Friday, December 20th, 2013

Choose or Lose

Do you use eye cream?

  • Yes, every day (or night)! (52%, 1,446 Votes)
  • Nope! (24%, 671 Votes)
  • Sometimes, just when I need a little extra something. (23%, 647 Votes)
  • Other -- I'll tell you in the comments! (1%, 20 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,784

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30 thoughts on “Do you use eye cream?

  1. Not anymore! My serums for all over my face work well now!
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    • Sue v

      yup exactly! paula from paula’s choice wrote a great well researched (by her team n other researchers) article about how the skin care industry dupes its customers into buying an eye cream when serums n moisturizers will do. especially the jar packaging where the product looses its potency in a few weeks or sooner! plus why should the under eye alone get beneficial ingredients and not the rest of the face!

  2. I just started using an eye cream at the advice of a (very, very rude, honestly) Sephora MA and I like it so far! It’s the Boscia eye gel and it’s like… cooling or something, and that was a little weird to get used to, but it’s definitely helping my concealer look better under my eyes.

  3. Jo

    I only use it when I get free samples from GWP’s

  4. i use argan oil all over the face including the eyes and it works great. i use 100% pure argan oil.

  5. Yes, day and night, and right now I use one from Nivea’s Cellular anti-age line. But I sometimes wonder if it really does anything…

  6. LU

    I use it sometimes to prevent dryness. Otherwise, I use it for sure the night before I know I will be wearing full face makeup. I don’t like when my foundation or concealer clings to dry patches around that area.

  7. I answered ‘Yes, every day’. but in all honesty it’s only because I managed to accrue a bunch of Lancome free samples – the eye cream ones actually last for ages.

    I’m still not totally convinced that there’s anything particularly special about them though…

  8. I think the reason I benefit so much from an eye cream is just that my eye area wants so much more moisture than the rest of my face does, so my lighter-weight facial moisturizer doesn’t do the trick. I’m young so I’m not trying to reverse a lot of aging or anything, but if I go a while without an eye cream and then start using one again, I’ll see get instant plumping effect from the extra moisture.
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  9. kashinka

    I did for a while, but didn’t see any difference, so I stopped. I don’t think you can do anything to your eye area that will affect it permanently. If it’s dry, you can use a moisturizer, which will plump it up for a while. If you have bags, you can put on something with caffeine in it, and that will shrink the swelling for a while. But nothing except retinol prevents wrinkles.

    My dermatologist told me that dark circles are caused by the thinness of the under-eye skin, which allows veins to show through. There’s nothing that will thicken that skin (if you even desired it), so your only option is concealer.

  10. Marlin

    A dermatologist once told me that all eye creams do the same thing and that’s to keep the area moist. The best thing to use is an oil like Argan or Coconut/Vitmain E oil mixture. The eye area is the only area on the face where we don’t produce oil so oil is it’s best friend, no need for expensive creams unless you want to :)

  11. I’ve mostly been using various samples, but I do notice a difference. Within the last two years I started noticing that wearing (and removing!) heavy stage makeup was no longer simply an annoying few days of trying to get off eyelash glue and glitter, but becoming actively painful. Murad and MAC have both had good effects, although the MAC one felt much more soothing after taking off a stage eye. Makes me feel old. 😛

  12. Every so often I decide that I really should be using some sort of cream or special moisturizer around my eyes, so I dig out whichever sample sounds the most interesting and use it sporadically for about a week. Then I get bored and stop.

    If I’m having a hard time waking up in the morning, I’ll roll on one of those cooling gels to make my eyes feel less tired.

  13. No eye creams or serums for me anymore. I’ve tried different ones, but eventually my allergies kick in and I get a rash, sore skin, redness of the skin or eyes, etc. Nowadays I use body butter for my entire body & face (though you’re not supposed to use in on your face). Some day I’ll use coconut oil and when it’s very cold and windy I’ll put some vaseline on the most sensitive parts of my face.

  14. Yes, I’ve been using Kiehls Cryste Marine eye treatment every night for the past few months but I really haven’t noticed anything different (it’s supposed to help minimize dark circles).

  15. I use my facial serums and moisturizers on my eyes.

  16. I only use it under my makeup, and I don’t wear makeup every day, so I only end up using it a few times a week. As I get older, I’ll probably start using it more often, but I’m only 23, so it’s not a huge concern for me right now. Plus, I generally don’t have problems with dry skin anywhere on my face, so I don’t feel the need to use it a lot.

  17. I think eye creams are generally a rip off unless they contain good antioxidants or retinoid-family ingredients. For me I just use Cetaphil Cream or Eucerin Q10 Sensitive Creme and they are awesome.

    • I agree. I started wearing eyecream when I was about 22, and looking back that was too much money wasted over the past 4 years. I now use Cetaphil Cream too and it works just as well. (And takes FOREVER to finish that tub!)

  18. Katie

    I just use my regular moisturizer for my eyes. I know an eye cream is better, but it’s not within my budget right now!

  19. stef b

    since i was 21! who wouldn’t use eye cream??

  20. anne

    i have to use it under concealer. under eye concealer, no matter which one or how applied, immediately goes into every crack and crevice of a fine line and looks absolutely dry and awful unless i mix it with a rich eye cream (murad at present). otherwise, i’ve found eye creams give me milia, which i hate, and i’ve tried many many brands and never noticed any difference at all from any of them. if not wearing make-up/concealer, i just use my serum and the night cream or moisturizer/sunscreen that i’m putting on at the time.

  21. J

    I’m on and off. I’ll use mine religiously for a few months, then completely forget about it for a while. I feel like my moisturizer works pretty well all around, but sometimes I just need a little extra something for those late nights.

  22. Bee

    I do! But mainly for hydration – I’ve yet to find any eye cream that affects fine lines or dark circles one way or another. ):
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  23. Maggie

    I answered “Other.” I do use Topix Replenix CF Cream loaded with green tea reservatrol and caffeine as a potent antioxidant combo. I top that with Glycolix Ultra Lite Face Cream. So basically, I bought face products for my eyelids even though these are marketed as face creams. Topix Replenix does have an awesome eye cream that has retinol in it, but my eyelids have been sensitive lately–which is a pity, winter is an ideal season to begin using retinol bc there is less sun.

  24. Yes I do! :) Eye creams don’t make miracles but it’s only to hydrate correctly this area. I work on shifts and there’s nothing worse for the eye area :( I use advanced night repair eye and I’m happy to try all the eye cream samples!

  25. Tam

    Eye creams are a necessity for me since I use skincare products for acne. Skincare for acneic skin can be drying and full of active ingredients, so I use an eye cream to keep my undereye area moisturized.

  26. Yes i do since I read that aging starts at the age of 20 and I am already in my mid 20’s. That and my eyes do get a lot of abuse from me since I love playing with eyeshadows