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Victoria's Secret Spring 2010 Preview

Victoria’s Secret Beauty: Spring 2010 Preview

One of the fun parts about blogging is when a beauty brand puts on an event and invites bloggers to it–and being on the west coast, it doesn’t happen with great frequency (everything is in NYC, boo!), so it is always a real thrill to attend one! Last Thursday, I attended Victoria’s Secret Beauty’s Spring 2010 Press Preview event in San Francisco, held at the Four Seasons.  They had displays set up of their current and upcoming spring collections/products along with promotional posters with coordinating collection imagery.

From playing with some of the products from the VS Makeup line, I have to tell you, the Sparkling Lipsticks seem amazing. I only swatched them on my hand, but they’re wickedly glittery–and in a good way–with good pigmentation. They actually reminded me a lot of Guerlain’s new Kiss Kiss Strass Lipsticks (but they’re half the price–just $14 a pop). Their Lip Glosses ($12) also seemed really fun and sparkly. I’m definitely going to have to start paying more attention to their recently revamped VS Makeup collection!

Beyond the makeup, the event covered many of their upcoming scent-related releases. Lots and lots of scents–so many, my nose was all scented-out by the time I left!

One of the launches I liked were the new scents for the Victoria’s Secret Pink — the Life is Pink Collection. It includes three scents: Wish Pink, Live Pink, and Hope Pink. Each scent is available in eau de parfum ($32), body lotion ($12), sheer fragrance mist ($15), and rollerball ($10). I personally liked the rollerball form, and I’m currently digging Hope Pink. It’s lightly sweetened floral, easy to wear, and very subtle. It lasted a good eight hours on me before fading away. I haven’t had much experience with rollerball perfumes, but now I understand the hype–so convenient.

For Valentine’s Day, there’s the Love Rocks collection, which includes the Love Rocks scent (a sweetened vanilla with violet and amber) available in eau de parfum, scented lotion, scented mist, and bath & shower cream. There’s also a black tote bag with “Love Rocks” sprawled across if you’re in need for a kind of edgy earth-friendly bag. Also for Valentine’s Day, there’s Tease for Two, which is a line of edible body treats, ranging from whipped body creme to massage oil.

The Very Sexy Now eau de parfum ($49), sheer sexy mist ($24), and shimmering body lotion ($20) were recently released for the spring. The packaging has leopard print on it, which is kind of cute. Next to Very Sexy Now was a new scent for the Parfums Intimes collection titled Chiffon (peony freesia), due to launch in April, available in eau de parfum ($45), fragrance mist ($28), and fragrance lotion ($24). Parfums Intimes is a collection of scents inspired by the different fabrics of Victoria’s Secret (I dig back stories!).

Also in April, we’ll see the debut of Secret Moments, which is a collection of scents created from five different secret moments. The scents include: Girls’ Night (pink peony and waterlily), Island Escape (coconut and sugarcane), At First Sight (romantic violet and bergamot), Room 504 (amber and passionfruit), and Good Day Sunshine (peach and blue freesia). I’m all over Room 504 (I love amber), and Island Escape definitely reminded me of the beach. Each scent is available in a body lotion ($10), sheer fragrance mist ($12), body wash ($10), and body cream ($12).

Finally, just in time for Mother’s Day, the Heavenly Flowers Collection will debut. It’s a new scent available between April and June. The top notes are juicy mandarin, watermelon sorbet, sparkling pear, and guava; the middle notes are blooming gardenia, lily of the valley; and the dry-down notes are creamy musk and blonde woods. it’s available in eau de parfum ($49), sheer fragrance mist ($22), softening body lotion ($20), and solid fragrance bracelet ($20).

The event was fun to attend!  Lots of pretty spring-y scents coming ‘atcha from VS Beauty this year.

See photos of the event!

Victoria's Secret Spring 2010 Preview

Victoria's Secret Spring 2010 Preview

Victoria's Secret Spring 2010 Preview

Victoria's Secret Spring 2010 Preview

Victoria's Secret Spring 2010 Preview

Victoria's Secret Spring 2010 Preview

Victoria's Secret Spring 2010 Preview

Victoria's Secret Spring 2010 Preview

Victoria's Secret Spring 2010 Preview

Victoria's Secret Spring 2010 Preview

Victoria's Secret Spring 2010 Preview

Victoria's Secret Spring 2010 Preview

Victoria's Secret Spring 2010 Preview

Victoria's Secret Spring 2010 Preview

Victoria's Secret Spring 2010 Preview

Victoria's Secret Spring 2010 Preview

Victoria's Secret Spring 2010 Preview

Victoria's Secret Spring 2010 Preview

Victoria's Secret Spring 2010 Preview

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27 thoughts on “Victoria’s Secret Beauty: Spring 2010 Preview

  1. Alexis

    I recently discovered VS glosses – why haven’t I worn them earlier? I like that it’s not heavily scented and it’s a very nice neutral (Yearning). I can’t wait to see the new colors. Also I like Very Sexy Now – I think I’ll buy the light fragrance mist for the Summertime.

  2. Nicole

    Ooooh, all the colorful packaging like Chiffon and Heavenly Flowers has me swooning! I’ve never tried VS makeup before, but it looks like they’re slightly ripping off NARS packaging! Haha.

    I’m pretty pumped that western Canada is finally getting a Victoria’s Secret this summer! Yay.

  3. LNU

    Did you say edible body products? YUM! :)
    I really hope its not anything like the Jessica Simpson edible body products from way back, I was not a fan of those at all, I felt like I was rubbing food all over me. XD

  4. PJ

    Ohhh I can’t wait to try the Pink rollerballs. And I have also noticed the quality of VS make up geting better recently (Klum’s and Siriano’s lines were nice). Were there any lines with outside colloborators like these two?

  5. I’ve heard really great things about their lipglosses. The reviews that I’ve read were all great so I think I will try them :)

  6. Victoria’s Secret’s cosmetics seem to have potential judging by the testers but the problem I have with them is that:
    1) The cosmetic displays are disgusting and not well kept
    2) There’s hardly any products in stock
    3) You can’t return or even exchange the cosmetics. You need to know for sure that you like the product and that the shade matches (which can be hard for foundation since lighting varies and what not) or you’re out of luck!

  7. The VS makeup line is surprisingly good. I usually try picking up a few items online when they’re on sale. Their perfumes are lovely! I really like the Parfums Intimes line, so I can’t wait to try Chiffon :)

  8. The packaging is so bright and colorful – just looking at it makes me happy. Thanks for the great pics!

  9. Victoria’s Secret lotions are some of the only classy scented ones I can use. I have an allergy/sensitivity to most fragrances, but I’ve gotten many of their lotions and never had an adverse reaction. I’m going to have to try this new stuff!

  10. I am going to buy that perfume just because it’s in a peace sign bottle lol

  11. Luisafer

    totally new!!! how exciting!!!
    have no idea how this makeup works, have never use it before except the lotions, witch are nice 😉
    the packing is nice, so, we’ll have to check it out…

  12. Tiffany

    I really like the VS eyeshadows I have…and they were only $10 :)

  13. cmferrets

    i readlly liked the new VS makeup line too! i got all of their sparkle lipsticks , all their blushes and a couple of the e/s. but i think their kind of expensive. i mean 14$ for a lipstick and $10 for an e/s . those prices are almost the same as Mac. which i think ill save for, but i still got a few items. i love their matte e/s! i also love the moonstones blush pebbles by heidi klum!

  14. amy

    The Eau de Parfum bottles are very cute and whimsical.

  15. Jessie

    I really hope we get all these products in Canada =) they look gorgeous.

  16. Hyzenthlay

    Sounds great! I will definitely check out the lipsticks and lip glosses. And I LOOOOOOOVE peony scents, so I will DEFINITELY have to check those out as well!

  17. OMG! Those fragerances caught my eye! I love the bottles. They are gorgeous. I hope they smell good! Cant wait to check em out! Thanks for the sneak peek! I love your site! Its my HOMEPAGE! LOL My husband thinks Im crazy! He just doesnt get it! LOL

  18. darae

    i got a sample flower bracelet with chiffon sprayed into it and i LOVE LOVE the smell. im not much of a perfume girl but when i smelled this it was just so girly and divine! im definitely going to get the whole line and probably backups cuz i love it SO much 😛

    i also really recommend VS eyeshadows. nicely pigmented and very shimmery/glittery. :]

    I bought a periwinkle-ish pigment and ended up not liking it (i just cannot handle anything that is loose powder :P) i took it back and they let me exchange it for another item. I had opened and used the product , took it back with the box and receipt and they were really friendly about it 😛

  19. JEN

    I just recently discovered how good VS makeup is…well their lip stuff. I LOVE their “perfect lipstick” line! there are so many great shades from neutral to hot pink and red. my favorite is ‘Sweet Nothing.’ I also love their brilliant lip shines (which are comparable to MAC dazzleglasses except without the major stickiness) and I have one in ‘Diva.’ Their lipglosses are really nice as well. I have one in ‘blush’ which is a pretty mauve color but very sheer and not very sticky at all.