Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008

Color Fever Lipstick ($25.00) | COLOR FEVER delivers incredibly luminous, vibrant color. Color smoothly glides along your lips with sensuous comfort leaving lips feeling smooth and supple. LIGHT-MAXIMIZING PIGMENTS™ use light as a prism to bring you the most intense, lasting shine. No need to compromise long wear for color, this lipcolor has it all – a long wear, hydrating texture that wraps your lips in cushioned comfort. Color stays true with no feathering or fading.

Valentine’s Day is quickly arriving (and has at least arrived in stores since December 26th!), and if you weren’t aware of the day many love to hate and others love to love, it is February 14th. Whether you’re heading out with your girls or spending an evening for two with your sweetie, you’ll probably be wanting to look your best–and for most of us, that includes makeup that takes us to the next level. I’m a lipstick kind of girl, and I have been waiting to share these lovely shades with you–yes, shades! Not everyone wants to or feels their best in a red lip, and I’ve kept that in mind while choosing some of these fabulous shades by Lancome.

Lancome celebrates the romantic [or cynical] occasion with an Absolut Rouge lipstick aptly named Valentine ($26.00), as pictured above. It is an intense, glossy engine-red with cooler undertones, but not quite blue nor orange prevails. I love this for one of the ultimate in-your-face lips, because it is really a traffic-stopping kind of red. It applies like a dream with color pay off to die for; as a result, you may want to dust off your lip brush and use it to achieve absolute precision. Keep in mind that this is not kiss-proof, though! But don’t let that get you down; there’s a lip plumping polymer in there for just the subtlest extra oomph for that pout.

So Valentine is too much for you? Well, that’s just fine, because who knows, perhaps you want to go for a super sultry black smoky eye, and a red lip would be garish anyway! The Color Fever Lipstick family are great for long-wearing color that fades away naturally and doesn’t leave any unsightly rings of color behind. The color goes on easily, gliding on for no-fuss application, and there is a good range of colors to select from. I’m going to feature four, starting with a very tame and neutral lipstick and moving up to a brighter, bolder color.

Everyday Beige is a shimmery golden beige that gives my lips a healthy dosage of glossy sheen with just a hint of golden color. It doesn’t turn my lips into a ghostly pale nude lip, but it tones my natural lip color down just a notch. Fashion Crave is a lovely mauve-berry kind of color where both pink and berry compete to come out on top. You’ll find that this color wears well for many skintones, as it is not at all bright, but it still gives a great pop of color to the lip. I often wear this when running errands because it’s so versatile. Rock Icon Fuchsia is a brighter hot pink fuchsia with shimmery opalescent purple sheen. I have to say I’m immediately drawn to it, and I can’t help but love it even though I am not often wearing such a bold lip. This is fabulous paired with Seashell Color Fever Gloss from the L.U.C.I. collection! Red and Sensual Java is a bright orange-red color that draws attention to the mouth. Generally, orange-based colors do nothing to flatter my face, but I find that the orange in this is a bit subtle and there is a gold sheen to the finish that makes it more appealing.

Stay tuned for the next part in perfect Valentine Day lips, but in the meanwhile, check out lip swatches…

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25 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Makeup – Get the Perfect Pout, Part 1

  1. Sara

    such pretty colors! i dont know if i can shell out 25 bucks for a lipstick though :/ even for the special occasion

    • I can definitely see that Lancome isn’t for the budget-conscious, but I do think that you get good quality. It’s not so much buying for the name “Lancome” (like you might with Chanel or Dior), but for the quality.

  2. Skyler

    I wish I could afford Lancome lipsticks but I definitely can’t. Those are $31.00 in Canada. Even if I could, I don’t think I’d shell out that kind of money merely for personal ethics and because of its self life. (I’m not sure what they’re thinking. No lipstick is worth that, IMO.) I’d likely have gotten Rock Icon Fuchsia though. I think I’m gonna stick with my MAC Rougette Mattene for V-Day this year. :)

    • Ouch! I think if it was a certain color, I would pay the price. Mari-sheeno is basically my HG color, and I just paid $19 x3 + shipping from Singapore for them (apparently it was an Asian exclusive, and I lucked out on getting one in the US!). But if I had to go through other brands and found a dupe, I’d still pay whatever the price was!

      • Skyler

        I just got Mari-sheeno in the mail today! Odd. 😛

        I can understand that though, definitely. When you find your HG, you don’t want to give it up. Mine if Honey Moon, also LE. :) I guess I try to tell myself there are more important things than make-up, so I like to TRY and keep a limit on how much I will pay for certain things, what I feel is/isn’t worth it. Although, I wouldn’t even want to know what I spent all together on make-up in 2007 so… 😛

        • Really! Lucky you! I couldn’t find anyone that had it! I do have one more coming to me in the mail (today, actually, ha!) from a reader, but I had to go for a CP. I think four backups should last me, right? They’re all sitting in the fridge!

          I was so desperate for a back up I was even thinking about getting it custom made by 3CC or Px.

          But I totally get what you mean. It’s kind of like me with Chanel Glossimers – nice, but I’m happy enough with lipglasses, so they’re not something I’d go out of my way to budget for.

          • Tekoa

            Do unopened lipsticks last longer when put in the fridge? *pictures doing that at her house* My male roomates would be staring at them for hours trying to puzzle out why Russian Red was sitting next to the milk. *lol*

          • Skyler

            I just happened to stumble across it in a LJ sale, so I was quite lucky. I rarely see it in sales, so it does seem very HTF. Wow though, you sounds like you REALLY love this colour. Hee. Does putting them in the fridge really work? I always hear mixed things about that.

            How much does it cost to get a custom colour made? That would be so awesome. I’d be tempted to get that done with Contessa l/g since I can’t find a decent dupe.

            Someone just posted below that people spend so much on fancy coffee, alcohol, cigarettes… and it’s funny because that is exactly -how- I rationalize my make-up spending. 😛 I don’t buy any of those things (I don’t think caffeine, I don’t drink, ever, and I don’t smoke), so I’m like, “Okay, well, fine. Make-up will be MY indulgence since I don’t waste money on that stuff!” 😛

          • Tekoa – they should last a bit longer when stored in the fridge. I think it may have something to do with better preserving the lipstick and reducing bacteria growth?

            Skyler – To get it done by 3CC, it’s like $60 a pop! Prescriptives charges $60 for 2 lipsticks, so they’re definitely the better choice, I think…. plus you don’t have to send it away if you have a local Px counter. Px does custom gloss for $26 each, pricey, but ah, well… the things we do for HGs!

            I don’t and can’t justify my makeup spending, lol. I mean, I don’t smoke, and drinking does nothing for me so I rarely bother (what’s the point if you can’t get buzzed?!), but I spend money all over the plac,e lol.

  3. Ashlee

    Ugh I dont even like Valentines day & I want all of those lip colors!

  4. Tekoa

    Mmmm…I like fashion crave the best. And yes, Canada will pay $31 for one of these babies. I’m all up for paying for quality, but Yikes! I’m just going to wander down to MAC to get the same quality for $16. It would have to be The Perfect colour created by God for my lips to get me to pay $31. *lol*

  5. Carrie

    *rationalizes recent purchase of PS Kiss*
    eh, so many people drop money on things like coffee, alcohol and cigarettes over the course of a month…a fancy lipstick feels crazy to buy, but lasts much longer than those things. (just have to make sure you only use that excuse a couple times a year!)

  6. Brooke

    they all look great! raed & sensual java is my fav!

  7. Tonee

    Those are some awesome reds :) But….I did get myself some Clarins Rouge Appeal lipsticks – I like Clarins red lipsticks a lot because of the lasting power and texture – and won’t be buying anymore for the next couple of months. Besides, I have to save my pennies for Fafi….

  8. Lisa Lynd


  9. Rock Icon Fuschia looks hothothot!!