever lip colors I’m wearing that day, hand sanitizer and my PTR Sunscreen “brush”

  48. Yazmin

    I just carry Mac faux lipstick and a nude lipgloss even if i started out with a different lipstick.

  49. I don’t carry too much makeup in my purse. Just Burt’s Bees chapstick, the lipstick I’m currently wearing, and the UD eyeliner I’m wearing to touch up my waterline. However, when traveling my makeup bag is another story.. full beyond capacity! :)

  50. Jessica

    I don’t carry a makeup bag, just toss whatever lipstick/gloss I’m using that day into a zippered section in my bag. I usually have a nude or clear lipliner in there, in case I’m wearing something that bleeds. I also carry one of the L’Oreal HIP tinted balms and a tin of Burt’s Bees cuticle cream.

    In my office desk drawer I have a more stocked makeup bag just in case I need to do a touchup or plans change and I have to go from the office to some kind of event. I keep a few Sephora Nano eyeliners in different colors, some concealer, a black mascara, a Neutrogena mineral foundation with built-in brush, an e.l.f. neutral eyeshadow palette, a nude lipliner, and a few Sephora glosses in basic colors. Basically, anything I’ve replaced in my home kit with an upgraded product more or less makes it into the office drawer.

  51. I’m the same. I rarely carry makeup with me (other then my current lip product). I do have blotting papers, tweezers, and wipes though.

  52. Moni

    My absolute basics are: Concealer, blotting powder, blush, lip balm, eyeliner, lipgloss.

  53. Dorna

    Blotting powder, lip balm, lancome le krayon khol in black ebony, and BeneFit Some Kinda Gorgeous-not an amazing product overall, but perfect for touchups!

  54. Nicole

    I also don’t carry a makeup bag with me. I just carry a compact mirror, oil-blotting sheets, and a neutral spare lipgloss in my purse.

  55. Jasmin

    I carry my lipbalm,lipgloss,mac studio fix powder,my too faced retractable kabuki,blotting papers,blush brush and my blush because mine wears off really quickly sometimes in 3-4 hours even cream blush when set with a powder blush/:

  56. tiffany

    oil blotting sheets, studio fix powder (which i use for touch ups with the sponge), a 129sh brush, mocha blush, beauty rush lipgloss in guava girl, hue lipstick, maybelline falsies mascara, 24/7 liner from urban decay, chapstick and nivea’s lip balm. lol it’s a lot

  57. S.A.

    Usually just the lip product(s) of the day, a mirror, and a sample vial or two of perfume for me. Though invariably I’ll have my Viva Glam Gaga II in there no matter what else I may have worn that day simply because I wear it almost all the time.

    Oh, and lip balm. I usually have at least two with me, and also sometimes sunscreen depending on where I’m going. (If it’s mostly indoors, then no sunscreen, but if I’m looking at a day spent mostly outside, then sunscreen is a must. However, I see no reason to wear more than the usual SPF put on as part of my daily routine if the most sun exposure I get is maybe half an hour total spent in the car.)

  58. Mel

    I don’t carry my makeup bag with me, but I do always have to have lip gloss or lip balm and I won’t leave the house without mascara.

  59. Jessica

    lol I used to have my purse jam-packed with lipliners, a compact, baby powder, bobby pins, and what not. lol but these days I have eos chapstick, a mirror, and my favorite perfume.

  60. Sharron

    My makeup bag contains: crystal file, cuticle oil pen, travel-sized tube of hand cream, pressed powder (I alternate between MAC Careblend & CRC Oil-Control, depending on how my skin is behaving), Too Faced flatbuki, stub of MUFE aqua eyes in black, Jack Black lip balm, and whatever lipstick/stain/gloss I’m wearing that day.

  61. anna

    lip balm, chanel rouge allure in flamboyante, small hand mirror. I like to keep it simple!

  62. georgina

    Blot paper, press powder, MAC peachstock lipstick, any MAC dazzleglass, lipbalm and 1 powder blush.

  63. I always have to have a pencil eyeliner. I don’t like how my eyes look without my waterline lined, and we all know color doesn’t last long there, even with the most longwearing liners, so that’s why :)

  64. Maya

    I don’t really carry makeup around except for the lip products I use that day. I do however have some essentials I always take with me: Jack Black lip balm, Hello Kitty band aid (LOL), gum, some cash just in case, a couple Excedrin migraine pills, Band Aid friction block stick, Sephora Hello Kitty mirror, and L’Occitane hand cream. Sounds like a lot but it all fits in a medium-size Coach wristlet I can put in my bookbag, purse, or carry alone!

  65. I really don’t carry makeup around with me. I usually just keep chap stick and MAC’s Honeylove which is a nice, neutral every day colour :)

  66. cloudburst

    Clean & Clear Blotting papers, lip balm, MAC Blot Powder, hand cream.

  67. Corliss

    Lipsticks at least 2-3

  68. Katrina

    At least one mascara, one or two glosses, and a lip balm and I should be set. Either a gloss or a lipstick to use as blush, too. πŸ˜€

  69. Deb

    Compact mirror, lip balm, lipstick, face blotting sheets, and a mini pack of kleenex :)