Thursday, May 10th, 2012

Welcome to the Latest Temptalia!

As you can probably tell (and if you can’t, do a hard refresh the page), things look just a little bit different here at Temptalia.   We hope you like the new look and feel!  Many of the decisions we made regarding the layout were designed to make the site more lightweight, load faster (both on regular computers but also for mobile users), and streamline our content and features as the site is unwieldy content-wise (12,000 posts!).  Enjoy! :)

If you spot any issues or have feedback, please email shaun[at] with a description of the problem, link to the page you spotted it on, and if you’re able to, provide a screen shot along with what type of device (Apple, PC, mobile, iPad, etc.) and browser you were using.

Discussion and debate are highly encouraged, and we expect community members to participate respectfully. When asking a question, please check the FAQ section (above) for information about purchasing, price, dupes, and the like. If you have general feedback or need technical support, please contact us.

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138 thoughts on “Welcome to the Latest Temptalia!

  1. Oh wow, that’s a BIG CHANGE! I like it a lot, it’s much cleaner and simpler, which is always my preference. 

  2. EstherKudron

    ooh, I like! 😀

  3. The new look is sooo much cleaner. Thumbs up!

  4. fabiola

    No matter how it looks, I always follow temptalia. I am a loyal reader Christine. It looks neat, like a pro. Congratulations.

  5. michelle

    i like this! it looks so much more professional! kudos to you and shaun!

  6. FiaSpice

    I like it a lot. Thumb up!

  7. Kafka

    It looks very, very professional but I really miss the blue banner and flowers. It reminded me of Fragonard & some of his paintings. The grey squares of the new background are a teensy, weensy bit sterile for me but, all in all, it’s very clean cut and definitely very professional looking.  

  8. Oh my god I love it!! *flails* 

  9. Amanda

    Looks great. Professional and modern :)

  10. Wow Christine, this is a huge change! I really like it, it’s clean and it’s nice. I have to admit though, I really liked the flowers of your previous lay-out, but this is just very different in a good way!

  11. properlybright

    i personally don’t like it and for a makeup blog it’s very plain…but i’ll always follow temptalia no matter what. i love you guys no matter how much you change the look of the site!

  12. Amy

    Aw, well I must say I find it a bit too uniform. With spring coming, I thought the cheerfulness and the flowers were well suited. This is more of a winter theme I feel. I don’t see what would make it more professional, your layouts have always been beautiful and professional with color and everything already..

  13. Melody

    Change is always nice, but I do miss the color a bit.  Maybe a white bg is better for looking at swatches but idk. 

  14. Lumi

    Wow, I looked up an old blog post and didn’t recognize Temptalia at first!! Almost thought I went to the wrong site, haha.
    The new layout is very nice and clean-looking too. Sleek. :DDDD

  15. Like the others, I think the new look is very professional. I do feel it loses a little personality and looks a little more generic, but nothing major as the iconic (to me and plenty of others!) Temptalia logo is still there. I keep coming back because of content and you ALWAYS deliver the best. Keep up the good work Christine (and Shaun of course)!

  16. Steph

    Very clean, but I’m not a huge fan. Nonetheless, I will still visit Temptalia. 

  17. As a bit of a nut for clean, minimal looks, I really like what you’ve done with the place. Obviously, things have moved around a bit, but it took me all of about 6 secs to figure out where to find everything. Congrats to Christine + Shaun, you’ve done a very nice job.

  18. Li

    Big change.. Idk, love the professional look but needs more color. I’m missing the cherry blossoms.

  19. AmyHe

    I do like the new formatting but the colorings and such are too bland and professional :( reminds me of a cold office building. PLEASE keep the blue+flowers background, it always made me smile when I clicked your link :)

    • Kafka

       @AmyHe  It always made me smile or cheered me up too. And “cold office building” is exactly what I didn’t dare say.

  20. I really miss the banners and the flowers.. I mean, temptalia for me has always been this seriously iconic review site – Christine, along with Brittany from Clumps of Mascara and Karen from Makeup and Beauty Blog are my three beauty review heroes.. and for me, the banner and the flowers were the site’s trademark 😛 but maybe change is good? eh, what do i know.

    • I dont like the change.  That old look was unique.  It was “YOU” Christine.  It set you apart.  I understand you want to make it easier for your readers to get access, etc., but that was “you”.  Now your page looks like any other page.  I know you are a sensitive person.  In no way am I being harsh to you.  But that I why I read your blog daily several times a day because of its uniqueness.  Now the page looks like any other templates I get from other sites.  The look is a combination of “advertising, blandness, and boring”.  You cannot please everyone.  It is your page.  Do what you like to make you happy.  These are just my opinions.  If you bring back that logo of yours, it would be much much better.

  21. I like it, but I think it needs a little more pop of colour. 
    A light pink background or something. 

  22. I love simple and embrace the new clean streamlined look!

  23. Thanks for all of your feedback – we definitely listen to everything you say (and what you don’t say), both before and after we implement a new layout.  Every design, including this one, is the result of numerous feedback, suggestions, and the like.  Both Shaun and I will continue to listen and consider your feedback and look for ways to improve the site. Thanks for your support!

  24. Silkilini

    Temptalia and the cherry blossoms were the “perfect duo”   Sweet, femenine, colorful and original…..
    Sorry to say but if it is not broken…dont fix it

  25. Silkilini

    Ay no Christine…. si no estaba roto, para que componerlo?  Temptalia y las flores de cerezo eran la combinación perfecta.  Ahora esta página se ve igual al millón de otras páginas aburridas que plagan el internet. 

  26. fufsy

    It’s difficult to read…the font hurts my eyes.

  27. I love it Christine, can see all your great swatches with even more clarity now and everything is where I’d expect to find it navigationally. Those grey squares remind me of maths class though! *shudders*

  28. dearambellina0

    It’s very bland. Really not a fan. Sorry!

  29. Laurence.

    I like the design but its difficult to read because its so white..not a fan :( 

  30. michou83

    Love how clean this layout is!  Really puts more attention to the pics, reviews, etc and less on the background.  Love love LOVE it!

  31. ImNotAnAddict

    I really like the new format!  It puts more focus on the photos (which are always terrific by the way!)  It is easier to read too since there are not so many graphics going on! 

  32. CocoN

    I liked the old one much better.  I dislike the lack of images and the monochromaticness.  Design-wise and coding-wise it’s gorgeous and practical, but not for a makeup blog.  It’s very impersonal and bland.  At first glance, without reading anything, it doesn’t look like a makeup site.  The new background is nice, but I really liked the pictures above the Foundation Matrix and Swatch Gallery.

  33. BERE

    I don´t like the new temptalia :´(

  34. Lindsay

    I can appreciate what you were going for but this feels so bland. The adds have taken over and I can barely find the buttons on the homepage. 

  35. BERE

    I like the old format better

  36. Brittany

    I don’t like change!

  37. MyNameIsAshley_

    Don’t listen to those haters! I love the new layout! I’m sure it took a lot of time and decision making to figure out what you wanted to do next! Love it!

  38. Alex16

    I miss the old page. This new one feels impersonal, cold, and generally unengaging. I think that maybe you were going for more of a sleek look, but I really don’t see this being compatible with your content. Cute stories about your dog and photos of bright makeup looks will not fit in with the new design imo. I appreciate the effort that you put into this, but I figured that you might appreciate this feedback.

  39. Sharlie Gugel

    I love the new look Christine!! My iPhone is super slow and this new format loaded so quick!! Awesomeness!!

  40. Jenn

    The new fonts and updates to the way the page is organized are right on point but the plain background leaves something to be desired. The giant gray lump of space under the last ad on the right sidebar doesn’t help.

  41. Tina

    Too bright, it hurts my eyes

  42. Yumi

    I’m a sucker for minimalism so I love it! And it loads so much faster for me compared to the old one!

  43. Tigress

    I definitely prefer the old layout.

  44. Danielle

    i like it!!! very clean and chic

  45. MaggieGrove

    There are some things I like about it – it does load much faster, and it’s very crisp.  But I agree with others that it’s awfully bland.  A little more color would be nice (I do miss the cherry blossoms).  Right now it kind of looks like it might be a blog for Kinko’s 😛  On the readability front, the post headings are HUGE (especially the longer ones like “What luxury lipstick would you recommend to someone looking to splurge?”  On a smaller screen like mine (13″ MacBook) the header takes up half the page, its very unwieldy and hard to read.  Also, the content bar seems a bit too narrow compared to the sidebar, which also makes it hard to read.  And the “related posts” section is enormous.  Basically, everything is too big except for the actual content, which should be the focus.  Can I also mention how much I *hate* livefyre for comments?

  46. Anya1976

    like this so much better, I don’t have a fancy computer so your site used to take forever to load

  47. f0rtunefaded

    i don’t like it

  48. KateandZena

    It’s so……white. While on one hand, I like it; on the other, I wish there were something to distinguish Temptalia from ALL the other sites that have gone the minimalist way like the cherry blossoms with the branches (which has been in nearly all of your other spreads) spreading across the top of the page after the “a” in “Temptalia” and swirling around the “Google” search box.  That’s just me though!

  49. JaclynAngela

    The new design is great, so clean and refreshing! I especially enjoy the drop down menu style for the “features, “looks”, “tutorials”, etc. buttons

  50. berry

    It;s nice and minimalistic and I do like how it turned out, good job! It loads faster and looks so neat :) The only thing that slightly bothers me is the background – I don’t know if it is the squares or it is too light but I think I can get used to it :) Congratulations!

  51. Maureen

    I love it… it looks so legit.  Reminds me of the new Sephora layout.

  52. _Bedelia_

    Awww, sooo pretty!!!! 😀 😀

  53. you and shaun are the best … this is so good 😀 and earlier one was also sooo pretty  😀 thank you for asking us … but what matters is – your honest reviews and your cheerful face which is same as always .. even if i see 4 yr old post i smile looking at your wide smile and beautiful eyes 😀 😀

  54. KristianaJanelleMcNeil

    I LOVE how much faster it loads for me and it’s very neat and organized, but like a lot of others, it’s a little bright for me.  Maybe a simple color scheme change would fix that, though. (It might also help those who feel it’s a little impersonal.)

  55. laiagmartin

    I like the fact it has become more simple, but as others, I feel there are big lumps of empty space that could be filled (the ads appear a bit “here and there”) and I think a pop of color in the background would be appropiate, even if it’s just a hint of it. On the other side, I like the use of color on the titles and the typography is really nice!

  56. Emme

    I’m sorry, but I don’t like this at all. :(
    I miss the pictures and the flowers. I feel like I’m at the doctor’s office or the pharmacy, it’s all clinically white and sterile. Make up is supposed to be fun, but this site looks extremely conservative now. :(

  57. I really like the new lay-out. It looks really simple and sleek. 

  58. I’m sorry but I don’t like it at all. I liked the pink and the cherry blossoms. This one feels too “official” and boring and I specifically hate the big square font in the post titles. Obviously it’s your blog and your decision, but to me it just seems very impersonal now and more of a commercial website than someone’s personal blog, but having said that Temptalia has long changed from a personal blog to a commercial site, so I guess it fits.

  59. Jennifer

    I really don’t like it, sorry. Too bland, boring and the adverts are in you face now. I don’t like the fonts used either and I miss the photos and colour.

  60. Wow, really a nice change!!! It looks much more professional now, in my opinion ;).

  61. Mariella

    Oh dear, oh dear….I just woke up and I read this too quickly – I thought it said “Welcome to the LAST Temptalia” and I started to panic!  I do find the page looks a bit “stark” – lots of white space and a bit “glaring” but nothing I can’t get used to.

  62. Haethre

    I like the sleek look but miss your cherry blossom, fun background.  Will you maintain this motif in some way?  It seems like your trademark and is a shame to give it up.  Maybe the sleekness can be maintained but add some of that spunk and personalization back into it.  People who love makeup like beautiful pages, too! :)

  63. Galuchka

    Christine I love you, but this site feels now like some generic beauty advice site – the old design had more personality, and I didnt mind the slower loading time. Of course this is your site – and by all means you and only you decide on how it looks, but I really loved the cheerful colors, maybe the layout is not the problem for me as much as all this gray.
    Again love you and really appreciate your work!

  64. Tessa

    I am not a fan. I think it’s too white, it is kinda tiring to read the text now, and it seems so unpersonal. I liked the background you had before, with the flowers. That was very cute. ♥

  65. wenjing

    both are fine. if your new version runs faster and quicker, then fine!

  66. Alison Cole

    Loving the new layout, Temptalia! Your site is DEFINITELY loading much faster for me. 

  67. Rachel

    I *love* the new look! Yes, it’s much more minimalist, but I think that’s a good thing; the new website appears easier to navigate.

  68. randomname000

    I like the design! It’s cleaner and more mature imo!
    The people who complain now will probably get used to it in a second, there’ll always be people complaining when a site changes its layout or something.

  69. J

    I think it’s great – I can’t tell you how many times I’ve pulled up the foundation matrix or the dupe list on my phone so this will make it easier! Thanks!

  70. virginie

    Much better! I was waiting for that….

  71. smelleh

    I think I like this version more, though admittedly I am a sucker for sans serif fonts so in a sense i miss that! 

  72. Maribeth

    Thank Goodness!  The old format took too long to load.  Yay! 

  73. Macaddict

    Miss the old format too!  Too “white” and looks like millions of other impersonal blogs out there.  Yours was different and made a statement.  Maybe there is a way to keep it streamlined and more colorful and joyous than this?

  74. Nikki

    I feel like any BEGINNER blog could have this layout. It feels like you just chose a pre-made layout rather than design it yourself (even though I already know you made it yourself, it just looks pre-made by someone else). Your old background was more of your trademark, it looked like a lot of effort was put into it and it was always fun and relaxing to come on Temptalia after a hard day and just focus on makeup. I do agree that this layout is very cold and….. not fun. The only plus is that the page loads faster. This layout just feels like something I’ve seen a thousand times, whereas the old layout was something fresh and different. 

  75. Um, wow.
    This feels a bit like a web design blog, or a news blog, now. My eyes go right to the ads, and the body of your blog post feels cramped and crammed. This random floating “Like” bar on the side, stalking me, is a little annoying.
    I get what you’re trying to do… But I don’t like it =(

  76. Although the new format is nice, I much prefer the old layout.

  77. Snakes in the basket

    Love the new lay-out!

  78. Rebecca

    I really like the plaid texture of the background, it’s what loads initially, but then it is instantly covered by an ad (Schick Hydrosilk) that takes up both sides and the header. It makes me notice the ad more than the site which I don’t like. I agree the white is a bit harsh to read from, maybe you could bring back a pale pink or blue to allude to the former site! I think the blue that ‘makeup launches’ and ‘drugstore reviews’ are in would look nice. I also miss the flowers, but I think you could bring them back subtlety? Like next to the category headings?

  79. Marie

    It’s simple, easy to navigate, clear. I like it. :)
    The only thing I’d prefer though is a little more color. I liked the flowers in the top of the page in the previous layout. I guess this disappeared for the page to load faster, but I wouldn’t mind seeing a couple of flowers again. 😉

  80. ssstaysss

    I love it, it’s very clean and loads so much faster.  Great job!

  81. Lisa

    Maybe you could at least make the plaid in the background a light pink instead of gray? It’s all so bland now, and I actually find it harder to differentiate between posts on the main page

  82. Francesca

    Not sure how I feel about new site. But one thing  I can say is the LIGHT BLUE FONT  used as links is impossibly  hard to read. Could it be made darker?

    • t_violet

      Yeah, that’s my biggest issue.  Maybe if it was a darker blue but it’s just too light against the grey background.
      I do appreciate that the site loads faster but it is kinda blah now.  Too much grey and it’s just not pretty.

  83. Gina

    Not a huge fan of the colors, but that’s not a huge deal. But I LOVE that it’s loading so much faster now! Sometimes as I scrolled down on the old Temptalia, the page would lag a bit, but that’s no longer a problem! And posts in general are definitely loading faster, too. Yay!

  84. Christina

    Hi Christine,
    I like that the site loads faster and that it’s cleaner looking but I agree with others in that it’s a bit too stark with a lot of empty space.  Perhaps adding just a tiny bit of colour or a small graphic (on the left maybe) might make the page easier on the eyes.  It’s a cleaner look overall, but I feel like it’s a little bit like reading a newspaper–all black and white.  

  85. mpca66

    Looks great! I like the simplicity of the page ~ and yes, it loads much faster :-)

  86. merenguehips

    Love it!  The other was nice, but took far too long to load.  Much better now, much easier on the eyes, loads quickly, and not so pink (but I’m partial to anything blue).  Thanks for thinking of those of us with dinosaur computers!

  87. Raquel

    Love it, feels fresh, sleek and contemporary! 

  88. Mary

    I don’t care for this design at all.  Sorry!  It looks like so many other blogs out there.  The font is hard to read and it’s just really bland.  I also don’t like how the content is just a small portion of the screen with so much wasted space on the sides.  It just seems like so much scrolling.  I miss the cherry blossoms too.  I thought I had pulled up a wrong webpage.  :(

    • Just FYI, the content area is the same size (give or take a few of pixels–I don’t know the exact width of either the old or the new, but my images are 550px and the content pane is designed to accommodate that) as it was before. Please keep in mind that not everyone has a really large monitor – so we design with the idea that the layout should be about 90% viewable on a 1024×768 resolution. 

  89. vitajayne

    Love it! I’m a sucker for more monochromatic design schemes :)

  90. summerblue

    I’m thrilled to see this change!!!  I’m using 2 older computers & am not upgrading until Win 8 comes out so the load time was super sloooooow! — both cumbersome & annoying; so much so that if I was only vaguely interested in product swatches or comments, I won’t even bother to  open the the “Keep Reading” or comments.  I let Temptalia load in the background & quite often the resource intensity of Temptalia would cause Shockwave to crash & then I’d have to close & re-open all the pages using Shockwave.  Ugh!  I’m sure there’s many of us using older computers.  Yes, the flowers & colors were very pretty, but I’m here strictly because of the quality of the information provided not for the aesthetics of the website.  The simplicity of the website layout has always been comfortable to maneuver around. Thank you, Christine, for a much needed improvement!

  91. Jennifer

    Hi Christine! I’m loving the crisp and minimalist feel of the new page! Just missing some of the color a bit.. :) 

  92. bugsych

    way too much white!!! Still love you though xoxo

  93. Hi all,
    We are definitely reading and listening to your thoughts.  We continue to discuss the feedback between the two of us and will continue to do so.  With every design, we anticipate the need for additional tweaking and minor changes and use your feedback to guide us.
    I did want to further emphasize why we moved away from having a graphic-heavy design:
    One of the common complaints about previous layouts has always centered around load time, and we’ve done a lot of things in the past like moving to CDN, upgrading servers, trying various services/tools on the backend to improve performance, but it wasn’t getting much faster. The move to CDN did improve the stability and reliability of the page during peak periods (e.g. MAJOR collection launch/news/reviews), but the overall loading impact wasn’t as great as we hoped.  
    We looked at how many items were loading on the every page – from graphics, photos, banners, backgrounds, and the like to every script and call to third-party server, and trimmed down the things that have to load on each page.
    Thanks again for your feedback!  

  94. paneradfisk

    Do not like. Too minimalistic.

  95. Screamer77

    It’s grey, and no more flowers :(

  96. Devi

    I really dislike the comments here and there that refer to the criticism as “hating.” That little annoyance aside, I’m really glad that you’re keeping loading time in mind– I personally don’t have any loading issues whatsoever, but for those who do, I’m sure that it’s a little off-putting to have to wait. However, it feels like the white document grid that you see in Adobe Creative Suite programs. Some people have claimed that it loses personality, but I have always viewed you as someone who takes things seriously (or at least on this site) so I feel that this suits you. I think you could bring SOME color back to the site- it does feel a little bland as well, something which both you and makeup or not. The white is what bugs me the most. It’s hard for me to differentiate between the background and the blog post space, and the ads end up popping out more because they are more colorful in comparison to the website.To wrap it up, I think just changing the color of the background so that there is more contrast would be sufficient enough. The rest just depends on us getting used to it. :)Again, we thank you and Shaun for all that you do!

  97. Nadia

    I really don’t like it, sorry. It seems the only pops of colour on the whole page are from the ads which makes it even harder to ignore them now. The focus of the blog should be on the actual content yet the ads/links/content on the side seem to take up a large chunk of the screen with the content squeezed in the middle and in what looks like a sea of white. So all the posts seem to run together. It’s not reader friendly at all :(
    I appreciate you were trying to make the site load faster but perhaps you could leave out superfluous photographs within posts to help with this? For me, it was when I clicked into posts that I experienced the absolute slowest loading. By superfluous photos, I’m referring to having pictures of packaging or products grouped together and shot at 3-4 different angles. If it’s a new type of packaging or a lesser known brand, then I understand the need for more pictures but I don’t see the need with brands/packaging like MAC. The MAC posts are particularly guilty of this (eg. the fashion sets!). 
    It goes without saying that you should do what you want. It’s your blog. But since you often seem interested in reader feedback, I thought I’d give my opinion and suggestions so I hope you’ll find it helpful.

  98. AS1929

    Aw, I miss the cherry blossoms, they always cheered me up!  The gray makes me sad.  However, I understand about wanting to improve loading time, though it never affected me personally.  The nice thing about having a website is that you can always change it when you like/need to.  

  99. itscarin

    The new layout looks nice.  
    A couple of other blogs have recently redesigned their sites (,, and while I like their new sites, I can’t deal with all this change!  It really does take your eyes a couple of weeks to get used to a new design.  I feel like I just got used to your old design and now you’ve changed it on me again!  I like change, and change is necessary, but please give us a layout for at least a year or so before you switch it up.
    Visually, I don’t love the grid pattern that’s going on in the background.  I think it’s too small and detailed.  I would prefer a larger pattern.  I also find the teal color you’re using to be a little bit bright, a little bit too cyan in relationship to the more muted fuchsia color you’re using.  If you could, I think it’d be nicer if that blue color was toned down a bit.
    I really do like the new platform and the options to share and to comment as a guest or under a pre-existing pseudonym.  

  100. Mariiesen

    I really don’t like it :/ It’s just so plain and ordinary. It’s not what I think of when I think of this page and it makes me sad, ’cause you can totally make a fast loading website without it being plain and boring :/
    And what bothers me the most is the titles of the posts, why not make the letters change colour when you put your mouse over it? It’s really hard to know that you can actually click the titles without some sort of indication, besides the “hand” mouse