Thursday, February 13th, 2014

Temptalia Asks You

Do you use a specific mirror for applying your makeup? If so, what do you use?

Temptalia's AnswerI just use the bathroom mirror, so nothing special for me!

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35 thoughts on “Do you use a specific mirror for applying your makeup?

  1. When I’m doing makeup on my own time, I have this mirror from BBB that opens up, lights up, and has three different mirrors. When I’m doing tutorials, I have that mirror behind the camera so I can see I’m in frame (… and that the camera is still recording lol) so I end up using the Sephora Hello Kitty Tokyo mirror from whenever ago when I’m actually applying it!
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  2. I mostly use the one at my vanity, but I also have a close-up mirror for tweezing, etc.

  3. I do 90% of my makeup with a Hello Kitty/Chococat compact mirror I’ve had since I was in college. I also have a more proper light-up makeup mirror that I pull out when I need both hands

  4. xamyx

    For applying face products, I use the bathroom mirror. For more detailed areas, such as eyes & sometimes lips (deep/bold shades, liners, etc.), I’ll use a small hand/table mirror, or the mirror in the palette.

  5. Michelle Reece

    Mostly the bathroom mirror, but occasionally the one that comes in the compact, particularly for eyeshadow.

  6. I use an oval lighted mirror on a vanity table. I wear my glasses more than my contacts so I need to be able to pull the mirror up close when I don’t have my contacts in because I’m as blind as a bat!
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  7. StrangeOne

    My bathroom mirror is too far away from my face to see what I’m doing with my eyes but the light is perfect (and flattering for selfies). The floor mirror in my room is right behind all lights so I can’t see anything. The thing is it has wheels and I could move it about anywhere but nope, I’m too lazy.

  8. Usually I use the mirror in whichever compact of makeup I’m applying! Generally this ends up being the YSL powder foundation compact.

    For on the go, I have this dinky little mirror compact that I got for like 1euro in an Ihr Platz or something. It has one normal mirror and one 2x mirror.

    Much more important to me is just to make sure that I apply my makeup in natural light ( not, say, bathroom fluorescent light) otherwise I inevitably put too much on :- P
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  9. Jan

    For face, no special mirror. For eye makeup, I have a small handheld that is 3x normal..

  10. I used to sit in front of a magnifying mirror, but now I just use the bathroom mirror.

  11. Elaine

    I just use my wardrobe mirror, but need to do mascara with a hand mirror!

  12. I used to, but I don’t have the makeup mirror anymore. I really need a mag mirror!

  13. I wish, but no. I just… struggle a little bit on my tip-toes to get a close look at my awkwardly high and small bathroom mirror. On the bright side, there is tons of natural light in this bathroom!

    Let’s just say my old bathroom in my really old house needs some serious renovation work. Someday…. soon… I’ll keep dreaming.

  14. Tara

    I have a Conair lighted mirror that opens and has three mirrors. The main one flips to a magnifying mirror for tweezing. When I was first starting to wear make-up, I had to share the bathroom with my older sister and later, her and an exchange student. Needless to say, I didn’t get much bathroom time. So I have never really applied make-up in a bathroom, or even dried my hair in there. This has stuck to me to this day.

  15. I just use the mirror in my bedroom, which is just a standard, full-length mirror.

  16. I use a travel size mirror that has a zoomed out mirror and a zoom in one which is really useful for plucking my eyebrows. I normally used the zoomed out side for applying makeup and check it with the zoomed in side.

  17. I use the one in my bathroom (so like you said, nothing special) but I find I have a bear of a time using ANY other mirror. If I’m traveling? Forget it. It looks like I just learned how to operate eyeliner.
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  18. I have one of those mirrors you attach to the wall and it swivels out. One side is normal, the other is 5x magnification. I use the magnified side.

  19. Lauren Schroer

    I have a double-sided mirror on my desk where I do my makeup! One side magnified, one side not!

  20. Phoebe

    I despise close up mirrors because it makes me feel bad about my pores haha.

    I just use my bathroom mirror, but for precise application, I’ll open up one of my medicine cabinets so I can get closer and see at an angle, for example, for mascara.

  21. Eileen

    I have poor near vision and so I use a large magnifying mirror at home to apply eye makeup and when lining my lips. While putting on my makeup, I periodically check it out in the bathroom mirror because it’s impossible to get the whole picture when focusing on one enlarged feature at a time.

  22. Lee

    I have one of those kinda old school magnifying mirrors by Jerdan. It’s rectangular with lights on either side and flips from a flat to a magnifying side. It was cheap and is great for close up stuff like eye make-up but it’s not the most attractive thing on my countertop.

  23. Ann

    I have a lighted vanity mirror mounted on my wall and a small magnefied mirror mounted next to it. I do not mess around with my lighting lol!

  24. J

    I always switch between my bathroom mirror and a smaller mirror from whatever compact/palette I’m using that day.

  25. Tracey

    I have one of those conair lighted Mirrors and funny story… I could never get my eyeliner wing right and I realized it was because I was looking at the mirror straight on. I now use a Sephora compact mirror that comes free with gift cards and it’s been much better. I can move the mirror around better and my eyeliner and show looks has been spectacular lately!

  26. I use my vanitygirl brodway mirror, i luv luv luv did i say luv my and i also have a close up mirror i purchased from target with an magnfiy mirror which i love.

  27. I use a magnifying mirror from Revlon; I like to get VERY up close with my features when I’m doing my eyes and lips and other detail work–the magnification is around 15x if I remember correctly (high enough that looking in it too long makes my eyes hurt). For getting the full picture and doing face makeup, any regular, clear mirror of a large enough size will do. Unfortunately, I don’t have an actual vanity, so I do my makeup on my bed with handheld mirrors…someday I will have the luxury of using both hands at once to put on my face!
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  28. Cyndi c

    I use a on air lighted magnifying makeup mirror I ought the ott light one, but hated it. It was distorting and hurt my eyes!!

  29. Denise

    Seeing as how my peepers are slowly deteriorating I’m afraid its the old magnifying mirror all the way otherwise I’ll be leaving the house looking like a clown!

  30. For checking the foundation, appliying mascara and dark lipsticks I use a x10 magnifiying mirror.

  31. I use the mirror of my vanity, a stand alone/ handheld mirror or the bathroom mirror! All depends on the light I get :)

  32. JG

    Mostly I use the bathroom mirror for face, brows and lips, and a small handheld mirror when I’m doing my eyes so I can get up close.

  33. kellly

    i use the bathroom mirror with a light bar over it that holds 4 bulbs. I have a wacko assortment of bulbs in there instead of all the same in an attempt to duplicate natural light. When the 100 watt halogen bulb burned out I had a rough time finding a replacement. It really made a big difference to the lighting in there and I felt like I was putting on makeup in the dark until I was able to get a replacement bulb!

  34. I use a double-sided mirror, specially the magnifying side, because I’m super short-sighted!!!!

  35. I use a magnifying wall mounted lighted makeup mirror. It’s great because you can set it for standing up when applying my makeup.