Sunday, December 20th, 2009

Temptalia Asks You

What are your best tips and tricks for defining the eyes? Share!

Temptalia's Answer.

Get comfortable with eyeliner (either top/bottom or both!); love yourself some mascara, and always be willing to experiment!

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12 thoughts on “What are your best tips and tricks for defining the eyes?

  1. I think everyone should figure out, which eyeliner color makes their eyes POP the most, and should def not be scared of trying some colors other than black… maybe some purple-ish, or just shades of green :)

  2. Depends on the eye shape, size of lid, etc.

    For eyes like mine?(fairly high brown bones, prominent but not hooded, prominent crease, reasonably thick lashes, colorless, paler toned iris’) my usual defining techniques involves taking the color above the crease, blending it almost up to the brow bone, hardly ever lining more than the outer corner of the lower lid-blend it inwards with shadow, but i NEVER close that lid completely-taking care with choice of mascara and always curling, and using the liner more on the outer side of my eye more than the inner one(when I’m doing lighter liner, i don’t even bother with the inner half of the eye-I just taper it well, and if I match it more to the mascara, than for contrast, then it looks like just a thicker lash line.

  3. Eyeliners (all different types), good mascara, and a touch of highlighter in the inner corner wakes you right up. Oh, and always doing something, even if it’s subtle, in the crease.

  4. Sarah M

    For me lining below the upper lashes and on the waterline, applying mascara to upper and lower lashes, and grooming brows are steps that complete any eye makeup and frame the eyes for perfect definition.

  5. Tianna

    Get to know your brushes and how they work! Blending is key!! NO HARSH LINES

  6. KC

    Mascara is a girl’s best friend. And don’t underestimate the importance of well groomed eyebrows, they highlight the eyes even more.

  7. lexi

    i agree with the gel liner tip. my biggest tip though has been tightlining my upper lid with prestige’s total intensity liner in bold brown. i do this alone, and then mascara and it has done wonders for me. the liner does not move!!!!! best liner, iMO.

  8. AnGeLwInGz

    Don’t be afraid of that liner! Get as close to your lashline as you can possibly get with it, even in between the lashes if you’re comfortable, apply your shadow, and top off with more liner if you still need it; you may not, it’s a cool trick. It’s also super-important to find a mascara that you love. The splurge is worth it. Invest in a few good e/s palettes that include varying colors and you will have tons of different looks to experiment with.

  9. Brian Kelly

    Liners, shadowing the crease or defining a crease if you don’t have much of one, lengthening mascara & curling lashes — which creates the illusion of a bigger eye and a white liner on the waterline always helps make the eye look bigger especially if your big on darker shadows for say a smokey eye.

    Smoking the crease and highlighting the lid with a lighter color or even something with sparkle always helps. Touch of Mineralized Skinfinish, a neutral shade and Fix+ is perfect for to help create more depth.

  10. Keep shadows in proportion to your eye shape & size. Less is more. Be careful not to overblend. Tightline the upper lashline to make lashes look thicker. Search for a good mascara that works with your lashes and environment. Not everyone will like the same one because we have different preferences. Remember that mascara will not perform equally in different environments (eg. humid vs dry, cool vs warm)

  11. Eyeliner and mascara! Any color that you like and will make your eyes stand out.

  12. Emm

    Learn how to line the eye, mascara and good blending of e/s is amazing also. Currently I love lining the bottom waterline with a nude/white eyeliner to make me look more awake.