Monday, January 3rd, 2011

Urban Decay Spring 2011 – Now Available Online!

Head on over to Urban Decay if you’ve been wanting to shop their new products, which I reviewed here: 15th Anniversary 24/7 Eyeliner Set, Greed Primer Potion, 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencils, Afterglow Cheek Tints, and 24/7 Shadow Pencils (Part 2).

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82 thoughts on “Urban Decay Spring 2011 – Now Available Online!

  1. Arif

    Hey! any idea when would it be launch in I checked and its not available!

  2. stellarstace

    Christine you are the best! Thanks for the heads up!

  3. AS

    Thanks for the quick notice. Got my 24/7 set, cause I expect they will sell out pretty quick!

  4. lls

    Ordered mine….very excited to get this :)

  5. Catherine

    Hey Christine, thanks so much for all the info, wish I was in the US to order,…do you have any idea when it might be available in the UK yet? I think it’s usually about one-two months after the US launch but I’m just worried about missing the liner set as I’m sure stock will be very limited over here (although it’s strange every time I’m in Debenhams there are stacks of the Naked Palette and a good amount of Book of Shadows 3? – weird lol) Thanks so much, love all the UD reviews! :)

  6. Kimmie T

    I already ordered it!! Wahoo!! I was going to wait until I could get it from Sephora but I know it will sell out quick!!

  7. Lana

    Thanks for the tip! I just ordered the 15 year anniversary set. :)

  8. OMG, I just bought it, making it officially my most expensive make up splurge. I have tried (and love!) but never owned any UD 24/7 liners, so it made sense for me. I did have to promise myself not to buy anymore liners for like 2 years though!

  9. Nichole

    Got it!!! Can’t wait to try them out.

  10. AnGeLwInGz

    I got 2 eyeliner sets! Damned if I was gonna let that one disappear like the Naked palette! Possibly buy more with my next paycheck…

  11. Janessa

    I’m so glad your site is in my topsites, I saw the picture saying the products were up and I was so happy!
    Now I don’t have to wait for my Sephora or Ulta to get them. They didn’t even know when they would come in!! All 5 of them!

  12. I really really want that 15th Anniversary 24/7 set. Trying to justify paying that much. It’s a great deal for sure though.

  13. i freaking love UD products, hope that I get to use some of these :)

  14. Shama

    What’s the price

  15. liz

    crap! so much for saving up my christmas money lol

  16. Jessica

    Done. ordered :)

  17. Christine

    Soooo sad UD doesnt ship to Canada :( Boooooo

  18. apfelwinter

    I want the Eyeliner Set so badly, I love eyeliners and I haven’t got any UD product yet. So I think it would be perfect. But unfourtunately UD doesn’t offer international shipping…:/
    Any idea how to get one???

  19. jen

    UG i want this but i need it to go to sephora ASAP!!! (I have a credit there…)

  20. Makavelina

    I am really interested in those new shades, but don’t wanna buy the whole set, does any of you guys have an idea if these are going to be a part of permanent line maybe in a future? And also, no new info about a Naked Palette?

    • Amanda

      I read somewhere that the Naked palette should be restocked in February. Someone posted an article on about what happened and why it was taking so long for them to restock. I don’t know if there’s any truth behind that, but that’s just what I’ve heard.


      The Naked Palette was available on for a couple days. I signed up so they could send me an email when it was available. The second I got the email I placed my order. I looked a day later and it was sold out again :( So sign up for email updates!

  21. Kristin

    Christine, thanks for the news–do you have any ideas on possible dupes for Asphyxia 24/7 liner? I just can’t bring myself to buy the whole set, but that’s a great shade! :) Thanks!

  22. Kelly

    I just ordered is a bit pricey for a one time purchase but when you dvide 92/15 it is a great deal!

  23. Krystin

    ill wait for sephora. i got a gift card for x-mas and im saving it for something good!!

  24. Leslie

    Ah crap! I was given the 24/7 jackpot set for Christmas and I really want this… Not sure if it’s worth it for me since I already have the a few of the mini liners, but it’s just such a good deal! What would you do Christine?

  25. Michele

    Got my 24/7 anniversary set & shadow sticks :-)

  26. ergh! christmas brought me sephora gift cards – which means i’ll be waiting till the 10th of this month to get that liner set! >:/ lol!

  27. divinem (Melissa)

    I cannot believe I lifted my ban to get these pencils, but OMG — they’re just so lovely! While I can’t stand UD’s eyeshadows, their liners are amazing. Thanks for the heads up, Christine. I got mines! :)

  28. Erin

    For anyone wondering, at $92 for 15, it comes out to around 6 bucks or so a liner. That’s a no-brained. I love these pencils and will have a few dupes, but I’m going to sell those for maybe 7 each (drug store price for an amazing liner), then I won’t feel QUITE as bad.

  29. Nini

    Do you know if this set will be available at Sephora website?

  30. Ana

    I got the 24/7 liners! So excited! Those liners have been the biggest splurge I’ve had, but when you put it in perspective (they are all full-sized, a few limited edition ones, each one is technically a little over $6, purchasing full price & separately would equal more than $225, etc.) it kinda became a no brainer!

  31. sable

    I aaaaalmost just ordered these, but took a step back to pick out what I’d actually buy individually and ultimately it’s not worth it for me. Really great set to experiment with though!

  32. tia

    i got the jackpot set but i still plan on getting these too

  33. lissa

    I’m hoping people aren’t just buying these to ebay, either as a set or to resell the individual liners but even if not, I still think ebay will get flooded with some of the less popular shades. And I do not need any more zeros. Are electric and rockstar really that popular? I must be weird but I can’t see myself using that many fs liners before they needed tossing. esp some of the colors. it seems more for collectors, MU artists, people who wear liner daily, no?

    • AnGeLwInGz

      I actually wear Electric more than Zero!

      • lissa

        I wear everything more than zero. I wish they’d do perversion in sets, not a fan of zero lol. I got the smaller set on sale because the minis will last me awhile. LOVE binge & ransom & mildew & I want covet or a MUFE teal or purple. trying to do more colors so the small set on sale fit my budget better (some gifted, some 4 me)

  34. Marcy

    I just ordered it online! Its on with free shipping! Cannot wait to get this in!

  35. Sage

    The very second I saw you made this post I quickly opened a new tab and went to UD’s website and ordered! I’m SOO excited to get this!

  36. Preeti

    I was planning on waiting till Sephora had it, but this is just such a good deal and I’m uber impatient…. Ugh, and I didn’t want to risk another availability fiasco (darn you, NAKED Palette….)

    • divinem (Melissa)

      LOL, Ain’t that the truth? UD pisses me off in general with their hyper-marketing to demand ratios. It’s ridiculous.

  37. Chloe

    Can’t wait for this to come out internationally !

  38. Maike22

    How long will they be available?

  39. Crystal C.

    Hi Christine, I have never owned a MAC fluidline nor a UD 24/7, I am thinking which one to buy. What would you recommend?

  40. Makavelina

    I emailed UD because I wanted to know if they will accept my European credit card (I have a US shipping adress, but my bank is European) and they replyed to me with a bad news (they wont accept it) but they also told me a good news! Quote from the e-mail: “We are currently working with our lawyers to be able to accept this and be able to ship internationally.” That is good, right? 😀
    I have to wait for this set to be in Sephora, then I can buy it via Amazon’s Sephora storefront! I hope they will still be available!

    • I’ve always imagined that restrictions on international purchasing (whether credit cards or shipping to international addresses) has a lot more to do with prohibitively high costs or legalities.

      • Makavelina

        I have no idea why is that such a problem. I personally am willing to pay a higher shipping costs, if necessary, cause for example here in Czech Republic, I am not able to buy things like UD, Mario Badescu, we have Sephora’s here too, but they are waaaay too expensive, like MAC eyeshadow that is 14,50 dollars, I am able to buy here for more than 30 dollars, and that is way to much. I belive this stuff is very expensive here because of the shipping costs, and if all companies ships internationally for better prices, it will be impossible for the stores to exist here, because nobody will want to shop in them. I am going to Sephora to observe, and then I buy my stuff online via Amazon for a better price. We have a company here, that has a main office in Torrance, California, and this company creates a real mailbox for you, so for example I wanna buy Mario Badescu that does not ship to my country, I will fill my California adress and then from my California mailbox employees of the company will send my packages to my home country for a minimum shipping charges possible, so this way I am still able to get the things I need.
        Any of you who lives somewhere where you cannot get stuff you want, check this company, it is, I have no idea how many countries they can ship to, but in Europe I am sure they do everywhere. I do not wanna advertise this 😀 but maybe this will help a lot of people, it helped me A LOT 😀

        • apfelwinter

          The company you mentioned, are they trusty and reliable?

          • Makavelina

            Definitely, apfel, I use them for more than a year, their customer service is amazing, if you receive a package, they are able to unpack it, take a photos of the stuff inside and send it to you, so you see how exactly everything looks, if it is not broken or anything, they can also offer an assisted shopping for you (go directly in the store and buy stuff for you, if that store doesn’t have an online e-shop. Read info about them on the site, I am really happy I found them, otherwise I would not own so much stuff 😀

  41. Kate

    Quick question for any who have purchased the 15th Anniversary 24/7 Liner Set- is the insert, where all the liners are held, removable? It looks like a nice box, I was thinking I’d take out the black background and keep all my pencils in the one box, if possible?


  42. rheasunshine

    Just purchased mine from for $67.50! It totally made the decision to buy the set much easier, especially since I do have some of the colors from mini sets already. I had dollars that I combined with a coupon code (ccabinbeauty) for $10 off a $60 purchase. The site is also giving a free deluxe sample of the mini primer potion for UD purchases. It was free shipping and no sales tax in Nevada. I hope this helps some of you!

    • Cas

      Tried finding on the website, but to no avail! Any kind soul willing to send me a direct link here?

      Thanks so much!

      • rheasunshine

        I checked again, and it’s like everything disappeared! When I first posted the cheek tints, liner set, jumbo pencils, etc were all available, but now they aren’t. My order was placed and is on its way, but I have a feeling that the site released it too early by mistake and then pulled all the new things when they realized.

  43. Makavelina

    Sephora told me today: “The Urban Decay 15th Anniversary 24/7 Eyeliner product should be available within the next few business days.” Can’t wait, I decided to get it 😀

    • Jennifer

      When I called my local sephora store asking about it, the rep said that although Sephora has it in stock, they are not allowed to sell it (per contract with UD) until Monday, January 10th. So be sure to set your alarm and go! :)

  44. Crystal C.

    Hi Christine, do you think this is better than the fluidlines of MAC? I haven’t tried either of them yet so I am looking about for opinions. Thank you! :)

  45. Manisha

    Just bought mine this morning on Sephora. Thanks for the heads up.

  46. sarah

    for anyone who didn’t know, this is also in store now!