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My no make up streak lasted six years, until three years ago when I discovered You Tube makeup videos. Now I’m back with a vengeance, to the point of attending IMATS (International Make Up Artist Trade Show) the last two years and taking a makeup course this fall. I’ve also spent a small fortune building up my make up collection from scratch in that time period, but I’ve considerably slowed down lately to focus more on improving my make up application skills.

yeah, whenever i get in my depressed period lol.. i think about makeup to make me happy during those times but never actually use it.. then i snap out of it..:d

After my daughter was born it took everything I had to hold myself together enough to take care of her and my family. 9 years later I looked in the mirror and didn’t recognize myself. My makeup drawers were all EMPTY and I had gotten rid of all my brushes. It was a sobering moment. Restocking was fun and enjoyable, especially since I have much more expendable income then when I was younger. Makeup brings me pleasure and while frivilous to some, it has been very important to me. Now it’s something my daughter and I play with together.

I felt the same when my son was born, I just didn t have enough energy to take care of him and me…it didn t take me as much time as you did, but after 3 years I realized I didn t have a single lipstick…but everything is okay now!!

Oh never. I may not wear it everyday especially on the days that I dont work, but I must wear makeup to be presentable and polished. Otherwise, I just dont look professional.

Haha! I’m going through this right now. I feel like I own everything already. But I go through this every now and then and I’m sure this time it will fade once the new Tom Ford makeup hits Bergdorf…lol.

Yes. The moment I realized that girls with the pretty face and fine skin don’t have to put a heavy make-up like me. They just look fine with their bare face. And if you put a make-up on pretty face, it looks better than putting make-up on normal face. The face matters always.

I feel like I go through makeup phases like winged liner, bold lips lots of highlighting. I feel like sometimes collections can bore me with similar color schemes or lots of repromotes. Its seems like the more I buy the more I want to see something I dont own in my collection.

I’ve hit the bored of MAC mode and paying for LE items. lol Last year I would not have been able put myself on a no-buy for stuff I like but don’t NEED. This years it’s not so bad.

I’m also in “find a new foundation mode” which is a trek for me with Fair Olive NC10ish skin tone. IMATS Toronto is coming soon and all my saving is going towards that. ^__^

I’m thinking of going to IMATS toronto this year and i’m wondering if its really worth it considering it’s not like the ones LA or New York, what’s your opinion?

Yes! I’ve been on a make up ban this whole year, except that I have no urges to buy make up.
At the beginning of the year, I had a melt down when I rounded up all my makeup and realised how much I spent and how unused most of it was. It’s been extremely liberating to only use and not buy, but I have found myself eyeing new makeup products lately. Maybe next year I’ll come back into buying but right now I’m just happy using up as much as I can. It’s fun to shop what you already have!
The only thing I bought was mascara since you’re supposed to replace it frequently.

My obssesions always take turns haha, I get a bit tired of collecting make up but then I get focused on nail polish; then, painting nails becomes boring, so I turn to lotions and trying out new creams… My wallet is never on standby, thats for sure! (saddly!)

Im the same way with almost everything. I alternate between clothing addiction, Shoe addiction, accessories addiction and makeup addiction.

No, never, or at least not yet. I discovered makeup relatively late, when I was 17 and it gradually became a passion to the point of trying to make a career out of it. I’m still trying actually! Even when I think I’ve seen it all, I ‘ll accidentlly run into a magazine or a video online and feel inspired again. In my case, it’s other people who are tired of my makeup mania like family, friends and there was an ex-boyfriend who called me “airhead”. For the record, I fired him 😉

I’m kind of at that stage since this summer, I haven’t bought much makeup, mostly tools, and I went mostly neutral this summer as well. I’m more excited now seeing all the Halloween tutorials and crazy lashes at the stores!

It hasn’t even been a year since I’ve gotten into makeup, but the thought of wearing it just bores me now. Even so, I still come back to Temptalia, because it’s a great source of information for me. I’m addicted to knowing about products and how well they perform, but not addicted to wearing it. xD

I think I’m at that point now in terms of making new purchases. It took me overall a period of 3 years to learn how to apply makeup, making wiser decisions in buying, and learning how to experiment with colors. I’m content with what I have now . I can’t say I get tired or bored with putting makeup on because I have all the colors under the sun to keep that from happening but I do love those days where I walk around barefaced.

in the past i woulod obsess about makeup, always go into mac and i would have to buy something, even if i didnt need it, now ive sort of matured, i only buy what i need, if the new paint pots were released a year ago, i wud buy them all no hesitation, but now i really am not interested if i dont get any of them.

I have been bored, maybe for the past year or so. It makes me sad b/c makeup use to be so fun and new. I have picked up new hobbies so I suppose those are taking it’s place. But I still like to read the make up blogs hoping I get pulled back in 🙂

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