Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

Wet 'n' Wild Sweet as Candy Eyeshadow Trio
Wet ‘n’ Wild Sweet as Candy Eyeshadow Trio

Wet ‘n’ Wild Sweet as Candy Eyeshadow Trio

Wet ‘n’ Wild Sweet As Candy Eyeshadow Trio ($2.99 for 0.12 oz.) is like a palette of Neopolitan ice cream! There is a bright, warm white with a metallic sheen; medium-dark chocolate brown with a metallic sheen; and berry-tinged pink with subtle yellow undertones with a metallic sheen. I found all three shades to have a higher level of sheen, more so than the typical frost.

my thoughts on the formula: Color Icon Eyeshadows are definitely some of the best eyeshadows you’ll find in the drugstore, and this trio is well-pigmented, smooth to the touch, and the colors themselves performed well enough in a wear test, though there was some minor but noticeable fading after eight hours. These seem to work best directly over a base, rather than layered on top of each other–like I layered the eyelid shade over the crease shade, and I felt like I had to pack more of it on to get it to really show.

The Glossover


Wet 'n' Wild Sweet as Candy Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio

One of the best trios I've seen from Wet 'n 'Wild, because the pigmentation on all three shades is excellent, along with a really smooth, soft texture. I did find it didn't wear as well as some of my favorite eyeshadows do, but they hold up remarkably well that I think most will find it excusable at this price point.











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Wet 'n' Wild Sweet as Candy Eyeshadow Trio
Wet ‘n’ Wild Sweet as Candy Eyeshadow Trio

Wet 'n' Wild Sweet as Candy Eyeshadow Trio
Wet ‘n’ Wild Sweet as Candy Eyeshadow Trio

Wet 'n' Wild Sweet as Candy Eyeshadow Trio
Wet ‘n’ Wild Sweet as Candy Eyeshadow Trio

Wet 'n' Wild Sweet as Candy Eyeshadow Trio
Wet ‘n’ Wild Sweet as Candy Eyeshadow Trio

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Where can I purchase Sweet as Candy? How much is it?

CVS, $2.99 .

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50 thoughts on “Wet ‘n’ Wild Sweet as Candy Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio

  1. I’ve always wanted to try one of those, but we don’t have it in Sweden:(

    • Same here, but I live on Brasil :/

    • I live in Sweden too, you can get them at Nelly.com!
      All trios probably aren’t available there, but this one is.
      What sucks about this site though is that the individual names aren’t listed while browsing the products, just the product name.
      Also if you go to http://www.wnwbeauty.de and click “HITTA BUTIK” there are lots of places you can get Wet ‘n’ Wild irl, including lots of Coop Forum, Konsum, and ICA. ^-^
      The of course there are eBay and such. ~

    • Tiina

      We do! I actually bought this exact palette this weekend from Ica, I’ve seen it in several different ones (an Ica Maxi would be your best bet though).
      This palette is superb! You can get a really pretty summery look with it :)

  2. Woah, I’m tempted to get it just for the pink! These all lean a little frostier than I tend to like, but I actually like that frost in the pink! And for $2.99 I wouldn’t feel guilty if I only used one shade. Thanks for swatching this!

  3. Neopolitan ice cream, yum! I would like a new summer pink e/s, and this looks like a good one. Knock on Wood is nice, but a little too berry for my liking.

  4. Fey

    Wet ‘n’ Wild’s frosty shades really rock! This time, the frost finish is perfect for the color combination. The pink especially rocks as a highlighter. It’s my favorite trio from them. 😀

  5. I am wearing this one today! Either my brush sucks or I got a bad one though, because I found that this one isn’t as pigmented as my other WnW Color Icon shadows and kind of blended together on my lid even with primer. But it was good for what I was going for today, a subdued look.

    • Chloe

      I’ve had the same problem with WnW shadows. They don’t seem to last on me and appear less pigmented than the swatches.

      • Tammie

        Actually for the most part they are vert pigmented just not this one. It did last all day (as do the others) over primer. Either ELF or Urban Decay if I want sparkle (I only have Sin and Greed).

  6. Heidi S.

    Very cute! It kinda reminds me of a palette Hard Candy had years ago when it was at Ulta and Sephora.

  7. Destiny

    I am so in love with the Wet ‘N Wild palettes right now. The pigmentation is really amazing for a drug store brand. I have the Vanity palette which I am seriously in love with right now. Cheap w/ an amazing quality, can’t beat that!

  8. Mo

    I don’t have this one either but WnW has stepped up their game BIG TIME as of late.

  9. wet n wild please come to europe

  10. Mayra

    This one is my favorite wet ‘n’ wild palette.. If u don’t have it a recommend u to get it :)

  11. i got this palette a while ago mostly because of the pink (it’s so pretty!)it goes on so smoothly and i tend to use it nearly everyday.

  12. rochelle

    i actually have this palette and i really like it, but i’m not much of a fan of the frosty white though!

  13. I have this! :) I really like it

  14. Yvonne

    Agh! Another one I’ll have to pick up! I own almost all of the Wet n’ Wild palettes, and the only one I’m disappointed in is Cool as a Cucumber. I can’t wait until their summer palettes finally get to my local drug stores!

  15. Mariella

    I’ve got several WnW trios and quads that I really like, but this one is just not “my” colours, I don’t think (the pink is just too pink!). I really love Silent Treatment and Walking on Eggshells, which I think is my favourite (I got a 2nd one to keep in my gym bag for a quick look after the gym). Christine, are you planning to review Walking on Eggshells any time soon?

  16. Claudia

    I mean $2.99 for 3 gorgeous colors. I’m so getting this :)

  17. These were my wedding colors! Very cute combination, and for the price? Wow!

  18. Devi

    Was that picture of the swatches taken with or without flash? Gah, I really want to get this, it seems you get more than your money’s worth here, but if it’s too sheen or frosty looking, then I wouldn’t want to spend even such a small amount on it. Also, how long did this last on your eye before it started creasing?

    • With flash, though I bounce and diffuse the flash.

    • Quinctia

      While there aren’t any with this exact combination of colors (unfortunately), if you’re not fond of going entirely shimmery, the W&W 6-pan palettes seem to be about half-and-half mattes and shinies.

    • Jane

      Hi, these lean on the frosty side for me but still wearable for daytime/work. The browbone color kills me though, it’s too frosty for me to use as a highlight so it ends up as a lid color too lol. I wish they replace it with a matte one instead. I use it on the inner third or on top of a matte shadow once I’m done with my eye makeup.

    • Devi

      Thank you guys for all the answers/advice! It means much. I bought two of these trios (Walking on Eggshells and Knock on Wood) today when I was at Rite Aid, and the Walking on Eggshells one is similar to this, except it isn’t as frosty, and the brow bone color is a warmish sort of off-white. It also has a brown crease color and pinkish lid color, so it worked out. Thank you guys again. :)

  19. JC

    omg! i saw this today too and thought about buying it… i’m so sad i didn’t now.

  20. Mayra

    i love this wet ‘n’ wild trio eyeshadow is my favorite.. if u dont have it a recommend to everyone :)

  21. Catherine

    I bought this trio a month or so ago, and i use it almost everytime i wear eyeshadow for daytime, and it’s great at night too with eyeliner. This was my first trio of theirs and i definitely was not disappointed! I just hope the other ones i want are as nice

  22. Futuralon

    I do agree that these colors fade when you try to blend them especially without primer. I find with (cheapo Jordana primer) these shadows last all day with slight fading after 6h, not a problem for daytime looks. Total win WnW

  23. wool

    hi, why dont you have review and swatches of e.l.f. cosmetics? many of them are dupes of branded cosmetics and come up with good quality as well

    • E.L.F. has used Temptalia images without permission or credit. They did so once in their newsletter, which made it look like what I used on my eye was E.L.F. products when they were not – but more importantly, no credit or permission was sought. They did this again, at least twice, on their website. I won’t support a brand that can’t even respect my copyright.

      I have used only some of their products, but I haven’t found any that had any longevity – but I haven’t tried the whole line or anything! I had planned to do several reviews and then I discovered they had stolen images yet again, and they never responded when I notified them of the issue.

      • How incredibly unprofessional of an established cosmetics company..

        • Agreed. I have no idea what the brand’s revenue/profit is, but I think they can take the time and expense of buying some stock photos (I’ve bought them myself – for their purposes, it would be $3-10 per image – not much for a commercial retailer, I’d say).

          • mumtaza

            Yes!!! Wtf! They also sent me ad campaigns via email that I could swear had stolen images from magazines in them. One of them was titled “Split!” And featured Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony’s divorce. I was like, “that’s your color story? A divorce?” I am not a huge J-Lo or Marc Anthony devotee, but I am a raving fan of human dignity and decency and using a divorce to sell makeup really stuck In my craw. Not to mention what a trashy non sequitur it was. I haven’t ordered anything. It was like I didn’t trust the company as far as I could throw them.

      • be

        I smell a lawsuit…rubs hands.

  24. ellebelle

    Christine, you’re reviews for the other WnW shadows prompted me to check them out next time I was at the drugstore….when I saw this oen I just couldn’t pass it up and I LOVE IT!

  25. Angela

    i love pinks and browns together; very pretty. i will have to try this combo with what i have in my collection already. if anyone has the too faced eyeshadow insurance policy palette, it could work along w/ a highligther. looking forward to you doing a look w/ this trio, christine :) btw, might you do any summer teal looks soon?

    • Angela

      i just realized how many teal looks you have up, sorry lol!! i always welcome more; they are becoming one of my fav looks, especially for summer.

  26. Shi

    So I totalllllly went and bought this trio at Walgreen’s after I saw your review and I am not at all disappointed!

    Christine, you seem to be open to reviewing WnW products, may I recommend a favorite of mine from the line for the next time you visit a drugstore? It’s their Arch Envy Brow Pencil. Unfortunately it only comes in two colors, but I think Brunette would be okay on you!

  27. Monique

    I like this one because it is something that I can wear to work everyday, and I use it just about everyday, it’s small and was so worth what I paid.

  28. Reminds me of the new pallette urban decay jus realeased! :)

  29. roxie

    where to buy this lovely palette?

  30. This is soo pretty i have been into light soft pink eyeshadows for the lid and this is a would be a good edition in my collection getting it tmrww!! thanks christina for all the hard work off swatches and reviews you do :)

  31. keistrel

    I absolutely love this trio, especially the brown color!! Do you know of any dupes of that color, like a MAC one?