Friday, January 25th, 2008

Hi everyone!  I know there have been numerous requests for video tutorials, and I expect sometime in the future it may be an option, but I was wondering if this kind of video tutorial would satisfy you in the meanwhile.  Please let me know what you think, and if you’d like to see other tutorials in the same format (but they will always be in a still format with step-by-step text, as I personally feel this is a good way to learn).

Edit: I think I must have confused you all… this would NOT replace the existing all text tutorials, I am just wondering if these are worth doing.  I’m fully aware that it is not live action, but it is currently not feasible to do something of that nature for the time being, which is why I’m trying to offer something in between.  So please tell me if you would like to see these in addition, not in place of, the existing tutorial format.  Thank you!

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36 thoughts on “Video Tutorial – Neutral Pink with touches of Gold and Berry, N Collection Look

  1. tricia

    the video is great, but i would only like the video to stay forever if u still post the pictures. if i had to pick one it would be the pics. but its great to have both.

  2. tricia

    or how about an actual live video, that would also be great along with the pictures.

    what i do not like about the video is that i would have to keep watching it to get the entire list of products u used.

    • On YouTube, the list is there – this is an older tutorial that’s already been posted, so you can actually see the products there. I just wanted to do this video as a test-run for format, since everyone’s seen the tutorial before!

  3. MoOn

    Ditto with tricia
    ” if i had to pick one it would be the pics. but its great to have both.”
    me too coz I think if you did it in this way (only slides of pics and text I think the text tuts you were doing before is the best to me :) and also the pics will be more clear than the pics in the slides on the video
    Hehe I was like wow when I saw the title,coz I thought its a real video when you wear the makeup and doing a tut you know I mean an actual video :)
    anyway if I should choose one I’ll choose your old text tuts 😉 and as tricia said its nice to have both though

  4. zoe

    to be honest i prefer your usual photo ones to this, my favorite are the live ones, when the person is talking, but to just have the pictures doesnt make sens to me , i cant keep up , i have to rewatch to see which products and there isnt a voice guiding. i love your usual picture tutorials though …

  5. Jenny

    I like your usual photo ones better. I can refer to each eyeshadow application quickly. However, I do like live video where the person is talking.. it gives me a better idea how the person applies the eyeshadow and perhaps learn cool techniques!

  6. Clover

    the video is just the pictures, but moving with music…if it’s not a live video I’d say to stick with the photos.

  7. Tekoa

    Holy cheese whiz batman! Just as I thought things couldn’t get cooler. Definatly keep the still picture format, but I think this is great. I’m in the camp that prefers movie pictures as opposed to live sequences. Maybe add a list of “What you’ll need” at the start? Three cheers for you and your amazing coolness!

    • Hey Tekoa :) On YouTube, in the description, I list the products there (and if I do another one, I’ll be sure to include the list, as well as a link to the standard format, in the post on Temptalia). Thanks!

  8. taj

    This is step-by-step / text-and-pic approach is good for demonstrating the use of colours. I hope you would do videos on the make-up when the technique on using the brushes is crucial.

    • MoOn

      yeah thats right, when I watch a video somewhere else on the net if it was only pics what is the benefit. but if it was a live video(CLEAR with LIGHTS *ugh coz most of them are becoming dark videos tuts so it will not be useful)anyway that kind of “live video” will give us “bonus” hehe which is the techniques on using brushes for the look otherwise just stick with the step by step text and pic tuts which is more useful for me :)

  9. Shefali

    Hey Christine – super cool and I like the song in the background…who is that?

    I like your pic tuts better. If you do a video, I’d love to see one live in action. That would be awesome.

  10. Vanessa

    unless you do a live video i would just stick with the pictures since it is pretty much the same thing but with motion in your video.

    • Angi

      This is my same thought too. I can’t see going to the extra work for these when the regular pic tutes you have been doing are just as good, if not better. Only do videos if you can do live action.

  11. I like this, but I think I like the still photos better. I can look at them and figure out where everything goes better than a video that goes by fast.

    I’d say I like the stills better, unless you had a moving vid! 😀

  12. Jhaja

    I prefer the video more specially if its live action. Most of the people now go to you tube and watch makeup tutorial. I can already see if you do that your gonna be one hit makeup guru in you tube like pursebuzz and enkoremakeup. Your also one of a kind talent and beauty. And the viewers feel more close to you like you are in front ofthem chatting. Either way your doing a great job.

  13. Zsofi

    i like this,because even if i am tired sitting in front of the computer in the night,it shakes me up! with the music and everything. i showed it to my mom,she thinks,too,that this is cool.
    after this i started to watch a live video,but stopped after some time,b/c she talked too fast,and my english is not that good,that i could keep up.
    my tip on the soundtrack is Dido,but not for sure.
    anyway,great idea,great music,great pics.
    and i stopped it sometimes to translate it to mom.
    this was our “joy in the day ” today,with too much schoolwork to do, boyfriend at work all day,cold weather, hard diet.
    so this made my day 😀
    generally,i love everything here.
    now i try to figure out how to join the community.

  14. Alma

    I love it, I would love to these a video tuturial in addition too the text ones. Also a live one would be awesomek too I am a visual person so I love all that stuff helps me more. Just my 2 cents. HOpefully you can do tuts on youtube.

  15. Beda

    Love it! Totally worthy. But I miss the final pic of yourself =)

  16. Arina

    Hi,Christine! Thanks so much for posting this!
    I, however, would still prefer either live action video with up close eye shots and your voice over it describing every step. Or 2nd option would be with very detailed pictures and description for each step the same way you were doing it before.
    I’d love to see your live video though

  17. Thanks all for your input! :)

    Unfortunately, live video is not a possibility at this time, and I have no current plans to put it into place in the immediate future. My sincerest apologies for disappointing you and not being able to give you what you want!

  18. Zsofi

    which program did You use to make this vid Christine?
    my boyfriend is very interested,he wants to make a vid like this using our old holiday photos.

  19. You should definitely add videos to the site as well as pictures. :) If you were to create a YouTube account, it would help bring in SO many more visitors! So, having both would be really awesome.

    Plus, in videos people can see EXACTLY how you apply everything, so as to get the desired effect. :)

  20. I really enjoyed your videos, I finally got the hang of your tecnique, even if it’s just made of still photos, there was a nice motion to it! I haven’t watched your live one yet, I saw you made one, and I’m watching it later! Inspiring!

  21. Jules

    I think what you do is awesome! I just found your site today and have told all my ladies about it. I think the most helpful thing would be to have a list of tools and colours you use at the beginning, and then a before and after of each step,( you did this on the youtube post)as it gives us viewers an idea of what it should look like. Your site is wonderful. Keep up the good work!

  22. Maria

    Thank you very much for the video tutorial. I’m a black woman in my early 40s in the UK. Never really bothered too much with makeup as I was never good at applying it, couldn’t find any info specifically for black women in terms of the best shades and what to avoid, and also there was a dearth of (affordable) products in the UK specifically for black women. But for the last couple of years I’ve been wanting to know. So thank you very much. Also any chance of doing a video on what shades suit black women – and what to avoid!!