Thursday, May 10th, 2012

Welcome to the Latest Temptalia!

As you can probably tell (and if you can’t, do a hard refresh the page), things look just a little bit different here at Temptalia.   We hope you like the new look and feel!  Many of the decisions we made regarding the layout were designed to make the site more lightweight, load faster (both on regular computers but also for mobile users), and streamline our content and features as the site is unwieldy content-wise (12,000 posts!).  Enjoy! :)

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138 thoughts on “Welcome to the Latest Temptalia!


    I miss the cherry blossoms  

  2. Cat G

    I think it’s okay. I could do with less white, it strains and tires my eyes almost immediately, especially black text on white. I don’t mind a minimalistic approach. I get how this new look could help with loading and I’m sure you took a lot into account. A splash more of color would be nice though, but that’s just my opinion. I will miss the Cherry Blossoms, it gave your site such a happy feel.

    • Haethre

       @Cat G I agree with Cat G.  Also, the site took like 2 seconds to load on my computer.  Is two seconds really going to deter people from visiting this site?  It obviously didn’t keep any of us away before, but I am probably less likely to come to this site now that it looks like Sephora or a similarly stark *company’s* site rather than an individual’s personal review site.  It depends on whether you’d like to have a personalized, “happy feel” of a clean, sophisticated, industrial feel.

      • Riana

         @Haethre I was JUST thinking that this update ironically now makes this blog look exactly like the new Sephora website after their update.

  3. Marisa

    I love it! Looks very sophisticated.

  4. SophiaK

    i’m sure i will get use to it but it does not have any color…..seriously i can’t really see were one post ends and the other begins while scrolling down fast… :(

  5. Naomi

    I definitely prefer this new layout :)

  6. Sarah

    I feel like I may be the only person who HATES the new commenting system. :(

  7. I actually like the layout. It’s clean, it’s simple, it’s functional. I’m going to have a look-see on my iPod later to see how the mobile version looks. :)

  8. sanguine13

    I love how clean and easy to navigate the new layout is, and it definitely loads much faster now! I agree with some of the other commenters though that it could use a touch more colour – perhaps instead of the background being grey, it could be blue/pink/yellow/colour of your choice? At the moment the background looks a bit like a cement wall. 

  9. Belen

    Awesome improvement! Yay!

  10. kim

    i love it, christine.  very neat, clean and easy on the eyes.  so far, it’s perfect.

  11. Leila

    I think the new streamlined changes are good for the site, even though I do miss the old designs, but my main complaint is the colour. It seems so clinical and sterile, not something I associate with makeup and beauty. I think the background should be changed, it doesn’t need to be graphic-based (although it is nice, I understand why you’re not using it), a colour change would be enough; a deeper, colour would be more warming and welcoming.
    Also, one other thing, the grey-white is quite bright and harsh on the eyes (nothing to do with monitor settings, just a general observation). When it comes to computer monitors, I usually find darker backgrounds are easier on the eyes, causing less strain.
    Overall, this cleaner look is nice, it’s just the colouring that is a problem. It’s nice to know you think so cafefully about what we want before making changes to the site! Thank you.

  12. KK

    I like the streamlined new look and it loads much faster for me on both my laptop and iPhone.  Nice work!

  13. Haethre

    My biggest pet-peeve beyond the starkness are the multiple headings for everything.  For example, “Free for Haul Friday” in Black & White, then below it “Free for Haul Friday” in the old format, and then “Welcome to Free for Haul Friday!” 
    If you are trying to load the site faster and trying to be sleeker, multiple headings do not accomplish this.

  14. Meredith

    I really like this layout. It’s clean, looks professional, and loads quickly on my computer & on my phone. Nice work :)
    I think a blog with your quality content and professional tone should have a grown-up site design to match, and this is an improvement. If people want like pink flowers and sparkles they can customize their tumblrs or something.

  15. Emme

    Wow, only just noticed something else. When I use your search function, the first result I get is a large google sponsered advert offering me what I just searchd for from different websites. I really, really, REALLY don’t like this! :,(
    With the new design it definitely seams like the ads are completely taking over, especially since they are now the only pictures, and the site looks commercially run, not like a private blog at all.

  16. Lirael

    I like the new layout and I liked the old layout too!
    Undoubtedly this does load faster which is great for my mobile. 
    As several people have said before, I prefer coloured backgrounds as its easier to read. It would also seem to me to be more in keeping with the Temptalia theme to have a pinkish background but it’s your website you can do what ever you like with it :)
    On a side note I find the new commenting system confusing  – often when I look at threads on the main page it says there are ‘0 comments’ but when I view the actual post there are comments afterwards.
    Overall though, I like :)

    • Devi

      What I find is that you have to wait until the main page has completely loaded until it tells you how many comments there are. Once the main page is loaded, all of the “0’s” change to the appropriate amount of comments for each post. Maybe’s that just my browser though. o.o

  17. Ivy

    I tried to give this new look a chance but unfortunately it’s hard on my eyes. I don’t know if it’s the background color, font style and sizes, font colors, or a combination, but it hurts my eyes to look at it too long. There are many mostly white blogs out there (I have one) that do not have this kind of effect on me, so I really don’t know what it is.
    And while I like a minimalist style, there’s something about the font colors that detracts from it. The bright colors don’t seem to work anymore. I see some people saying it looks more professional but to me it’s the opposite. It looks and feels a lot like a beginner’s blog. I appreciate that you wanted to update the blog (I really do), but I don’t think this is working.

  18. Vanessa

    Mobile version isn’t working at all – some page shows up with the title “Great Sucess! Apache is working on your cPanel and WHM Server” and under “Attention” I should direct my problem to the administrator of the website.

  19. Love Ann

    I’ve definitely noticed a fabulous speed difference for sure. Look is definitely cleaner. Keep up the good work!!!

  20. Ashley

    I think it’s infinitely better than the previous ones. While loading time wasn’t a huge concern for me and the look of the website did not deter me from browsing, I remember reading some discussions on another site about how the layout was always too busy, and I totally agree. That was more distracting than anything else. But out of the changes there are a few things that could be altered or addressed.1) The white background of the main column, it doesn’t pose any issue for me but it does feel like there’s a bit too much contrast. Perhaps an off-white would be better and would add more softness overall.2) I feel like, as with the white, the black is a bit too hard. I find that the dark grey bars look much softer but still clearly defined, so perhaps keeping that shade and then using a grey that is either a few shades darker or lighter (depending on what seems to pop/look best) would look nicer.3) The blue text/links seems a bit too bright now with the colours used. I think that deepening it slightly, or perhaps using a slightly warmer colour, would look a bit nicer. Actually I don’t mind it too much on the sidebar, but the use of it in the links just looks off to me.4) The headers don’t look as clear. I think it’s because there are borders around both the top and bottom, so they kind of just look like they are between the posts as opposed to defining each post. It also seems, like someone else pointed out, that there’s header overkill. It does look like there’s 2-3 headers per post. I’d say either get rid of the first (black) header or get rid of the pink header. Maybe replace the black header font colour with that of the pink, as it would be easier to spot the new post that way as well. I don’t think the pictures of products need to be labelled underneath either, at least not for the intro picture. Otherwise I like everything else. I actually really like the textured background, it’s a nice medium between having a solid coloured background and a large background image. 

  21. ok, after trying this out for a few days I decided to give my 2 cents. I came to the conclusion that I definitely don’t like the new layout. I tried to adapt, I did! But it’s just… Like other people said, the lack of color makes it somewhat uninviting. Plus, like another reader pointed out, I can’t see where one post ends and another begins. I think it’s more confusing than it was before. And there are other smaller things, for example, before when I wanted to see reviews by rating, I could choose the rating (A, B, whatever) without leaving the main page, now it takes me to another page, then I select the rating, then it goes to even another page… it ends up taking more time to load. I just think that the navegation was more fuss-free before…


    I got to say it feels a lot like and I know u guys can come up with better than this a hybrid of sorts. the white really hurts my eyes. need some color to break it up. is simple easy to load and colorful. Maybe something along thos lines.

  23. AlexandraAveiro

    Hi Christine! After surfing this new Temptalia for a few days, I decided to give my 2 cents too. But first of all, I really do hope that you don’t equate people who doesn’t like the new layout who is just giving their input and “haters” like some comments I have read. In my POV, there is a strict line of constructive criticism and “hater comment”. Now for my 2 cents:
    1. I actually really like the streamlined and simple layout! But like others have pointed out, the lack of color (background color in my opinion) make the site seems cold and it kinda hurts my eyes. Usually I feel so welcomed in Temptalia. Maybe change the color scheme and/or background color?
    2. It does look more professional, but professional doesn’t have to be cold and hurting the eyes.
    Overall, I concluded that the main problem is the color scheme. That’s all for my 2 cents! Thanks for all your work and listening to us, Christine :)

  24. I feel like the only one, but I ADORE this design: clean, minimalist, easy on the eyes. I love the new fonts too, very classy. You did a great job! xx Renee