Tuesday, January 29th, 2008

I managed to con my Dad into letting me borrow his video camera (trust me, I had to leave my traincase on deposit) so I could at least give the live tutorial idea try, since that’s what everyone appears to want. I guess it’s okay for a first try, though I’m not too satisfied with the end result so we will see if I do another in the future. I totally winged it – didn’t have the look planned or what I was going to say. I have to say I learned these things, though:

1) Video is entirely UNFORGIVING! I look about 12 without makeup (and why did my hair decide to go wonky shortly after I started?)
2) Naturalish light (aka craptastic white flourescent) is not my best light
3) Never bother with moving my face closer and slanting (unflattering much?)
4) Look more at the camera
5) Don’t use a look you’ve never done as your first video tutorial material!

But at least I learned something from it, so hopefully if/when I do a second one, I can improve by leaps and bounds! :)

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Check out what I used…

I used Silver Fog pigment on lid, Rondelle eyeshadow on inner lid, Gentle Fume eyeshadow on middle of lid, Waft eyeshadow on outer lid and crease, Deep Truth eyeshadow on outer crease, Freshwater eyeshadow on outer lid, Ricepaper eyeshadow on brow and above crease, Deep Truth eyeshadow on outer lower lash line, Rondelle eyeshadow on inner lower lash line, and Feline kohl power on lower lash line. I wore Springsheen blush with Peach Haze beauty powder to highlight the cheeks. I had Cherish lipstick with Illicit lipglass and a touch of Tres Cher! lipglass.

You can see the original look here.

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157 thoughts on “Video Tutorial – Smokey Silver-Blue Eyes

  1. ilovecheese

    Awwwww! You are so cute and adorable!! Especially when you say “it will last through all your freak outs, based on my personal experience” hehehe. Lovely tutorial – it makes it so much more easier to understand the placement and the pressure and the number of strokes needed to blended etc..Thank you so much for posting this video! Finally a voice to go with your pretty face..

    • Thank you! LOL, I have to say I have sobbed through some of my looks with minimal damage to it. I’ve even taken showers and have come out needing almost no touch ups to the eyes.

  2. tricia

    I love this video way more than the first one. This is way more helpful. Relax the vid is fine! (lol)

  3. Whitney

    You did great! You worry too much. The streaming video is so much more helpful than the slide show. We get to see the process instead of trying to reconstruct it through your descriptions. I’m not big on watching tutorials (I love EnKore but I think he actually talks a little tooooo much) but I definitely can’t wait for your next one.

  4. Thi

    Hello! I loved that video. It was very informing and you did a great job. :)

  5. LUC1


  6. Marta

    Love it! You might have to ask your dad to borrow the camera again :p

  7. Nell

    So great, thanks a lot, Christine!
    You are such a sweetie! Hope you can keep the videocamera!

  8. Tonee

    Great video and you did the tutorial just fine :)

  9. natasha

    loved the video christine,make another, and another and another. don’t stop!

    learnt so much with the brush strokes and how everything came together. next time pls include the blusher and lips too please.

  10. Skyler

    You’re so hard on yourself! The video is not bad at all. Believe me, people have used far worse lighting. I could see everything you were doing just fine. :) I actually found it helped when you moved in closer sometimes! It’s good to see the make-up from different angles. Leesha does that all the time; it doesn’t look silly or ‘unflattering,’ I promise. :) Can’t wait to see more. I really love the look in this video too–gorgeous! xo

  11. Jenny

    Love the video!! I feel like I understand how to deposit the colors on my eyelid and the technique of blending! I hope you make more!! Thank you!

  12. mahima

    LOVE it! you ARE hard on yourself, but i think all great people are. you make it look so easy!!! i can’t wait to see more videos :)

  13. zoe

    I love it! I cant wait to see more!

  14. MoOn

    Thanks so much for this, its really nice and helpful. you did a great job :), and beleive me your lighting is much better that other videos i’ve seen 😡
    umm if you did a video tutorial thats mean there will not be a text/pics post about the same look yeah?
    and thanks again i’ve enjoyed the video

    • Thanks, Moon! Yeah, if there’s a live tutorial, then there’s not likely to be a text version of it since I can’t take photos and video at the same time, lol!

      • MoOn

        lol, stupid me yeah you’re right.
        but there is the look text post :p so I can take the products names easily and see the pics more clearly 😉

        • I’m going to see how feasible it is to take photos of one eye and do a live thing of the other eye, maybe!

          But I’ll definitely always take pictures of it finished.

          • MoOn

            no no keep the two eyes togather lol, its okay

            “But I’ll definitely always take pictures of it finished.

            that will be great and we can see the pics and the products names too

            thaaaaaaank again

  15. Nicole

    I loved this video. I hope you make more in the future beacause it was very informative.

  16. Clover

    Thank SO MUCH Christine! The video is so helpful, and you’re so pretty! The lighting and moving in didn’t seem unflattering at all.

  17. kleri

    You did a great job.
    It is very helpful. I will sure try this look.
    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Tina

    I enjoyed the video. You went at just the right pace especially when demonstrating your blending techniques. You didn’t use way too many tools/products, you moved at just the right pace, and you kept the video short. Great job!

  19. claudia

    I thought it was very good!! It was helpful to me to actually *see* how you do your eye makeup, although the lighting doesn’t do the colors justice!

    I think your techniques are pretty consistent, regardless of what the colors are (a good thing!), and I think that if you got one really good tutorial posted on the site, then you don’t need to do too many others, unless you want to. Your close-up pictures are awesome, of course. =)

    Anyway, it’s fabulous as always! Keep up the good work!

    • Thank you, Claudia! It’s the best lighting in my apartment, I think, my bedroom lighting was awful.

      Yep, I do use the same technique alllll the time, just swap out the colors.

  20. You’re too cute! And don’t worry, seeing some other video tutorials, this is awesome. You’ll get better and better with each (that is, if you continue with it). Sound is great, I can’t understand everything you say (which is important to me, since I’m not native English speaker, so mumbling in English is awful for me). And wow, you’re fast, lol! Practice, practice… 😀

  21. Kate

    Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart! This fabulous tutorial helped me understand your process and I’m so appreciative! I can’t believe you completed your eyes in under 10 minutes – that is impressive. I do have a question though….like you, I use my 239 for the majority of my eye shadow colors (and then blend with the 219) but I clean my brush off on a dry washcloth after every color – from your tutorial it doesn’t seem like you clean off the remnants of the previous eye shadows. Could you please confirm? Thanks!!!

    • Thanks, Kate! I don’t clean my brushes behind swishing the brush in the palm of my hand. It gets most of the excess off. I do tend to use a separate brush whenever I use a color like Carbon or something, since that just ruins the brush til you wash it.

      • Kate

        Thanks for clarifying! BTW, I totally wore the same Gentle Fumes quad today using your techniques. I can’t wait for more videos!

  22. Lana

    Hi Christine,

    I love your website and come here very often, but I never commented before. This looks like a good opportunity.
    Just wanted to say that I love the video and you did a great job. Thanks a lot.

  23. May

    GREAT video! Very informing–you are so well-articulated! Thank you so much for taking the time to do this! I loved the clarity of your video. It was easy to see what you were doing and the lighting didn’t seem like it distorted the colors at all. It really put your application techniques into perspective. Well done!

  24. Tekoa

    Oooohhhhhh….so THAT’s what a water based mixing medium is. You did fine. And such a pretty voice.

    • LOL! I don’t know if I could survive without it. Thank you! Pretty? That means a lot because I’m always most nervous about my voice – I think it’s god awful!

  25. lisa

    I absolutely loved it!!! Keep them coming:-)

  26. Fie

    I loved the video! :) And yes! The 239 saves the day~ Thank you so much for putting so much effort and time doing this. And your first time, pfft.. youre a natural! Although it’s weird for me..haha finally I have a voice to put to the lovely face.

  27. Sara

    so awesome! it is really helpful and also really interesting! i loved it.

  28. Tiffany

    Christine this was an AWESOME first video! You are now officially my favorite youtube makeup artist :)..even over pursebuzz, enkore and others!!
    I have a question, what shadow would you recommend for a dupe of the silver-grey you used from the smoke signals quad? I’d LOVE to re-create this silver/blue eye myself, but I don’t have any silvers like this.

    Thanks and keep the videos coming!

    • Thanks, Tiffany! It means a lot to be your favorite already, and with just one video :) I can’t believe you don’t have any silvers like this – do you have a darker one, maybe? Even a a gray over a frosty white will make it a silver!

      • Tiffany

        Yeah I dunno why i don’t use silvers..I have a bunch of other colors, but sometimes I feel that silver looks too “dressed up” like ur going out? does that make sense? but I really like the way you did this look :). are there specific MAC shadows that you would recommend for a look like this? I don’t have any, really … i am ashamed..

  29. Beda

    Yeys! 2008 will be known as the year Temptalia a.k.a. Christine went LIVE! Woohoo!! Girl, you did just great. And don´t worry, we all know the vids will keep getting better and better, ´cause I think you´re a natural.

    The main reason I like the tut was (besides loving the look) it because we get to see HOW you apply your eye makeup, not just what or where you applied it. Thanks for taking the time.

    100 Kudos.

  30. Heather

    Thank you so much!! That video was so helpful!! Loved it!! Please do more!!!

  31. Tanya

    hehehehe my man and I watched your video and both thought you did a great job. I was really nice to be able to see exaxctly what steps and how the steps were done!! I’m down with either the step by step guides or a live video. I really kinda liked seeing you actually apply the make-up as it helped understand the steps better, but Im not sure if its a “must” every time.

  32. so fab!

    well done babe!

  33. Davina

    wonderful vid! i also liked how bright the lighting was – you could actually see the different colors. most youtube tutorial vids are so dark & hard to follow.
    now i just have to figure out how to track down some silver pigment so i can try this myself! :)

  34. Carolina

    Absolutely amazing tutorial! One of the things I really liked in this site was the practical and easy to follow tutorials, but this video just blows them all away. I feel like I want to do my make up RIGHT NOW!!!! (I’m going off to bed, actually…lol)

  35. Márcia

    Thank you for doing this Christine, very well done!
    I love every single detail of your tutorial, above all the way you apply the eyeshadows and blend all together.
    Keep going the good work and once again thank you for sharing it.

  36. lala

    Xtine!!! you get an A+ on your first video tutorial on youtube..I love the look …and your just so pretty!!! :) ..your motivated me to start wanting to use my account…I was testing out window maker…but converting blah! is still a pain …anywho keep them coming.

  37. Shefali

    YOU GO CHRISTINE! OMG I loved this video and you did an awesome job for not rehearsing or anything. I totally get how you do the eye makeup. I am not happy with mediocrity either and am a total perfectionist. I think you did an awesome job, really. I have a question though – you said you used Deep Truth in the crease but in the video you said you used Blue Smoke. I have Deep Truth…does it look similar to Blue Smoke?

    Also, I just have one request for your next video. Can you tell us all the colors as you put them on? I know you did that with some of them, but I don’t have the Smoke Signals quad and want to know if I have some similar colors. Are the colors in the quad the ones you mention in the text (Rondelle, Waft, Gentle Fume)?

    I watched your video at work and had the girls in my office watching with me, amazed at your technique. I’m so trying this at home tonight!

    • Thank you, Shefali! I completely blanked on what I used in the outer crease when I typing up the text – but yes, Blue Storm in the crease actually. But Deep Truth is quite similar so you could use it.

      I will try! This time I was using a pre-made quad where I had no clue of the colors (and I didn’t want to look down and waste time reading, lol!).

      But yes, the text is what I did use in the video!

  38. victoria

    i actually like the lighting, the colors to me look true, i really hate it when they do a tutorial and it’s dark or the lighting is yellow. i enjoyed the video very much. it helps understanding your technique better since you divide the application into different parts, this is so helpful. you look really cute without makeup, i’m so jealous, i wish i could look cute without makeup. my cute days are over. anyway, do more okay, we’ll be waiting.

    • Thank you! I’m glad you think so – I think they’re a touch too dark, but they aren’t too off!

      LOL, not many people would call me cute – I’ve never been told this IRL!

  39. fredsonic

    I see a pattern here…

    For what my view is worth, I think it was really good. There is a lot of very shaky stuff on Youtube, not so your first go. Nice to hear your voice too. Looks great, keep up the great work.

    • Thank you! Your view is definitely worth hearing! I really appreciate the input, because I like to know what I’m doing right and what needs improvement.

      Oh, man, I had the camera all set atop a big stack of books and MAC palettes, LOL.

  40. Jetblack

    Thank you!! The video showed how good your written tutorials are, I could predict exactly what you were going to do next and since I more or less perfected my make up technique from the written tutorials I knew how you would do your brush motions! Brillant!!

    Could you please do a lip one? I’ve got the hang of eye shadows now want to work on lip application. Your a star!

    • Hi Jetblack! I’m really glad to hear that you think my written tutorials are good enough that you could tell what would happen next (that was always my goal!).

      I will try!


  41. I’m so glad to see you do a video tutorial. It really does help in understanding application techniques and it’s just nice to watch the masterpiece unfold. And we get to know a little bit more beyond the screen – yay! Great job Christine!

  42. Monique

    you do it so effortlessly. Love it. I don’t care what you say that was great for your 1st time. Keep the vids coming PLEASE!!!!

  43. Madeleine

    Just a question.What brushes did you use to apply the pigment,and later the eye shadows?

    Great look,as always :)

  44. It’s over for you know, you have to do start doing the youtube now! I love being able to see step by step work.

    I like when you go back and kept applying more I thought I was not doing something right, because I have to go back and keep applying until the colors are to my preferance.

    • LOL!

      Thank you very much, Sophia!

      Definitely… I mean, it’s so hard to even know exactly how much you’ll need, and just because I swipe my brush just once doesn’t mean you’ll swipe it as hard or the same way, you know?

  45. Abby

    Hey Christine! Thanks for the video. If you’re looking for makeup-video inspiration, I love http://www.xanga.com/ricebunny. I don’t know how, but hers look pretty good. She doesn’t talk the steps, which I LOVE about yours. Keep em coming!

    • Thank you very much Abby! I find that my attention completely wanders watching tutorials, I can never make it past a minute or two before I give up!

  46. AWESOME! AWESOME!! Great job!! I loved it! I really liked seeing how you used your brushes! And it was SUCH pretty colors!! WOO HOO! 😀

  47. Annie

    I LOVE IT!!! GREAT JOB! lol but it’s weird hearing your voice :)…

  48. gracie

    Loved the video Christine…
    totally get the blending technique now :o)

    Looking forward to the next video.

  49. hannika

    OMG you did a video!!! AND WHAT A SUCCESS. everyone loves it!!! who wouldn’t? you have done so much for me and for everyone else. why wouldn’t we love it. please MORE MORE MORE TUTORIALS. u know i’ve been asking for this all the time hahhaha.. my prayers have been answered. can you try making a video tutorial from one of your smokey eyed looks (particularly on your first smokey look – with silver and black)

    keep up the great work. can’t wait for more videoes. thanks girl!

    woohoooo u rock!

  50. You did really great! So fun to watch you make the look live! I added a link to your webpage and a link to your videotutorial on my blog, I hope it’s ok!

  51. Zsofi

    WOW!!!!!!!!! really nice!!!!!!!!!!! i again watched it with my mom,and she loved You so much,that at a point i was even jealous :-DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
    Your dad’s camera fulfilled it’s REAL destiny :-DDDDDDD
    the vid is a real success,the comments just keep coming 😀

  52. Charlene

    Great Vid! Keep it up hon! As i said on youtube, great technique, detailing and informative!!! :) love it!

  53. Erin

    I’m a film major and a total A/V nerd, if you ever have any issues or questions. I only have two samples of my work up (and they are far from the best) on Youtube, but http://www.youtube.com/user/gummigoo

    • Hey Erin! What’s the best and most flattering lighting? Or how can I achieve (particular lightbulbs/wattage?!) it? I think that’s what I’d really like to know.

  54. Great video, Christine! Yay for Enya <3
    You’re so cute!! :)

  55. Chrissy

    I’m officially addicted and want to see more!

    Great job!


    and u already know I subscribed like since the first day!=) LOL

  57. Erin

    Christine, cheap china balls (you know, those paper lanterns) are good because the light is diffused and not harsh, doesn’t create shadows. Any light is good, except like fluorescent, but if your color shows up yellow or blue you might need to white balance. Many cameras have that feature, some don’t. Basically you’d focus in on a white piece of paper and hit the white balance button, telling the camera “this is what white is”.

    • Thanks for the heads up, Erin! I will see if I can get ahold of these in a way that would work :) I haven’t done the white balance on my camera in forever, will do!

  58. melly

    Hi christine loved the video, showed it to my sis she is trying to do new looks on her eyes. She always has the racoon eyes look lol .I wanted to ask what pigment you were using in this video? was is your ladyship>? and I am looking to buy one that i can just about use with alot of different colors, which would you recomend? thanks

    • Hey Melly! Thank you so much :) I hope she gets past the raccoon eyes, lol!

      I used Silver Fog in this video :)

      Your Ladyship is a great all-around color, if you can still get it. Otherwise Vanilla is nice!

  59. Erin

    Haha Melly, I know a girl who does the raccoon eyes thing. She doesn’t even fill her brows in so she sorta looks dead… time to branch out fo sho!

  60. melly

    lol I know omg lol thats too funny and shes been doing this for years ! imagine

  61. melly

    ty christine but you are right I went to that mac booth today in macys and they did not have your ladyship at all but i believe its still available online Im going to try and order it. Oh but I did walk away with rice paper, black tied for the eyes and oh baby lipglass 😉 your smokey eye tut inspired me. ty

  62. ash

    Like they say it is always nice to see the person behind the camera and it was really nice to see the person behind the internet?LOL
    what was the base u used before u applied ur shadow?

  63. The video was terrific! Much easier to understand the process than the pictures. This site has transformed my look amazingly! And you have also taught me a lot about colors and blending of makeup.

    The video was extremely useful because this way we can see your entire face throughout the process to get a good overview. You did a great job! One minor suggestion is that when you do close your eyes, for us to see what the makeup looks like, just keep them closed a few seconds longer :)

  64. ash

    hey christine i did not see that silver fog pigment.But if i keep checking,is it okay for me to wear it as a base with any eyeshadow color?

  65. ash

    then what base would u recommend for any eyeshadow be it night or day.i just want one good one that would work please

  66. inu

    ah thank you for this video tutorial :) now i understand better how you apply the eye shadows through the whole process :)

    really nice explanations too,really natural and clear and easy-to-follow :)



  67. Nen@

    Wow! increible me encantó!!, no suelo usar el color azul pero ahora voy a probarlo.

  68. Carol

    How did you make your base?

  69. Maribel

    Hi. Do you have the name or number of the brushes that you used? Thanks.

  70. Maribel

    This video is great. I love you Christine!!!, thanks for creating this awesome page.

  71. nadia

    hi im writing all the way from dubai to tell u how gr8 ur site is!!!i really enjoy reading ur blogs and ur tutorialz, tho i wish u would do more videos showing how to apply makeup!!would it be possible to do one with the cat eyes as i found it hard to follow in just the written format. thanks a lot!

  72. Miss J

    WOW! This was great, even for a first run. I like the other pic tutorial’s but I LOVE the video’s more! You have totally sold me on pigments… I was a shadow/paint pot girl and I’m about to head out and get me some pigments!!! I’m so excited, it’s borderline ridiculous. I’m newer to MAC, but I’m already a total addict. :)

  73. Sara

    Hi Christine

    Thank you for the video – so helpful for a novice like me! I would love to see one for a neutral/brown look…maybe your dad could read this thread and be convinced to lend the camera again…it’s for such a good cause! 😉

  74. kala

    Hi. I absolutely appreciate the video tutorials. It’s easier to understand the application methods that you use. Thanks alot!!!!

  75. Cheryl

    I love your video tutorial. It’s so much easier to understand the method when I see it ‘live’. I hope you’ll be making more of those because it’s a big success. And no worries, you looked great, I didn’t notice any od the things you were not happy about. Please make more videos!!!!!!!!!
    Love it