Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

Urban Decay Strip Eyeshadow
Urban Decay Strip Eyeshadow

Urban Decay Strip Eyeshadow

Urban Decay Strip Eyeshadow ($17.00 for 0.05 oz.) is described as a “very metallic bluish-silver.”  The color itself is a silvered, gray-blue with a bright metallic sheen and shine. It’s like an overcast sky with blue and silver shot through it. It is less blue than Urban Decay Mary Jane but lighter and less gray compared to Bare Escentuals Vapor.  Strip has nice color payoff, too, and when you combine that with a stellar texture, you get an eyeshadow that impresses.

WHY DOESN’T ANYONE EVER TALK ABOUT THIS EYESHADOW? I cannot remember ever hearing anyone proclaim the awesomeness that is Strip! This is one of those eyeshadows that makes you go, “OOHH!!” as soon as you swatch it. The texture is phenomenal–dense, buttery, and so, so smooth. It slides across the skin like the finest silk. The texture (and color, to an extent) reminded me of my much-loved Hourglass Prism Eyeshadow Duo.

The Glossover



I'm truly surprised this isn't a more popular eyeshadow--it's one of those just-off-the-beaten-path kind of colors, because it's not silver, blue, or gray, yet it's an amalgamation of the three.











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Urban Decay Strip Eyeshadow
Urban Decay Strip Eyeshadow

Urban Decay Strip Eyeshadow
Urban Decay Strip Eyeshadow

Urban Decay Strip Eyeshadow
Urban Decay Strip Eyeshadow

Urban Decay Strip Eyeshadow
Urban Decay Strip Eyeshadow

Urban Decay Strip Eyeshadow
Urban Decay Strip Eyeshadow

Urban Decay Strip Eyeshadow
Urban Decay Strip Eyeshadow

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Where can I purchase Strip? How much is it?

Sephora, $17.

Is it limited edition?


Any dupes?

It is less blue than Urban Decay Mary Jane but lighter and less gray compared to Bare Escentuals Vapor..

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62 thoughts on “Urban Decay Strip Eyeshadow Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. alicia

    i did not even know this eyeshadow existed! i must check it out.

  2. Dana

    It’s way too metallic, looks like a piece of aluminum foil

  3. This is a beautiful shade! I want this.

  4. daphne

    Christine, this review made me smile :) Please don’t take this badly, but lately I have felt like your reviews are a little less inflected with your personal feelings on a product, and that has been a disappointment for me. I think being unbiased is important, but I love it when you say whether you personally love an item or not, rather than whether it just lives up to its claims and is objectively decent quality. I hope you’ll keep up the personal commentary on special favorites! :)

  5. Gina

    It’s really so sad how great eyeshadows like this get kicked to the curb, while terrible eyeshadows from UD like Midnight Cowboy get all the attention. MC looks great if you want to put the effort in, but it’s just such a mess it isn’t worth it. I’ve never even heard of Strip, and I’m a diehard UD fan! I might have to check this baby out.

  6. Angelic Mariposa Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

    This is one of my all time FAVES!! It was one of the first UD shadows I purchased in the old tin packaging and tried depotting it and it was history!! ): It’s so smooth and soft and gives amazing color payoff!! Oldie but goodie!!

    • Amanda

      Aw, I used to have UD back in the day with that all packaging too..wish I kept it! I remember buying the blue hair gel (trying to copy Gwen Stefani, although I think she may have used a blue hair powder by UD?)

  7. Devi

    Haha, I loved your passionate outburst of bold italicized goodness! 😀 I personally don’t peruse the UD website (unlike some other brands) so I personally didn’t know about this. xD

    In the end, it just looks like a cool silver to me. I see what you are saying about the color, but it wouldn’t be a favorite amongst anything else that I would own.

    Or maybe I should swatch it for myself before I say that since it apparently feels so amazing.

  8. It is a gorgeous shadow that I would probably pass over until I saw it swatched. I don’t buy individual UD shadows- I just buy their palettes. But this shade, I might have to pick up!

  9. Marieke

    It is indeed beautiful!
    Could you make a look with it? Or a “How would you pair..?” because I’m kinda lacking inspiration with this color…

  10. Violet


  11. AnGeLwInGz

    I love wearing this one. It goes well with my eyes.

  12. wow that is a really interesting color i might have to pick that one up love any color that you can’t really pinpoint what color it actually is

  13. alexis

    I like you Christine, you use big words like amalgamation. It is a really beautiful color.

  14. Kary

    I LOVE how excited you got over this shadow! At this point, I sometimes think its hard for you to be ‘WOW’ed, but I’m glad its still there, and very much alive!
    Its soo beautiful!! I can’t wait to get my hands on it! ^.^

    • Erica C

      What she said! *thumbs up* 😀

      I would love to see how it looks on you Christine, since we have about the same eyecolour!

      Thanks for sharing these hidden jewels you find. :)

  15. Does this shadow come with any of the UD Book of Shadows?

  16. Jill

    Lovely color, and excellent payoff, but silvers and greys don’t look good on me. I’d love to see it on someone with a more suitable skintone though, it looks awesome!

  17. this was one of the first urban decay shadows i ever bought and i completely agree, it definitely deserves much love! it’s such a beautiful eyeshadow!!

  18. Mariella

    Very intense but just not for me (maybe if I were 20…nah, probably not even then!)

  19. One of the first UD shadows that I bought…just love it. Blends well with many different colors. And works well with UD Kiddie Pool (lots of glitter) but works well together.

  20. Donna

    I have violet coloured eyes and they change colour due to reflection of other colours or intensity of light.

    I love UD Strip! I wear this colour on the centre 1/3 of my lid as a highlight and my eyes change colour to an ocean blue.

    As you said Christone, Strip is an unusual colour and I don’t own, nor have I ever seen a dupe for it.

  21. Lyss

    I picked this up on a whim 2 months ago… I hadn’t even been planning on buying anything blue but, like you, once I swatched it, I had to have it.

  22. anon

    this is actually one of my top UD wishlists and I’d love to see it in a palette. I wasn’t sure how it would compare to balm’s easy wheezie which I thought was pretty similar in the pan

  23. I don’t think I could wear that, but it’s super pretty swatched.

  24. What a beautiful color! Very striking.

  25. baby in a corner

    I’ve never heard of this eyeshadow!

  26. I love this one! Glad it’s getting some recognition :)

  27. Huh – you know, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a sentence that’s been in bold, italics, AND caps lock on Temptalia before!

    Definitely checking this one out the next time I make it to a Sephora 😛

  28. Carrie Ann

    It really is pretty. I don’t know why I never noticed this one before. I guess it really doesn’t get the love it deserves. Maybe if UD put it in one of their palettes, it would start to get more attention.

  29. Kristie

    Kandee Johnson has talked about this eyeshadow as one of her favorites. She is the only one I know of who has mentioned it on Youtube.

  30. Laia

    GORGEOUS!!! <3 I love silvers, especially with that metallic reflection. Something to grab sooner or later!

  31. Kim

    I own this and I love it. I love UD anyway but this is definitely one of my fav shadows of all time.

  32. Sara

    I love urban decay shadows, but I refuse to buy individual shades. Too expensive. I stick to palettes. I’ve never gone through a pan of eyeshadow in my life, so the ones in the palettes are perfectly fine for me.

  33. Leila

    Thank you! I’ve been looking for a colour like this for a long while now. MAC’s Knight Divine had the slightly blue tint I wanted, but not enough and everything else was too blue. Actually, it might work nicely with Knight Divine or Scene.

    Makes me really wish I had grey eyes right now, how stunning would that look? Haha!

    It’s so nice to see you so excited! After all you’ve seen, it must be rare to get this excited about something.

    • Becky Lyon

      Ooh–I just got this based on this review but am having a hard time figuring out how to wear it during the day, as it’s pretty shimmery–Knight Divine is a great idea–I’m going to try that!

  34. Lisa G

    Strip was my first ever UD purchase several years ago. This shadow is deceptive because it doesn’t look like much in the pan, but it is beautiful on. It’s an amazing shade I highly recommend. I’m not a huge fan of blues or really frosty shades, but there is something about Strip that makes it unique. I don’t know of any dupe either.

  35. Carrie


    I love those kind of shades and it’s a kind of gray that can work for my skin – I’ll have to check it out!

  36. Odbery

    This was my first eyeshadow ever! I wore it to prom… and have been addicted ever since. It’s a slippery slope 😛

  37. Antonia

    I’ve had this eye shadow for a long time…and actually forgot I had it lol But it’s a great color great pigment and so smooth!!! Love it!!

  38. I have this and LOVE IT.

  39. Angie

    Looks good! Please do a look using this eyeshadow!

  40. meme

    Despite I just got all those lovely UD shades int he 15th pallete, I always have room for one more. This one is going on my UD list right now as I am placing an order tonight. I am soooooo missing all the UD discontinued matte eye shadows…boo hoo – some of my all time ever favs gone. Will they ever come back>

  41. Leenie

    I love blue grey eye shadows

  42. That color is awesome – I don’t remember seeing it either. You know what UD shadow color I’d like to see a swatch of, but can’t find anywhere online is “Road Stripe” – so if anyone has that one, let’s see what it looks like!

  43. Nic

    I don’t think I ever noticed this color before. It looks a lot nicer in the swatch than I expected, really pretty.

  44. leesie

    WHY DO I NOT OWN THIS? Now I’m going to have to swatch it at Sephora Thursday, and if it’s really THAT amazing…there’s a pretty good chance I’ll be leaving with it.

  45. Krista

    I must admit, to me it looked kindda flat on the pan and when I clicked to look at the swatch, I was smitten! It really did make me go “Ooohh…”!

  46. Sarah

    Ooooo! I can’t wait to see a look with this! =)

  47. Leticia

    As far as I know, Urban Decay is not sold in Mexico but I read somewhere there are plans to open Sephora stores in Mexico City in September…if this is true, I hope they bring Urban Decay so I can finally get my hands on some great eyeshadows like Strip!!

  48. Sophie

    i saw this post & went to my best friends house a few hours later & noticed she had this! i was so excited to try it! & i’ll be picking this up myself! i love the pigmentation & the gorgeous blue-silvery colour!

  49. TygerKitty

    I recently purchased this eye shadow and it is FANTASTIC! Also, if you do a white under the browbone, UD aquarius in the crease and this near the base and blend it’s an AMAZING silvery greenish-blue look. I’ve gotten so many compliments on that combination!

  50. victoria

    i think its high time urban decay released a resurrection palette, my top two colours would have to be plague and roadstripe. loved those shades, alas they are long gone. luckily i have two gash eyeshadows.

  51. Becky Lyon

    I had to find this after reading your review, and I finally got it and love it! Not quite sure yet how to wear it on a daily basis without looking like a mirrorball, but I’m working on it. This shade is great–so buttery soft and shimmery; at times it looks silver, pale blue, even almost a funky lavender shade. SO glad I got this!!

  52. Susi

    Best. Eye. Shadow. Ever.

    I love this shadow, it’s been my go-to for years and years. I think I’m on my 4th tin of it. I had a bit of a panic once when I was told it was being discontinued but I’m glad it’s never happened. I’ve never seen a review of it so it’s good to see!

  53. Heidi

    This was the first UD eyeshadow I bought. The texture and color payoff is really a dream to work with. I’m so glad you agree!

  54. Kafka

    I want you to know that I’m sitting here laughing my head off at the ALL CAPS, in addition to BOLD *and* Italics no less! And finished off with an exclamation point, en plus! ROFL. I love you, woman. And I couldn’t agree more.  Strip first caught my eye months and months ago in a Macy’s but they only had the tester left. Every time I tried to get it, something happened. Then the whole UD China thing. I am bloody determined to get this now, come hell or high water. For me, it’s like a dream colour: my beloved silver grey, but with a twist. In this case, a hint of blue or even a subtle almost purple hue in some lights. I just never knew you loved it so much too. I was shocked when I found this archived post while doing a Google search for Strip Vs. S&M comparisons.  To see not only a lengthy review from you but, then, such rare, never before seen emphasis? I laughed and laughed. BTW, I remember the differences between the two vaguely enough but I’m trying to justifying whether I really need S&M in light of other grey/silvers I have.  (Can one ever have enough greys or grey/silvers? I’m convinced NOT. My wallet, however, begs to differ.)  Anyway, I did get Mary Jane last night, so Strip will soon be joining her.  But seriously, to repeat your own question, WHY does no-one ever talk about this colour???! When UD shadows are mentioned, this one is NEVER mentioned!