Thursday, July 31st, 2008

You know how people always recommend that you get a professional bikini wax done before attempting it yourself at-home? Well, LISTEN TO THEM! I am telling you from experience that this is probably the best way to go about it. You will see how it should be done; you get a real, live visual experience and can file it away for future use. It is not to say that my at-home bikini waxing experience was regrettable, but it did not go as smoothly as it could have gone.

I recently received Parissa’s Quick & Easy 2-in1 Roll-On Body Sugar ($19.99) waxing kit that’s good for legs, body, eyebrows, face, and bikini. So it’s pretty much the mega-kit of waxing kits because it’s ready to take on any unwanted hair wherever it may grow! You also get 20 large, reusable (!!) wax strips. Yes, I said reusable, and yes, they really are reusable!

The best part about the wax kit is the wax itself. It is a sugar-based wax that you heat up quickly in the microwave, then roll onto the hairy bit. Apply the wax strip, then remove lightning-fast in the opposite direction as the hair growth. It isn’t painless, don’t let someone fool you that it’s painless! There may be some lucky ladies who don’t experience much pain, but for the rest of us? Probably some involved. The faster you do it, the less painful it is–much like pulling a bandaid off. Back to why the wax itself is awesome: it washes off with complete ease. No matter if you’re a pro and get the job done or if you can’t get it and want to give up, you can wash off any excess or residual wax easily with lukewarm water. What I like about it is this means you don’t have to worry about sticky wax clinging around, but also if you can’t handle it or it’s not working out–you can pack up the kit and not have to keep truckin’.

The second best part is the reusable strips. The strips are large, which is great for larger parts of your body (I imagine you might be able to cut and trim if you wanted to be all DIY with it), and since the wax dissolves so easily, the strips rinse right now. I set them out on a towel to dry, and then back in the box they go.

I give this kit a big thumbs up! It’s budget-friendly, will last you awhile (with the reusable strips–also eco-friendly), and it’s pretty easy to use. The only exception is I advise anyone wanting to use it for the bikini area to make sure they have a good grasp on how to do it and not just go gung-ho into it (like I did, stupidly!).

Get Parissa at Ulta, Whole Foods, and

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13 thoughts on “Wax On, Wax Off: Parissa Makes At-Home Waxing Easy

  1. HeavenLeiBlu

    thanks for the review! I’ll have to check these out… the re-usable strips really sparked my interest.

    • Hi HeavenLeiBlu,

      The reusable strips really make it worth the money (not that it was even that pricey to begin with!). But it’s always annoying when you get a kit and run out of strips long before the wax! Plus, you can be generous and use ten strips instead of trying to get it done with two!

  2. Stephanie

    Every time i use wax i can never get the rest off using warm water and soap. It always has wax left behind.

    • Hi Stephanie,

      I’ve only tried waxing one time before this, and I had a lot of trouble getting the wax off on that occasion. This came off instantly!

  3. I may have to check this out. Did you find that it removed the hair well?

    In the past I’ve preferred wax, but a sugar base would definitely be easier to clean up. I really don’t like using an oil based product to break down the wax, when I’ve just ripped hair out of the follicle.. just seems like it’s asking for trouble.

  4. Tekoa

    *looks at the product cautiously* There’s just something about dripping hot wax onto my girl areas that makes me very concerned. If I do try a bikini wax, I’m going to a spa. *lol*

  5. brie

    i tried this stuff about 6 months ago, and it did not work AT ALL. didnt remove a single freaking hair!! I grew it out too for about 2 weeks. Maybe cause i have fine blonde hair on my legs?

    • I’ve been using Nair’s wax that grabs the short hair, and I’m happy with the results.. I haven’t had much luck with sugaring in the past, I was hoping this would be different. :(

    • Hi Brie,

      Really? WOW! I found if I didn’t let ‘er rrrrrip really quick, I didn’t get as many hairs, but I definitely got plenty of hair to come out.

  6. claudia m.

    is this brand new? it’s not on ulta’s website yet but I really want to try it out