Friday, January 9th, 2009

A week or so ago, I posted about Urban Decay releasing four new shades of their coveted 24/7 Eye Liners. They are every bit as amazing as the shades before them! Graffiti is a brighter, grassy green.  Flipside is a fun, bright poolside blue with an aqua sheen.  Underground is a revved up medium-to-dark brown with subtle sheen.  Of the four, Ransom is absolutely worth getting.  Ransom is a stunning, decadent jewel-tone royal purple.

If you only get one, get Ransom for sure!  And if you’re only getting a few 24/7 liners, it should be in your top three.  It’s truly just that stunning; it’s rich in the color, but it’s so pretty.  The blue-purple sheen it gives off is so glam!

I stopped by the Urban Decay counter yesterday to chat up a lovely artist, and she let me know that these lovelies wouldn’t be hitting the market until early to mid February.  I know has a preview of their spring products, so hopefully they won’t hold out on us too much longer!  I adore the 24/7 liners immensely–seriously, I’m in the process of collecting them all!

See watches of the new fab four!

Graffiti, Flipside, Underground, Ransom

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73 thoughts on “Urban Decay’s New Spring 2009 24/7 Liners: Graffiti, Flipside, Underground, Ransom

  1. Shayla

    I’m addicted to these liners! I’d love to collect them all as well…but at CAD$18 it might be a while.

    Thanks for the update, Christine!

  2. Annie

    I never wore liner before, but then, I tried these babies…
    I’m a believer!

  3. I NEED Flipside! Defo. considering purchasing these babies when they come to the UK! Thanks! x

  4. I will be getting ALL of these as soon as they come out. Keep us posted PLEASE! :-) Thanks for the swatches!

  5. oh my goodness! i love ransom and underground as shadows! i can’t even imagine them in liner form! thank you so much for the swatches!! <3

  6. WOW I NEED Ransom and possibly the other 3 also. I absolutely love these!

  7. Sarah

    i looooooove the eye pencils, and i’m super excited about the new ones. i was wondering if you’d tried the lip pencils as well, because if the eye pencils are any clue…………

  8. Can’t wait! These liners are fantastic! I’ve used them in almost every shade.

  9. Vee

    I don’t have any UD 24/7 liners but…… *drool*….. I think my $50 Sephora g/c will be going toward these!

    Thanks for the info, Christine!

  10. Ransom is better than I thought how good it would be =D

  11. victoria

    want ransom and underground. beautiful, thanks.

  12. Nicole

    You can actually buy them online on the UD website right now. I just placed an order.

  13. Manda

    i just came to say you can get em on the website now but saw nicole stated it :) so excited! cant wait to try ransom!!!

  14. Anitacska

    They look lovely! :) How close are these shades to the existing ones though, like how does Flipside compare to Electric and Ransom to Lust? Is Underground similar to Bourbon at all? I can see that Graffiti is a greener green than Covet, so that’s worth getting, although I don’t use much green eye makeup. Oh I don’t know, I love 24/7 eyeliners, but these shades seem too close to the existing ones to justify spending all that money on them.

    • There are comparison swatches on pursebuzz’s website =]

      • Anitacska

        Oooh thanks. It looks like Flipside is a bit darker and probably a bit more useful for me than Electric, and Ransom is very very pretty and Graffiti is such a gorgeous green shade, I might just have to get all of them. :) Will make mind up once seen in the flesh, as and when they make it over here in the UK.

    • I think they are all different than the the similar shades. Ransom is so much brighter than Lust it’s ridiculous! Flipside is also lighter and with a bit of aqua. I know Pursebuzz has comparison swatches up!

  15. Rio

    Wow, Ransom is really gorgeous. I think I might have to pick that one up. It would probably look really good with my green eyes too.

  16. I need Underground. Would you recommend getting the other three if I already have the blue, purple, and green UD liners? (can’t remember the name). Is there enough difference in the colors to make it worth having both?

    Cause you know I’m all over it if it is!

  17. Rachel

    I LOVE these liners! I’ve gotten my friends hooked on them too. Definitely need to get Ransom. Would you say underground is similar to Bourbon?

  18. KaylaK

    Ooooooo their all so pretty!

  19. Liz

    *pant* Yeah, I’m going to have to get… all of them. I love these so much and use them all the time! I also want that hot pink Heavy Metal liner that was just released, mmmm.

  20. Alannah

    I never thought I’d love a liner as much as MAC’s but these are the only other ones I use. I have 8 or 10 of them so far and a couple of these new ones will definitely make it into my collection when they come out!

  21. meagan


    I am always looking for this kind of purple and have had many let downs. 24/7s are my favorite liners. Can’t wait to get this one!

  22. Dee

    Grafitti shall be mine. I would get Ransom, but I feel like I have more than enough purple eyeliners

  23. Sandy

    I’m definitely interested in these, I love UD’s 24/7 liners! I will start with Ransom, that colour is hot and I never get tired of purples

  24. Stacey

    I don’t understaaaand! Everyone here SWEARS by these liners, but they leave a ring around my eye just like everything else!!!

  25. Haydee

    Oh I want for summer!

  26. Leah

    Ransom is calling my name!!!

    That one will definitely be on my wishlist.

  27. SephoraMac

    Woah, can’t believe I missed this post. These are so gorgeous.
    Will definately get Flipside and Ransom. Thanks Christine!!!

  28. Jessie

    Sooo pretty! I want to buy them all, but I have no idea where to get Urban Decay in Canada :(

  29. Vanessa

    Underground and Ransom are amazing. Guess I know what I’ll be spending my money on during Band Tour…(I don’t have a Sephora where I live, alas)

  30. Melissa

    I’m getting ransom and flipside asap!

  31. Lish

    Those are my favorite shadow colors…I spent $16 on two UD liners last year….zero & stash. To be honest I was very disappointed in them the colors wore away very quickly for me.

  32. Jess

    Hmph. I was finally getting over my MAC (and therefore my makeup) addiction because there hasn’t been much released lately that was great, and now I must start buying these liners (taxreturnwillbuyall). The MAC artist I always visit is going to start getting jealous when she sees me walking past her store and into Sephora….

  33. Nadine

    When you get the chance, would you pretty please swatch the 24/7 eyeliners available exclusively in the new sets?

    Thanks in advance!