Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

Wet 'n' Wild Eyeliner
Cobalt Blue, Antique Amethyst, Gold Pewter; Denim Chrome

Quick Reviews: Wet ‘n’ Wild MegaChrome & H2o Proof Eyeliners

Wet ‘n’ Wild MegaChrome Eyeliners ($2.99 for 0.04 oz.) and Wet ‘n’ Wild H2O Proof Eye Pencil ($2.99 for 0.03 oz.) were both products that did not work for me. Both formulas smudged terribly on me after less than an hour of wear–since they gave me raccoon eyes so quickly, I went through all four in a day, but nothing lasted for more than an hour. All four pencils were also a bit hard; I would definitely recommend wearing down the tip on the back of your hand before using them, but they’re still not overly soft, so they can tug a bit.

Pigmentation was also problematic; it was decent in the MegaChrome Eyeliners but dismal in the H2O Proof Eye Pencil. They tend to apply patchy and need another pass or two (or three…) to get the right color intensity and evenness. For a waterproof formula, Denim Chrome couldn’t even last long enough to make it to a water test!

  • Cobalt Blue is a blackened navy blue.
  • Antique Amethyst is a blackened plum purple.
  • Gold Pewter is a true yellow gold with a soft metallic finish.
  • Denim Chrome is a medium-dark blue with silver glitter.

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  • Product: 13/30
  • Value: 8/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

RECOMMENDATION: There are better eyeliners on the market, both high-end and budget-friendly, so there is no need to settle on these.


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Wet 'n' Wild Eyeliner
Cobalt Blue, Antique Amethyst, Gold Pewter; Denim Chrome

Wet 'n' Wild Eyeliner
Cobalt Blue, Antique Amethyst, Gold Pewter; Denim Chrome

Wet 'n' Wild Eyeliner
Cobalt Blue, Antique Amethyst, Gold Pewter; Denim Chrome

Wet 'n' Wild Eyeliner
Cobalt Blue, Antique Amethyst, Gold Pewter

Wet 'n' Wild Eyeliner
Denim Chrome

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Where can I purchase Wet 'n' Wild Liner? How much is it?

Local drugstores, $2.99.

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34 thoughts on “Wet ‘n’ Wild MegaChrome & H2o Proof Eyeliners Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Cindy

    these are great.. you dont like them just because they are cheap

    • Hey Cindy,

      If they work for you, that’s great! These didn’t work for me, and I don’t give out grades based on cheap or expensive a product is. I’ve given high-end eyeliners low grades, just as I’ve given more affordable eyeliners As. I recommend reading through my eyeliner reviews, because off the top of my head, I remember giving high marks to L’Oreal HIP, L’Oreal, and Milani–and not because they’re cheap, but because the product is high quality and deserves a high rating. I believe that a product should be good no matter the price, because you should never waste your money, whether it’s $1, 5, or 50.

    • Jena

      I just love people who get on their high horse and think everyone else is a snob.

  2. Katie

    Their best product is their Mega Eyes Creme Eyeliner. Packaging’s not great, but it’s about $3.99, tons of product, totally budgeproof (to the point where it can be hard to take off), and super pigmented black and purple.

    • Yes, that’s definitely a better product :) This review and rating is just for the products featured here and isn’t a reflection on the rest of the brand’s products!

  3. April

    Thanks so much for reviewing all ranges of cosmetics, be it high-end or drugstore. I am a mother of 2 small children and I attend school full-time, all while living off of one income (pretty small one too lol). Having said that, I would rather spend my limited funds on one great eyeliner that does what it claims to instead of wasting my money on several ones that didn’t work. It isn’t a matter of cheap or expensive, it’s a matter of quality. Anyways, I just wanted to say thank you for providing a guide:)

    • So true! :) Wouldn’t want you to waste money–period! L’Oreal, L’Oreal HIP, and Milani all make excellent eyeliners if you’re in the market for one!

    • I wish I could thumbs up this comment. LOL Somex ISO dupes, I end up spending more $ than I would have if I’d bought the higher end item.
      I usually set my less expensive e/l w/ shadow, so they work for me. But I appreciate Christine’s taking the time to review a broad range of prods. :O)

      • Isn’t that the worst?

        When you go around trying to find something better that’s cheaper than that great high-end (but too pricey) item… and you realize you spent more money trying to find a dupe than if you had just bought the original flat out!

  4. Stevie

    I am a longtime lurker and wanted to say one thing: Don’t let the haters who think you only appreciate luxe products get you down! They clearly haven’t read your other reviews of budget-friendly makeup options where good grades were received. I love reading your blog and ALL of your reviews. Keep it up!

  5. well that sucks for it’s smudgyness fail :( That gold looked promising at first.
    Oh wellz :)

  6. AnGeLwInGz

    What a waste of such pretty colors! It’s a shame Wet n’ Wild hasn’t improved much on their eyeliners. I’ve always found them to be a bit on the hard side. I used these guys when I was still on a $5/week allowance. Constant application on the waterline (like every 20 minutes, didn’t know any better back then) I think somewhat contributed to me being almost legally blind today.

  7. Tania

    I used to own wet n’ Wild pencils in high school and hated them, which really made me feel apathetic about make up. They are hard and heating them with a lighter is a BAD idea!
    Too bad they haven’t improved, they are getting left behind by all the other drugstore brands.

    • They really have improved though- overall, that is. The Color Icon Shadow palettes are awesome and have dupes for MAC shades. If you google those you’ll see there’s lots of bloggers raving about them. Their lipsticks, polishes and cream liners are all popular as well. They have a few duds like these particular eye liner pencils but they have some hidden gems too. I think they’ve come a long way since I tried their makeup when I was in middle school.

  8. Love Peace and Mac

    Too bad, cobalt blue is gorgeous

  9. Svetlana

    WnW products just don’t look appealing to me.

  10. Michelle

    I like alot of WnW cosmetics, but have had bad luck with their pencil liners. I have “bulletproof” eyes (never really get irritated) and these make my eyes hurt just looking at them. I don’t know what it is about them but they are instantly irritating on me.

  11. Polly

    Their texture on your swatch looks like they should be eyebrow pencils more than eyeliners!

    So pretty colors, though.

  12. Just a tip for anyone looking for an affordable brow pencil- I use one of the Color Icon pencils on my brows and it works really well. The dark brown shade looks pretty natural. You can blend it without it looking smoky like some liners will when you try to use them on brows. It’s long lasting too.

  13. JoElla

    Too bad these do not work, the Antique Amethyst is beautiful.

  14. Kate

    Oh well… their .99 eyeliners are still my standby!

  15. sam

    it’s a shame they’re so bad since they’re such beautiful colors! i appreciate your honest review. i love low end and high end make up so i’m always on the look out for good things in each category.. i probably would’ve picked these up on a whim if i hadn’t read this and been disappointed!

  16. cyra

    these don’t look too good, but I love their other products! Their eyeshadows and even their 99 cent eyeliners are absolutely amazing! I also love their nailpolishes, lipsticks, creme shadow pencils, and creme liners. You should review some of those :)

  17. Maria

    Um, from the look of the swatches the color payoff seems to be pretty good. So I’m wondering why this only gets a 13/30?

  18. stevia

    The coloricon options regarding pencils, I think work nicely. I reach for them, more than my fluidlines. I’m weird, I guess? I must admit, My wallet is terrified to try the UrbanDecay 24-7 pencils!!! haha holiday collection… here I come! 😉