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Honestly, as mean as this sounds, the best thing they can do is leave me alone unless I ask for help. I know a lot of people don’t like approaching them, but I usually know what I’m doing and if I don’t, I’ll ask. I get annoyed when they follow me around the store and repeatedly ask me if I need any help.

I was going to comment this exact same thing. They best thing they can do is leave me alone until I ask them for help with something. And to NOT stare at me while I browse. I’ll leave the store if they annoy me.

I totally understand what you ladies mean, but having worked for a cosmetic counter, managers expect you to connect with the customers. If you guys think it’s rude for an associate to come up to you, we also talk about how rude it is when customers get annoyed when we approach them. We are only doing our jobs. IMO πŸ™‚ If someone says that they are just looking most of us say, “Well, let me know if you need anything.” Though, I know that there are much more aggressive associates as well.

This is really old, but I don’t know if you’re aware that our managers DEMAND for us to ask customers if they need help. Most of us will leave you alone if you say you’re looking, but some associates are stalkers and I get that.

And some customers actually expect to be asked if they need help, and if they don’t ask anyone and we don’t approach them, they get upset for being ignored.

I like when an associate will recommend a product for my skin tone but doesn’t push me to buy anything… also when they give out a catalog, store card, etc. so I can keep it in my purse.

Shade match well for your skin tone and be honest when there isn’t a product in their brand that suits you, let you go outside or leave to test the colour or duration of their product and go above and beyond to find the answer if needed.

1. Definitely be knowledgeable about their products. (I.e. I hate it when I mention a product and they’re like… uh which one’s that again? Or… do we still carry that?

2. When they can be honest and say, “no this doesn’t look good on you.” Basically, to not always agree with everything I say, just so I’ll buy their products. For example, an associate from NARS tried on the Laguna bronzing powder on one side my face, and on the other side (at my request) she tried on the Laura Mercier Bronzing Powder in Dune Bronze, and we both agreed that the LM looked better on me. I love when they aren’t pushing their products!

3. When an associate treats me like a buddy. Like when he/she greets me by name and sends me samples of products from their brand and other brands that he/she thinks I would enjoy. Like today, I received a letter from Nordstrom, Clarins counter, with their new foundation in my shade. That was thoughtful and just makes me more open to shop there.

definetly! I hate it when I go to MAC and I know all the names of the new brands, and they mix them up and don’t know what I’m talking about!!!
I also hate it when they follow me around, I like it when they ask me if I want help once, and then wait until I come to them!

Pretty much if they don’t act snooty and answer my questions, I don’t mind even if I have to prompt them a bit. And if they aren’t too pushy about making the sale…I’ve ran into some horrible ones needless to say!

1. acknowledge my presence
2. leave me be if i am clearly browsing & don’t need help
3. give suggestions when they are asked to, but don’t try to up-sell for the sake of making commission/making a sale

like you said, when they notice im there, ask if they can help me find something and third, when they show me how to use the product!

1. Offer assistance without pushing.
2. Know the merchandise and be able to answer questions.
3. Do not take my info to inform me about sales and then do a mass email that CC’s my email to every customer you have…

1, 2, 3) leave me alone. I know what I want to buy, and breathing on me won’t change my mind, helicopter salespeople!

I love honest and knowledgeable employees. I hate when they bs with you when they don’t know specifics about products as opposed to just saying they don’t know and grabbing someone who does. I love assistance when it’s needed like not knowing where a product is, or if I’m looking for lets say a natural neutral blush the employee gives me options and lets me play with them. I hate being hounded.. like at counters in department stores. I don’t have the problem in most in line stores.

On a side note I do find problems with MUAs giving me a the same foundation each time at least when it comes to MAC. At one store I;m NW15 the other I’m NC something.. ugh sorry for the rant


I totally agree!!! I hate to be ignored when I am wandering around a counter. I feel it is rude and bad customer service. If someone acknowledges me when I walk in I am more likely to purchase something. I get everyone is different but they need to ask if you need help. Sorry to vent but I was ignored recently at my MAC counter.

I had the same experience at the MAC counter yesterday. I went to Bobbi Brown instead. I waited 20 minutes to ask be asked if I needed help, was approached by two different girls as they were ringing people up and was told it would be a few minutes, and then they both went to different customers. I had enough so I went to BB (my favorite, but I was hoping to save money with MAC.)

Not to be pushy in products – nothing is more annoying then have you selling me the latest product when i probably know all about it from temptalia anyway – just wish they would ask before they go to do their shpeal
To be knowledgeable – this is just a given for me
Be respectful of my knowledge – i love it when they ask questions in regards to application or anything really so they can help me build on my knowledge of what i am buying… Love it! πŸ™‚

* First of all, she/he shouldn’t be pushy or trying to convince me to buy a certain brand because they get paid to sell that certain brand.
* Next, I’d like the associate to ask me what I’m looking for in a product and what products I’m currently using.
* And I like the service at our Amsterdam MAC Store to try the makeup on your face or feature you use the makeup on. The advisors are honest and they have never tried to push me to buy something I didn’t ask for.

I love when theyre knowledgable about other new items in the makeupworld and able to compare and discuss that in response to what I’m considering buying or what I’m looking for. And willingness to offer samples are a definite yes for me, just makes me think they really want to try to help me find something that works for me rather then just sell sell sell.

No. 1 Listen. When I’m looking for a new color / product and need advice from the sales assistent, I normally have expectations about which characteristics the prduct should have and which not. So please listen and give me the best advice.
No 2 Honesty. If a color don’t compliment my skintone I want to hear that and not oh that’s such a bestseller, everybody has to own it.
No 3 Time. If I need recommendations I want to try a product and take my time to make a desicion. If I get a free sample for skincare that’s phansastic.

give samples, and a smile would be nice, in england you have to beg for any sort of a sample and the sales assistants are so miserable, i order most of my products on line because of it. i refuse to give my hard earned money to people like that.x

-acknowledge me and then let me browse;
-answer any questions I might have, and provide me with important information; and then
-help me choose with colors and choices that are best suited for my skin, complexion, and wants/needs.
Bonus points for when sales associates go beyond their particular brand and suggest something from another that might work better for me.

I love when they are kind and respectful and leave you alone browsing; then I like when they come quick if you call them for help (hate when they say they’ll be with you in a sec and then don’t come and maybe you’re in a rush) and I like when they can teach me something I don’t know already (it rarely happens, as often I know much more than them, but when they are more prepared than me, I am happy to learn!!).

To add to your three – I love it when they can recommend a new color I would have been too afraid to try on my own. And I love it when they give their honest opinion if something really suits me or not. If you can find an honest MA that you know you can trust – it’s like pure gold! On the flip side I hate it when MAs try to sell you something you totally don’t want, and won’t let it go!! I have certain counters I always avoid for just that reason.

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