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This is a great question! I can be very stubborn, so if I decide I don’t want to use something, I will dig in my heels and refuse. This is definitely at odds with my obsession with trying new things, so I will sometimes give in. A lot of times, it’s because the owner or the spokesperson or the advertising annoys me and I decide I don’t want to give them any of my money (cough cough Ivanka Trump and Paris Hilton). Or I read something negative about an ingredient, so then I start avoiding anything with that ingredient in it.
Is the refusal to try any snail skin care products because I don’t like the idea of snail slime on my face a weird reason or a normal reason?

Haha, I think that’s a normal initial reaction to snail slime. But it’s not really that much different than consuming honey, in my opinion. Now, I don’t know that snail slime has really done much of anything for my skin, but the product I use (Mizon’s Snail Recovery Gel Cream) does feel nice going on and is relatively inexpensive, so I’m on my second tube of it!

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OMG!!! I wouldnt want to either!! seems like a normal conclusion to me girl lol!! In spain they use bull u know what in facials and hair treatments and its very expensive. But im not drinking the kool aid either

Completely agree on the ‘celebrity’ endorsed or owned products. If I don’t like them, don’t feel they’ve particularly contributed anything other than a face, I won’t buy it.

For the longest timr I avoided eyeliner because I’d honest to god flinch. I made myself keep at it (UD 15th Ammiversay kit was a great motivator) and now wear it daily. As a bonus, I now have less trouble with eyedrops!

I don’t buy Laura Mercier products because the counter girls harassed me once. When I refused a makeover, the associate said, “Well, at LEAST let me fix those eyebrows.” In a very disdainful tone. Yeah, I hold a bit of a grudge.

I don’t know if it counts as “weird”, but I refuse to buy or use anything from tom ford as a reaction to the extremely offensive and grossly sexist ads the brand recently used to promote their perfumes for men. I wouldnt consider their makeup even if I got it for free.

I’ll give Tom Ford that he’s one of the few brands whose ads will sexualize men to a certain extent, too, but it’s really gotten unbalanced in the couple of years. I miss the old ads that were sensual but had a certain air of elegance; the new ones just feel grossly exploitative and void of any artistic merit.

Love the question, and I can’t wait to read everyone’s response!

For me, I kind of avoided Estee Lauder products until I started reading beauty blogs. My grandma, while I love her very much, always wore and continues to wear this horribly strong EL perfume that I got headaches even thinking about the brand. But now I love their Double Wear foundation (although the old formula more than new, unfortunately) and they’ve came out with some really nice color cosmetics as well.

Showergel giftsets. That is just a big NO for me. I have sensitive skin so I can’t use everything. I also hardly buy those sets because I feel like it’s a ‘lazy’ gift, like I don’t know what to buy, or even worse; like I don’t care enough to look for something nice. I only buy those sets as an extra gift.

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I have always loved Bath & body works japanese cherrie blossom gel wash, hand soaps and scrubs, so much they are amazingly effective in the other scents also luckily. I had this frenemie and she used that, all of it, hand soap. shower gel, the lotion and big candle they make. So after her an i are not talkin im still reminded of her cray cray when i smell it!! almost out of it now tho and will find a new one to try. Smell and memories are so closely linked, here i am jus tryin to get fresh and pretty thinkin about a overbearing control freak yaaayyyyyyyiiikkkkessss. RUINED!

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The only reason I can think of is awkward packaging. I have 4 or 5 palettes that I don’t use as much as I should simply because the packaging it bulky, big and awkward and, as a result, I store them in an out of the way place and so they’re not near at hand and easy to access and use.

a high end mascara … i havent tried manyyyyy but i did tried CHANEL , LANCOME , YSL ….
but i am soooooo poor in applying mascara even after watching 24895709246858748 videos 43572985 many times …..

so yeah i avoid buying / using high end mascara for this particular reason … i suck at applying mascara and not proud of the fact but yeah have enough courage to share it here 😀 😀

Too funny. I know the feeling. I can’t do mascara much either. It’s actually easier for me to throw on lashes – but I typically just go without.

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I’m not usually very committed to moral issues influencing my purchases (e.g. vegan products, companies that don’t test on animals), but I absolutely can’t stand a brand run by or associated with someone I find reprehensible. Lime Crime, whatever makeup line Jeffree Star is working on (it’s a really weird story/personal reason, but it goes back to MySpace and hypocrisy), Bitchslap Cosmetics, etc. I don’t really think of myself as someone who holds grudges very well, but I can’t fathom giving my money to someone I don’t like, regardless of how interesting their products seem.

I have the same reaction – I’m also avoiding their most recent Guy Bourdin holiday line because I just don’t see how packages decorated with pictures of dead women can possibly be considered a tasteful, holiday gift.

I will never, never ever use Tom Ford products. his ad campaigns alone are enough to induce fairly intense disgust. I can’t bring myself to use cosmetics designed and marketed by someone who uses models made to look like blow-up dolls. I just don’t want to support such degrading behavior!

When my husband and I were dating, a NYC lip gloss rolled out from under a couch cushion one day when he was cleaning his apartment. It was NOT mine. There was no cheating going on; who knows how long it had been since he had cleaned under his couch cushion — the man used ONE SPONGE to clean his entire bathroom. Bachelors!! But seeing it there kinda made me wonder who that woman could have been. Since then, I absolutely refuse to purchase or wear anything from NYC.

I refuse to try Victoria’s Secret beauty products. Back in high school, their body splash used to be VERY popular and of course, anyone who wore it often wore too much. The memory makes me gag even now.

Oh gosh, yes. EVERYONE at my high school used to wear Love Spell. I really do think it’d be a nice scent if it weren’t SO overused. It’s like Christine with the BBW scents- I do not want to be transported back to high school every time I spray something on myself!

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I refuse to purchase anything from Lime Crime for their shady behavior. After reading into all the scandals surrounding them I found them to be highly dishonest and overpriced. Not fond of their packaging nor interested in their products.

Another brand is Benefit. I honestly don’t even know why. In some ways I find them a bit gimmicky in the way they market their products. I am also very OCD with my makeup and I like things to match and look in order. Their packaging is all over the place and weird. None of their products really interest me…

I should maybe give these 2 brands a try but I am just so stubborn 😀

I feel the same way about Too Faced. Also I used to use Urban Decay, and I want to try the new formulae etc., but the packaging is so cringe and dated to me now.

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I refuse to use fake eyelashes. Ok, for a theatrical or dramatic look on a special occasion they’re quite right. However, I find most fake eyelashes tacky… and “too fake”?. I know makeup is all about creating an illusion, but somehow fake eyelashes just cross the line of what I deem acceptable, much like bra pads. Just to clarify, I don’t have big breasts or pretty eyelashes (my eyelashes are actually rather crappy! Straight, impossible to hold a curl, short, sparse, unevenly distributed…). Yet, I refuse to use fake eyelashes! Is that weird?

If you have normal or full lashes, you are probably not missing a thing – so “no,” it’s not weird. I used to feel that way too. But I was eyelash impaired about two year (one half was singed by a candle that got to close to my face). I had to dance in a stage show, where they had always wanted me to wear lashes in the first place. It was very odd at first. But I came to appreciate them for those times I needed my face to look balanced (dating or dance) and now – it’s like second nature. Three years ago, I never would have guessed I could actually like them.

I was turned off bronzer and self-tanner for the longest time for fear of going a little too heavy and looking orange like a myriad of other people I would see sporting this most unlikely skin colour. It’s not a look I covet. I’m still sworn off self-tanner, but have used wash off type body bronzers with a bit of gentle colour and now added powdered bronzer into my beauty routine..but very subtly.

Your answer reminds me of Victoria’s Secret scents, specifically Love Spell. Every girl in high school used that spray in the locker room to the point that the smell is sickening to me. After that, I just cannot shop at VS anymore, even though I haven’t been in high school in several years.

The reason I don’t wear nail polish probably counts- about ten years ago, when I was in my early teens I was kneading some pastry and an entire, nail shaped piece of polish flaked off right into it. It just looked so gross, and I felt like I had to make another whole batch of pastry. I have hardly used nail polish since. My two year old son recently added to my resolve not to use it by spilling most of a bottle (the only one in my room, kept for sentimental purposes) on my favourite bedsheets, necessitating a whole hour of trying to acetone it out (without success too)…

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