Monday, January 24th, 2011

Welcome to Temptalia v. 2011!

Ahh, did you notice a lil’ change?  I mean… I hope so! :)  After weeks of arguing, designing, tears, midnight snacks, we’re so proud to bring you the newest version of Temptalia.  We have a few more features to implement over the next month or so, but for now, we hope you’ll enjoy the new layout and design.

In the meanwhile, if you spot any bugs or errors, please let us know along with the following information:

  • Page/element you were viewing that is wrong
  • Browser you were using at the time
  • Any other relevant information (screenshots are helpful, too)

Our mobile site will be updated and changed over the next day or two!

Discussion and debate are highly encouraged, and we expect community members to participate respectfully. When asking a question, please check the FAQ section (above) for information about purchasing, price, dupes, and the like. If you have general feedback or need technical support, please contact us.

Comments that include advertisements, self-promotion, insults, etc. may be in violation of our comment policy and subject to deletion. Please see our comment policy for more information.

126 thoughts on “Welcome to Temptalia v. 2011!

  1. Looking good! :) Congrats on the new look.

  2. Tiffany

    Looks lovely! You guys did a great job :)

  3. works great with safari! :)
    nice layout, btw!

  4. Wow, I LOVE this! It looks amazing, congrats on the new look!

  5. Your site looks amazing!! The theme is of my fav colors pink & purple too, good job Christine :)

    btw I think it’s because I’m using a netbook or Google chrome right now, but the width of this page is slightly larger so there’s a horizontal scroller on the bottom of my screen.. nothing concerning but letting you know in case!

  6. Very light & girly (did someone say spring?!). But still très Temptalia – love it! Well done.

  7. Sonia

    Congrats Christine!! Btw, what you mean by ‘we’? I thought this was your site?

  8. xMissxAndristx

    love it… gorgeous!

  9. Amanda R

    How pretty!!

  10. Looks great on my PC(using Chrome).

  11. Quick question, how do the avatars work? Where are they coming from? Is there a sign in function for Temptalia now? or is it from our e-mails.

  12. ShannoninBC

    Thanks to both you and Shauntechguy for everything you do for us! Keep up the great work, we really appreciate it :(

  13. April

    Very nice Christine!

  14. ShockingBlue

    I have a question: I posted a makeup question three times to a post that never was published. It was a while ago too…any reason why some questions/comments aren’t published besides for the obvious of them being offensive (which mine was not in any way)?

  15. Rosie

    I have to get to bed but I love how it looks so wan to put in my two cents. Putting the foundation matrix up top is awesome! I love how easy it is to find the MAC database and Dupe list now too. Great work Christine and Shaun! I love it!

  16. Bernice

    I can’t wait for the final version of this new layout! It’s looking good 😀

  17. Too pincky. I liked previous version more.

  18. Lulee

    Very nice!!! I love how tags and posted in are next to each other now as opposed to one at the top of the post and one at the bottom. Makes things easier methinks! Great work Christine and Shaun!

  19. Resa

    Love the new look!

  20. Heather

    Sad. It doesn’t fit on a 1024×600 screen. =(

    • The old layout was even wider, actually…

      • Heather

        I believe the older layout must have auto-adjusted the main width based on a viewers resolution. This one doesn’t, so smaller screens have a scroll bar at the bottom. Once you move the scroll bar it fits, though. I’m just guessing, but maybe the old layout used percentages and this one doesn’t? Not sure.

      • Quinctia

        Sounds like the other page maybe wasn’t a fixed width? I did make my browser window smaller, and it does seem like a scrollbar pops up before the layout itself is anywhere near the size of the window, so I’m wondering if there’s a width hardcoded in that’s wider than the visible layout, anyway.

      • Vanessa

        I have the same problem as Heather. I don’t mind the old wide layout, as long as the main content automatically adjusts to center itself on the browser screen. Though maybe it just takes some time for me to get used to.

    • Leah

      I’m having this same issue, too. I thought the layout was actually broken because everything looked so bad until I realized, hey, I need to scroll over a bit so I can see everything.

  21. bourriquette

    Wow, that’s quite a change! It loks sooo… high-tech. Congratulations for the results!

  22. Vale

    Don’t misunderstand me… I love the fact you are constantly improving your site (it means you have a lot of consideration for us, readers), but the fact is that where I live, the internet connection sucks!, and loading all those wonderful banner, changing pictures, flash things, etc, means TONS and TONS of minute of waiting :_(

    • The site should load faster now, since we streamlined all of our code and minimized it from before, actually. There is no flash used in the layout design.

  23. Rachael

    I think you should change up the colors of the site, do something different than pink next time :)

  24. Dawn

    I’m afraid I don’t like the new version. The comments bit is too blocky and heavy and I find myself wanting to find a button to stop the moving bit at the top. It looks way too busy. The previous version was much cleaner and easier on the eye

  25. chetali

    omggg !! i love the new look !! its fab ! great job

  26. Laia

    Really cool design! Thumbs up for all the hard work!

  27. Verna

    This looks so good. Great job!

  28. Marjolijn

    I hate to say it because you must’ve put so much time into it, but I liked the previous layout & design better. But I think it’s just because I like pink better than purple 😛

  29. OMG it’s beautiful!!

  30. Looks good!! gongrats great job!!!

  31. Molkinaify

    I like it more than the old one!!! 😀

  32. Leone

    Looks great!

  33. Jane

    It looks great but I have an empty space on the left and on the right with the content in the middle of the screen – is this intentional?

  34. Jessie Brar

    ahan all that new jazz !!!! loving it let me upload a pic lol

  35. kasiaj85

    Whoa! That’s super looking!! great job!!!

  36. Vivian

    It’s beautiful!

    It’s so nice that your boyfriend is the one who does all this with you :)

    And I’m going to use this comment to thank you for the awesome swatches. Thanks to them, I was able to ask my husband to get me lipsticks and blushes while on a business travel and they were all exactly like I thought they would be, even with my skin color being completely different (cool toned, green eyes, blond hair)!


  37. tehteh

    congrats on the new look! it looks fabulous!!!! =D

  38. This looks really great! I looove the colours!
    I think that the main window should be slightly wider though, it looks a bit pinched together in some way. Or maybe it’s just me :)

  39. alice

    Liked old format better. More clean, easier to read.

  40. Vanessa S

    I love it!!!! You’re so great good job!

  41. nina

    it looks amazing!!so girly!!great work 😉

  42. Polly

    The older version looks great…the new one looks the BEST!

    Cheers for Temptalia new look!!

  43. Ana G.

    Wow…it’s really nice!!Very modern, user friendly and beautiful. Congrats on a job well done!

  44. Jaz

    LOVE the changing thingy at the top of the page that shows you product reviews etc! (sorry, I don’t know how to describe) Very very cool, will that be updated often?

  45. Colleen

    It looks great! :)

  46. shilpa

    nice look…..i love it….

  47. Sam

    I think it looks really good! Only complaint I have (which isn’t even about the layout haha) is the ads at the top that extend down… they’re SUPER irritating when I’m trying to read some of your content and the entire page gets pushed down because of the stupid ad.

    • Unfortunately, if we didn’t have those, we wouldn’t be able to meet the costs of our servers. :( They are 100% necessary in order for Temptalia to exist.

      • Sam

        Oh yeah for sure, but I didn’t mean ads in general, just the ones that start out as a small bar and then extend down into big squares that push the pages down… but either way, your site is WAY worth that teeny tiny annoyance. I looove the new look!

        • I understand – I’m literally referring to that particular ad (not the other ones), though, without it, we wouldn’t be able to keep up with our costs! I wouldn’t run it otherwise – we thought really long and hard over whether to implement it or not but in the end decided it made the most sense.

          Thank you!

  48. Lady Di.

    I absolutely love the new look! Very girly! It looks great on my home PC, but I can’t get the whole thing on my work computer for some reason. Its too large? I dont know but I have to scroll to the side to see the whole thing. Maybe its because Im not supposed to be on Temptalia when I should be working!lol

  49. Crystal

    The new Temptalia looks great! Same great info, beautiful new look!!

  50. Ru

    Looks amazing. Keep up the good work guys! I love how professional your website it.

  51. Loving the new look! You guys did a fabulous job!! 😀

  52. Kelsey

    haha the layout change shocked me for a second! but i really like it, it kept the best parts of the old layout and just updated it. bravo christine and shaun! (and mellan, because he must have had something to do with this, stress relief perhaps?)

  53. virginiaisforluvrs

    I love it! It looks so clean. Congrats!!

  54. Lilastar

    Love the new design! It is so pretty :) Using IE8 and it works OK, Just noticed some of the user images in the comments section are not being loaded. I really like this new design though, it is modern and very femenine at the same time. Great job!

  55. Nice Job! Cleaner and a tad bit girlier. And I like your rotating banner, very modern. I especially like how your comments stand out from everyone else’s.

  56. Dini

    This looks incredible! It really highlights all the cool temptalia features like the dupe list and all the new posts. Love love love it! What a great Tuesday morning surprise.

  57. LU

    It looks great, good job you guys! I was wondering when you would put one up actually! :)

  58. I love it-So nifty 😀

  59. Grace

    Love it! So colorful!

  60. Ann

    love it!!! So beautiful =) great job

  61. zombiilove

    The new site looks great! 😀

  62. I love the new look. The purple is very nice1

  63. Mina

    Wonderful job! It looks very professional and neat. If you’re looking for any suggestions: I love the scrolling-featured-posts that has been added to the layout, at the top, but I think its size can be overwhelming. I liked that when I would load the site, the latest entry was clearly visible and at the center; now, because of the height of the scrolling posts, I am only greeted with the title of the latest post. That’s really the only suggestion I have because, otherwise, it looks great and very Temptalia! :)

  64. Shilpa

    Love the new look, congrats!

  65. Grace

    love it! i love remodeling anything from my room to my blog layout :]

  66. Gisele

    Love the new look! It’s clean, pretty, and nicely integrates the design elements of “your” flower. Very good improvement overall.

  67. Connie

    The new site looks great and I definitely notice an improvement in load times. =)
    I use safari most of the time and used to have issues with the brand list loading and now it doesn’t appear to load at all? Was that removed?

    • It should load – it loads in a drop down menu. If you click “Brands,” then there should be a horizontal space that loads under the preview images (but above the first post), which says “Via Brands,” and on the right of that, a drop down menu.

  68. Bunny

    Congratulations on the new layout! It looks sooo pretty.

  69. Patricia

    Looking good. Nice work.

  70. Ashley Tatton

    I love it! Great new layout.

  71. Looks great Christine!

  72. Julie

    It reminds me of spring, its so pretty!!

  73. Diana

    I love it! All of your hard work definitely paid off

  74. LuvJaime

    Hi Christine.. I usually utilize the “BRANDS” tab to look for a particular product.. I just noticed that instead of a brand listing, it seems to just head back to the home page?

    Either way.. congrats and amazing job on the new site :)

  75. Leticia

    I love Temptalia’s new look! It looks very hip in purple and is as girly, organized, easy to search through and fun as always. Great work!!

  76. Vijaya

    The new Temptalia looks gorgeous!

  77. mina

    i’m loving eeet!!! it looks so pretty and i love all the purple 😉 yay!

  78. Kimberly

    Beautiful layout! <3 xoxo

  79. Marie

    Please understand that what I’m saying below is an effort to bring constructive criticism… :)

    I like the new layout, and the color scheme, but I think maybe lines are too “hard”. I see perpendicular lines everywhere. I think maybe I would like it if boxes had rounder edges or something.

    Also, what is the difference between “tags” and “Posted in”?

    Thank for the hard work, and congrats on the new layout. :)
    The animated banner is kickass!

  80. Jessica

    Omg Christine this looks great!!! I love it!

  81. Martha


  82. Jessica

    The new look is GREAT! Good job!

  83. Cherokee

    Loving the new look.

  84. Kelly

    I love the way the new site looks :) I am also always thankful that you have a mobile page because I visit on my phone a lot. Keep up the good work!

  85. NC30

    Nice, will take some getting used to though. Now, let’s see how many other beauty bloggers copy the design, cos you know they’re analyzing and taking notes, lol 😉

  86. Diana B

    The web site looks amazing..I always think your web site is perfect and can’t get any better but you always prove me wrong 😉

  87. K

    Love that you’re keeping things fresh! Great work you guys!

  88. Maisie

    WOWWW. i love the new look! works perfect on safari!

  89. Lilac

    Hello :)
    I like the new header and I`m sure that the new layout had a long thinking process and developement time before it was launched, but I do think that some parts of the page now look very crowded. That could be because of many things that were black and white before are now also pink/lilac-ish (I do like the colours, so it´s not that).

    For example that element of “tags, disclosure, related posts, faq” has all a bit different “layout”, so this looks a tad messy to me. Maybe a move towards a more similar appearance of all these elements might make it look “more clean” to the eye. Then the “frames” of the boxes of, fore example “final thoughts” appear like the have a tad of a shadow around them, which also makes them look more squeezed.

    I`m hoping this is constructive feedback, I don’t mean to bash and I really like your page, but currently it does look a tad overloaded, though.

  90. Tatum

    I think it looks great. :)

  91. fiaspice

    I love the new look, great job!

  92. Taj

    I really like the new layout =)

  93. NinaR

    Dear Christine,
    The problem is that you cannot see the list of brands any more, and it was so much useful! I’m using Google Chrome, but I don’t really think that it’s a browser-related problem.

    • It’s right above the beginning of the sidebar – it is a drop down menu. I am using Google Chrome, and I have no problem seeing it.

      • NinaR

        Thank you, at first I didn’t understand this new mechanism (got so much used to the old one where you could see the whole list at once).

  94. Marie

    It’s been a while since I visited, so I was totally surprised by the new look. ABSOLUTELY love it! Major kudos to you guys, you really did an excellent job.