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1) Paula Dorf Perfect Illusion for lips (my HG lip primer product!!! The only thing that comes close is UD Ultimate Ozone)
2) Max Factor Mascara – I don’t remember which one it was, but there was a Max Factor mascara that came in Auburn, and it was a great color!
3) Revlon Colorstay lipstick in clear – that’s what I used as a lip primer before it was discontinued and I moved on to Paula Dorf. It was $7.50 at the time compared to Paula Dorf’s $21 and it was the SAME PRODUCT!!!

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1) Paula’s Choice nude matte eyeshadow palette. So incredibly good, beautiful buttery shadows that blend like a dream, the most pigmented black shadow I’ve ever seen–I yearn for this palette to be brought back. The day I hit pan on any of those shadows is going to be a day of mourning.
2) Mary Kay Earthbound eyeshadow trio from the At Play line. It still upsets me that my favorite go-to trio for my hazel eyes was discontinued. Best teal and shimmery chocolate I’ve ever used, even if the metallic (aka glitter bomb) champagne shade wasn’t my fave.
3) ColourPop Ibiza is, if not already gone, being discontinued and it kills me. It basically screamed 80s but it was a gorgeous true turquoise packed with shimmer.

This will be weird, because the first few things that came to mind were all DS/ LE! Colourpop Meow and Puppy Love eyeshadows (I missed out on both, wasn’t expecting CP’s ONE day only warning!), WnW Color Icon 8 pan in Bleu Had Me At Hello (for a dear old friend of mine who missed out on it, so for her, yes.)
Also, some MAC eyeshadows that went away into “Good-Byes”! I know there must be other products that are totally flying past me, and I just cannot seem to recall what they were? Scary, but I’ll probably remember much later as I get ready to go to sleep!

I agree with the YSL cream blushes, they were so awesome. Mine is still going strong, never dried out and the color is gorgeous!

Nars Douceur was discontinued before I had a chance to try it. It was one of the few colors recommended as a possible dupe to Bobbi Brown’s Bahama Brown! Try Bobbi Brrown’s illuminating bronzer in Telluride. I never tried Douceur, but Telluride is a warm mauve color that goes on much lighter than it looks, might work for you.

Oh what a great question!!
*WNW Fergie Take On the Day Eye Primer -have tried +20 eye primers, and this is the only one that really works. I stockpiled 6 tubes before it got DC’d, should last me 10-12 yrs assuming they don’t dry out. I heard they are bringing it back, but without the Fergie name, but I haven’t seen anything yet
*UD Spectrum -not DC’d yet, but since it’s LE, it will be unless they make it permanent. All of the shadows are AMAZING, even the blues/purples/greens. Please UD, please, begging you !
*MAC Spring Flock blush – not DC’d yet, but since it’s LE, it will be unless they make it permanent. It is so brightening and fresh-looking, no close dupes, and as readers attest, so flattering on so many different skintones. I stockpiled a backup.

I actually didn’t even realize until today that this question was one I put out there! I’m getting forgetful lately….

I definitely thought, like you, Katherine. Why NOT make UD Spectrum and MAC Spring Flock permanent??? Both are HG for me! And quite a few others as well, so both brands should.

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Thanks to your and Nancy T.’s raving about it, I broke down and ordered Spring Flock. I can’t wait for it to get here. If my wallet allowed, I would have bought the whole Flamingo Park collection. I got Have Your Cake and the eyeshadow palette. I’m trying to remain strong against the rest.

LOL, glad to be such an enabler 🙂 I think Spring Flock will look stunning on you. It’s my fave blush for Monday mornings, I swear it adds HOURS of sleep to my face. And us busy (and tired) mamas need all the help we can get ! Oh, and Have Your Cake is another great one. Hope you enjoy everything 🙂

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1) Almay Intense i-Color Mascara in Raisin Quartz. It was the best color mascara ever for green eyes, and I used to do my brows with it, too. It went perfectly when I had auburn hair. I actually wrote a letter to Almay because I was so upset they got rid of it. I’d never done that before or since.
2) BareMinerals Weather Everything Liner Sealer. I know there are similar products out there, but I worry they’ll bother my sensitive eyes.
3) More of a product line, but Revlon Street Wear. I loved the All-Over Pencils and the nail polishes. It’s a line that totally needs a reboot, especially with 90s makeup colors becoming so popular again.

I switched to the ELF one (something seal) which is now no longer in stores (Target, Walmart, or any drugstore),BUT online at Walmart or Target. Still $3.00 I think it was identical.

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Yeah, e.l.f. has the Lock It (I think that’s what it’s called.) I can’t find it in stores. I tried ordering it and it arrived leaking everywhere. E.l.f. sent a replacement, and it arrived leaking everywhere. So did the next one. They ended up refunding my money and I gave up on it.

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Oh, and if I could pick a fourth, Sephora Collection Rouge Cream Lipstick in Cougar. I forgot it has recently been DC’d. I have three backups, so I’m set for life, but I think Sephora was crazy to get rid of it.

Lulle, YES, L’Oreal Me Grand Curl Waterproof mascara was the absolute BEST mascara ever!!! I have yet to find one as good ad it was. No flaking or smudging, lasted perfectly until I took it off, and it did actually curl up my lashes, and the curl lasted til I took it off!

Thanks Katherine. Yeah, this phone, a Motorola Moto, is a major pain! I loved my LG Optimus, but after only 16 months it went out on me last Monday night right before bedtime. I plan on saving up for a different phone that works better than this! Oh, and the store I bought this at FAILED to synch my Google account, photos, contacts, etc. So you can imagine how ticked I must be!!! Where’s my dragons?!?

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1. Lorac lip/cheek sheer wash stain. I used these stains on my lips before applying red or plum lipstick, and the colors were so true. I can’t love liquid lipsticks bc they’re so dry and matte. The Lorac stain was SO good.

2. Shu Uemura eye shadows and blushes that fit into customizable compacts. I had a whole bunch of square eyeshades and blushes, but then the company changed the dimensions of the pans, so nothing fits anymore. Plus, they just don’t have the big range of colors and finishes like they used to.

3. Prescriptives brand. What happened to the whole cosmetic line? I just googled it and found them online! But they used to make custom blended foundations and powders!

I repeated your query about Prescriptives righ tbelow you!!! They still do custom blended foundations and powders online. You make an appointment and do a video chat with a consultant. I can’t see how that could take the place of face to face testing, but they guarantee to fix it until they get it right. I just found my tiny travel size of my custom blend foundation in a briefcase that I used to take to work everyday!! Its probably been in there for twelve years!!! When I checked the color, the consistency was perfect, but the color was a little yellower than my current skin color. The depth was right on however!! I don[‘t know if it oxidized or my skin has reddened a little with age, but I could get away with wearing it all over my face. I have tried Sephora’s color IQ to find the perfect foundation color, but every store comes out with a different number, and withing the same number category, the shades they recommend vary widely in undertone, I really don’t think its a very good system yet. But if you have a foudation that is close to a perfect color, you can look up its color IQ number and investigate the other ones they recommend will match. Christine’s Fondation Matrix gets the undertone better. If you do try the Prescriptives custom blend via video conference, please let us know how it works out for you.

Bobbi Btown lipsticks in Malt, Walnut stain and Mocha stain. Her products intitally were very brown based, but with the takeover byt Estee Laluder, the colors have completely changed, the line is huge and seasonal collections come and go very quckly. Case in point. her Desert Twilight collection, which I boughh all major pieces from, the Bahama Brown Blush/ bronzer, the eye shadow palette which had one great color in it, Twighlihgt, and two lip colors in tubes, Honeyed Tea and Pink something. Maybe I should have included them above, but since they weren’t permanent colors, they were not the first to come to mind! ! But dupes have been impossible to find. And also, bring Prescriptives back to department stores, they seem to be doing a thriving business online!

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I looked for one of yours: Bobbi Brown Lip Color – Shimmer Finish (Malt Shimmer) and it is available on Amazon. The others might be too.

Thanks, I bought Malt Shimmer, it is not the same as the original Malt. But we both tried. Thank you!

This one was less of a stain and more of a real lipstick. It was the perfect auburn brown, matched my hair and eyes. Was in my pocketbook all the time. Even her brown based colors now are tinged with pink, like most of the MAC ones. Don’ t know where to find true brown based colors anymore! I read that when Bobbi Btown debuted her ten brown based colors at Bergdorf Goodman’s, they sold out in one day!! That should have told them something!! I’ve fond close colors over the years, but they have all been discontinued. Try taking any good brown lipstick you have and lining it with MAC Hover lip linerr. They call it a caramel brown, I find it adds back the reddish brown that other browns are missing. When I use it with any brown color I have, I put the lipstick on first, then line the lips, then purse my lips together with a little rubbing. It mixed the liner color with the lip color and deepens and warms up the ilip color. I can get the right tone in any depth. It works with MAC Jubilee if you want a beige, or Cliniique Pure Posh, if you want a more orangey brown. Don’t judge that shade on its own until you put a liner on with it. Also, Clinique’s Honeystick lip liner with a gloss on top of it is also close. It seems to be easier to find liners in the right colors than real lipsticks, so I do what Ican! You’d think MAC would have a good selection of browns, becaue they have a huge range of lipsticks, but the only one I have found is Touch, and it has pink in it, but Hover lip liner helps. Summer and Fall are the best time to look for browns, so I’ll keep you posted!!

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I want the Guerlain meteorites compact to come back. The old version where it was a completely white powder. The new version has several different colors and does not come with with a powder puff. My face is darker than my body and somehow the old version evened my face out and made it whiter. The new version, although nice, does not make me whiter.
I would also like the YSL teint éclat foundation to come back. New version does not match my skin. Although I think BR20 might match but that is not sold in Sweden *shakes fist at YSL in Sweden* and my old shade BR30 no longer matches in the new version of the foundation.
Also it would be nice if the Love,Chloe perfume was not discontinued.

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Urban Decay Gash eyeshadow. My favorite red eyeshadow of all time. KVD Raw Power is sort of filling the void, but Gash in the current UD formula would be heavenly.

Hi Alice, I was unsure on the UD XX Vice blah blah long name palette because these days I wear more neutrals and mattes but I NEEDED Gash so I got the palette. I was nervous too over the B- rating but I’ve really been enjoying it and if its still available I say go for it. I’m using it far more than I expected and once you’ve used the shades a few times it’s like they get better the deeper the dip. Just my 2 cents 🙂

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MAC Jardin Aires and Pastorale pigments (the former because I only have a wee bit left and the latter because I never managed to get my hands on it) and Dior’s Amber Diamond (I have Rose Diamond and tried to buy Amber for months but it was always “sold out” but in reality it was in the process of being phased out so it was never available). Everything else I have that’s LE or Discontinued, I have enough of to last me for years still even if I do sometimes think “why did they discontinue THAT?”.

1. Estée Lauder double wear cream eyeshadow
2. Makeup Forever HD original formula
3. Stila In the Light palette

Yes!! I still have the original muf hd and it still looks amazing on. I’ve never tried the new formula.

Mac Starflash eye shadows specifically Smoke and Diamonds, Mac Riri Boy lipstick and Chanel Dragon lipstick

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Oh yes – Starflash (though I have both Grand Entrance and Smoke&Diamonds and they will probably last me til the end of my days but there were other shades I’d have liked to try and so many people didn’t get the chance!) Anyone looking for S&D should content themselves with the fact that Inglot 444 is virtually IDENTICAL in colour and it is actually WAY more pigmented and nice to apply. Stila’s Diamond Lil is also really really close. Another finish/line MAC discontinued and really should have kept was that Mega Metals/Peacocky line of shadows. I’m hoping that since they’ve made permanent at least some of the Extra Dimension shadows, they might bring back either Starflash or Mega Metal. A girl can dream….

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