Friday, January 3rd, 2014

Choose or Lose

Do you use a separate eye makeup remover?

  • Yes, I do! (44%, 1,748 Votes)
  • Nah, I just use one remover for everything and call it a day. (30%, 1,193 Votes)
  • Sometimes - only if I have really heavy eye makeup on! (26%, 1,022 Votes)
  • Other -- I'll tell you in the comments! (1%, 20 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,983

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44 thoughts on “Do you use a separate eye makeup remover?

  1. I don’t use eye makeup remover every day but I will use it if I’m wearing something “unmovable” – it doesn’t even need to be heavy eye makeup, but something like MAC Pro Longwear concealer comes off more completely and more gently if I use a product designed to remove long wearing/waterproof eye makeup remover.

  2. Mariah

    It kinda sucks… my favorite mascaras, Mac Plushlash or Dior Show, are gorgeous and easy to clean off! I can just wash my face with Neutrogena (unless it’s like, heavy, rainbow makeup day) and bam, done. But I am out of both those mascaras, and really, REALLY strapped for cash. So instead I use this Cover Girl mascara, which, is ok, but when I go to clean my face? Smeary mess of black! Neutrogena just gets it everywhere. So I have to break out my precious Clinique Take off the Day to remove it completely. It’s such a pain and probably more costly in the long run. Who knew, right?

  3. I clean up everything with MAC’s Cleanse Off Oil, making sure I get all my eye makeup, then follow with Avene’s foaming cleanser.

    Gets everything off!

    • Oh, and I meant all my face at the same time… Don’t use a separate eye makeup remover. :)

      I do use eye cream afterwards!

    • Lauren

      Another Cleanse Off Oil lover here… I love how quickly and gently it takes EVERYTHING off of my face. Also love the weird, almost-gingerbread smell. :)

  4. I use a cleanser containing glycolic acid on my face, so I obviously can’t rub that over my eyes. For eye makeup I use Lancome Bi-Facil or YSL Instant Eye Makeup Remover.

  5. TR

    I just use straight up coconut oil as a makeup remover. It takes *everything* off in a matter of seconds, I love it.

  6. Eeek! *Hides head in shame* I skive off with a wet wipe, a cleansing oil and then wash my face with my anti-acne prescription wash. That’s it. Despite owning Bifacil and a tonne of others. I should have added that to New Year Resolutions. Thankfully Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes and most of my eyeliners and shadows surrender to the wet wipe itself.
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  7. Karen

    I only use coconut oil to remove all my make up, it is great at easily removing waterproof mascara as well, love it! Using coconut oil has greatly improved my skin issues, cystic acne, psoriasis, dermatitis.

    • Maggie

      Seriously? Would you mind telling me how long you have used coconut oil? Aside from psoriasis, I have all those issues too and have avoided using coconut oil bc I didn’t want to exacerbate my acne.

      For myself, I use 3 different eye makeup removers–I find this necessary bc I tend to wear waterproof mascara and makeup. *Sheepish* I can’t use makeup removers with silicones bc it irritates my sensitive eyelids. The one’s below are silicone-free, gentle on skin and eyes, and VERY effective.

      Jordana Eye Makeup Remover (blue bottle with bi-phase liquid)
      MUFE Sens’ Eyes (also blue bottle)
      Clinique Naturally Gentle Eye Makeup Remover

      • Karen

        Hi Maggie, I’ve been using coconut oil for about a year now. I use it to remove my make up at night, followed by cleansing with Cetaphil, then moisturize with Lush skin drink, which also has a lot of good oils in it.
        Here’s some info I found for you with regards to the benefits of coconut oil as a part of skin care;

        “Coconut oil is a safe solution for preventing dryness and flaking of skin. It also delays the appearance of wrinkles and sagging of skin which normally accompany aging. Coconut oil also helps in treating various skin problems including psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema and other skin infections. For that exact reason, coconut oil forms the base ingredient of various body care products like soaps, lotions, and creams that are used for skin care. Coconut oil also helps in preventing premature aging and degenerative diseases due to its well-known antioxidant properties.

        These benefits of oil can be attributed to the presence of lauric acid, capric acid and caprylic acid, and their respective properties, such as antimicrobial, antioxidant, anti-fungal, antibacterial and soothing qualities.”

        Hope this helped!

        • Maggie

          Thank you so much for taking the time to explain this to me. I’m definitely going to give coconut oil a try.

  8. Christy

    I use coconut oil or almond oil. They remove EVERYTHING and are great for your skin.

  9. I use my Bioderma for my entire face :)
    Also, I had bad experiences with special eye makeup removers, they either burned in my eyes or were too oily…

    • I usually have that problem, but I use Clinique rinse off eye makeup remover and I don’t find it burns or irritates, and it feels like water.

  10. Yes, I do. My favorite eye makeup removers are Paula’s Choice Gentle Touch, UD’s Makeup Meltdown, and I also use Embryolisse Lait-Creme concentrate (moisturizer).
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  11. Nahhh, Neutrogena foaming cleanser and DONE. Seems to take everything off just fine– even waterproof mascara and heavy eye makeup!
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  12. Annie

    Yes! I use the Respectissime waterproof eye makeup remover from La Roche Posay because it’s the only product I’ve tried so far that is able to get my mascara off without irritating my sensitive eyes. Reading the other comments here makes me want to try coconut oil – it seems to be great for everything.

  13. Julie Check

    I use Clinque Take The Day Off cleansing balm to get ALL my make up off at once. But sometimes my eye’s need a little more elbow grease, so I use either Almay eye makeup remover pads or Bioderma on a Shiseido facial cotton.

  14. I have very sensitive eyes, and the only remover I’ve found that doesn’t bother them is Clinique rinse off eye makeup remover. I was spoiled this Christmas and my boyfriend bought me a big ol’ bottle of it. I usually work off of testers and samples, but I won’t be running out any time soon 😀

  15. No I never use a separate eye makeup remover. I simple use my regular foaming cleanser or makeup remover for removing eye makeup too… :)

  16. Jaclyn

    I just use Shu Uemura’s cleansing oil and follow up with Bioderma Sebium H2O. This removes every trace of makeup I have on. I’ve tried just using other oils to remove my eye makeup and other makeup like coconut, grapeseed, and so on, but I don’t like the feeling they leave on my skin.

  17. I’m partial to Lancôme’s Bifacil, but Neutrogena’s copy of it isn’t bad for a budget alternative!
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    • Linda

      I agree! In fact, with the price differential, I mostly buy the drugstore Neutrogena dupe exclusively. It make take a tiny bit more product to do the job, but in the end is just as effective as Lancome (or Chanel).

  18. aaminahsmom

    I use a Baby-wash which is gentle for my eyes & face for about 15yrs now

  19. Julie S

    I use coconut oil to remove all of my makeup, if I am wearing any. I use biore ice cleanser after and every day.

  20. Kristy

    MAC Cleanse Off Oil does it all!! I started using it a few years ago and I will never go back. Sometimes it’s my entire skincare routine!

  21. If I am wearing just concealer, I can get it off with my regular facial cleanser. Actual eye makeup requires an eye makeup remover. Otherwise, I can be lazy and just use my cleanser. :)

  22. If I’m wearing lots of makeup (more than I think my standard makeup wipe can handle), I sometimes use a special eye makeup removal wipe first (laziest beauty routine ever!)

  23. Diana Ferrell

    I stumbled upon the easiest and cheapest way to remove the toughest eye makeup! I hated the way most removers made my under eye area look and feel, so one night I wet my fingers with warm water and dabbed my eyes, then took one pump of CeraVe Lotion and rubbed that between my fingers, then applied to my wet lashes and entire eye area. Voila! Magic! I wiped the mess off with a tissue, then proceeded to clean the rest of my face with oatmeal soap and water. My eye area felt clean and moisturized.

  24. Yes! Most cleansers can’t really remove waterproof makeup so I like to use extra virgin olive oil to remove my eye makeup and then follow up with my cleanser
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  25. PJ

    I love that dual action Laura Mercier makeup remover. It takes off those long wear caviar eye shadows effortlessly.

    • PJ

      Its light, non stinging and the unspillable. A $20 bottle lasts a long time, but I stocked up during the friends and family discount.

  26. CeeBee

    Nah, I’m too lazy to bother with separate cleansers.

    I once got a big bottle of Bi Facil from somewhere, used it twice, hated it and then gave it my best friend (who loved it).

  27. Linda

    I wash my face with Philosophy’s Purity, and it seriously takes off my eye make up, and without stinging. And they have a new gel consistency (new to me) which I like even better.

  28. Sarah

    I use coconut oil to get my eye makeup off!

  29. xamyx

    If I’m wearing eye makeup, I’ll use a separate remover before washing my face. Usually, it’s either coconut oil or Lancôme Bi-Facil. However, to remove face makeup, I typically only wash my face with a gentle soap-free cleanser, then “deep-clean” with whatever cleanser I’m using at the time (my skins needs vary, usually depending on weather).

  30. I generally use a cleansing oil to get rid of my makeup, but if there’s a bit of residue leftover from mascara or eyelash glue I follow up with an eye makeup remover. My favorites are Salma Hayek’s Nuance and Cyber Colors, both are super good for sensitive eyes, which is important for me since I wear contacts almost daily.

  31. No need to when you’ve got a MU remover that works for the whole face. Plus I’d rather use my fingers on my eyes than a cotton round so I can have more control and be more gentle. I used to use coconut oil but it started breaking me out. Now I use Boscia’s Makeup Breakup Cleansing Oil and I LOVE it. It’s a little pricey, but it lasts quite awhile since you need so little.

  32. My eyes are very sensitive, so I always use baby oil to remove my eye makeup.

  33. Yes, I do! I use my Mary Kay Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover! That stuff is amazing and will gently remove any eye makeup and mascara.

  34. I used to use Boscia’s Makeup-Breakup Cool Cleansing Oil to remove all my makeup including my waterproof mascara and I loved it! The only reason I stopped using it is when I ran out I didn’t have enough to pay for the $26 per bottle so I switched to coconut oil and I still have more than half the container left. I don’t want to waste the coconut oil so I’m gonna wait and finish and then decide whether to go back.